Human Nature 2019

July 2019

10,000-Year-Old Notched Stone May Be Oldest Moon Calendar Ever Discovered — See Photos, Illo & Diagram (Ancient Origins, 7/23/19).

Researchers Discover Remarkably Preserved, 500-Year-Old Wooden Ship Sitting in Icy Waters at Bottom of Baltic Sea — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 7/22/19).

Study: Inuit of Canadian Arctic Are Genetically Distinct Group Uniquely Adapted to Living in Extreme Cold — See Photos (Independent, 7/22/19).

Study: Straight-Line Markings on Bone Fragment Could be Evidence Denisovans Made Art, Used Symbols — See Photo (, 7/22/19).

Couple Ignores Warning Signs, Climbs Down Rocks to Big Surf to Take Photos in Hawaii, Get Swept to Sea, Rescued from Own Stupidity — See Photos & News Report (ABC News, 7/18/19).

Study: Modern Humans Carry DNA Signature of Neanderthals, Denisovans, 2 Unknown Early Human Groups (Science Alert, 7/17/19).

Fossil of 3-Rooted Molar Found in Tibet Suggests Ancient Denisovans Mated with Homo Sapiens — See Photos (Ancient Origins, 7/11/19).

Analysis of 2 Skulls Found in Greek Cave Challenge Theories of When, How Neanderthals, Early Humans Interacted — See Photo (The Atlantic, 7/10/19). Read more, see more photos, map and video here.

Excavation of Tiny Islet in Cyclades Reveals Surprising Accomplishments, Sophistication of Bronze Age Greek — See Photos & Videos (Independent, 7/9/19).

Essay: Human Emotions Are Not Universal; Around the World, People Feel, Express Them Differently about Different Things — See Photo (Aeon, 7/8/19).

Archeologists Stumble On Rare, Well-Preserved Viking Burial Site in Sweden — See Photos (Forbes, 7/6/19).

Special Report: Pre-Europeans Came from Africa, Middle East, Russa — See Photos  & Map (National Geographic, 7/1/19).

June 2019

Study: Neanderthals Used Pine Resin as Glue in Toolmaking — See Photos & Illo (Phys.Org, 6/26/19).

Report: Reading Human Body Language Can Be Tricky — See Photos & Diagrams (Elemental, 6/25/19).

Study: Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature Don’t Kick until Total Reaches 2 Hours — See Photos (EcoWatch, 6/21/19).

10-Year-Old Girl Scales El Capitan with Father, Climbing Team (Independent, 6/19/19).

Traveling Exhibit Highlights Sophistication of Life in Pompeii before Vesuvius Blew (The Washington Post, 6/15/19).

Discovery: Rock Carvings in Earth’s Largest, Second-Oldest Meteor-Impact Crater Created by South Africa’s First Humans — See Photos & Video (Ancient Origins, 6/14/19).

Finding: Humans Have Been Smoking Pot for a Long, Long, Long, Long Time — See Photos (Smithsonian, 6/13/19).

Scientists Prepare to Spend Year Trapped in Polar Ice to Study Climate Change — See Maps & Photos (The Washington Post, 6/10/19).

Essay: If We Could All See Earth from Space, We Might Come to Our Senses Before It’s Too Late — See Photos & Videos (Interesting Engineering, 6/9/19).

Essay: Humans Wouldn’t be Human if They Didn’t Dance — See Photo (Aeon, 6/7/19).

Marine Salvager Hopes to Tow Antarctic Iceberg to South Africa to Ease Country’s Water Crisis — See Map & Photos (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/6/19).

FBI Hair-Analysis Test Results Take 40 Years to Reach Bigfoot Researcher — Learn Results (The Washington Post, 6/6/19).

Study: Calorie-Burn Rate for Even Super Athletes Tops Out at 2.5 Times Resting Rate (Science Daily, 6/5/19). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Finding: Previously Unknown Group of Humans Were Living, Thriving in Northern Siberia 30,000 Years Ago — See Photo & Map (The Guardian, 6/5/19). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Findings: Shifts in Trade, Religion, Climate Probably All Contributed to Decline of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat — See Photos (The Conversation, 6/3/19). Read more, see more photos here.

Theory: Humans Could Destroy Alien Life without Knowing It…If We Haven’t Already (Science Alert, 6/2/19).

May 2019

1,000-year-old jadeite blade found in lagoon in Belize, undated / Heather McKillop, LSU, COSMOS / Click for more.

Underwater Drones Discover 200-Year-Old Shipwreck in Gulf of Mexico — See Photos (CBS News, 5/31/19).

Report: Humans Have 2 Senses of Touch; Autism May Be Rooted in Differences in How They Function (Spectrum, 5/29/19).

Hypothesis: Small Drop in Fertility/Infant Survival Could Have Helped Doom Neanderthals — See Illo (Phys.Org, 5/29/19).

Research Question: Why Did Ancients in SW France Keep Bringing Dead to Same Burial Site for More than 2,000 Years? See Photo (Phys.Org, 5/28/19).

Theory: Exploding Supernovae → Lightning Strikes → Forest Fires → Savannahs → Human Ancestors Walking Upright to See Over Grass (Phys.Org, 5/28/19). Read more here.

Theory: Leonardo da Vinci Had ADHD (COSMOS, 5/25/19).

Woman Missing 16 Days in Maui Forest Found Alive  — See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 5/25/19). Read more, see more photos here.

