Dolphins & Whales 2014

December 2014

North Atlantic Right Whale mother & calf, Cumberland Island, GA, Dec 13, 2014/Florida Fish and Wildlife, / Click for more

Southern Resident Orca Gives Birth to New Calf at Record Age of 42 — See Photo (Q13 Fox News, 12/30/14). Read more, see more photos here.

• … But Researcher Still Mourns Death of Pregnant Female from Same, Endangered Population (Phys Org, 12/31/14).

Drone Captures Beautiful Humpback Footage off Newfoundland — See Video (The Huffington Post, 12/22/14).

Navy Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Northwest Training, Testing Initiative Opens for Public Comment ( via Marmam, 12/20/19). Learn about threats to dolphins and whales herehere and here. Find locations, dates of public hearings here and here.

• Pygmy Blue Whales Off Chilean Coast May be New Subspecies — See Photo (Take Part, 12/19/14).

Study: Humpbacks May Communicate about Prey when Hunting at Depths at Night (, 12/16/14).

Last North Atlantic Right Whales Return to Breeding Grounds Off Southeast Coast (First Coast News, 12/15/14). Read more here, herehere and here.

Why the World’s Oceans Need Whale Poo — See Photos & Video Report (The Guardian, 12/12/14).

Study Documents Orca Attacks on Humpbacks, Humpback Response & Outcomes (BBC News, 12/9/14).

7 Sperm Whales Beach, Die in Rare Event in Southern Australia — See Video Footage (BBC News, 12/8/14). Learn more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here. See more video here.

Writer Ponders Joy, Mystery of Whales (Alaska Dispatch News, 12/6/14).

Double Tragedy: Breeding-Age Female of Endangered Pacific NW Orcas Washes Up Dead with Full-Term Fetus (CBC News, 12/6/14). Read more here and here.

Endangered Humpbacks of Arabian Sea Genetically Distinct Species (Discovery News, 12/3/14).

Southern Right Whales Change Surface Breathing Behavior to Avoid Attack by Gulls (The Washington Post, 12/1/14).

November 2014

Japan Resumes Antarctic Whale Hunt (The New York Times, 11/29/14).

Orcas from off Mexico Pay Rare Visit to Waters off Southern California — See Video (ABC 10 News, 11/25/14). Read more, see more photos here.

Suit Settlement Gives NMFS February Deadline for Expanding Right Whale Protection (The Humane Society of the United States, 11/24/14).

3 Sperm Whales Strand, Die in New Zealand — See Video (3 News, 11/24/14). Read more and see more photos here.

Lone Pilot Whale that Stranded in Essex Died of Starvation — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 11/22/14). Read more here.

Police Join All-Out Effort to Prevent Pilot Whales from Stranding in Essex, England (The Guardian, 11/20/14). See photos here.

Japanese Curb, Do Not End Antarctic Whale Hunt (The Guardian, 11/18/14).

Blue Whale Strands on Nicaragua Beach, People Try, Fail to Refloat It — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/15/14).

• Norway Fishermen End Up in Midst of Humpback Lunge Feeding — See Video (The Telegraph, 11/15/14). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Report: Humans Kill Whales in All Kinds of Ways (CBC News, 11/14/14).

Advocates Sue to Halt Pacific Naval Exercises, Claim Excessive Harm to Marine Mammals (The Washington Post, 11/9/14).  Read more, see graphics here.

Navy Amending Impact Statement for Expanded Exercises in Pacific Northwest  (, 11/9/14).

Humpbacks Returning to NYC Waters (Poughkeepsie Journal, 11/9/14).

22 Pilot Whales Die in New Zealand after 2nd Stranding — See Photos & News Report (BBC News, 11/5/14). Read more here. See more video reports here and here.

UK Wildlife Trusts Want Protection for Dolphin, Whale Hotspots (The Guardian, 11/14/14).

Young Man Climbs onto Dead, Floating Whale as Sharks Feed, Circle — See Video (CNN, 11/3/14).

October 2014

Newly discovered species of Bryde's whale, Gulf of Mexico, undated/ NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Chron

Protesters Convicted of Disrupting Faroe Island Whale Slaughter, Killing Continues — See Video (RT, 10/29/14). Watch documentary Red Waters here.

