Nature 2014

December 2014

Animal Writer Picks 5 Favorite Animal Videos — See Them All (NPR, 12/31/14).

Newly Discovered Indonesian Frog Species First Ever Known to Give Birth to Tadpoles (BBC News, 12/31/14).

Meet the Marvelous, Malevolent Mantis Shrimp (The Thanks to Mary Brown for sharing this site.

Southern-Dwelling Couch’s Kingbird Spotted for First Time in NYC’s Greenwich Village — See Photos (, 12/29/14).

Extreme Drought Did In Maya Civilization (Blouin News, 12/29/14).

Monarch Butterfly Could Go On Endangered Species List (Newsweek, 12/29/14).

Greenpeace Activists Not First or Only Group to Damage Peru’s Nazca Lines (Newser, 12/29/14).

ESA Astronaut Shares Time-Lapse Video of Earth Created during 6 Months in Space — See Video (CBS News, 12/26/14).

NMFS Rejects Bid to Add Pito Abalone to Endangered Species List (The Seattle Times, 12/26/14).

Biologists Find Panther Kitten in Florida State Park — See Video (Naples Daily News, 12/24/14). Learn more about Florida panthers here.

Costa Rica Committed to Protecting Restored Rain Forest — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 12/23/14).

Peru Spends Millions to Protect Ancient Sand City from El Niño Rains, Floods — See Video Segment (PBS Newshour, 12/23/14).

Monkey at India Train Station Works Hard to Revive Electrocuted Companion — and Succeeds! See Video (Time, 12/22/14). Read more and see more video here.

Farmer Reports Fist Puma Seen in Kentucky since Civil War, Wildlife Agent Shoots & Kills It (Breaking 9/11, 12/22/14). Read more here.

Ethereal Fish Discovered in Deepest of Deep Sea (The Capitol Wide, 12/20/14). — See video footage here. Learn more and see more video footage here.

Judge Restores Protections to Wolves in Western Great Lakes Region (The Detroit News, 12/19/14).

Baby Gorilla Born at Busch Gardens — See Photos (ABC Action News, 12/19/14).

Earth Brighter from Space during Holiday Season — See Photo and Video (Caller Times, 12/17/14).

Gov. Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State (The New York Times, 12/17/14).

Avian Flu Found in Birds in Washington State (USDA, 12/17/14).

Dog Swims from Sunken Boat to Shore in Storm, Finds Way to Church to Reunite with Owner — See News Report (CBS San Francisco, 12/16/14).

Camper in Dinghy Drifts from Florida Keys to Uninhabited Island in Western Bahamas — See Video Report (SunSentinel, 12/16/14).

Greenpeace Graffiti Message May Have Damaged Nazca Line Site (, 12/16/14). Read more here.

White Rhino Dies at San Diego Zoo, 5 Left in World — See Video Report (The Huffington Post, 12/15/14).

Sixth Mass Extinction Coming Soon (The Independent, 12/14/14).

Pope Basically Says Pets Go to Heaven, Animals Have Souls (The Christian Science Monitor, 12/12/14). Read more here.

• Clouds Fill Grand Canyon in Rare Weather Event — See Video (USA Today, 12/12/14)

Hundreds of Endangered Kemps Ridley Sea Turtles Stranding in Cape Cod (The New York Times, 12/12/14).

Oldest Living Captive African Penguin Treated for Skin Cancer (ABC 7 News Denver, 12/11/14)

Mindbender Theory: Universe Didn’t Start with Big Bang, Time Runs Two Ways at Once (IBTimes, 12/11/14).

Study: World’s Oceans Becoming Vast Sea of Plastics (The Guardian, 12/10/14). Learn more here. Read the study here.

Greenpeace Creates Giant Graffiti Message next to Nazca Line Hummingbird Drawing in Peru — See Video (Euronews, 12/9/14). Read more about the consequences and fallout herehere, here and here. 

Researchers Develop Technology to Enhance Human-Dog Communication — See Video Report, Listen to Radio Broadcast (PBS News Hour, 12/9/14).

Mars Had Water, Now it Doesn’t — Could Same Thing Happen on Earth? (The New York Times, 12/8/14).

