Human Nature

May 2018

Scientists Believe Neanderthal Engravings on Small Piece of Flint Meant Something…But What? — See Photos (COSMOS, 5/3/18).

April 2018

Study Finds Friends Have Similar Brain Wave Responses to Video Clips (The New York Times, 4/16/18).

Exquisite Mosaics, Possibly by African Artisans, Draw Visitors to World Heritage Site Villa in Sicily — See Video (National Geographic, 4/14/18).

Modern Mexicans Carry Lost History of Early Immigrant Groups in Genes (Science, 4/13/18).

• Opinion: Saving Wildlife Helps Humans, Too — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/7/18).

Efforts to Assess Damage to Peru’s Nazca Lines Lead to Discovery of More, Older Drawings— See Photos, Diagrams and Video (National Geographic, 4/5/18).

Finding: Neanderthals Cared for Their Own, Buried Their Dead — See Photos (The Conversation, 4/5/18).

Study: Neanderthals’ Big Noses Served a Purpose — See Photos (COSMOS, 4/5/18).

• BBC Admits Scenes in Documentary on Papua New Guinea Tribe, Other Nature Programs, were Staged — See Footage (The Guardian, 4/4/18). Read more, see more video here.

Theory: Vikings Used Crystals to Navigate when Sun was Concealed (The Washington Post, 4/4/18).

Mummy Mystery: Whose Head Is It, Anyway? — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/2/18).

March 2018

Photo & enhanced version of 1 of 29 human footprints dating back to last Ice Age found along BC coast / Duncan McClaren, Gizmodo / Click for more.

Humans Don’t Have  5 Senses, They Have 10 — See Photos (COSMOS, 1/31/18).

• Study: Ancient Egyptians’ Efforts to Prepare for Drought Offer Climate Change Lessons for Modern Societies (The New York Times, 3/30/18).

Researchers Find Human Footprints from Ice Age on British Columbia Shore — See Photos & Diagram (Gizmodo, 3/28/18). Read more, see more photos, maps and video here, here, here and here. Read the study here.

Wales Professor ID’s Rare Partial Image of Mysterious Female Pharaoh on Fragments of Carvings Pulled from Storage — See Photo (COSMOS, 3/27/18).

Researchers Find Remains of Ancient Villages in New Part of Amazon, More Evidence of Dense Population before Europeans Arrived — See Photos (New Scientist, 3/27/18). Read more, see more photos here.

• Study: Very Tiny Mummified Skeleton Not Alien — Human with Unique Disorder — See Photo (The New York Times, 3/22/18).

• Meet the (Older) Man who Crossed the Ocean in a Kayak…3 Times — See Photos & Maps (The New York Times, 3/22/18).

• NINYF*: 2 Men Almost Die in Iditarod — See Photos (The Washington Post, 3/20/18).

• Early Humans Met, Mated with Mysterious Denisovans in 2 Separate Waves — See Illo (COSMOS, 3/16/18). Read more, see more illos and video here.

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February 2018

• Researchers Astonished by Evidence that Neanderthals Created Art — See Photo (Science, 2/23/18). Read more, see more photos here and here. See video report here.

• Study: Some Modern Caribbean People May Carry Ancient, pre-Contact Taino Genes (Science, 2/23/18).

• Ancient Tools Discovered in Tuscany Add to Evidence that Neanderthals Used Fire — See Photo (COSMOS, 2/6/18).

 Ancient Tools Discovered in India Indicate Humans Left Africa Earlier than Thought — See Photos (The Conversation, 2/1/18). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

January 2018

Age of Jawbone Fossil Found in Israel Pushes Back Date Humans Left Africa by 50,000 Years — See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 1/25/18).

Study: Salmonella Strong Candidate for Killing Millions of Aztecs in 1545 (Daily Kos, 1/15/18).

Baby Buried in Alaska 11,500 Years Ago Belonged to Lost Branch of Ancient Native Americans — See Photos (The Verge, 1/3/18). Read more here.