“Chasing Bayla” Tells Story with Photos, Illos, Video of Efforts to Free Right Whale from Fishing Line Entanglement (The Boston Globe, 10/25/14).

Study: Ancient Giant Shark Dwarfed, Fed on Ancient Whales — See Diagrams & Photos (BBC News, 10/23/14). See full study here.

NMFS to Examine Impact of Allowing “Incidental Take” of Marine Mammals in Cook Inlet (Marmam, 10/23/14). Read full Notice of Intent here.

Pilot Whales Sighted off Southern California for Only 2nd Time Since 1980s — See Photo (The Weather Channel, 10/20/14). Read more and see above and underwater video here.

• Dead Conjoined Dolphin Calf Washes Up in Turkey (Marmam, 10/19/14). Read the scientific report and see photos here.

Researchers Use Drones to Study Wild Orcas — See Images (CNN, 10/16/14). Read more and see drone video footage here.

Rarely Seen Beaked Whale Beaches in Australia — See Photo (Discovery News, 10/15/14). Learn more and see more photos here.

Opinion: The Real Reason Japan Hunts Whales (The New York Times, 10/13/14).

Researchers Encounter Sleeping Humpback — See Underwater Video (Panga MX, 10/10/14). See more photos of sleeping humpback and video of sleeping sperm whales here.

50 Sperm Whales Make Rare Appearance Off California Coast — See Images (, 10/8/14).

Contrarian View: Maybe Dolphins Aren’t Really So Smart — Listen to Radio Broadcast (NPR, 10/5/14). Access New Scientist article here.

Captive Study: Captive Bottlenose Use Water Flow to Manipulate Objects (Marmam, 10/2/14). Access full study and see video footage here.

• Joshua Horwitz, Author of War of the Whales, Appears at SXSW (The Austin Chronicle, 10/3/14).

New Species of Bryde’s Whale Discovered in Gulf of Mexico Already Almost Gone (USA Today, 10/2/14). Read more here.

Lone, Aggressive Male Dolphin Harasses Swimmers in Galway (thejournal.i.e, 10/1/14).

September 2014

Slaughtered Minke whale being unloaded in Kushiro, Japan, undated/AP, The Guardian

• Inuit in Eastern Greenland Hunting More Orcas (CBC News, 9/30/14).

Mother & Calf Humpback Engage Swimmers off Australia — See Video (The Weather Network 9/27/14).

Orca Approaches Whale-Watching Boat in Bay of Fundy — See Photo & Video (CBC News, 9/26/14).

• Orcas Attack Tiger Shark — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 9/26/14).

Iceland Says Killing of Endangered Fin Whales “Went Well (Reykjavik Grapevine 9/24/14).

Vancouver Aquarium Uses Drones to Study Wild Orcas — See Video (CBC News, 9/22/14)

Japan to Resume Antarctic Whaling Despite IWC Restrictions (National Geographic 9/18/14).

Researcher Dives with Sperm Whales — See Photos (BBC News Magazine, 9/16/14). Watch  underwater  footage and listen to sperm whale clicks here.

Annual Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again in Taiji, Japan (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/16/14). Learn more here and here.

Illegal Totoaba Fishery Wiping Out Last Remaining Vaquitas (The New York Times, 9/14/14).

7 Sperm Whales Strand in Italy (The Local, 9/12/14).

Drones a Handy Tool for Non-Invasive Whale Research (The Boston Globe, 9/10/14).

New Baby Spotted among Puget Sound’s Southern Resident Orcas — See Photos & Video Report (Seattle P.I., 9/7/14). Read more here.

Gray Whales Seek Human Contact in San Ignacio Lagoon — See Video (The Telegraph, 9/6/14).

Blue Whales Make a Big Comeback! (The New York Times 9/5/14). Read more here.

Japan to Resume Antarctic Whaling (AP, Huffington Post, 9/3/14). Read more here.

August 2014

Minke whales, Antarctica, undated/Ari Friedlaender, Science

Puget Sound’s Southern Resident Orcas in Serious Decline (The Guardian, 8/31/14). Learn more here and here.

