Nature 2015

December 2015

NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's composite image of Earth from orbit around moon, December 18, 2015/ NASA, HO, AFP, Getty Images, / Click to see more

Prediction: True Effects of This Year’s El Niño Just Starting (Al Jezeera, 12/31/15).

Mosquito-Borne Virus Suspected Cause of Almost 3,000 Microcephaly Birth Defects This Year in Brazil — See Photo (The New York Times, 12/31/15). Read about the first case in Puerto Rico here.

Look for Comet Catalina after Ringing in New Year — See Diagrams (EarthSky, 12/31/15). Read more here.

Storms that Brought Flooding to MidWest Bring Freaky High Temps to North Pole (The Hamilton Spectator, 12/30/15).

Cancer Spread through Bites Suspected of Killing Off Tasmanian Devils (UPI, 12/30/15). Read more, see graphic photo here.

North of England Slammed by Hurricane-Strength Storm — See Photos & Storm Images (Express, 12/30/15). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Winter Floods Take Lives in Missouri, Illinois — See Photos & Video (Chicago Tribune, 12/29/15). Read more, see more video here.

Record Snow Hits New Mexico — See Photo (The Washington Post, 12/29/15). Read more, see more photos here.

What We Lose as We Lose Dark Night Skies — See Photos (EarthSky, 12/28/15)

Spelunkers Find Ancient Ice Formations, Cave Drawings, Glowing Algae in California’s Lava Beds National Monument — See Photos & Videos (Mother Nature News, 12/28/15).

6 Pair of Near-Extinct Javan Green Magpies Shipped to Breeding Program at English Zoo  — See Photos (Mirror Online, 12/28/15).

Arborists Climb 2,000-Year-Old, 90-Foot Florida Cypress to Take Tissue for Cloning — See Video Report (Orlando Sentinel, 12/28/15).

Giant Squid Visits Japanese Harbor — See Amazing Video Footage (CNN, 12/28/15). Read more and see more footage here.

Why Did the Elephant Seal Insist on Crossing the Road? — See Video (KTVU, YouTube, 12/28/15). Read more, see photos here.

Man Loses Wedding Band Off Side of Fishing Boat, Finds It on Sea Floor 4 Days Later (People, 12/27/15). See news report here.

Nature Demands Full Attention: Man Watches Electronic Device instead of Cliff Edge, Falls to Death ( CBS News, 12/27/15).

Sky-Watchers Get Pics of Comet Catalina — See Photos (EarthSky, 12/26/15).

Full Moon on Christmas for First Time in 38 Years — See Diagrams (EarthSky, 12/25/15). See news report here.

One Green Planet Picks 6 Top Netflix Animal Documentaries (, 12/25/15).

Warm Weather Has Plants, Flowers Thinking It’s Spring — See Photos (The New York Times, 12/24/15).

Black Ninja Laternfish Appropriately Named — See Photos (, 12/24/15)

Large Christmas Asteroid will Pass Earth on 12/25 — See Images (EarthSky, 12/24/15)

East Coast Christmas 2015 Warmest Ever Recorded — See Photos & Charts (The Washington Post, 12/24/15).

Vicious Storms Sweep through Midwest — See News Report (CNN, 12/24/15). Read more, see more photos here. See video report on extreme weather in Mississippi here, in Texas here.

South Pacific New Caledonian Crows Caught Making Tools on Camera — See Photos & Video (Christian Science Monitor, 12/23/15).

What was the Star of Bethlehem? Some Possibilities (EarthSky, 12/23/15).

2015 Comedy Wildlife Photo Award-Winners Selected — See Photos (Gizmodo, 12/23/15).

Watch Out for Comets! (Discovery News, 12/22/15). Read more here.

Study: Pollinating Bees Most in Decline where Crops Need Them Most (, 12/22/15). Read more here.

Winter Solstice Marks Start of Short Run to Equinox — See Diagram (, 12/21/15)

Australian Approves Expansion of Coal Port Environmentalists See as Threat to Great Barrier Reef — See Photo & Diagram (The Maritime Executive, 12/21/15).

Why Don’t Birds Go Gray? (Discovery News, 12/21/15).

U.S. to Restrict Lion-Hunting Imports after Trophy-Killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe (, 12/21/15)

Meet 10 Extremely Strange Deep-Sea Creatures — Watch Video Report (Huffington Post, 12/21/15).

Warming Waters Mean More Algae Blooms in Lakes, Too — See Photo (The Washington Post, 12/21/15). Read more here.

NASA Releases New Images of Earth — See Photos (Chron, 12/21/15).

• Researchers Spot 2 Species of Sea Snakes Thought Extinct, Not Sighted in 15 Years — See Photo (The Washington Post, 12/21/15).

Space Junk since 1957: More Debris Circles Our Planet Every Year — See Time-Lapse Video (Dr. Stuart Grey, UCL / YouTube, 12/20/15). See extremely cool, more detailed version here.

• Hannibal, MO Plans Nature Preserve to Protect Endangered Bats (StarTribune, 12/20/15).

Which 5 Animals Live Longest? Find Out — See Photos (Oceana, 12/18/15).

• Study: Fossil Bone Analysis Suggests Mysterious Ancient Humans were Still Around during Early Modern Human Times  — See Photos (, 12/18/15). Read more here and here.

• Member of Disappearing Giant Salamander Species, Thought to be 200 Years Old, Found in Chinese Cave — See Video  (The Washington Post, 12/16/15).

• Endangered Monkey-Eating Eagle Hatched in Captivity in Philippines — See Photos (Discovery News, 12/10). Read more, see more photos here.

• Endangered Forest Elephants Sighted for First Time in South Sudan — See Photos (Quartz, 12/10/15).

• Official Predicts Climate-Change Triggered, Worst-Ever Coral Bleaching will Hit Great Barrier Reef by Christmas (Brisbane Times, 12/10/15).

• Climate Change Summit Report: Countries Finally Seem to Take Problem Seriously (Slate, 12/9/15).

• Toxin from Warm Water-Driven Algae Blooms Threatens Sea Lions, Other Marine Life Off West Coast (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/9/15).

• Study of Penguin Huddling Behavior Reveals Complex Dynamics (, 12/9/15).

• Alligator Kills, Eats Burglar Hiding in Lake in Barefoot Bay, FL (Newsweek, 12/8/15).

• Artist Completes Exquisite Wall Mural of Bird Families at Cornell Ornithology Lab — See Photos (The New York Times, 12/8/15).

• Chinese Authorities Issue First Air-Pollution Red Alert — See Video Report (Bloomberg Business, 12/8/15).

New Horizons' image of ice fields on Pluto, July 14, 2015 / NASA , JHU-APL, SWRI / Click to see more.

NASA’s New Horizons Captures Closeups of Pluto’s Icy Surface — See Images (EarthSky, 12/7/15).

Study: Greenhouse Gases Make Poison Ivy More Poisonous (The New York Times, 12/7/15).

Wisdom, the Albatross, Returns to Midway to Hatch Next Chick at Age 64 — See Photo (EarthSky, 12/6/15).

Banana-Tree-Killing Fungus Spreads to Australia (The Age, 12/6/15)

Photographers Snap Pics of 9 Special Species — See Slide Show (The Weather Channel, 12/4/15).

Volcanoes Erupt in Sicily, Nicaragua in Same Week — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 12/4/15). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Sir David Attenborough to Lead  Discussion on Great Barrier Reef at Climate Change Summit — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature Network, 12/3/15).

Meet Mr. K, the Cambodian Seahorse, and Save the Kep Sea — See Photos (National Geographic, 12/3/15).

Study: Vast Majority of Migrating Bird Species Not Getting Adequate Protection — See Photos (Los Angeles Times, 12/4/15).

Happy 2nd Birthday to a New Pacific Island — See Photos (EarthSky, 12/3/15).

Rising Seas Swallowing Marshall Islands — See Photos & Videos (The New York Times, 12/3/15).

Scientists Learn New Details about Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts — See Illustration (, 12/2/15). Read more here.

New Louis Psihoyos Documentary Racing Extinction Airs Tonight — See Trailer (Vanity Fair, 12/2/15).

Adult Elephants Lift Skinny Little Baby Up Slippery Bank — See Video (One Green Planet, 12/2/15).

Learn More about the Amazing, Ancient Horseshoe Crab — See Photos (, 12/1/15).

November 2015

Army Ants Build Living Bridges — See Photo, Videos (, 11/30/15).

Study: Arctic Ice Melt Allowing Species Travel between Atlantic, Pacific (The Washington Post, 11/30/15).

President Obama Addresses Climate Conference — See Video (The Washington Post, 11/30/15).

Scientist Detects Evidence of Early Collision with Parallel Universe — See Images (, 11/30/15).

Global Climate Change Conference Convenes in Paris Tomorrow, How Earth Has Changed since Last Conference in Kyoto in ’97 (The New York Times, 11/29/15). Read more about events leading up to the conference opening here and here.

Pennsylvania Enlists Citizens in Photo Survey of State’s Mammals (, 11/29/15).

The Cove Director Louis Psihoyos Documents How Humans are Destroying Planet in Racing Extinction on Discovery Channel on 12/2 — See Photos, Trailer (Wired, 11/29/15). Read more here. Learn more about the film here.

