Dolphin & Whale News

June 2015

Researchers Document First Known Incident of Polar Bears Eating Dolphins — See Photos (Huffington Post, 6/12/15). Read the fully study here.

New Documentary Joins Effort to Save Endangered Vaquita (Marmam, 6/4/15). See a film clip here. Learn more here.

May 2015

TEDx Talk: Naomi Rose on Orca Family Bonds and Why Captivity Must End Now — See Video (TEDx, YouTube, 5/25/15).

Curious Orca Takes Taste of Paddle Boarders Board — See Video (NBC News, 5/20/15).

Study: Increase in Dolphin Deaths Caused by Gulf Spill (Huffington Post, 5/20/15). Read the full study here.

Study Confirms: Orcas Die Young in Captivity (Hakai Magazine, 5/12/15).

Last Remaining Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s Whales May Get Protection (Star Tribune, 5/10/15). Read more here.

April 2015

Right whale, undated / Virginia Chapter Sierra Club, NOAA NMFS / Click to learn more.

Pressure Building for Japan to End Annual Dolphin Slaughter (Fox News, 4/30/15).

Sperm Whale and Human Friend, Andrew Armour, Twirl Together in Dominica — See Beautiful Video (Caters TV, 4/27/15).

Do Dolphins Talk? Can We Converse? Denise Herzing, Other Researchers Discuss Goals, Progress  (National Geographic, May Issue, available online 4/15/15).

Western (or Eastern) North Pacific Gray Whale Makes Record-Breaking Journey from Russia to Mexico (USA Today, 4/15/15). Read more, see map of swimming route here. Find the study here. Read more, see more images here.

Sperm Whale Investigates Deep Sea Rover 1,962′ Below Surface at Site of BP Spill —See Video (E/VNautilus, YouTube, 4/14/15). See more E/V Nautilus expedition videos here.

Virginia Chapter Sierra Club Campaign: Stop Oil Exploration in Endangered Right Whale Waters (Sierra Club, 4/1/15).

Marine Mammal Advocates Win Suit against NMFS for Approving Naval Sonar, Explosives in Hawaiian, Southern California Waters (NRDC via Marmam, 4/1/15). Read more here.

March 2015

Old but Noteworthy: Underwater Photographer Captures First Moments of Newborn Sperm Whale’s Life — See Video (, 9/2014). See edited YouTube version here.

Study: Older Female Killer Whales Function as Repositories of Knowledge (The Register 3/7/15). Read the full study, see images and film footage here.

February 2015

Almost 200 Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand (National Geographic, 2/13/15).

Orcas Enjoy Rubbing Beach as Humans Watch from Close By — See Amazing Video (, 2/4/15). You can also find the video here.

Study: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Mourn their Dead (, 2/2/15). Read more here. Find the study here.Thanks to the Wild Dolphin Project for this item.

January 2015

Obama to Allow Oil, Gas Drilling off  S.E. Coast — at What Cost to Whales, Other Marine Life? (National Geographic, 1/29/15).

Study: Deep-Diving Marine Mammals Endure Irregular Heartbeat (Science Times, 1/19/15). Learn more here.

• Beneath the Waves Film Festival Issues Calls for Submissions (Marmam, 1/16/15). Learn more about the festival here. Find a list of previous festival film archives here. View the beautiful 2014 short film In Harmony with Whales here.

How Champion-Diver Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, Other Deep-Diving Sea Creatures Do What They Do —See Photos & Diagram (BBC Earth, 1/15/15).

Orcas Take Very Close Look at Inflatable Boat, Human Occupants — See Video (1/14/15

Bowheads Beat Humpbacks for Diversity of Song — Hear Recordings (BBC Earth, 1/13/15).

Activist Ric O’Barry Sees Public Turning Against Captivity (AP, SFGate, 1/12/15).

60-Foot-Long Fin Whale Found Dead on Beach in Cornwall — See Photo (The Independent, 1/12/15).

Pygmy Sperm Whale Strands in Port Reyes (Perfect Science, 1/9/15). Read more here.

Familiar Orca Family Returns to California Coast — See Slide Show (Orange County Register, 1/9/15).

Foundation Filming, Raising Funds for Doc on Saving Ganges River Dolphin (Marmam 1/8/15). See trailer here.

Navy Holds Public Hearings on Assessed Impact (Draft 2) of Proposed Northwest Training and Testing (Marmam, 1/6/15).

Birth of Baby  Orca Gives Researcher Some Hope for Endangered Pod’s Survival (Discovery News, 1/6/15).

Long-Lived Bowhead’s Genome May Offer Clues to Extending Human Lifespan  (IBTimes, 1/4/15). Read more here.

Researcher Thinks Orca Grandma May Have Helped with New Baby’s Birth — Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 1/3/15).

White Bottlenose Dolphin Spotted in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon — See Photo (Florida Today, 1/2/15). See video footage here.

Whale, Dolphin Sightings Off California Coast Breaking Records (The Daily Breeze, 1/2/15).

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