Activists Fight to Expose, End Pilot-Whale Slaughter in Faroes — See Photos & Video (Seattle PI, 8/30/14). Learn more here. See more disturbing photos & video here.

Are Whale/Dolphin Watching Boats, Swimmers Stressing Dolphins & Whales? See Photos and Video (Mail Online 8/27/14).

Humpback Saved from Death by Fishing-Gear Entanglement Returns to Fundy —See Photos (CBC News, 8/26/14).

Norway Kills 729 Whales in Deadliest Hunt Yet (The Independent, 8/25/14). Learn more here.

Navy Study of Impact of Activities in Gulf of Alaska Open for Review, Comment with Hearing Schedule (Marmam, 8/21/14). Learn more here.

• “What Do Dolphins Talk About?” — Radio Lab Spends Time with Wild Dolphin Project’s Denise Herzing (RadioLab). Listen to another short radio interview here.

Swimming with Humpbacks Off Australia: Researchers Weigh Impact, Risks —Listen to Radio Report (, 8/20/14). Sets Up Boat-Based & Underwater Migrating Beluga Cams — See Videos (The Huffington Post, 8/19/14). See more video here.

Orca Smacks Sea Lion through Air with Fluke — See Video (Mail Online 8/19/14).

More Whales Appearing in Big Apple Waters (The Weather Channel, 8/16/14).

Researchers Tag Minkes, Track Surprising, Antarctic Lunge Feeding (National Geographic 8/13/14). Read more here and here. Find the study here.

July 2014 

Feeding Blue Whale, still from video, off San Diego, July 2, 2014/Dale Frink, CBS News, Mail Online

Sound-Blasting Ocean Floor Mapping Poses Major Threat to Whales (LiveScience, 7/31/14).

Irish Air Corp Films Breaching Fin Whales — See Video (Irish News, 7/31/14). Read more & see more video here.

Japanese Kill 115 Whales in Pacific Hunt (International Business Times Australia, 7/30/14).

Northern California Shipping Lanes May Shift to Protect Blue Whales (SFGate, 7/24/14). Read more here.

Kayakers Get Lifted on Back of Right Whale in Patagonia — See Video (USA Today, 7/22/14). Read more and see more video here and here.

Blue and Bryde Whales Appear Off Long Beach, CA — See News Report (, 7/22/14)

Moss Landing Whale-Watching Boat Fined for Getting Too Close (KSBW Action News 8, 7/21/14).

• Obama to Open East Coast Waters to Gas, Oil Exploration Despite Threat to Marine Mammals (The Guardian 7/19/14).

Humans Harass Another Right Whale Off Australia as She’s about to Give Birth — See Photos & Video (News Local Sydney, 7/18/14). Read more here. See more photos & a news report here.

Why Freshwater River Dolphins May Soon Disappear (Smithsonian, 7/16/14). Read more here.

Tourist Misses, Video Captures Double Humpback Breach — See Video (MSN.NZ, 7/16/14).

New Book Tells Story of Researcher Who Connected Marine Mammal Strandings, Deaths to Navy Sonar (The Washington Post, 7/11/14). Read more here.

Tourists Swim with Humpbacks in Australia — See Photos & Video Report (Brisbane Times, 7/17/14).

Russia Seizes Ukraine Military Dolphins (Guardian Liberty Voice, 7/6/14). Read more here.

Feeding Blue Whale Flips Zodiac — See Photos & Video (Mail Online, 7/3/14).

Whale-Watcher Screams in Excitement — See Video (People, 7/1/14).

June 2014

Killer whale "Springer" (A73) and 1.5-year-old calf (A104), Fitz Hugh Sound, BC, June, 2014/Vancouver Aquarium

Washington State Pipeline Builders Might Use Explosives to Scare Orcas Away from Spills (The Globe and Mail, 6/29/14).

Australian Surfers Harass (Possibly Pregnant) Right Whale Off Beach — See Photos (The Sydney Morning Herald, 6/29/14).

Whale-Watching Boats Pose Strike Threat to Whales (The Guardian, 6/27/14).

North Pacific Humpbacks May Come Off Endangered List (Reuters, 6/26/14).

Study: Southern Resident Orcas Carry High Levels of Contaminants (AP, CTV News, 6/25/14).