Rise in CO2 in Ocean Tied to Explosion of Specific Algae, Consequences Unknown — See Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/28/15). Read more here.

Question: Does Jupiter Fling Comets Away from Earth or Toward Us? Answer: Yes (, 11/25/15).

The Celebrity Life of the Presidentially-Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey — See Photos (The Atlantic, 11/25/15).

Zebra Finch Couples “Talk It Out” when Male Disrupts Parenting Routine — See Video (Science, 11/24/15).

Short Review of Findings on Bird Smarts (Science News, 11/23/15).

Rare, Beautiful, Venomous Blue Dragon Nudibranch Washes Up on Australian Beach — See Photo & Video (Discovery News, 11/23/15). See more photos here.

Spider Webs Blanket North Memphis — See Photos (The Washington Post, 11/23/15). See news report here.

Comet Catalina Makes First Appearance — See Images (, 11/23/15).

One of Last 4 Northern White Rhinos in World Euthanized at Age 41 at San Diego Zoo — See Photos (NBC San Diego, 11/22/15).

First Major Winter Storm Hits Midwest — See Photos (USA Today, 11/21/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Navy Wants to Understand, Mimic How Some Fish Become Invisible in Reflected Light — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 11/19/15).

FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon for Sale, Consumption — See Photos & Video Report (The New York Times, 11/19/15).

Taurid Meteor Shower Produces Beautiful Fireballs — See Photos & Video (, 11/19/15).

Researchers Track Surface-Feeding, Deep-Diving Habits of Whale Sharks in Gulf of Mexico (Science Codex, 11/18/15).

NIH to Retire Last 50 Research Chimps (Nature, 11/18/15).

Yellowstone Floats Plan to Kill 1,000 Bison — See Photos & Video Report (CBS News, 11/18/15).

Scientific First: Researchers Witness Planets Being Born — See Images & Video (Los Angeles Times, 11/18/15). Read more here.

Evolution of the Human Face: 6 Million Years in 60 Seconds — See Video (, 11/17/15).

Near-Extinct Przewalski’s Wild Horse Slowly Returning to Wild in Mongolia — See Photo (, 11/17/15).

Save the Red Wolf, Too! (The Guardian, 11/17/15).

Ancient Tooth Tells Us Modern Humans May be Mix of 3 or 4 Ancient Lines — See Photo (Smithsonian, 11/17/15). Read more here.

Study: Less Snowpack Means Less Water for 97 Basins Worldwide (The New York Times, 11/17/15). Read more, see images here.

Fascinating Bird Mating Dances — See Videos (Mother Nature Network, 11/16/15). See an especially adorable, newly discovered dance here.

Whoa! Asteroid Shaves Earth Inside Satellite Belt Hours after Discovery (, 11/14/15).

Animal Welfare Groups Oppose Sending Retired Emory U. Research Chips to English Sanctuary (The New York Times, 11/14/15).

Researchers Clock Winds on Exoplanet at 5,400 MPH! — See Illustration (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/14/15).

Red-Tailed Hawk Kills Pigeon on West Village Street — See Photos (DNA Info, 11/13/15).

Massive Ice Cloud Forming at Saturn Moon Titan’s South Pole — See Images (, 11/13/15).

Wyoming, Washington Senators Introduce Bill to Takes Wolves Off Endangered List in Midwest States (, 11/13/15). Read more here.

How Fast Will Ice Sheets Collapse, Sea Levels Rise? Scientists Unsure — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/12/15).

Meet Her Deepness, Champion of the Oceans, Sylvia Earle (Outside, 11/12/15).

Researchers Discover Earth-Sized Exoplanet with Venus-Hot Atmosphere Just 39 Light Years Away — See Video Report (Tech Times, 11/12/15).

Scientists Discover New Species of Duck-Billed Dinosaur in Montana — See Illustration (Reuters, 11/12/15).

Attention Frackers: Study Suggests Supervolcano Erupt when Exernal Force Cracks Roof of Magma Chamber (, 11/11/15).

Canadian/Australian Mining Company Builds Monster Machines to Destroy Ocean Floor — See Photo (The Financial Times, 11/11/15). See more photos here.

Hurricane Kate Sets Record Forming So Late, So High  in NW Atlantic — See Images (Weather Underground, 11/11/15).

Oregon Commission Votes Gray Wolf Off State’s Endangered Species List — See Photos (Oregon Live, The Oregonian, 11/11/15). Read more here.

First Major Storm Hits Western States, Snow, Tornadoes Head toward Midwest — See News Report (USA Today, 11/11/15).

Taurid Meteor Shower Producing Some Great Fireballs — See Photos (, 11/11/15).

Ever Heard of Punch-Hole Clouds? They’re Amazing! See Photos (, 11/10/15).

Study: Oil Dispersant Used after BP Gulf Spill Disrupted Natural Oil-Eating Microbes, Sank Oil to Sea Bottom, Probably Still There — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/10/15).

Researchers I.D. New Dinosaur Species in South Africa, or Biggest Specimen of Known Species, They’re Not Sure — See Illustrations & Diagrams (The Guardian, 11/10/15).

What’s a Planet? Scientists Still Working it Out — See Illustrations & Diagrams (Forbes, 11/10/15). Read more here.

 Watch for Comet Catalina This Month! — See Images (, 11/10/15).

Atmospheric CO2 Reaches New Record High (Scientific American, 11/9/15).

Crazy Pluto also has Crazy Spinning Moons — See Animation (, 11/10/15).

NASA: Icy Pluto has Huge Volcanoes! See Images (, 11/9/15).

Australian Group Says Coal Mine Project Bad for Global Environment, Great Barrier Reef (, 11/9/15).

Visit Diver-Photographer-Conservationist Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Museums — See Photos (EarthPorm,com, 11/8/15).

Study: Solar System Once Had Another Giant Planet, Jupiter Gave It Heave Ho (NYC Today, 11/8/15). Read more here. Find the study here.

NYC Weather to Warm to Ice Skate at Rock Center — See News Report (PIX 11, 11/7/15).

Whale, Fish, Dolphin Constellations All in Sky Tonight — See Photos & Diagram (, 11/7/15).

Listen to Waves Play Music on a Sea Organ in Croatia — See Photos & Listen to Music (Upworthy, 11/6/15).

Dramatic Shelf Cloud Sweeps over New South Wales, Australia — See Photos (The Guardian, 11/6/15).

Toxins Caused by Algae Bloom Related to Warming Oceans Close California’s Dungeness Crab, Rock Crab Season — See Photos & News Reports (ABC News, 11/6/15). See another news report here.

NRDC Screens Sonic Sea, New Film About Ocean Noise Pollution, in NYC on 10/6 — See Trailer (Vimeo). Learn more about the film here.

President Obama Kills Keystone Pipeline — See His Announcement (The New York Times, 11/5/15). Read more, see President’s full statement here.

Researchers Study Why Some Female Birds Have Bright Plumage — See Photo (The Economist, 11/7/15). Read more, see more photos here. See NASA news conference here.

UN Environment Programme Report: International Planned Cuts in Emissions Not Enough to Prevent Global Warming (Reuters, 11/6/15).

NASA Study: Solar Storms, Winds Turned Once-Wet Mars into Dry Planet — See Video Simulation (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/5/15).

Taurid Meteor Showers Producing Beautiful Fireballs — See Photos & Videos (National Geographic, 11/5/15). See more photos here.

Scientists Figure Out How Jellyfish, Lamprey Swim So Efficiently — See Video (Los Angeles Times, 11/5/15). See jellyfish video here.

Feathered Raptor Discovered in South Dakota Biggest Yet — See Skeleton, Illo (Smithsonian, 11/5/15). herehere and here.

Endangered Fishers Being Poisoned by California Pot Grower Rodenticides — See Photo (Smithsonian, 11/4/15).

Study: T. Rex Had a Huge Bite! — See Diagrams (Tech Times, 11/4/15).

Volcanic Eruption on Nearby Island Disrupts Flights in Bali — See Photos (CNN, 11/4/15). See more photos here.

Solar Winds Produce Northern Lights in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan — See Photos (, 11/4/15). See more photos here.

Research Debate: Chimps Can Adapt Grunts to Fit into New Social Groups/No They Can’t — See Photos (BBC News, 11/3/15). Read more here and here.

2015 Antarctic Ozone Hole 4th Largest Recorded — See Image  (, 11/3/15).

Study: West Nile Still Killing Millions of Birds in North America (Science, 11/2/15).

Hunters Want Yellowstone Grizzlies Delisted (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/2/15).

World’s Tiniest Snail Discovered in Borneo — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/3/15). Read more here.

Study: West Antarctic Ice Shelf Increasingly Unstable — See Photos,  Illos & Video Diagram (The Washington Post, 11/2/15). Read more here.

Women Sneaks into Omaha Zoo to Pet Tiger, Pays Price — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/2/15).

Thick Blanket of Fog Grounds Flights in UK for 3rd Day — See Photo (The Irish Times, 11/3/15). Read more, see video here and here.

TransCanada Asks U.S. State Dept. to Put Keystone Pipeline Review on Hold until Obama Leaves Office to Prevent Him from Killing It (USA Today, 11/3/15). Read more, see White House news briefing here.

Freighter that Sank in Hurricane in Bahamas Found Upright on SeaFloor 15,000 Feet Down (Reuters, 11/2/15). See news report here.