Insane Traffic Jams Kill Climbers on Mount Everest — See Photos (BBC News, 5/24/19). Read more, see more photos and video hereherehere and here.

Researchers Find 1,000-Year-Old Jadeite Blade Used by Mayan Salt Worker at Bottom of Lagoon in Belize — See Photo (COSMOS, 5/24/19).

Study: Marijuana Linked to Increased Intimacy among Young, Regular Users (Futurity, 5/22/19).

Burned, Submerged Hulk of Last Slave Ship, Clotilda, Found in Alabama River — See Photos (National Geographic, 5/22/19). Read more here.

Scientific Panel Supports Declaring New Epoch to Mark Profound Ways Humans Have Changed Earth (Nature, 5/21/19).

Researchers Map Locations, Ponder Purpose of Ancient Giant Stone Jars in Laos — See Photos (Live Science, 5/21/19).

Nepali Sherpa Climbs Everest Twice in a Week — See Photo (NPR, 5/21/19).

Finding: Drought Only One of Many Factors that Doomed Mayan Civilization— See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 5/20/19).

19-Year-Old Jumps Off Cruise Ship Underway Off Puerto Rico, Gets Rescued — See Photos & Video (Cruise Hive, 5/20/19).

Zimbabwe’s Female Wildlife Rangers Aren’t Called Akashinga (The Brave Ones) for Nothing — See Photos & Map (National Geographic, 5/19/19).

Denisovan DNA Reached Americas Somehow, Experts Debate When and How — See Photos & Video (Ancient Origins, 5/18/19).

Court Ruling in Ecuador Upholds Tribe’s Ownership of Lands Government Wanted to Sell to Oil Drillers — See Photos (The New Yorker, 5/15/19).

Researcher Says Tooth Fossils Suggest Humans Split from Neanderthals Longer Ago than Thought, Other Experts Disagree — See Photos (Smithsonian, 5/15/19). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

89-Year-Old Englishman Living in U.S. Returns Piece Bored from Stonehenge during ’58 Excavation/Restoration — See Photos (BBC News, 5/8/19).

71-Year-Old Frenchman Floats Across Atlantic, from Canaries to Caribbean, in Big Orange Barrel — See Photos (CNN, 5/7/19). Read more, see more photos here.

Man Gets Too Close to Rim of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, Falls In, Survives — See Map & Video (USA Today, 5/3/19).

Piece of  Denisovan Jawbone Found in Tibet is First Evidence Mysterious Early Humans Lived Outside Siberian Cave where Fossils First Discovered — See Photos, Map & Chart (Ancient Origins, 5/2/19). Read more, see more photos herehere, here, here and here. See video here.

Ancient Stone Carvings in Turkish Temple May Tell Story of  Comet Strike — See Photos & Chart (Science Alert, 5/1/19).

March 2019

Remains of Ancient Ritual Slaughter of 140 Children Found in Peru (COSMOS, 3/7/19).

Researchers Debate Traits that Define a Psychopath (The Conversation, 3/6/19).

Finding: ADHD Linked with Enhanced Creativity Greater Ability to Think Outside Box (Scientific American, 3/5/19).

Report: Rediscovery of Artifact-Filled Chichén Itzá Cave Could Answer Questions about Mayan City, Culture — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 3/4/19).

1st Fragment of Denisovan Skull Found in Siberian Cave where Fossils from 4 Other Members of Lost Early Human Line Found — See Photo (Sapiens, 3/1/19). Read more, see more photos and video here.

February 2019

Nameless Hiker Known as “Mostly Harmless” Found Dead of Starvation on Florida Trail — See Photos (Brooklyn Path, 2/28/19).

Chilean Petroglyphs Suggest Incas Learned Astronomy from Earlier Molle Culture (COSMOS, 2/28/19).

Australian Twins Only 2nd Known Pair of Half-Identicals ID’d So Far (Science Alert, 2/28/19).

Danish Concept of Hygge (Cozy) is Good, Pyt (Shake It Off) Is Better (The Conversation, 2/27/19).

Study: Neanderthals Stood Straight Just Like Us (Independent, 2/25/19).

Israeli Spacecraft Carrying Disc Encoded with 30-Million-Page Library of Human History (Fast Company, 2/25/19). Read more here.

January 2019

Blue Flake in 1,000-Year-Old Teeth Suggests Nuns Also Illustrated Medieval Manuscripts — See Photos (The Washington Post, 1/9/19). Read the study, see more photos and diagrams here.

Woman Brags on Dating App about Illegal Deer Kill, Guy She Brags to is Local Game Warden — See Photos (The Washington Post, 1/8/19).

Study: Damaged Sperm May Be Underestimated Factor in Miscarriages (The Conversation, 1/7/19).

Temple Dedicated to Pre-Aztec Deity Called Flayed Lord Found in Puebla, Mexico — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/3/19).

Dance! Why We Do It, Why We Need It, How It Benefits Us All — See Video (Aeon, 1/3/19).

• Wealthy Explorer Becomes First Person to Pilot Sub 27,480′ Down to Bottom of Marianas Trench — See Photo (Smithsonian, 1/2/19). Read more, see more photos, maps, diagrams here and here.

Robert Frost Poem “Stopping by Woods” Enters Public Domain — Read Poem, See Video of Frost Reciting It (The Washington Post, 1/1/19).

Polar Bear Club of NYC Starts New Year with Coney Island Plunge — See Photos (Patch New York City, 1/1/19).