Migaloo’s Skin Problem Worries Experts (The Guardian 6/25/14). See more photos here. See more photos and video here.

Migaloo, the White Humpback, is Back! — See Video Report (CNN, 6/19/14). Read more here. See more video here.

Migrating Whales Thrill Boaters Off New Jersey (USA Today, 6/17/14).

•  Japan Kills 30 More Minke Whales in Resumed “Research” Hunt (RT, 6/14/14). Read more here.

 Can a Dolphin Commit Suicide? (Huffington Post, 6/13/14).

Rehabbed, Released, Wild Orca Springer Spotted with New Calf (eCanadaNow, 6/12/14).

Two Spotted Dolphins Beach, Die in Ft. Myers, FL — See Photos & News Report (Fox 4, 6/12/14).

Why Japan Will Resume Whale Hunt (The Washington Post, 6/10/14).  Read more here.

M.H. Lovatt Admits to Sexual Relationship with Dolphin Peter during 1960s Cohabitation Experiment — See Photos & Video (Daily News 6/10/14).

Cruise Ship Speed Limits Imposed to Protect Whales in Glacier Bay (USA Today, 6/10/14).

BBC Documentary Tells Story of Whaling in South Georgia — See Photos (The Telegraph, 6/7/14).

Brazil Bans Catfish Fishery that Uses Endangered Pink Dolphin (Boto) as Bait (The Wire, 6/5/14).

Researchers Capture Rare Footage of Leaping Fin Whale — See Video (The Wire, 6/5/14).

Hawaiian Senator Thinks State Spends Too Much Protecting Whales, Turtles   — See Video of Speech (Huffington Post, 6/3/14).

May 2014

Study: Dolphins Taste Only Salt (The Wire, 5/31/14).

Two Belugas, Adult & Youngster, Found Dead on Cook Inlet Beach (Alaska Dispatch, 5/27/14).

Sei Whale Struck, Killed, Dragged Up Hudson River by Cruise Ship (The Guardian, 5/24/14). Read more here.

Good Eating Has Whales Swarming, Thrilling Whale-Watchers Off Massachusetts Coast — See Video (Boston Globe, 5/22/14). See more video here.

Young Adult Humpback Finally Freed from Buoys, Lines that Almost Sever Its Fluke — See Photos (San Jose Mercury-News, 5/22/14). See video here. Learn more here and here.

103-Year-Old Orca, “Granny” (J2) Spotted Near Vancouver Island (CBC News, 5/13/14). Learn more here and here.

Japan Resumes Whaling in Northwest Pacific — See News Report (, 5/9/14). Learn more here.

Snorkelers, Gray Whales Have Very Close Encounter Off Laguna Beach CA — See Photos (NBC 4 Los Angeles, 5/6/14).

New Map Lets Whale-Lovers Follow Whales around Hawaiian Islands (Huffington Post 5/5/14). Try it out here.

Sighting of Mother Minke with Newborn a First for Whale-Watchers Off San Juan Island — See Photos (San Juan Islander, undated).

February 2014

Unidentified bottlenose dolphin/istock, The Boston Globe

Puerto Rico Investigating if 4 People Harassed Whale & Calf (AP, 2/19/14).

Cat Virus Identified in Arctic Belugas (Escapist Magazine 2/15/14).

Japanese, Icelandic Whale Meat Passes through Canada (The Vancouver Sun, 2/13/14)

Scientists Count Southern Right Whales by Satellite (BBC News 2/12/14). Read study here. Listen to radio segment here. Learn more here.

Study: Eel Trackers Suggest Pilot Whales Hunt Them in Deep Atlantic (Nature World News, 2/10/14). Find study here.

Study Suggests More Humane Way to Euthanize Beached Whales that Can’t be Saved (National Geographic 2/5/14)

Orcas Hunt Dolphins Off British Columbia — See Photo & Video (CTV News 2/4/14)

More than 400 Dead Dolphins Found on North Coast of Peru (NBC News, 2/4/14)

Unusually High Number of Whales Beaching in Florida (Sun Sentinel, 2/3/14)

Rare Sighting of Blue Whales Off New Zealand — See Video & Photos (, 2/3/14)

• Author Justin Gregg Discusses Are Dolphins Really Smart? (The Boston Globe 2/2/14)

January 2014

January 30, 2014

Rare Beaked Whale Washes Up on Cornwall Beach (Western Morning News, 1/30/14)

January 28, 2014

Scientists Decry Barbaric New Method of Killing Dolphins in Taiji — See Graphic Video (CNN 1/28/14).