Essay: How Moving to Montana Taught an Ex-Urbanite to Respect Mother Nature (The Week, 11/1/15).

Oregon Wants to Take Gray Wolf Off Endangered Species List (Tech Times, 11/1/15).

Report: New Jersey Oyster Industry Poses Threat to Endangered Horseshoe Crabs, Migratory Birds — See Photo (, 11/1/15).

Expert & Book Author Speaks Up for Bats — See Photos (National Geographic, 11/1/15).

October 2015

Pluto photographed by New Horizons spacecraft / NASA, JHAUPL, SwRi / Click to learn more.

Big Gash Appears in Bighorn Mountains, Still Growing — See Photo & Video (Daily News, 10/31/15).

NASA Study: Ice Gains in Some Parts of Antarctic Balance Out Losses Elsewhere (UPI, 10/31/15).

Halloween Asteroid Looks Like a Skull! — See Photos (, 10/31/15). Read more, see more photos & video here.

NASA Releases Images of Ancient Kazakhstan Earthworks Found by Economist in ’07 on Google Earth — See Images (The New York Times, 10/30/15).

More Winds, Storms Bash Already-Battered Texas — See Photos (Miami Herald, 10/30/15).

2 Activists in Congo Receive Award for Efforts to Protect Virunga National Park from Oil Exploration (NPR, 10/30/15).

New Fossil Suggests Last Common Ancestor of Humans, Apes, Monkeys was More Monkey than Ape — See Rendering (CBS News, 10/30/15).

Yemen Could Get Hit by Cyclone for First Time Ever — See Image (Voice of America, 10/30/15)

Gulf of Maine Getting Too Warm for Cod — See Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/30/15). Read more here.

Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo Euthanizes 24-Year-Old Female Giraffe, Franny — See Photo (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/15).

Cornwall, England Group Finds Nature Activities Enrich Life for Dementia Sufferers (The Guardian, 10/29/15).

Study: Early Humans Wiped Out Big Fauna in Australia (Science 2.0, 10/29/15).

Atlantic Puffins among U.K. Birds on IUCN Red List of Threatened Bird Species — See Photos (BBC News, 10/29/15). Read about other birds on the IUCN’s new Red List here and here.

Electric Eels Curve Bodies Around Prey for Maximum Zapping Power — See Photo (Los Angeles Times, 10/28/15).

Pacific Island of Palau Creates Vast Ocean Sanctuary — See Photo (Discovery News, 10/28/15).

Study: Rosetta Spacecraft Detects Oxygen Spewing from Comet — See Photos & Video Report(, 10/28/15). See another video report here.

Greenland Ice Sheet is Melting — See Amazing Multimedia Report (The New York Times, 10/28/15).

Photographers Share Images of Hunter’s Moon — See Photos (, 10/28/15).

Study: Earth Hit by Huge Solar Storms in Past, Could It Happen Again — See Photos, Ills & Diagrams (, 10/27/15).

Audubon Florida Buys Small Island for Nesting Birds — See News Report (News Channel 8, 10/27/15).

Catholic Church Leaders Urge Nations to Pass Serious Climate Change Accord at Paris Conference — See News Report (The New York Times, 10/26/15).

Why Scientists Enjoy Studying Comet Lovejoy — See Photo (KTIC 840 Rural Radio, 10/26/15).

Hunter’s Moon, Last Supermoon of Year, Peaks Tonight — See Photos (, 10/26/15). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Study: Half of All African Lions could be Gone in 20 Years — See Photos (CBS News, 10/26/15).

Study: Parts of Persian Gulf could be Too Hot for Humans by End of Century (The Washington Post, 10/26/15). Read more here. See the news report here. Find the study here.

Major Earthquake Hits Afghanistan, Pakistan — See News Report (The New York Times, 10/26/15).

Artist Dietmar Voorwold Creates Beautiful Works in Nature, using Only What Nature Provides — See Images (Creations in Nature, Facebook, 10/25/15). Thanks to Rose Noxon for this item.

Wildlife in Focus Photo Award Winners Announced — See Images (Corpus Christi Caller Times, 10/25/15).

Big Group of Great Whites Spotted Off Northern California (Northern Californian, 10/25/15).

Thousands of Trophy Animals Killed in Africa Shipped Back through Seattle (The Seattle Times, 10/24/15).

Strongest Hurricane on Record Hits Mexico — See Photos (The New York Times, 10/24/15). Read more, see more photos here. See news report here.

Warmer Oceans Bring Venomous Sea Snake to Southern California — See Photo & Video (, 10/24/15).

Jakarta’s Huge Wild Bird Trade Threatens Species (The New York Times, 10/23/15).

Researchers Release Largest-Ever Photo Image of Our Galaxy — See Images (, 10/23/15). See more here.

Study: Crocodiles Sleep with One Eye Open (, 10/22/15)

Rhode Island Man Grows Record-Breaking 1-Ton-Plus Pumpkin — See Photos (The Seattle Times, 10/22/15).

One Man Bitten by Shark, Other by Eel in Hawaii — See News Report (People, 10/22/15).

New NASA Site Posts Fresh Images of Earth Daily (Space Daily, 10/21/15). Read more here. Visit the site here.

Toxic Paint from Tanker Crash will Cost Millions to Remove from Great Barrier Reef — See Photo (Brisbane Times, 10/21/15). Read more here.

Study: Most Earth-Like Planets Yet to be Born (, 10/20/15).

Study: Substance in Sunscreens Lethal to Coral (CBS San Francisco Bay, 10/20/15)

Study: Modern Domesticated Dog Originated in Central Asia (BBC News, 10/20/15).

German Art Installation Celebrates Great Barrier Reef — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature Network, 10/19/15).

Dad to Other Parents: Encourage Your Kids to Play Outdoors! (, 10/19/15)

Jellyfish Exhibits Become New Cool Thing— See Photos (Atlas Obscura, 10/19/15).

Red-Tailed Hawk Attacks Drone in Cambridge — See Video (The New York Times, 10/19/15). Read more here.

Leaf Litter Frog among Animals that Play Dead — See Photo (National Geographic, 10/19/15).

Trump would Gut EPA (The Daily Caller News Foundation, 10/19/15).

Bahamian Sinkhole Yields Trove of Ice Age Fossils — See Photo (Los Angeles Times, 10/19/15). Read more here.

Study Puts Origins of Modern Dogs in Central Asia (The New York Times, 10/19/15).

Big, Newly Discovered Asteroid “Spooky” to Give Earth Close Pass on Halloween (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/22/15). Read more herehere and here.

Ancient Crystal in Western Australia Suggests Life on Earth Started Earlier than Thought (Reuters, 10/19/15).

Nature is Not Your Friend: Young Reporter, Experienced Traveler Swept to Sea in Hawaii (AP, Huffington Post, 10/15/15).

NASA, NOAA Predict This Winter’s El Niño Could Rival 1997-98 Whopper  — See Animation, Images, Diagram (, 10/14/15).

Nikon Announces Winners of Small World Photo Contest — See Images (CNN, 10/15/15). See more images here.

Orionid Meteor Shower Could Be Good Show — See Photos & Diagram (EarthSky, 10/14/15).

Divers Encounter, Film, Harass Giant Sunfish Off Portugal — See Video (OneGreenPlanet, 10/12/15).

Beautiful FogBows! — See Photos (EarthSky, 10/12/15).

Lunar Months Not All Same Length—This Month’s is Longest (EarthSky, 10/12/15).

More Meteor Showers Coming in October — See Diagrams & Photo (, 10/9/15). Learn more, see more photos here.

Finalists Selected for First Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards — See Images (Express, 10/9/15).

Scientists Hit On Possible Reason Elephants Seldom Get Cancer — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/9/15).

Conservationist Still Holds Out Hope of Saving Cheetah from Extinction — See Photos (Scientific American, 10/8/15).

Finding: Mars Had Potentially Life-Supporting Lakes for a Long Time — See Illustrations & News Report (, 10/8/15).

Discovery: Pluto has Blue Skies, Too — See Photo (, 10/8/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Soggy Spring in Midwest Reduces Pumpkin Crop — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/8/15).

Report: World’s Coral Reefs Threatened by 3rd Global Bleaching Event Tied to Warming Oceans — See News Reports (CNN, 10/8/15). Read more here.

Fossil of New, Meat-Eating Dinosaur Species Found in Australia—Continent’s Biggest Yet — See Illustration (, 10/7/15).

Fire Ants Survive South Carolina Floods by Forming Floating Rafts — See Video (, 10/7/15). Read more, see more video here. See photos and news report here.

Cargo Ship El Faro Declared Lost in Hurricane, Investigation Begins — See News Report (Reuters, 10/7/15). Read more, see another news report here.

Array of Amazing Creatures Discovered in Eastern Himalayas (Live Science, 10/6/15).

• Dams Breach, 15 Die in South Carolina “Historic Flooding” — See News Report (Reuters, 10/6/15). Read more, see more news reports here.

Groups Win Suit Demanding EPA Get Tougher on Ship Ballast Discharge in Great Lakes to Avoid More Invasive Species (Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel, 10/5/15).

Obama Announces New Marine Sanctuaries in Potomac River, Lake Michigan in Video Address to “Our Ocean” Conference (The Washington Post, 10/5/15).