South Sudan Elephant Population Plummeting (National Geographic, 12/8/14).

Study: Large Dunes on Saturn Moon Titan Formed by Super-Strong, Periodic Reverse Winds (HNGN, 12/8/14). Read more, see more photos here.

African Giraffe Population Down 40% from Poaching in 15 Years (Science Times, 12/8/14). Read more here.

Climate Change Contributing to Spread, Impact of Snake Fungus Disease (TheBadger Herald, 12/8/14).

California First State to Ban Contests, Prizes for Killing Coyotes, Other Predators (, 12/5/14).

Study: Electric Eels Detect, Paralyze, Control Prey with Powerful Shocks (, 12/5/14). Read more here. Find the study here.

Great Horned Owl “Swims” in Lake Michigan — See Video (ABC WZZM 13, 12/4/14).

Global Warming Could Bring More Rain to West Africa (Bloomberg News, 12/4/14).

NY Court Rejects Appeal to Declare Chimps NonHuman Persons with Legal Rights (Wired, 12/4/14). Read more here,  here and here. See news reports here.

California Blackbird Goes from Common to Endangered in 6 Years (Los Angeles Times, 12/4/14).

Oldest Known Human Engravings Found on 500,000-Year-Old Shell in East Java — See Photos (The Daily Star, 12/4/14).

Congress Gets Serious about Ozone (MarketWatch, 12/3/14).

Rapid Glacier Melt in West Antarctica Biggest Contributor to Rising Sea Levels (Discovery News 12/3/14).

Invasive Ash Borer Beetle Killing Ash Trees in Cities across U.S. (National Geographic, 12/2/14).

Nature Publishing Group Opens Journal Archives (, 12/2/14).

New Species of Giant Stick Insect ID’d in Vietnam — See Photos (Wired, 12/2/14).

Major U.S. Corporations Support Limiting CO2 Emissions  (USA Today, 12/2/14).

Climate Talks Begin in Peru in Year of Record-Breaking Temperatures (BBC News, 12/1/14).

November 2014

Penguin cam approaches Emperor Penguin & chick, undated/Y. Le Maho et al., Nature Methods, Science News / Click for more.

Circus Lions Rescued in Peru, Heading to Colorado — See Photos (National Geographic, 11/26/14).

Study: Dogs Really Do Listen to, Try to Understand their Owners (Discovery News, 11/26/14).

Manatees are Related to Elephants & Other Interesting Manatee Facts (PBS News Hour, 11/26/14).

Nature is Not Your Friend: New Jersey Student Took Cell Phone Pics of Bear about to Kill Him — See Photo (, 11/26/14).

Study: Cats Are Dainty Drinkers, Dogs Sloppy Slurpers, But Both Share Certain Techniques (, 11/25/14). Read more here.

Pebble Mine Partnership Challenges EPA Restrictions (Alaska Dispatch News, 11/24/14). Read more here.

Researchers ID’s New Species of Flycatcher in Indonesia, Makes Only Known Recording of Song — Listen to Radio Report & Recording (NPR, 11/25/14).

Study: Disappearance of Honey Bees Linked to Disappearance of Wild Flowers (Nature World News, 11/25/14). Find the study here.

Study: Hummies Fly More Like Insects Than Like Other Birds — See Video (The Washington Post, 11/24/14). Find the study here.

Underwater Robots Measure Thickness of Antarctic Ice for First Time (Utah People’s Post, 11/24/14). See video report here. Read more and see more video here.

Report: Diner Demand for Poisonous Puffer Could Push Fish to Extinction — See News Report (CNBC, 11/23/14)

Pufferfish Create Beautiful Mandala Designs on Sea Floor — See Video (Bahadir, Facebook, 11/22/14). Special thanks to Linda Lee for forwarding this video.

Drought Drains Lake Powell — See Photos (National Geographic, 11/23/14).

6.8 Quake Hits Nagano, Japan (Japan Today, 11/22/14). See news report here.

Glaciers in Glacier National Park Could be Gone in 30 Years — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 11/22/14).

Mini-Monster Angler Fish Caught on Video 1,900 Feet Down in Monterey Bay — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 11/22/14).

