Nature 2022

July 2022Webb’s First Deep Field Galaxy Cluster SMACS 0723 as it appeared 4.6 billion years ago, less than a billion years after the big bang, released Monday July 11, 2022 / NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI / Click here for more.

Diner in China Spots Million-Year-Old Sauropod Footprints in Restaurant’s Stone Courtyard—See Photos (NPR, 7/23/22).

Big, Invasive, Venomous Joro Spider Expanding its Georgia, S. Carolina Range—See Photo (ABC KOLO 8 News Now, 7/22/22).

South/Southwest Winds Bring Hot Weather, Cold Water to Jersey Shore—See Images (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/22/22).

The Sea is Filled with Wondrous Creatures, Part 2—See Photos (bordpanda, 7/22/22).

Study: Dogs Seem to Sense if Human Intentions are Kind or Cruel—See Video (Science, 7/22/22).

Pennsylvania Police Officers Shoot 15-Foot Pet Snake Wrapped around Owner’s Throat—See Photos & News Report (The New York Post, 7/21/22).

IUCN Adds North American Monarch Butterfly to Endangered List (The New York Times, 7/21/22).

NOAA Livestreams Deep Sea Exploration of Mid-Atlantic Ridge—See Photos & Video (Gizmodo, 7/20/22). Learn more, see more livestreaming here.

Montana Campers Scare Off Grizzly, but Grizzly Returns—See Photos (The Washington Post, 7/19/22).

Finding: Florescence Helps Deep Sea Corals Attract Prey — See Photos (Science Alert, 7/19/22).

Australian Officials Finally Release State of Environment Report, News is Not Good (CNN, 7/19/22).

Huge Swells Rolling Up from Southern Ocean Slam South Shore of Big Island—See Videos (SFGate, 7/18/22). See surfers enjoying the waves here and here.

Sailors & Satellite Document Same Rare Beautiful Phenomenon of Glowing Seas—See Photos (The New York Times, 7/16/22).

How the Global COVID Lockdown Affected Nature for Better & Worse—See Photos (The New York Times, 7/16/22).

Researchers Encounter Squid Mom Protecting Eggs in Deep Ocean—See Photo & Video (Mashable, 7/16/22).

Manatee Steals Boy’s Surfboard in Florida—See Video (ABC 7 Eyewitness News, 7/16/22).

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Brought Water to, Left Mark on Jupiter, a Planet Prone to Impacts—See Images & Diagrams (EarthSky, 7/15/22).

bioGraphic Shares Winners & Personal Faves from California Academy of Science’s Annual Photo Contest—See Images (bioGraphic, 7/14/22).

Researchers Locate Crater of Mars Meteor Strike that Threw Piece of Planet to Earth 5-10 Million Years Ago—See Images (COSMOS, 7/13/22).

Messing with the Big Muddy: We Did It Once & Destroyed the Delta; Can the Damage Be Undone?—See Photos & Animation (Hakai Magazine, 7/12/22).

Fisherman Catches, Kills Giant Stingray in Delaware Bay, Calls Experience “Real Thrill”—See Photos (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/12/22).

NASA’s Webb Telescope Probes What Universe Looked Like Billions of Years Ago—See Images (NASA, 7/12/22). Read more, see more images here. and here.

Hurricane/TS Bonnie, Born in Atlantic, Now in Pacific, Could Set Record for Longest Westward Trek—See Images & Diagram (AccuWeather, 7/8/22).

It’s Raining Anchovies in San Francisco Bay — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/7/22).

Huge Algae Bloom in Atlantic Dumps Tons of Seaweed on Florida Beaches—See News Report (, 7/6/22).

Orcas with Taste for Shark Liver Driving Great Whites from South African Coast — See Photo (The Washington Post, 7/2/22).

Yukon Miners Discover Incredibly Well Preserved Baby Woolly Mammoth—See Photos (The New York Times, 7/2/22). Read more, see more photos here and here.

June 2022

Colossal Bacterium Size of Human Eyelash Discovered in Mangrove in Guadeloupe—See Photos (Ars Technica, 6/25/22).

Study: Certain Tortoises, Other Species Age Super Slowly, Physical Traits May Be Why — See Photo (Futurity, 6/24/22).

Deep Sea is Filled with Wondrous Creatures; Vampire Squid is One — See Photo & Video (COSMOS, 6/24/22).

Biggest Python Ever Caught in Everglades Might Also Be One of Oldest—See Photos (USA Today, 6/23/22). Read more, see more photos here.

Giant Stingray Caught, Measured, Released in Cambodia—See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 6/20/22).

Cypress Tree in Chile May Be Oldest Known on Planet at Some 5, 484 Years Old—See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 6/10/22).

Mother Moose Takes On Grizzly Getting Too Close to Calves—See Video (, 6/5/22).

NOAA: Gulf of Mexico Will See 5,000+ Square Mile Dead Zone This Summer, Thanks Mainly to Human Activities—See Photo & Diagram (NOAA, 6/2/22).

May 2022

Study: Horses, Pigs Detect, React to Positive v. Negative Tones of Voice (COSMOS, 5/26/22).

Scientists Find Sharks Living in Hot, Acidic Waters of Undersea Volcanic Crater—See Photos (EarthSky, 5/26/22).

Fossils of 2 Giant “Dragon of Death” Pterosaurs with Wingspans of 23′ & 30′ Found in Argentina—See Photos & Illos (Live Science, 5/24/22).

Biggest Asteroid of Year (that Scientists Know of) Will Zoom Past Earth On May 27 (, 5/24/22).

Saharan Dust Tamps Down Hurricanes, Turns Florida Skies Hazy —See Photos & Video (The Palm Beach Post, 5/23/22).

