Nature 2023

February 2023

Study: Cockatoos Are Savvy Tool-Users—See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 2/10/23). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Study: Fish Recognize Themselves in Mirrors & Photos—See Photo (Science News, 2/6/23).

Tiny Finned Sea Mollusks Swarm Gulf of Aqaba for First Time in 29 Years—See Photos (Miami Herald, 2/6/23).

Study: Water Molecules Can Form Many Strange Forms of Ice—See Photo & Diagram (The New York Times, 2/3/23).

Indiana Photographer Braves Cold to Capture Time-Lapse Video of Comet Moving Across Night Sky—See Photo & Video (WGN9, 2/3/23).

January 2023

Comet 2022 E3 ZTF viewed through iTelescope, Mayhill, NM, Dec 31, 2022 / Eliot Herman, EarthSky / Click to learn more.

Extremely Large Endangered American Eel Washes Up on Texas Beach—See Photos & Video (The New York Post, 1/28/23).

Belatedly Discovered Small Asteroid Gives Earth Super Close Shave—See Photo & Diagram (The New York Times, 1/26/23).

Gemstone Found in Myanmar Only Known Sample of Rarest Mineral on Earth—See Photo (IFL Science, 1/26/23).

Underwater Photo Contest Winners Announced—See Images (The Atlantic, 1/25/23).

Study: Humans Pretty Good at Interpreting Primate Sign Language—See Video and Illos  (BBC News, 1/25/23). Read more here. Test your skills here.

Determined Photographer Captures Image of Rare Himalayan Cat—See Photo (bioGraphic, 1/24/23).

Report from Skagit WA: Visits from Migratory Snow Geese Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing—See Photos & Video (bioGRaphic, 1/24/23).

Study: Ants Learn to “Smell” Cancer Faster than Dogs (Scientific American, 1/24/23).

Scientists Locate, Tag Rare Giant Stingrays Off Mozambique—See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 1/24/23).

Green Comet on 50,000-Year Visit Will Be Closest to Earth Feb 1, 2—See Photos & Diagrams (The Washington Post, 1/21/23). Read more, see more photos, videos and diagrams here and here.

January New Moon Marks Moon’s Closest Approach to Earth in 1,000 Years (, 1/21/23).

Researchers Find 17-Pound Meteorite in Antarctica—See Photos (Pop Sci, 1/20/23).

Search Ends for  Fisherman Pulled Overboard by Yellowfin in Hawaii (Insider, 1/20/23).

Giant Cane Toad Caught in Australia May Be Largest Ever—See Photos & Video (NBC News, 1/20/23).

Florida Trail Cam Films Herons Catching Invasive Armored Fish—See Video (Miami Herald, 1/17/23).

Rare, Pale Moose Spotted in Alaska—See Photos (Anchorage Daily News, 1/14/23).

Maryland Girl Seeks, Finds Megalodon Tooth on Christmas Day—See Photos (Upworthy, 1/13/23).

Finding: Talking to, Playing Music for Plants May Help, Can’t Hurt (The Washington Post, 1/11/23).

Record-Breaking 58′ Rogue Wave Recorded Off British Columbia—See Video Diagram (Science Alert, 1/12/23).

Finding: T. Rex May Have Been Intelligent, Social Animal—See Video Discussion (The Washington Post, 1/9/23).

Stinky, Second-Gen Corpse Flower Blooms in Adelaide Botanic Gardens—See Photos & Video (COSMOS, 1/9/23).

Almost Perfectly Preserved, 28,000-Year-Old Cave Lion Cub Found in Siberia—See Photos & Video (Science Alert, 1/6/23).

NOAA Captures Images of Bomb Cyclone Hitting CA — See Images, Video & Diagrams (EarthSky, 1/5/23).

Catch the Beautiful Green Comet While You Can—See Images & Diagrams (EarthSky, 1/4/23). Learn more, see more photos, videos and diagrams here, here and here.

Orange Octopus Comes Up Clinging to Shrimp Trap Off Vancouver—See Video (Miami Herald, 1/3/23)

New Atlas Picks Best (Mostly Nature) Photos of 2022 — See Images (New Atlas, 12/29/22)