2 Baby Elephants Treated for Herpes at Houston Zoo — See Photos (, 11/21/14).

100-Year-Old Woman Visits Ocean for First Time — See Photos & Video (BBC, 11/21/14). Special thanks to Julie Suess for posting this on Facebook.

Buffalo Update: Fast-Melting Record Snows Could Bring Dangerous Floods — See Photos (Reuters, Newsweek, 11/21/14). Learn more and see more photos and video here and here.

Senate Defeats Keystone Pipeline Authorization by 1 Vote — See News Report (USA Today, 11/19/14).

Buffalo NY Area Slammed by Record Lake-Effect Snow — See Photos (The Seattle Times, 11/18/14). See News report here. See more photos and video here and here.

NASA Video Reveals How CO2 Swirls around Planet — See Video (National Geographic, 11/18/14). Read more here.

• Study: Bird Reaction to Missing Worm Adds to Evidence Birds Can Count — See Video (The New York Times, 11/17/14).

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Ready to Rumble with Republications — See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/17/14).

• Prediction: Leonid Meteor Showers Won’t Be Great Show This Year (, 11/16/14).

Weird Weather on Uranus! See Photo (Tech Times, 11/16/14).

Dallas Hunter Bids $350 K for Chance to Shoot Endangered Black African Rhino, Wants Feds to Let Him Import Carcass (AP,, 11/16/14).

Spanish Navy Zodiacs Ram Greenpeace Zodiacs Approaching Oil Exploration Ship Off Canary Islands, Protester Injured — See Video (The Spain Report, 11/15/14). Read more here.

Comet-Lander Sends Thrilling Data, Not Getting Enough Sun Sun to Recharge Batteries, Goes to Sleep — See Photos and Video (BBC News, 11/15/14). See more video here.

Climate-Change Effect on Arctic Algae Could Disrupt Entire Food Chain — See Video Report ( 11/14/14).

China Policies Designed to Protect Old-Growth Forests are Failing (ScienceBlog, 11/13/14).

Escaped Tiger on Prowl in Paris — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 11/13/14). Read more, see more photos here.

Breakthrough: ESA Probe Lands on Comet, Transmits First Images — See Photos & Video Report (The Telegraph, 11/13/14).  Read more and see more photos and video reports here, herehere and here. See brief, fascinating video tutorials here and here.

U.S. Military to Stop Using Live Animals in Medical Training (The Boston Globe, 11/13/14).

Last Remaining Sage Grouse Added to Protected Species List (The Denver Post, 11/13/14)

Polar Vortex-Spawning Storm Strongest Ever to Hit Alaska (, 11/11/14). See news reports here and here. Read more and see more images here and here.

Robotic Gliders Measure Polar Ice Melt from Below Surface (Science World Report, 11/11/14). Read more here.

• Too Cute to Resist: Adorable, Clumsy Baby Elephants — See Video (Huffington Post, 11/10/14).

Study: Graves of Ice-Age Babies Offer Clues, Raise Questions about First Native-American Burial Practices — See Video Report (The Washington Post, 11/10/14). Find the study here. Read more, see more images here.

ESA Makes First-Ever Attempt to Land Robot on Comet (BBC News, 11/10/14). See video reports here and here.

Save California’s Salton Sea (The New York Times, 11/10/14).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Hikers Missing in California Mountains Found Safe (Houston Chronicle, 11/10/14).

November is Manatee Awareness Month — See Photos (Discovery News, 11/10/14).

Researchers Identify Virus that Makes Us Dumb (Newsweek, 11/10/14).

Polar Bears among 31 Species Given Protection in New U.N. Report (, 11/10/14). Read more here.

Protected Areas Not Being Protected — Listen to Radio Report (Scientific American 11/10/14).

New Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Says Top Priority is Reining in EPA (, 11/7/14).

Close Comet Pass Causes Amazing Meteor Showers over Mars, Earthlings Know about It but Can’t Watch It—See Photos & Diagrams (The New York Times, 11/7/14). Read more here and here.

Documentary Virunga Explores Threats to National Park, Last Mountain Gorillas (NPR, 11/7/14).