President of Chile Announces One of World’s Largest Marine Reserves in Area including Easter Island at 2nd Annual “Our Ocean” Conference (Reuters, 10/5/15). Read more, see photos here.

• Nature Abounds in Lands Abandoned by Humans after Chernobyl — See Photos (Reuters, 10/5/15). Read more here.

• College Sophomore Finds Fossil of Furry Mammal that Survived Mass Extinction — See Rendering (The Washington Post, 10/5/15). Read more here.

Researchers Film, Catch, Release Strange, Rare Shark Off Scotland — See Photo (Regal Tribune, 10/4/15). See video, news report here and here.

French Riviera Hit by Winds, Record Rains, Floods — See Photos (The Guardian, 10/4/15).

Search-and-Rescue Teams Find Life Rings, Other Debris from Cargo Ship Gone Missing in Hurricane Joaquin — See News Report (Reuters, 10/5/15). Read more here.

Joaquin Hits Bermuda with Less Force (The New York Times, 10/4/15).

South Carolina, Major Portions of East Coast Hit with Record Rains — See Photos & News Report (USA Today, 10/4/15). Read more, see more news reports here and here.

Researchers Find Evidence of 800-Foot Tsunami Wave off Cape Verde Islands 70,000 Years Ago — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/4/15). See more photos and video here and here.

Um, Are These Critters Supposed to Be This Big? — See Photos (Discovery News, 10/3/15).

Michigan Farmer Finds Mammoth Bones in Field — See Video (, 10/3/15). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Rains, Flooding Batter South Carolina — See News Report (USA Today, 10/3/15).

U.S. Cargo Ship Lost at Sea as Hurricane Joaquin Slams Bahamas — See News Report (, 10/3/15). Read more, see photos, storm track herehere, here, here.

Surface Images of Pluto Moon Charon Fascinate Researchers — See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/2/15). See more video here.

Bahamas’ Iconic Nassau Grouper Fast Disappearing — See Photos (HuffPost, 10/1/15).

Study: Crows Understand Death — See Photos (BBC, 10/1/15). Find the study here.

Theory: Meteor Hit Sparked Volcanic Eruptions that Helped Wipe Out Dinosaurs (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/1/15).

Bright Spots on Dwarf Planet Ceres Could be Salt — See Images (, 10/1/15).

September 2015

Baby Elephant Discovers Its Trunk — See Video (One Green Planet, 9/30/15).

Does the Universe Sing in B Flat? (Classicalite, 9/29/15). Read more here.

Man Bitten by Brown Widow Spider on Plane Almost Losing Leg — See Graphic Photos (The Telegraph, 9/29/15).

Prime Minister of New Zealand Announces Creation of New Ocean Sanctuary (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/29/15). Read more here.

Meet the World’s Teeniest-Tiniest Snail — See Photo (CBS News, 9/29/15).

Researchers Spot First Glow-in-the-Dark Turtle — See Video (National Geographic, 9/28/15).

Libertarian Group Wants Manatees Off Endangered Species List (Miami New Times, 9/28/15).

Bones of Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species First Found above Arctic Circle — See Photo (The New York Times, 9/28/15).

Volkswagen Heads Knew about Diesel-Emissions Cheating Technology for 8 Years (, 9/28/15).

Shell Pulls Plug on Arctic Offshore Drilling Operations — See Photos (, 9/28/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers Find Evidence Water Still Present on Mars — See News Report (CNN, 9/28/15). Read more, see photos here and here.

• Total Eclipse of September Harvest/Super Moon Should Be Good Show (, 9/27/15). Read more here. See photos here and here.

Love Clouds? Join the Club! (Special thanks to Eileen Stukane for this item.)

Florida Woman Arrested for Riding Sea Turtle — See Photos & News Report (New York Daily News, 9/26/15). Read more here and here.

Researchers Work to Save Starving Seabirds along West Coast — See News Report (KTVU, 9/25/15).

Elk Hunter Survives 4 Days in Wilderness with Broken Leg — See News Report (USA Today, 9/25/15).

Volkswagen Cheated on Diesel Admissions Tests in Europe, Too — See News Report (Reuters, 9/28/15).

EPA to Change Diesel Testing Protocols after Volskwagengate — See Videos (CBS News, 9/25/15).

Australia’s First Aboriginals Shared Land with Giant Lizards (Discovery News, 9/24/15). Read more here.

4th Generation Western Lowland Gorilla Born at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo — See Photos (ABC 7 Eyewitness News, 9/24/15).

Architecture Students Install Wooden Megaphones in Latvian Forest to Amplify Sounds of Nature —See Photos (Mother Nature News, 9/24/15).

Human Activities Real Source of Great Barrier Reef’s Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Plague— See Photo (ZME Science, 9/24/15).

Study: Human Tooth Enamel Evolved from Ancient Fish Scales (Los Angeles Times, 9/23/15).

Moose Hunter in Alaska Seriously Mauled by Brown Bear with Cubs (Alaska Dispatch News, 9/23/15).

Pope Francis Makes Climate Change a Priority in First Visit to U.S. — See Video & Photos (The New York Times, 9/23/15). Read more here.

2nd Pregnancy for Wild Sumatran Rhino Now Living in Sanctuary Good News for Critically Endangered Species — See Photos (AFP, Yahoo, 9/22/15).

Study: Humans Spew Clouds of Microbes All the Time — Listen to the Discussion on All Things Considered (, 9/22/15).

Study: Indigenous Alaskans were Eating Salmon 11,500 Years Ago (The New York Times, 9/2215).

22 Walruses Killed, Mutilated on Remote Alaskan Beach (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/22/15). Read more here.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio to Dump All Fossil Fuel-Related Investments (People, 9/22/15). Read more here. See video of announcement here.

Clinton Goes on Record Against Keystone Pipeline — See Video (Reuters, 9/22/15). Read more here.

World’s Falcons Beauty Contest Held in Dubai — See Video (The Wall Street Journal, 9/22/15).

Endangered Sumatran Elephant Murdered for Tusks (Discovery News, 9/21/15). Read more, see graphic photo here.

Did You Know? The Sun Sinks Fastest at Equinox — See Photos & Diagrams (, 9/21/15).

Pope Francis on the Environment: 7 Statements (National Geographic, 9/20/15).

The Story of the Hikers who Died in the Flash Flood at Zion National Park — See Photos & Video (Los Angeles Times, 9/20/15).

Male Sumatran Tiger on Breeding Loan Kills Veteran Zookeeper in New Zealand — See News Report (, 9/20/15). Read more here.

Researchers Design First Comprehensive, Circular Tree of Life — See Diagram (, 9/19/15). Learn more here.

Female Yellow-Bellied Water Snake Gives Birth without Mating — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/19/15).

Volkswagen Installed Software in Cars to Reduce Diesel Emissions Only During Inspections — See Video (Los Angeles Times, 9/18/15). Read more here. See News report  here.

Will Killing Cormorants Save Salmon? See Photos (The Seattle Times, 9/18/15).

New Horizons Spacecraft Delivers New, Close-Up, Stunning Images of Pluto — See Photos (, 9/18/15).

Study: Microbeads in Personal Care Products are Poisoning Water Habitats, Should be Banned — See Video (The Washington Post, 9/18/15).

Study: Like Humans, Robins Possess, Differ in General Intelligence (, 9/18/15).

Was This the First Creature to Walk on 4 Legs? See Illo (, 9/18/15).

• Filmmakers in Helicopter Shoot Stunning Footage of Himalayas — See Video & Photos (, 9/17/15).

Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award-Winners Announced — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/17/2015). Read more, see more photos here.

This Year’s El Niño Could Rival, Exceed 1997 Monster — See Video Comparison (, 9/17/15). Read more here and here.

Beautiful, Rare, Iridescent Cloud Causes Stir in Costa Rica — See Photos & Videos (, 9/17/15). See more video here. Read more here and here.

British Wildlife Photography Award Winners Announced — See Photos (Discovery News, 9/17/15).

Study: Feeders Put Bird Health at Risk (, 9/17/15).

Giant Arctic Mosquitoes Love Global Warming — See Photo (Time, 9/17/15). Read more here.

Report: Living-Fossil Fish Coelecanth has Vestigial Lung — See Photo & Diagram (, 9/16/15).

9 Weird-Looking Creatures on Endangered Species List — See Photos (Buzzfeed, 9/16/15). Learn more about ugly animals here.

Report: Arctic Sea Ice at 4th Lowest Level on Record — See Photo (Mashable, 9/16/15). See NASA time-lapse animation and expert commentary here.

Report: Saturn Moon Enceladus has Vast, Saltwater Ocean Under Icy Crust that Could Harbor Life — See Photo (National Geographic, 9/16/15).

This Month’s Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Could be a Good One (, 9/16/15).

Study: The Moon is Shrinking! (The Washington Post, 9/16/15).

New Documentary Love Thy Nature, Narrated by Liam Neeson, Explores How Nature Sustains Us — See Trailer ( Thanks to Susan Senk Public Relations & Marketing for information about the film.

Researchers: Double Meteor Strike Left Craters on Seabed, Now Part of Sweden, Millions of Years Ago — See Illustration (CBS, 9/15/15).

World’s Longest Continental Volcano Chain Runs through Eastern Australia — See Diagram (Discovery News, 9/15/15). Read more here.

Studies: Kids Who Spend More Time Outdoors Have Better Vision (Newsweek, 9/15/15). Read the full Nature report here. Find the JAMA study here.

