Dolphin & Whale News

March 2015

Old but Noteworthy: Underwater Photographer Captures First Moments of Newborn Sperm Whale’s Life — See Video (, 9/2014). See edited YouTube version here.

Study: Older Female Killer Whales Function as Repositories of Knowledge (The Register 3/7/15). Read the full study, see images and film footage here.

February 2015

Almost 200 Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand (National Geographic, 2/13/15).

Orcas Enjoy Rubbing Beach as Humans Watch from Close By — See Amazing Video (, 2/4/15). You can also find the video here.

Study: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Mourn their Dead (, 2/2/15). Read more here. Find the study here.Thanks to the Wild Dolphin Project for this item.

January 2015

Obama to Allow Oil, Gas Drilling off  S.E. Coast — at What Cost to Whales, Other Marine Life? (National Geographic, 1/29/15).

Study: Deep-Diving Marine Mammals Endure Irregular Heartbeat (Science Times, 1/19/15). Learn more here.

• Beneath the Waves Film Festival Issues Calls for Submissions (Marmam, 1/16/15). Learn more about the festival here. Find a list of previous festival film archives here. View the beautiful 2014 short film In Harmony with Whales here.

How Champion-Diver Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, Other Deep-Diving Sea Creatures Do What They Do —See Photos & Diagram (BBC Earth, 1/15/15).

Orcas Take Very Close Look at Inflatable Boat, Human Occupants — See Video (1/14/15

Bowheads Beat Humpbacks for Diversity of Song — Hear Recordings (BBC Earth, 1/13/15).

Activist Ric O’Barry Sees Public Turning Against Captivity (AP, SFGate, 1/12/15).

60-Foot-Long Fin Whale Found Dead on Beach in Cornwall — See Photo (The Independent, 1/12/15).

Pygmy Sperm Whale Strands in Port Reyes (Perfect Science, 1/9/15). Read more here.

Familiar Orca Family Returns to California Coast — See Slide Show (Orange County Register, 1/9/15).

Foundation Filming, Raising Funds for Doc on Saving Ganges River Dolphin (Marmam 1/8/15). See trailer here.

Navy Holds Public Hearings on Assessed Impact (Draft 2) of Proposed Northwest Training and Testing (Marmam, 1/6/15).

Birth of Baby  Orca Gives Researcher Some Hope for Endangered Pod’s Survival (Discovery News, 1/6/15).

Long-Lived Bowhead’s Genome May Offer Clues to Extending Human Lifespan  (IBTimes, 1/4/15). Read more here.

Researcher Thinks Orca Grandma May Have Helped with New Baby’s Birth — Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 1/3/15).

White Bottlenose Dolphin Spotted in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon — See Photo (Florida Today, 1/2/15). See video footage here.

Whale, Dolphin Sightings Off California Coast Breaking Records (The Daily Breeze, 1/2/15).

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