90-Year-Old Norway Spruce from PA is 2014 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree — See Slide Show (DNA Info, 11/7/14).

Study: Mexican Bats Competing for Prey Jam Each Other’s Radar — See Photos & Video (University Herald, 11/7/14). Read more, see photos and video, and listen to bat recording here. Find the study here.

Mummy of Extinct Bison Found Almost Intact in Siberia (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/7/14).

COSEE Florida Announces Ocean 180 Video Challenge (MarMam, 11/6/14). Learn more here.

Fireballs Light Up Night Sky in Japan, U.S. (Maine News, 11/5/14)

Researchers to Collar, Track, Study Black Bears in Alabama — See Photos (, 11/4/14).

Unlikely Heroes Tells True Stories of Animal Courage, Compassion (New York Post, 11/2/14). Find the book here and here.

Study: Penguin Cam Least Stressful Way to Study Skittish Emperor Penguins — See Photos & Video (Science News, 11/2/14). Read more here. Find the study here.

Once Common Birds Disappearing in Europe (The Guardian, 11/2/14).

IPCC Report: Fossil Fuels Must Go! (BBC News 11/2/14). Find the 2014 Climate Change report here.

Ancient Stone Circles Scattered in Middle East Have Scientists Puzzled (Tech Times, 11/1/14).

October 2014

Hills and furrows of Southern Atlantic Ocean, undated/Scripps Institute of Oceanography, National Geographic

Study: Water Formed on Earth Millions of Years Earlier than Thought (, 10/30/14). Read more here, here and here .

Fungus Killing Salamanders WorldWide Could Hit U.S. (National Geographic, 10/30/14). Read more here.

Researchers I.D. New Frog Species in NY, NJ by Unique Call (, 10/29/14). Read more here.  Read the study here.

The Great Invisible Documents Human Causes, Aftermath of Gulf Spill (The New York Times, 10/28/14). See video clips here.

African Lion Threatened with Extinction (Scientific American, 10/28/14).

Lava from Kilauea Eruption on the Move on Big Island of Hawaii — See Photos (Miami Herald, 10/27/14).

Melting Arctic Ice Means Nasty Eurasian Winters — See Photos, Diagrams & Video (Mashable, 10/27/14).

Researchers to Use Drones to Study Hibernating Polar Bears, Grizzlies — See Photos, Listen to Radio Report (KTOO, 10/26/14).

Skywatchers Catch Partial Solar Eclipse — See Photos (, 10/24/14). Learn more here and here.

Trash Burying Island in Maldives — See Upsetting Photos (Global Voices, 10/24/14).

Study: Climate Change Prompting Southern Birds to Move North (Science News, 10/23/14).

6-Pound Gold Nugget Goes to Auction in San Francisco (Discovery News, 10/23/14).

Meet Blosom, World’s Tallest Cow — See Photo & Video (Chicago Tribune, 10/22/14).

Spread of Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Fever Creates State of Emergency in Jamaica — See Photos & Video, Listen to Radio Report (PRI, 10/21/14).

Scientists Releasing Chinese Wasps to Fight Invasive Chinese Beetle Killing Ash Trees in New Hampshire — See Photos, Listen to Radio Report (PRI, 10/21/14).

National Geographic Announces Best Wildlife Photos of Year — See Images (National Geographic, 10/21/14). See more stunning images here.

Skywatchers Enjoy Orionid Meteor Shower — See Photos (Huffington Post, 10/21/14). Read more here. See time-lapse video here.

NASA: 2014 Could Be Hottest Year on Record — See Images & Videos (CBS News, 10/20/14).

One of Last 7 White Rhinos in World Dies, Leaving Only 1 Breeding Male — See Photos & Video (The Independent, 10/19/14).

Nature is Not Your Friend: 39 Trekkers Killed in Blizzard in Nepal (The Star Online, 10/18/14). Read more here and here. See news report here.

Study: Saturn Moon Wobble Could Mean Water Below Dull Surface (Nature World News, 10/16/14). Find the study here.

Study: 1930s Dust Bowl Result of Once-in-a-Thousand Year Conditions, Aggravated by Human Activities (Scientific American, 10/16/14).

