Human Nature

March 2019

Remains of Ancient Ritual Slaughter of 140 Children Found in Peru (COSMOS, 3/7/19).

Researchers Debate Traits that Define a Psychopath (The Conversation, 3/6/19).

Finding: ADHD Linked with Enhanced Creativity Greater Ability to Think Outside Box (Scientific American, 3/5/19).

Report: Rediscovery of Artifact-Filled Chichén Itzá Cave Could Answer Questions about Mayan City, Culture — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 3/4/19).

1st Fragment of Denisovan Skull Found in Siberian Cave where Fossils from 4 Other Members of Lost Early Human Line Found — See Photo (Sapiens, 3/1/19). Read more, see more photos and video here.

February 2019

Nameless Hiker Known as “Mostly Harmless” Found Dead of Starvation on Florida Trail — See Photos (Brooklyn Path, 2/28/19).

Chilean Petroglyphs Suggest Incas Learned Astronomy from Earlier Molle Culture (COSMOS, 2/28/19).

Australian Twins Only 2nd Known Pair of Half-Identicals ID’d So Far (Science Alert, 2/28/19).

Danish Concept of Hygge (Cozy) is Good, Pyt (Shake It Off) Is Better (The Conversation, 2/27/19).

Study: Neanderthals Stood Straight Just Like Us (Independent, 2/25/19).

Israeli Spacecraft Carrying Disc Encoded with 30-Million-Page Library of Human History (Fast Company, 2/25/19). Read more here.

January 2019

Blue Flake in 1,000-Year-Old Teeth Suggests Nuns Also Illustrated Medieval Manuscripts — See Photos (The Washington Post, 1/9/19). Read the study, see more photos and diagrams here.

Woman Brags on Dating App about Illegal Deer Kill, Guy She Brags to is Local Game Warden — See Photos (The Washington Post, 1/8/19).

Study: Damaged Sperm May Be Underestimated Factor in Miscarriages (The Conversation, 1/7/19).

Temple Dedicated to Pre-Aztec Deity Called Flayed Lord Found in Puebla, Mexico — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/3/19).

Dance! Why We Do It, Why We Need It, How It Benefits Us All — See Video (Aeon, 1/3/19).

• Wealthy Explorer Becomes First Person to Pilot Sub 27,480′ Down to Bottom of Marianas Trench — See Photo (Smithsonian, 1/2/19). Read more, see more photos, maps, diagrams here and here.

Robert Frost Poem “Stopping by Woods” Enters Public Domain — Read Poem, See Video of Frost Reciting It (The Washington Post, 1/1/19).

Polar Bear Club of NYC Starts New Year with Coney Island Plunge — See Photos (Patch New York City, 1/1/19).