U.S. Fisheries tells Gillnet Swordfishing Fleet: Kill More than 2 Turtles, Marine Mammals in 2 Years, We’ll Shut You Down (Reuters, 9/15/15). Read more here.

NASA Captures Rare Image of Double Earth-Moon Solar Eclipse — See Photo ( 9/15/15). See NASA video here.

4 (of Many) Reasons We Should All Spend More Time Outdoors (, 9/14/15).

Major El Niño Building: What Is It? What Will It Bring? See Diagrams (, 9/14/15).

Researchers Discover Giant (for a Virus) Virus in Permafrost (Design&, 9/13/15). Find the study here.

GoPro that Filmed Grand Canyon from 98,644 Ft. Found after 2 Years Lost in Desert — See Footage (TVNZ, 9/13/15). Also see video  here.

Study: Sierra Nevada Mountain Snowpack at Lowest Level in 500 Years — See Photo (Newsweek, 9/14/15). Read more, see more photos here and here. Find the study here.

USFWS Considers Listing American Eel as Endangered Species (The Washington Post, 9/14/15).

See 125 Gorgeous Nat Geo “Extreme Photo of the Week” Selections (National Geographic, 9/14/15).

Diver Films Really Big, Probably Pregnant Great White Off Baja — See Video (National Geographic, 9/14 Newsletter). See more video here and here.

• Excavation near Mall in Washington State Uncovers Trove of Ancient Stone Tools (The Washington Post, 9/12/15). Read more here.

Officials Worry Chinese Turtles Found on Massachusetts Beach Could become Invasive-Species — See Photo (WCBV5, 9/12/15).

Partial Solar Eclipse Visible in Southern Hemisphere Tomorrow — See Animation (, 9/12/15).

Coral Bleaching caused by Warm Oceans Hits Hawaii Again — See Photos (The Australian, 9/12/15). Read more here. See news report here.

New Fossil DNA Study Changes Ideas on When First Ancestors of Modern Humans formed Separate Branch (Science, 9/11/15).

• Study: Burning World’s Remaining Fossil Fuels will Sink Us All (The New York Times, 9/11/15). Read more here.

9/11 Tower of Lights Tribute Switched Off Briefly to Spare Migrating Birds — See Videos (CBS New York, 9/11/15). Read more here.

Young Black Bear Has Fun in a Backyard Hammock in New Jersey — See Video (, 9/11/15). Also see video here.

UC Berkeley Philosopher Reviews Carl Safina Book on Animal Mind — Read Review & Excerpt (, 9/11/15).

Dutch Photographer says Foxes are Masters of Zen — See Photos (The Independent, 9/11/15).

Federal Appeals Court Blocks EPA Approval of Bee-Killing DOW Pesticide (Mother Jones, 9/11/15).

Researchers Find More Surprises in New Flyby Photos of Pluto’s Terrain — See Photos & Video Report (The New York Times, 9/11/15).

Beautiful New View of Milky Way from Earth — See Photo (, 9/11/15).

Big, Beautiful, Migrating Moths Arrive in UK — See Photos (, 9/10/15).

Greenpeace Claims to Find, Expose Pirate Tuna-Fishing Operation in Pacific — See News Report (The Guardian, 9/10/15).

U.S. Icebreaker Plows through Slushy Ice, Makes Historic Arrival at North Pole Ahead of Schedule — See Photos & Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/10/15). Learn more, see more photos and video here.

Bones of Previously Unknown Humanlike Species Found in South African Cave — See Photos (The Wall Street Journal, 9/10/15). Learn more, see more photos and video herehere,  herehere and here. See more spelunking photos here.

Rains, Typhoon Cause Disastrous Floods in Japan — See News Footage (CNN, 9/10/15).

Watch for Zodiacal Light, a.k.a. False Dawn, during Autumn Equinox — See Photos (, 9/10/15). Learn more, see more photos here.

Young Mountain Gorilla Films Self Examining Video Camera in Uganda — See Video (, 9/9/10). Also see video here.

Spear Fisherman Kills 413-Lb Blue Marlin off San Diego — See Photos (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/8/15).

Solar Winds Create Stunning Auroras on Earth — See Photos (, 9/8/15).

Major Dust Storm Hits Mideast — See Photo (BBC News, 9/8/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Send Your Name to Mars — Apply by Midnight Tuesday! (, 9/7/15). Learn more and sign up here.

Sea Turtles Stage Comeback in Florida, Georgia — See Photo (AP,, 9/7/15).

Fireball Streaks through Daytime Sky over Bangkok — See Video (Time, 9/7/15).

Archeologists Discover New Stonehenge Near Stonehenge — See Photos & Video (Time, 9/7/15). Read more here. See more video here.

Nature: The Cure for What Ails You — See the Fake Commercial (The Upworthiest, 9/7/15). Also see the video here.

Earth from Space — See Amazing Images (, 9/7/15).

Ice-Age Mammoth Bone Fossils, More, Found at Construction Site in Carlsbad CA — See Photos (Nature World Report, 9/6/15). Read more here.

Photographer Captures Breathtaking Night Skies Over Tibet — See Photos (, 9/6/15).

New Documentary How to Change the World Traces Beginnings, Growth of Greenpeace, Now 40 — See Photos (The Independent, 9/6/15).

Kayaker Fishing Off Malibu Dangles Feet in Water, Gets Bitten by Hammerhead (USA Today, 9/6/15).

Is Yucatan’s Growing Dive/Snorkel Tourism a Threat to Whale Sharks? — See Photos (My Statesman, 9/4/15).

China Air Goes from Clear to Unbreathable in Days — See Photos (CNN, 9/4/15).

Report: Usually Harmless Bacteria Suspected as Killer of Thousands of Saiga Antelope in Kazakhstan — See Disturbing Photos (Daily Mail, 9/4/15). Read more here.

Captive Chimps Annoyed by Drone Plan and Execute Successful Strategy to Bring it Down — See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/4/15). See clearer video here.

Submersible Robot to Hunt Invasive Starfish Destroying Great Barrier Reef — See Video (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/4/15). Learn more here.

Scary-Deadly King Cobra on Loose after Escaping Reality TV Star’s Home in Orlando — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 9/3/15).

Study: Seahorse Dads Do Almost Everything Other Animal Moms Do, Pre and Post Birth — See Video (UPI, 9/3/15).

Actress Emma Thompson Joins Greenpeace Protest against Shell Arctic Drilling in London — See Video (The Guardian, 9/2/15). See more video here and here

Seabirds Dying along San Francisco Bay, Climate Change Could Be Why — See News Report (ABC7News, 9/2/15).

Partial Solar, Total Lunar Eclipse in September — See Photos & Video (, 9//15).

2-Year-Old Human and Gorilla Play Peek-a-Boo at Columbus Zoo — See Video (The Guardian, 9/1/15).

Study: Tiny Jellyfish Move via Unique Form of Propulsion — See Photo & Video (, 9/1/15). See more video here.

President Obama to Appear in Alaskan Running Wild Episode, Learn Wilderness Skills, Call Attention to Climate Change (USA Today, 9/1/15).

Near-Exinct Green Sea Turtles Raise Hopes of Survival with Record-Breaking Number of Central Florida Nests — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 9/1/15).

Diver has Friendly, Belly-Scratching Encounter with Seal Off Scilly Islands — See News Report (CBS News, 9/1/15).

Clouds of Migrating Swifts Funnel into Abandoned-School Chimney in Washington — See Video Report (, 9/1/15).

Australian Fisherman Encounters, Gets Involved in Battle between Poisonous Sea Snake & Stone Fish — See Photos (Fox 59, 9/1/15). See video report here.

Six-Foot Sea Scorpion Roamed Ancient Oceans — See Illustration (Reuters, 9/1/15).

August 2015

Balanced Rocks, Searchlight, Nevada, undated / Nick Hinze, Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology / Click to learn more.

Stinky Corpse Flower Fails to Bloom in Chicago — See News Report (NBC Chicago, 8/31/15). Read more, see another news report here.

On Eve of Alaska Visit, Obama Changes Name of Mt. McKinley Back to Native American Name of Denali (The New York Times, 8/30/15). Read more here and here.

Great White Takes Big Bite Out of Surf Board, Not Surfer in California — See Photo (CBS News, 8/30/15). See video report here.

Lost Hiker Found Alive after 9 Days in Sierra Nevada — See Photo & News Report (New York Post, 8/30/15).

New Invasive Weed Species Hits Minnesota Lakes — See Photo (StarTribune, 8/29/15).

Giant Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Twins at Washington Zoo, One Dies 4 Days Later — See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/28/15).

Cyclist Encounters Very Big Group of Kangaroos in Australia — See Video (, 8/28/15).

Which Animals Have Biggest, Smallest Babies & Why — See Diagram (National Geographic, 8/28/15).

Lonely Planet Releases List of Top 500 Travel Destinations — See Photos (EMTVonline, 8/27/15).

• NASA Bad News, Part II: Sea Levels Will Rise 3 Feet or More, It’s Just a Question of When — See Video Report (CNN 8/27/15).

• NASA Bad News, Part 1: Sea Levels Have Risen Average of 3 Inches since ’92 — See NASA Video Report & Animation (Time, 8/26/15). Read more here. Also see video animation here.