Study: Ancient Kangaroos Didn’t Hop, They Walked (Sydney Morning Herald, 10/16/14)

Study: Alligators, Crocs Cooperate, Strategize to Trap Prey (Discovery News, 10/14/14).

Squid Attacks Greenpeace Submersible — See Video (CTV News, 10/13/14).

Invader Mussels Taking Over British Rivers (Science Recorder, 10/13/14).

Study: Ocean Warming Pushing Tropical Fish Out of Tropics (, 10/12/14). Read more here.

Brown Recluse Spiders Take Over Home — See Photos & Video (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/10/14).

Greenpeace Video/Petition Campaign Succeeds: Lego Ends Partnership with Shell (Business Week 10/9/14). See video here.

• Arizona Gardner Stung to Death by Bees (MailOnline, 10/9/14).

Study: Invasive Species Tougher than Competition (The New York Times 10/9/14).

Why, Weasel-like, Northwest Fisher Endangered by Cannibas Farmer Pest Poisons (SFGate, 10/9/14).

Oldest Human Art Yet Discovered Found in Cave in Indonesia — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 10/8/14). Read more here. See more videos  here and here.

Skywatchers Capture Images of Blood Moon (Los Angeles Times, 10/8/14). See video of Blood Moon setting behind National Mall here. Read more and see NASA video here. See more images here.

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Mildest in 30 Years — See Video (CBS News, 10/8/14).

Zurich Wildlife Park Shoots, Serves Up Own Deer, Boar (RT, 10/8/14).

• Antarctic Ice at Record High Levels — See Photos & Video (The Register, 10/7/14). Read more here. See NASA video here.

Comet Belches, Space Cam Snaps It — See Images (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/6/14).

Global Warming Doing More Damage to Oceans than Thought— See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/6/14).

Researchers Learning More about Little Studied Giraffe — See Images & Video (The New York Times, 10/5/14).

Satellites Create New, Detailed Map of Ocean Floor — See Images (National Geographic, 10/2/14). Read more and see video here.

Is Pluto a Planet, Yes or No? Scientists Still Debating — See Images & Video Report (USA Today, 10/2/14).

Study: Alien Life Out There, But Too Far Away to Make Contact (Discovery News, 10/2/14).

Danish Company Building “Big U” Seawall around Lower NYC — See Images & Video Report (The Verge, 10/1/14). Read more and see more photos and video here.

Researchers Watch New Tool Use Spread Among Chimps in Uganda — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 10/1/14). Read more here. Find the study and see more photos and videos here.

Study: Sharks Have Individual Personalities (BBC News, 10/1/14). Read more here. Locate the study here.

No Ice Available, 35,000 Walruses Gather on Alaska Beach — See Photos (Newsweek, 10/1/14).

Study: Satellite ID’s Large Rectanctular Feature on Moon — See Images (BBC News, 10/1/14). Find the full study and see more images here.


September 2014

Study: Tiny Brine Shrimp Have Big Effect on Ocean Currents (Nature World News 9/30/14).

WWF Study: World Wildlife Down 50% in Last 40 Years (The Guardian 9/29/14).

Nature is Not Your Friend: At Least 30 Dead after Surprise Volcanic Eruption in Japan — See Photos (Voice of America, 9/28/14). See more photos and video here and  here.

Study: Half of Earth’s Water Older than Sun (Scientific American, 9/26/14).

Study: Multicellular Life Developed Millions of Years Earlier Than Previously Believed (Science Codex, 9/25/14).

White House Announcement Creates Largest Marine Preserve on Earth (National Geographic, 9/24/14).

10 American Species Kids May Never See — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/24/14). Find the report here.

Rockefeller Foundation Divesting from Fossil Fuels (PRNewser, 9/23/14). Read full announcement here.

• Elephants Have Own Tank, Visitors Can Watch Them Swim at Zurich Zoo — See Photo & Video (Seattle PI, 9/19/14).

ESA Spacecraft Captures First Close-Ups of a Comet — See Animated Photo Sequence (Business Insider, 9/18/14).

Advocates Want Freeway Wildlife Crossing for Pumas in Agoura Hills, CA (Los Angeles Times, 9/18/14).