Gray Whales Court Off Dana Point, CA — See Video (NBC Southern California 1/28/14)

January 27, 2014

NRDC, Other Groups Sue NMFS for Failure to Protect Dolphins, Whales against Impact of Navy Exercises (LiveScience, 1/27/14). Read more here.

4th Annual Whalefest Monterey Includes Inflatable, Walk-Through Humpback (Monterey Herald News, 1/27/14)

January 24, 2014

New Species of River Dolphin ID’d in Brazil, Already Endangered (National Geographic, 1/24/14). Read the study here.

January 23, 2014

Pilot Whales Led Back to Sea off Naples Restrand, Die Off Marco Island, FL (, 1/23/14). Read more, see images here.

January 22, 2014

Rare Albino Dolphin Captured in Taiji Roundup (Take Part, 1/22/14). Learn more about “Angel” and see video here.

January 21, 2014

Japan Defends Annual Taiji Dolphin Slaughter —See Graphic Video (AP, 1/21/14). Read more here. See more graphic video here. Watch a CNN news report hereRead about Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s expression of concern here.

January 20, 2014

Can Scientist/Oil Company Collaboration Reduce Oil Exploration Impact on Whales? (Weather Underground, 1/20/14).

Now, Pilot Whales Strand in Ft. Meyers, Florida (U-T San Diego, 1/20/14). See news reports here and here. Read more follow-ups here 

January 19, 2014

Pilot Whales Led Back into Deep Water Restrand in New Zealand (, 1/19/14). Read more here and here.

January 16, 2014

More Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand (CNN, 1/17/14). Read more here.

Kayaker Has Close Encounter with Sperm Whale as Orcs Circle  — See Photos & Video (MailOnline, 1/16/14).

January 15, 2014

Study: Powerful Flukes Secret of Dolphin’s Swimming Speed (National Geographic, 1/15/14).

Researcher Fined for Feeding Wild Killer Whales (Los Angeles Times, 1/15/14)

January 14, 2014

Volunteers Try to Save Stranded Pilot Whales in New Zealand — See Video (Paige Diana, YouTube, 1/14/14).

January 13, 2014

Two Lucky Blokes Find Hunk of Ambergris on North Wales Beach (BBC News, 1/13/14).

January 11, 2014

DNA Analysis Reveals Two Distinct Dolphin Species Mated, Gave Rise to Third  (National Geographic 1/11/14).

January 10, 2014

• Sperm Whale Washes Up on Boca Raton Beach — See News Report (ABC Action News, 1/10/14). See drone video here.

Label for Stedji's whale beer / Anchorage Daily News

• Icelandic Beer Brewed with Ground Fin Whale Bone Angers Conservationists (Anchorage Daily News, 1/10/14).

January 8, 2014

Spotted dolphins in purse-seine tuna net, Pacific Ocean, undated/NOAA, SWSFC, / Click to go to NRDC report "Net Loss: The Killing of Marine Mammals in Foreign Fisheries"

Report: 650,000 Marine Mammals Hurt, Killed Each Year in Foreign Fisheries (National Geographic, 1/8/14). Read the NRDC report here.

January 7, 2014

Conjoined gray whale calves, deceased (heads submerged at bottom of image), Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, Baja, CA / Farah Castillo, Facebook, Guerrero Negro Verde, / Click image to see and read more.

Conjoined Gray Whale Calves, Deceased, Found in Lagoon (, 1/7/14). Read more here. See video footage here.

More News:

Sea Shepherd Claims to Have Japanese Whalers on the Run (CNN, 1/7/14).

January 6, 2014

39 Pilot Whales Beach in New Zealand, 12 Die, Rest Shot (CNN, 1/6/14).

More News:

January 3, 2014

Claim that Dolphins Get High on Pufferfish Toxin a Bunch of Hooey? (NBC News, 1/3/14). See more video here.

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