Grizzly Rolls Down Hill, Seemingly Just for Fun — See Video (, 8/26/15).

Deep-Sea Robots Discover Pristine Beauty Off Southern Australia — See Photo & Video (Silicon Republic, 8/26/15). Read more here and here.

Black Bear Study Documents Stress Reaction to Drones (National Geographic, 8/25/15). Find the study here.

Rare Nautilus Resighted in South Pacific — See Photos (, 8/25/15).

Last Sumatran Rhino Outside Indonesia, One of Last 100 on Planet, Leaves Cincinnatti Zoo For Home Country to Mate — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/25/15). See more video here and here.

NASA Spacecraft Snaps Pics of Strange, High, Shiny Mountain on Ceres — See Photos (, 8/25/15).

Professional Guide Mauled to Death By Lion during Walking Tour in Zimbabwe (The Washington Post, 8/25/15).

Astronauts Capture Images of Elusive Red Lightning Sprites from Space Station — See Photos (, 8/24/15).

Greenland Glacier Cracks, Loses Piece the Size of Manhattan — See Photos (CBS News, 8/24/15).

Another Bear Visits another Backyard Pool & Hot Tub in Vancouver — See Video (, 8/24/15). Learn more here.

Mother Ship of Great Pacific Garbage Patch Cleanup Effort Docks in San Francisco with First Ocean Trash Haul — See Photos & News Report (, 8/23/15).

EPA Had Been Warned Animas River Spill Could Happen — See Photos & News Report (CNN, 8/21/15). See another news report here.

Traveler National Geographic Photo Contest Winners Announced — See Photos (National Geographic, 8/21/15).

Mama Bear & 5 Cubs Cool Off in Backyard Pool in New Jersey — See Video (CBC News, 8/21/15).

Scientists Finally Figure Out How Hummingbirds Drink Nectar (The Christian Science Monitor, 8/20/15).

Fire Rainbow, aka Ice Rainbow, Appears in Sky off South Carolina — See Photo & News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 8/20/15).

NOAA: July 2015 Hottest Global July on Record — See News Report (CNN, 8/20/15).

Atlantic Hurricane Season Kicks In with Danny — See News Report (USA Today, 8/20/15).

• Hundreds of Birds Found Dead in Downtown Tulsa — See News Report (2Tulsa, 8/19/15).

What Do You See in These Natural Formations? See Photos (, 8/20/15).

Great White Leaps from Water to Snag Seal in S. Africa? No, in Cape Cod! — See Video (National Geographic, 8/19/15).

Oldest-Known Fossil of Finger Bone from Previously Unknown, Big, Early Human Found in Tanzania — See Photo (LiveScience, The Christian Science Monitor, 8/19/15). Read the full study, see other photos and diagrams here.

Head Lice Becoming Resistant to Common Treatments – See News Report (ABC News, 8/19/15).

Sinkhole that Swallowed Bedroom, Man Opens Again in Florida — See Photo (The Week, 8/19/15).

Wildlife Photographers: What We’ve Learned from Years of Following Elephants — See Photos (, 8/18/15).

Report: Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Bigger than Expected This Year — See Diagram (, 8/18/15).

Little Boy Tries to Herd Kittens — See Adorable Video (, 8/18/15).

Astronaut Videotapes Northern Lights from Space Station — See Footage (GeoBeats News, YouTube, 8/17/15).

Navajo Nation Angry at EPA over Animas River Spill — See News Report (The Denver Post, 8/17/15).

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Dedicated to Saving Sounds of the Wild — Hear Recordings (Hyperallergic, 8/17/15).

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency as Cotopaxi Volcano Starts Spewing Ash — See Photo (Time, 8/16/15).

Deep-Sea ROV Videos Spaghetti Monster Off Angola — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 8/15/15). See video here.

Study: 2 Dinosours, Maybe Parent and Young, Strolled Beach, Left Tracks in Germany 142 Million Year Ago — See Photos (CBS News, 8/14/15).

• 2nd Yosemite Campground Closed after 2 Dead Squirrels Found to Have Plague (Reuters, 8/14/15).

Study: Ants ID Friends, Stranges by Smell— See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/13/15).

Researchers Tracking What Killed 100,000+ Endangered Saiga Antelopes in Central Asia (Smithsonian, 8/13/15).

NOAA: This Year’s El Niño Could Be Strongest on Record — See Video (Time, 8/13/15). Learn more, see more photos, diagrams, news reports here and here.

Pacific Striped Octopus Reveals Surprising Mating, Mothering, Social Habits — See Photo (The New York Times, 8/13/15).

Scientists Sequence, Surprised by Two-Spot Octopus Genome — See Photos (, 8/12/15).

Researchers Map where Lightning Strikes Least to Most — See Global Map ( 8/12/15).

• Here Come the Persieds! (, 8/12/15). Learn more here and here. See photos here.

6 Bengal Tiger Poachers Killed in Shootout (KTLA5, 8/11/15).

Tadpole Disease Detected in 6 Countries (Discovery News, 8/11/15). Learn more here.

Rosetta Spacecraft Snaps Pics of Comet 67P Spewing Biggest Gas Jet Yet — See Photos (Discovery News, 8/11/15).

Millions of Gallons of Mine Waste Spill into River in Colorado — See Photos & News Report (CBS  Denver, 8/10/15). Read more here.

Iceberg Crumbles, Rolls, Sends Waves Crashing in Newfoundland — See Video (TMZ, 8/9/15).

Alligator Bites Off Woman’s Arm in Florida  River — See News Report (WFTV, 8/9/15).

Spiders Work Together to Weave Gigantic Web in Dallas Suburb — See Photo (Discovery News, 8/9/15). Learn more here.

New Species of Angler Fish Found Deep in Gulf of Mexico Takes Ugly Prize — See Photo (Discovery News, 8/7/15).

Researchers Ponder, Theorize Why Delicately Balancing Rocks Haven’t Fallen in Earthquakes — See Photos (, 8/6/15). Learn more here.

July 2015

Pluto / The Guardian, NASA, New Horizons / Click to see more.

Pluto, Pluto, Pluto! See Photos & Videos (The Guardian, 7/24/15). Read more, see more photos and videos here, herehereherehere, here and here.

Alligator Takes Stroll in Manhattan — See Photo (Time, 7/24/15).

NASA Estimates 1 Billion Earth-like Planets in Our Galaxy Alone — See Images and Video (The Washington Post, 7/25/15). Read more here.

NOAA Report: June 2015 was Hottest Global June on Record (, 7/23/15).

Large Hadron Collider Proves Existence of Pentaquark (, 7/23/15).

Study: Walking in Nature Has Positive Effect on Brain Function (The New York Times, 7/22/15).

Finding Upends Theory on Native-American Origins (Time, 7/21/15)

Stephen Hawking Teams with Russian Billionaire to Seek Intelligent Life in Universe — See News Report (ABC News, 7/21/15).

NASA Releases New Image of “Blue Marble” — See Image (Huffington Post, 7/21/15)

Pompano Beach-Goers Get to Observe Manatees Mating off Beach — See News Report (Local 10 News, 7/20/15).

Study: Plankton in Southern Ocean Drives Cloud Formation — See Photo (Northern Californian, 7/19/15).

Rising Temps and Sea Levels Could Mean Goodby, Greenwich Village — See Map (, 7/17/15).

• Hines Emerald Dragon Fly, Thought Extinct, Being Nurtured Back from Brink — See Photo (U.S. News & World Report, 7/17/15)

15 Odd & Fascinating Animals You May Never Have Seen Before — See Photos (One Green Planet, 7/16/15).

Little Minnesota Wood Thrush Tracked to Mexico, Central America and Back (StarTribune,   7/16/15).

• Carl Safina, Others who Work with Animals, Ponder the Mystery of Animal Minds, Emotions (The New York Times, 7/15/15).

Is Human Hand Less Evolved than Chimp, Orangutan Hand? See Videos (The Christian Science Monitor, 7/14/15).

• Cuban Marine Preserve Remains Pristine… For Now — See Special Video Report (The New York Times, 7/13/15).

Study: Seas Could Rise 20 Feet with Even Slight Continued Temperature Increase (HNGN, 7/13/15). Locate the study here. Read more here.

Chain of  50-Million-Year-Old Extinct Underwater Volcanoes Found off Australia — See Images & Video (CBS News, 7/13/15).

Cape Cod Researchers Tagged 18 Great Whites Last Summer, Spot 2 More This Summer — See Photo (CBS Local, 7/11/15).

Study Giant Pandas Can Survive on Bamboo because of Low Metabolism, Lack of Activity (Pioneer News, 7/10/15).

Study: Living Among Trees Good for Human Health (The Washington Post, 7/9/15). Read the full study here.

Giant, Fanged Centipede Goes for a Stroll in Texas — See Photo (Mother Nature News, 7/9/15).

• Bird Island in Seychelles Rewards Hardy Nature-Lovers — See Photos & Video (CNN, 7/9/15).

See What a Sea Turtle Sees under the Sea off Australia (One Green Planet, 7/8/15).

Thousands of Roosting Birds Abandon Nests, Eggs Off Florida Gulf Key — See Photos, Video (U.S. News and World Report, 7/7/15). Read more, see more photos here.

• Report: Appearance of Philae Comet Suggests Microbial Life Beneath Surface Ice — See Videos (The Christian Science Monitor, 7/6/15).