Study: Violence, Killing Come Naturally to Chimpanzees (The New York Times, 9/17/14). Read more here. Access the study here. See video report here.

Photo Book Marks 50th Year of Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/17/14)

Huge Crescent-Shaped Monument Older than Pyramids ID’d in Israel — See Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/16/14). Read more here and here.

Chinese Sturgeon, an Ancient Species, on Brink of Extinction (Discovery News, 9/15/14).

Study: Leopards in India Eating Domestic Dogs (Discovery News, 9/14/14)

Smithsonian Photo Contest Honors  50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act — See Photos (Distractify, 9/14/14).

CITES Nations Enact Stronger Protections for Sharks, Manta Rays (The Washington Post, 9/12/14)

Divers Free Entangled Manta — See Video (The Dodo, 9/12/14).

• Study: Researchers Capture Sound of a Single Atom (Huffington Post, 9/12/14). Read more here. Access the study here.

Double Solar Storms Could Mess with Communications, Transmissions (Reuters, 9/12/14)

Last Living 9/11 Search Dog Visits Ground Zero — See Photos & Video (Daily News, 9/11/14).

New Photo Book Celebrates Nocturnal Creatures — See Images (Smithsonian Magazine, 9/11/14).

Biggest Dinosaur Yet Discovered, the Spinosaurus, Lived, Hunted in Water  — See Photos,  Illustrations & Video (BBC News, 9/11/14). Read more here. See excavation photos here. See the skeleton being assembled here.

… And that Giant Swimming Dinosaur Ate Giant Sharks (The Australian, 9/13/14).

Researchers Find Uses for Galveston’s Stinky Seaweed (ABC 13 Eyewitness News 9/10/14).

Research Question: Why Did Hadrosaurs Leave So Much More Fossilized Skin? (Discovery News, 9/10/14).

• Stonehenge Was Part of Vast Complex of Structures, Not Isolated Site — See Photos & Video Report (The Guardian, 9/9/14)

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Shark Kills Swimmer Off Sydney, Australia — See Video Report (The Washington Post, 9/9/14). Read more and see more photos and video here.

Half of All North American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change (The Guardian 9/8/14).

This Year’s Harvest Moon is a Supermoon — See Photos (Los Angeles Times, 9/8/14).

Small Meteorite Hits Near Airport in Nicaragua — See Photos (BBC News, 9/8/14). See video of crater here.

Study: Dogs Want to Be Petted, Not Praised — See Video Report (Huffington Post, 9/7/14). Read more here. Access the study here.

Fisherman Bitten by Shark in Waist Deep Water in Alabama — See Photos (, 9/6/14). Read more here.

Orange Clownfish — a.k.a. Nemo — May Go On Protected List (West Hawaii Today, 9/6/14).

Researchers Jumps into Active Volcano — See Photos & Videos (Huffington Post, 9/5/14).

Another Surprise Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave (Fast Company, 9/5/14).

1985 Greenpeace-Ship Bomber Has Photo in 2015 Greenpeace Calendar (, 9/4/14).

U.S. District Judge Finds BP Guilty of Gross Negligence in 2010 Gulf Explosion, Spill —See Photos & Video Report (Bloomberg, 9/4/14). Read more here.

Fossil of Biggest Land-Dwelling Dinosaur Yet Discovered Found in Patagonia — See Photos, Illustration & Video (The New York Times, 9/4/14). See more photos and video here and here. See the full study and other photos and visuals here.

Lake Erie Algae: Big Problem Gets Big Money (, 9/3/14)

Mushroom-Shaped Sea Creature Defies Scientific Categorization — See Photos (National Geographic News, 9/3/14). Read more, see more photos here and here.

August 2014

Manatee & calf, Crystal River, FL, undated/Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

Major Hurricane-Turned-Storm Brings Big Surf to California — See Video & Slideshow (USA Today, 8/27/14). See more video here.

Ugh! Wasps Build Huge Nest in Unused Bedroom (Sky News, 8/27/14)

20 Species of Coral Listed as Threatened (National Geographic, 8/28/14). Learn more here.

Iceland’s Seabird Colonies Disappearing (National Geographic, 8/27/14).

