Dolphin & Whale News

January 10, 2014

Label for Stedji's whale beer / Anchorage Daily News

• Icelandic Beer Brewed with Ground Fin Whale Bone Angers Conservationists (Anchorage Daily News, 1/10/14).

January 8, 2014

Spotted dolphins in purse-seine tuna net, Pacific Ocean, undated/NOAA, SWSFC, / Click to go to NRDC report "Net Loss: The Killing of Marine Mammals in Foreign Fisheries"

Report: 650,000 Marine Mammals Hurt, Killed Each Year in Foreign Fisheries (National Geographic, 1/8/14). Read the NRDC report here.

January 7, 2014

Conjoined gray whale calves, deceased (heads submerged at bottom of image), Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, Baja, CA / Farah Castillo, Facebook, Guerrero Negro Verde, / Click image to see and read more.

Conjoined Gray Whale Calves, Deceased, Found in Lagoon (, 1/7/14). Read more here. See video footage here.

More News:

Sea Shepherd Claims to Have Japanese Whalers on the Run (CNN, 1/7/14).

January 6, 2014

39 Pilot Whales Beach in New Zealand, 12 Die, Rest Shot (CNN, 1/6/14).

More News:

January 3, 2014

Claim that Dolphins Get High on Pufferfish Toxin a Bunch of Hooey? (NBC News, 1/3/14). See more video here.

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