Leaping Sturgeon in Florida River Kill Girl, Injure Others (Reuters, 7/4/15).

Fatal Texas Alligator Attack First in 200 Years — See News Report (Newsweek, 7/4/15). Read more here.

Study: Fearful Horses Learn Fastest under Right Circumstances (The Horse, 7/4/15).

Nature is Not Your Friend: Bison Attack 2 More Tourists in Yellowstone, for Total of 4 This Season (Q13 Fox, 7/3/15).

Meet the Varied Wildlife in NYC — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/3/15).

Study: Spiders Can Sail on Water’s Surface — See Photo (The Independent, 7/3/15).

Study: Seahorse’s Square Tail Superior to Round One — See Photo (, 7/2/15). Read more here.

BP Agrees to Pay U.S., 5 State Governments $18.7 Billion for Gulf Spill (Reuters, 7/2/15).

Cuban Researchers Worry What U.S. Tourism Will Do to Pristine Areas — See Photos & Videos (The New York Times, 7/2/15).

Another Shark Attack Makes 11 since Mid-May Off Carolinas — See Photos, Map (CBS News, 7/2/15).  Read more here and here.

June 2015

Study: Walking in Nature is Good for Your Mental Health — See Video Report (Stanford News, 6/30/15). Read more here.

Skywatchers Capture Images of “UFO” Clouds — See Photos (EarthSky, 6/30/15).

Photographer Captures Beautiful Images of New Zealand’s Glowing Caves — See Photos (One Green Planet, 6/30/15).

Researchers ID Fossil of New Species of Feathery-Legged Worm with Major Spikes — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 6/30/15).

7 Lions to be Moved from South Africa to Rwanda to Restart Lost Rwandan Population (The Guardian, 6/28/15).

Study: Rats Dream! (, 6/27/15).

Study: Australian Bird Uses Different Combinations of Sounds (Like Words in a Sentence) to Convey Messages (The Independent, 6/25/15).

Chinese Billionare Buys Big Chunk of Adirondacks, to Preserve it, He Says — See Photos  (New York Daily News, 6/25/15).

Researchers Discover Beautiful, Fluorescent Corals Deep in Red Sea — See Photos & Video (IB Times, 6/24/15).

Solar Storms Make for Great Viewing of Northern Lights — See News Report & Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 6/24/15). See more video here.

Portuguese Man of War Washes Up on Jersey Beach — See News Report (News 4 New York, 6/23/2015)

Humans Celebrate Summer Solstice 2015 (Discovery News, 6/21/15). Learn more here. See more photos here.

Study: Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction Has Begun — See News Report (USA Today, 6/21/15).

Speed, the Galapagos Tortoise, Dies at Age 150 in San Diego Zoo — See Photo (Los Angeles Times, 6/20/15).

8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egyptian Catacomb — See Photos (Discovery News, 6/19/15).

Study: Most Kangaroos are Left-Handed (CNET, 6/18/15).

Finding: 8,500-Year-Old Kennweick Man Skull ID’d as Native American Ancestor — See Photo (Time, 6/18/15).

Study: Special Hair Helps Silver Ant of Sahara Survive Searing Heat — See Photo (The New York Times, 6/18/15).

NASA Study: Earth is Running Out of Water (The Sydney Morning Herald, 6/18/15).

Moon Dust Filling in Human Footprint (USA Today, 6/17/15). Read more, see illos here.

Astronomers Locate Stars Formed at Birth of Universe (ABC News, 6/17/15). Read more here.

Study: Opossums Not So Solitary After All (, 6/17/15).

Moon Jellies Can Rearrange Arms for Symmetry after Injury — See Photos & Video (, 6/16/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Pope Says Humans Responsible for Climate Change, Calls for Human Action (USA Today, 6/15/15). Read more, see video report here.

2 Teens Attacked by Shark(s) off Same North Carolina Beaches — See News Report (CNN 6/15/15). Read more here. See second news report here.

Animals Escape Tbilisi, Georgia Zoo during Floods, Hippo, White Tiger, Hyena Roam Streets — See News Report (The Washington Post, 6/14/15). Read more, see more photos and video here, here (warning: graphic footage) and here.

• Researchers Document First Known Incident of Polar Bears Eating Dolphins — See Photos (Huffington Post, 6/12/15). Read the fully study here.

Chimps, Our Closest Relatives, Declared Endangered (The Orange County Register, 6/12/15).

Shark Killed in Traffic Accident During Truck Transport from Florida to NYC (The New York Times, 6/11/15).

Old But New to GNN: Vast School of Rays Congregate Off Baja — See Video (National Geographic, YouTube, 5/7/12; GNN 6/11/15). Special thanks to Elena Lataci for Facebook posting.

Scientists Free Sea Turtle Tangled in Fishing Net — See Video (OneGreenPlanet, 6/10/15).

Rising Sea Levels Pose New Threat to Everglades — See Special Report (PBS News Hour, 6/10/15).

Sea Lion Grabs Fish, Almost Drowns Fisherman — See Photos (The Guardian, 6/5/15).

Scientists Film Strange and Beautiful Deep Sea Creatures Off Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands — See Video (Sploid, YouTube, 6/2/15). Learn more, see more video here.

May 2015

Comet Halley, source of Eta Equarid Meteor Showers, undated/ESA, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, NASA/Click to learn more.

• Record Rains, Flooding Hit Texas (Time, 5/25/15). Read more, see news report here.

Heat Wave Kills Hundreds in India — See News Reports (BBC News, 5/25/15).

Tiny Little Plankton are Wondrously Diverse (The Silver Ink, 5/23/15).

California May Ban Microbeads (Vice News, 5/22/15)

Antarctic Ice Destabilizing at Disconcertingly Rapid Pace (The Washington Post, 5/22/15). Read more here.

Study: Dogs Have Been Our Pals Even Longer than We Thought (The Washington Post, 5/21/15).

Study: Octopuses See through their Skin (The New York Times, 5/20/15). Read more here.

Study: Even Flies Seem to Experience Fear (The New York Times, 5/19/15).

Spiders Fall from Sky in Australia —Really! (Fox News, 5/19/15).

Study: Sea Spray “Profoundly” Impacts Climate (Slash Gear, 5/18/15).

Study: Plants in Offices Boost Productivity (Entrepreneur, 5/16/15).

Meet Opah, the First Warm-Blooded Fish — See News Report (USA Today, 5/14/15).

Rangers Shoot Rhino Poachers in Kruger National Park (The Citizen, 5/12/15).

Polar Ice Melting, Sea Levels Rising Faster than Predicted (The Washington Post, 5/11/15)

Blue Sunsets on Mars — See NASA Images (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/11/15).

Subtropical Storm Brings Early Start to Hurricane Season — See News Report (, 5/8/15). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Mary Lee, the Great White, Heading North Off New Jersey Coast (USA Today, 5/7/15). Read more, see news report here.

Messenger Data Reveals Mercury’s Magnetic Field is 4 Billion Years Old (UBC News, 5/7/15).

Researchers Documenting Thinning Ice Drown in Arctic (Mother Jones, 5/7/15).

Warning, Graphic Images: Indonesian Police Find Live, Rare Birds Shoved in Water Bottles in Smuggler’s Luggage — See Photos & News Report (The Sydney Morning Herald, 5/7/15).

Oregon Lake Drains Down Lava-Tube Hole Every Year — See Photos & Video (The Telegraph, 5/7/15).

Old but New (to GNN): Massive Alligator Wanders onto Florida Golf Course — See Photos (USA Today, 3/11/15).

24 Million Chickens, Turkeys Slaughtered in 12 States, More to Follow as Bird Flu  Spreads (CNBC, 5/6/15).

• Scientists Discover Possible Missing Link in Evolution of Life from Simple Bacteria to Complex Cells at Bottom of Arctic Ocean — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/6/15).

Astronomers Identify Most Distant Galaxy Yet Found — See Hubble Telescope Image (CBS News, 5/5/15).

May Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, Early Tomorrow (Los Angeles Times, 5/5/15). Read more, see 2013 image here. See 18 beautiful images of the heavens here.

New Species of Warbler ID’d in China through Song (, 5/2/15).

Underwater Volcano Erupting Off Oregon Coast — See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 5/1/15).

Colorado Pneumonic Plague Outbreak Tracked to Pit Bull (The Washington Post 5/1/15). Read more here.

April 2015

Polar Bear, Chukchi Sea, Alaska, June 15, 2014 / Brian Battaile, USGS, AP, The Washington Post / Click to learn more.

Mercury Probe Sends Final Image Before Crashing on Planet — See Last Image & Breathtaking Earlier Images & Video (CNET, 4/30/15). Read more here.

1 in 6 Species Doomed by Climate Change —Which Will Go First? (National Geographic, 4/30/15). Read more here.

Shark Kills Female Snorkeler in Maui in 3rd Fatal Attack in Less than 2 Years — See News Report (Fox News, 4/30/15).

Fossil of Dinosaur with Bat-Like Wings Discovered in China — See Illo (The Christian Science Monitor 4/29/15). See fossil, more illos here.

Nepali Mountain Villages Wiped Out by Earthquake-Triggered Avalanches, Death Toll Predicted to Soar — See Photos (National Geographic, 4/28/15). Read more here.