Mystery of Death Valley’s Moving Rocks Solved — See Photos (Nature World News, 8/27/14).

• U.N. Climate Change Panel Report: We’re Screwed (USA Today, 8/27/14). Learn more here and here.

Ospreys Loaded with Chemicals, Consequences Unclear (National Geographic, 8/26/14)

Divers Encounter, Film Massive Mola Mola Off Malta — See Video (The Dodo, 8/26/14)

Plastics, Plastics Everywhere… (The New York Times, 8/25/14)

Great White Spotted Too Close to Shore Off Massachusetts Beach — See Photos (Daily Mail, 8/25/14).

Hundreds of Underwater Gas Plumes Discovered Bubbling Along East Coast — See Photos (CBS News, 8/25/14). Learn more here.

Sea Plankton on Surface of Space Station Rode Earth’s Winds (The Guardian, 8/21/14). Learn more here.

Study: Is Atlantic Ocean (Briefly) Stalling Global Warming? (National Geographic, 8/21/14)

Nestle’s Announces New Humane Standards for Animal-Product Suppliers (The New York Times, 8/20/14).

New Zealand Bans Shark-Finning (The Washington Post, 8/20/14).

Report: Poachers Killed 100,000 Elephants in 3 Years (National Geographic, 8/18/14).

Giant Alligator Caught in Alabama — See Photos (, 8/18/14). See news report here.

Birds Flying through Mojave Solar Plant Skies Being Cooked Alive — See Video Report (, 8/18/14).

• Manatee Could Lose “Endangered” Status (Los Angeles Times, 8/15/14). Read more here.

Sylvia Earle Discusses New Book, Documentary about Work and Life (National Geographic 8/15/14).

Wild Marmot Sticks Nose in Camera — See Video (Mail Online, 8/15/14).

2 New Venomous Jellyfish ID’s in Australia (Discovery News 8/15/14).

Meet Florida’s Newest Invasive Species, the Tegu — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/4/14).

Thousands of Jellyfish-Like Creatures Wash Up on West Coast Beaches — See Photo (LiveScience 8/1/14).

July 2014

Scientists Create Transparent Mouse (San Jose Mercury News, 7/31/14).

Octopus Mom Broods Eggs for 4 Years Off California — See Photos and Video Report  (BBC News, 7/30/14). Read more and see more video here.

Huge Mayfly Swarms Hit Western Wisconsin (Maine News 7/26/14).

Dog Faints from Joy when Owner Returns after 2 Years — See Video (Today, 7/25/14).

Giant Winged Insect ID’d in China — See Photo (Mail Online 7/24/14).

• New Support for Theory that Tyrannosaurs Hunted in Packs (The Guardian 7/23/14).

Study: Dogs Get Jealous (The Dallas Morning News, 7/23/14). Read more here.

WalMart, Chick-Fil-A to Build on Endangered Florida Forestland (Climate Progress, 7/16/14). Read more here.

Wild Swans Surf the Waves — See Video (Live Science, 7/11/14)

Millions of Anchovies Shoal Off California Beach — See Video (Tech Times, 7/11/14).

• Remotely Operated Research Sub Captures Footage of Strange-Looking Sea Creature — See Photos & Video (The DoDo, 7/8/14)

• Giant Halibut Caught off Alaska — See Photo (Alaska Dispatch News, 7/7/14).

• Scalloped Hammerheads First Shark to Make Endangered Species List (Scientific American 7/7/14).

“Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Finalists Announced — See Photos (Distractify, 7/5/14). See more photos here.

Study: Wild Chimps Use Gestures to Communicate — See Video, Diagrams, Photo — (, 7/4/14).

Study: Scorpions Build Sophisticated Burrows (Discovery News, 7/2/14).

Study: Devil Rays Dive to 6,000 Feet (Nature World News, 7/1/14).

Study: Emperor Penguins Could Face Extinction (The Nation, 7/1/14).

June 2014

Horses at the National Wild Horse and Burro Center, Palomino Valley, CO, undated/Tim Dunn, Reno Gazette-Journal

Advocates Want Wild Mustangs Listed as Endangered Species (Reno Gazette-Journal, 6/28/14).