Invasive 8″-Long Asian Jumping Worms Spread to California—See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 5/23/22).

Researchers Explore Giant Sinkhole in China with Ancient Forest Deep Inside—See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 5/19/22).

Swimmer & Scientists Explore Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Discover Organisms Inhabiting Debris—See Photos (EcoWatch, 5/19/22).

February 2022

Report: Pacific Northwest Unprepared for Quake, Tsunami that Could Come Soon—See Photos & Maps (The New York Times, 2/7/22).

Study: In Newly Observed Behavior, Chimps Use Bugs to Treat Their Own and Each Other’s Wounds—See Photo & Video (Ars Technica, 2/7/22). Read more here, here and here.

Embroidery Artist Creates Exquisite Bird Brooches—See Photos (My Modern Met, 2/3/22).

Climate, Pandemic Cause Worldwide Shortage of Flowers for Weddings, Other Special Events—See Photos (The New York Times, 2/2/22).

Report: Researchers Suspect Liquid Water May Take 2 Forms (Chemistry World, 2/1/22)

Frisco Bay Area May Encourage Hunting of Wild Hogs—See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 2/1/22).

January 2022

James Webb Space Telescope photographed by cameras aboard rocket launcher moments after separation, Jan 24 2022 / Arianespace, ESA, NASA, CSA, CNES, Nature / Click to learn more.

Ecuador Establishes New Marine Reserve Near Galapagos—See Photos (EcoWatch, 1/31/22).

Meteorologists Confirm 2 Lightning Storms in 2020 Set New World Records—See Photos & Satellite Imagery (The Washington Post, 1/31/22).

Jonathan, the Giant Galapagos Tortoise, Turns 190…At Least—See Photos (The Washington Post, 1/30/22).

Meet Kefir, the Big, Beautiful Maine Coon Cat—See Photos & Video (My Modern Met, 1/26/22). Meet more Maine Coons here.

Study: Hippos Can Tell Family from Neighbors from Strangers by their Calls  (COSMOS, 1/25/22).

James Webb Space Telescope Reaches New Home a Million Miles from Home—See Photos, Diagram & Animation (Nature, 1/24/22).

Calling All Cloud-Lovers: NASA Needs Your Photos (The Washington Post, 1/23/22). Learn more here.

Report: Starvation Latest of Multiple Threats to Manatee Survival—See Photos (The New York Times, 1/23/22).

See the Underwater World from a Penguin’s POV via PenguinCam—See Video (Gizmodo, 1/21/22).

Study: Could Simple Green Lights on Fishing Nets Reduce Fatal Bycatch? (Science, 1/20/22).

Vast, Healthy Coral Reef Discovered Near Tahiti—See Photo & Video (EcoWatch, 1/20/22). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Tonga Volcanic Eruption: The Explosion Literally Heard Around the World—See Photos & Video (NPR, 1/21/22). Read more here and here. See more video here.

Huge, Black, Billions-of-Years-Old Diamond from Space Goes on Auction in Dubai (Of Course)—See Photo (CNN, 1/19/22).

Report: 1915 New Year’s Eve Wave May Have Been Largest to Hit California Coast—See Photos (SFGate, 1/19/22).

Giant Ice Disk Returns to River in Maine—See Photo (Gizmodo, 1/14/22).

Animation Shows Earth “Breathing” CO2 In & Out as Seasons Change—See Animation (Live Science, 1/13/22).

Researchers Discover Thousands of Ice Fish Breeding Nests at Bottom of Weddell Sea—See Photos (The New York Times, 1/13/22).

News Flash: We Really Do Live in a Bubble…of Cosmic Proportions—See Animation & Diagram (The Wall Street Journal, 1/12/22).

Fearless Vlogger Checks Out World-Famous Surfing Waves of Nazare, Portugal from Land and Sea —See Video (The Inertia, 1/12/22).

Report: Award-Winning Documentary Sparks Discussion, Debate on How Fascinating, Friendly, Intelligent, Alien Octopuses Really Are—See Photos & Video (Hakai Magazine, 1/11/22).

Discovery: When Deep-Sea Microbes Run Out of Oxygen, They Make Their Own (Science Alert, 1/11/22).

180-Million-Year-Old Sea Dragon Fossil is Largest Ever Found in UK—See Photos & Video (CBS News, 1/10/22).

Well-Preserved Fossils Prove Arid Stretch of Australia was Once Lush & Green—See Photos (Science Alert, 1/7/22).

Yellowstone Wolves Being Lured to Deaths under Relaxed Hunting Regs—See Photos & Video (CBS News, 1/7/22). Read more here.

Deep Sea is Home to Strange Creatures that Don’t Fare Well when Hauled Up—See Photos (Bored Panda, 1/7/22).

Dog Fetches Human Help for Owner, Friend Trapped in Wreck—See Photos (The New York Times, 1/6/22).

Uganda’s Tree-Climbing Lions Face Increasing Threats to Survival—See Photos & Video (Live Science, 1/4/22).

What Came Before the Big Bang? Good Question! (The Conversation, 1/3/22).

Discovery: Galveston’s Coyotes Look Strange Because They’re Part Red Wolf—See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 1/3/22).

Earth at Closest Yearly Approach to Sun on January 3-4—See Diagrams & Video (, 1/3/22). Read more, see more diagrams and video here.

January Meteor Shower Promises Great Show…for Those Able to See It (, 1/3/22).

NASA: Asteroid to Give Earth Close Shave Today, More to Come by Month’s End (HT Tech, 1/2/22).

Grizzly Shadows Wolf Hunt, Claims Kill in Yellowstone—See Video (The Hill, 1/1/22).