Thousands of Garter Snakes Gather to Mate in Manitoba — See Video (National Geographic, 6/26/14).

Wood Stork Rebounds, Downgraded from “Endangered” to “Threatened (USA Today, 6/26/14). Read more here and here.

Is Oil, Gas Drilling Source of Earthquakes in Oklahoma? — See Video Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 6/26/14).

Researcher Learns Secret of Disco Clam’s Colored Lights — See Photo (, 6/25/14). See video here.

Study: Monarch Butterflies Use Magnetic Fields for Navigation (Discovery News, 6/24/14).

Researchers Tag, Track 1-Ton Female Great White — See Videos (CNN, 6/24/14).

Spring Rains Make Poison Ivy More Potent (USA Today 6/23/14).

Baby Rhino Born via A.I. 10 Years After Donor-Father’s Death (Today, 6/22/14).

Fabian Cousteau, Grandson of Jacques, to Live Underwater for 30 Days (Daily Digest News, 6/22/14).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: 2 Lucky Boaters Picked Up 14 Hours after Falling in Ocean (Los Angeles Times, 6/22/14).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Missing Veteran Hiker Found Dead (Los Angeles Times 6/21/14).

U.S. Creates Task Force to Address Decline in Honeybee Populations (BBC News, 6/20/14).

Great White Shark Populations Increasing in U.S. Waters (TalkRadio 790 KABC, 6/20/14).

May 2014

Farley Mowat, undated/ Reuters, BBC News

Farley Mowat, Friend and Champion of Nature, Dies at 92 — See Video  (The Star, 5/7/14). Read more here.

• Photographer Captures Gorgeous Image of Moonrise, Ocean, Milky Way — See Photo (, 5/7/14)

• Chicks in Hats, Literally — See the Adorable Photos (Huffington Post, 5/6/14). See more photos here.

January 2014

Northern lights north of Havre, Montana, Oct 1, 2013 / Lindsay Brown, Havre Daily News, AP, / Click to see, read more.

Huge Solar Flare May Bring Northern Lights to Northern States Tonight, Tomorrow Night — See Video (, 1/8/14). Read more here.

Year-Old Photo of Lighthouse Caked in Ice Goes Viral during Polar Vortex (USA Today, 1/8/14).

Polar Vortex Hits Hard — Climate-Change at Work? (The New York Times, 1/6/14). See news  report here.

Sci-Fi Sounding “Polar Vortex” Could Bring Recording-Breaking Cold to Midwest, Northeast (Inland News Today 1/4/14). Read more here and here. See news reports here and here. See CNN Storm photo gallery here.

 Big Island of Hawaii Wrestles with Banning GMO (The New York Times 1/4/14).

• Flower Trapped in Amber Caught in Ancient Act of Reproduction (International Business Times, 1/4/14). Read more here, here and here.

Helicopter from Chinese Icebreaker Ferries Passengers on Trapped Russian Ship to Australian Icebreaker — See Great Video Report (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/3/14). Read more and see more video here, here and here. See Nat Geo photos here

• …But Now Chinese Icebreaker Also Trapped — See Images (BBC News, 1/3/14). Read more here.

• U.S. Icebreaker Heads to Free Both Ships (CNN, 1/4/14). Read more and see photos of U.S. ship here and here.

• Study: Cooler La Niña Ocean Temps Slow Antarctic Ice Melt (HNGN, 1/3/14.

• Study: Eerie Earthquake Lights Are Real, More Common Near Faults — See Images (LiveScience 1/3/14). See more images and video here.

• Cheerios Goes Non GMO (Los Angeles Times, 1/3/14). Read more here.

First Snow, Then Brutal Cold Head East — See News Reports (NBC News, 1/2/14).

• Study: Dogs Orient North-South When Answering Nature’s Call (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/2/14).

Study: Current CO2 Emissions Will Raise Temps 4°C by 2100 (Science Recorder, 1/1/14).

• Netherlands Group Picks 1,058 Applicants for First Colony on Mars (CBS News 1/1/14). Learn more here.

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  1. Marco V says:

    Thank you for the why and how of polar vortex. The nightly TV news never explained it…even with their four-man,”team coverage” every night! Yay, GNN!


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