Researchers Suggest Our 3D Universe May Really be 2D (Nature World News, 4/27/15).

Study: Global Warming Cause of Increased Flooding, Extreme-Heat Events (The Washington Post, 4/27/15). Read more here and here.

7-Year-Old Boy Helped Discover Fossils of Mini, Vegetarian Relative of T. Rex — See Illo & Photo (USA Today, 4/27/15). See fossil here. Learn more here.

Elephant Family Rushes to Meet Newest Baby — See Video (Amboseli Trust for Elephants, YouTube via One Green Planet, 4/27/15). See more Amboseli Trust videos here.

Nepal Devastated by 7.8 Quake, Aftershocks, 2,000 Dead — See Photos & Video (CNN, 4/26/15). Read more herehere and here.

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Storm Capsizes Sailboats, Lives Lost, during Race in Alabama Bay — See News Report (CNN, 4/25/15).

Calbuco Volcano in Chile, Dormant 54 Years, Erupts Twice — See Photos (The Australian, 4/24/15). Read more, see more photos, video, news reports here, here and here.

15 Buffalo Escape from New York Farm, Shot to Death for Lack of Recapture Plan (The New York Times, 4/24/15).

Researcher Finds Tiny Pocket Shark in Frozen Fish Hauled Up from Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Only 2nd One Ever Found — See Photo (Discovery News, 4/24/15). Learn more, see more photos here and here. See slide show here.

Study: If Yellowstone, World’s Largest Volcano, Erupts (Unlikely but Not Impossible), We’re All Toast — See Photos, Diagrams, Video (The Washington Post 4/23/15). Read more, see more photos and video here and here. Find the study here.

Happy Birthday, Hubble Telescope! 25 Beautiful Images to Celebrate 25th Anniversary — See Images & Video (IBTimes, 4/23/15). See more amazing Hubble videos here.

Artist Makes Beautiful Installations, Powerful Environmental Statement with Plastics Washed Up on Mexican Beach — See Photos (One Green Planet, 4/23/15). Read more, see more images here. Learn more about the artist, see more photos and video of his work here.

Study: Like Human Smokers, Bees May Get Hooked on Pesticides with Nicotine-Like Substances (Discovery News 4/23/15). Read more here.

Nonhuman Rights Project Comes Step Closer to Getting Research Chimps Declared Persons with Legal Rights (Live Science, 4/23/15).

Has Earth Day Lost Its Way? See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 4/22/15).

Nature Is Not Your Toy: Florida Man Bitten Trying to Kiss Cottonmouth (OutdoorHub, 4/22/15).

43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Found at Chinese Construction Sight — See News Report (, 4/22/15).

San Francisco Bans All Use of Exotic Animals for Human Entertainment (ABC News, 4/21/15). Read more here.

Elephants Halt Cars on South African Road So Baby Can Cross — See Video (Kobus Roux via One Green Planet, 4/21/15). See more video here.

•  Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa Slaughter Thousands of Chickens, Turkeys Infected with Bird Flu (USA Today, 4/21/15). Read more here and here

Deep Sea Vampire Squid, Not Really Squid, Really Strange — See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 4/20/15). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here. Find the study here.

Elephant Hunter Trampled to Death by Intended Quarry (One Green Planet, 4/20/15).

Study: Color of Light Affects Human Internal Clock (Voice Chronicle, 4/19/15).

Tibetan Mastiffs, Once Trendy in China, Now Need Rescue — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/17/15).

Documentary about Rampaging Circus Elephant Compared to anti-Orca Captivity documentary Blackfish (One Green Planet, 4/16/15).

Scientists Study How Octopus Moves, Come Away Surprised, Impressed — See Video (NBC News, 4/16/15). Find study here.

Study: More Female than Male Chimps Use Spears when Hunting (, 4/15/15). Read more, see photos here, here and here.

Shark Kills 13-Year-Old Surfer off Reunion Island (Surfer, 4/15/15).

Swimming in a Sea of Plastic — See Photos (One Green Planet, 4/15/15).

Special Report: Researchers Measure Ongoing Destruction, Loss of BP Gulf Spill — See Photos & Videos (National Geographic 4/14/15).

Mild Utah Winter Drives Bears Out of Dens Too Soon — See News Report (National Geographic 4/13/15).

Nature is Not Your Friend: Kayakers Drown when Weather Turns — See News Report (NBC News, 4/13/15).

Study: Stationary Warm Water in Pacific Contributing to California Drought, Other Severe Weather (Toronto Star, 4/11/15). Find the study here.

Basis for Belief that Universe Is Expanding at Ever-Increasing Rate Called into Question (EurekaAlert, 4/10/15).

Near Complete Fossil of Carnivorous Terror Bird Found in Argentina— See Photo (Discover News 4/10/15). Read more, see more illos and news report here. Read the full study, see fossil photos and charts here.Read more here.

Scientists Seek Source of Methane Cloud Over Four Corners Area in Southwest — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 4/9/15).

Breakthrough: Building Blocks of Life Found in Other Star System — See Video Report (, 4/8/15). Read more here. Read the entire study here.

Study Ups Odds that Collision of Earth, Similar Planet Created Earth’s Moon  — See Illo, Listen to Podcast, Access Study & Other Content (Nature, 4/8/15). Read more here.

NASA Scientist Predicts We’ll Find Life Forms on Other Planets in 20 Years (Los Angeles Times, 4/7/15).

Living in Nature 2: College Student Lives in Shelter in Woods for a Year — See Photos (CBS News, 4/3/15).

Living in Nature 1: South Carolina Man Survives 66 Days at Sea atop Capsized Sailboat — See News Report  (The Washington Post, 4/3/15).

Study: Pack-Ice Hunting Polar Bears Won’t Survive when Ice Disappears, Forced to Hunt on Land (The Washington Post, 4/1/15). Read more here.

Study: Newly Discovered Human Ancestor “Little Foot” Lived Same Time as Earliest-Known Ancestor “Lucy” — See Fossil (Discovery News, 4/1/15).

Creepy, Scary: Sea Stars Dying off Central California, Sea Urchins also Dying or Running Amok (National Geographic, 4/1/15).

March 2015

Study: 1-Ounce Warbler Flies 1,500 Miles from Canada/New England to Caribbean Nonstop — See Photo (, 3/31/15). Read more here.

Study: Pandas Not as Solitary as Thought (, 3/28/15).

Study: Dark Matter Even Stranger than Thought (The Washington Post, 3/27/15).

Study: Antarctic Ice Shelf Thinning Faster, Accelerating Sea-Level Rise — See Video & Diagram (Scientific American, 3/26/15). Read more here and here.

• Really Big Asteroid to Pass Earth on Friday — See Image, Orbit, Cool Video Report (Universe Today, 3/26/15).

Researchers ID New Species of Colorful Dancing Spiders in Australia — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 3/25/15).

Tiny Ecuadorian Rain-Forest Frog Changes from Smooth to Spiky — See Photos (National Geographic, 3/25/15).

Study: Jupiter Smashed through Early Solar System, Earth Part of Debris (, 3/24/15). Read more, see diagrams here, here and here. Find the study here.

Fossil of Sharp-Toothed, Car-Sized Salamander with Toilet Seat-Shaped Head Found in Portugal — See Photos, Models & Illustration (BBC News, 3/24/15).

Newborn Elephant Takes First Steps — See Video and Photos (, 3/23/15).

Study: Greenland Ice Melt Slowing Ocean Currents — See NASA Video Report (, 3/23/15). Read more here.

Double Underground Domes Marking Biggest Asteroid Strike Known to Science Found in Australia (Discovery News, 3/23/15). Read more, see more images here, here and here.

Mayor of Paris Orders Half Cars Off Road to Fight Severe Smog — See Photo (CBS News, 3/22/15).

Total Eclipse Visible from Space, North Atlantic —See Photos (U-T San Diego, 3/20/15).

Study: Arctic Ice at Record Low — See NASA Video Report (NASA, YouTube, 3/19/15). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Prince Charles Makes Speech in DC about State of World’s Oceans —See News Report (USA Today, YouTube, 3/19/15).

Explorers Club will Help Kingdom of Bhutan Search for Local Yeti (DNAinfo, 3/19/15).

Giant Razor-Toothed Croc that Walked on Hind Legs ruled North America before Dinosaurs — See Illustration (Discovery News, 3/18/15).

British Government Declares Pitcairn Islands Largest Marine Reserve on Planet — See Video Report (National Geographic, 3/18/15).

Photographer Uses Drones to Explore World’s Largest Cave in Vietnam — See Video (NPR, 3/18/15).

World’s Only Wild Population of Red Wolves in Trouble Again — See Video Report (National Geographic, 3/18/15).

Major Solar Storm Smacks Earth, Creates Gorgeous Northern Lights — See Photos (U-T San Diego, 3/18/15). Read more here.

True Horror: 2,000 Snow Geese Fall Dead from Sky in Idaho, Killed by Avian Cholera (Wall Street OTC, 3/18/15).

Snorkeler and Manatee Float Face-to-Face in Crystal River, FL —See Video (Liquid Productions, YouTube, 3/16/15).

Force 5 Cyclone Pam Slams Vanuatu as Other Storms Swirl in Pacific — See Photos (ABC News Au, 3/14/15). Read more, see more photos and weather-and-satellite images here,  herehere and here.

• Siberia’s Mysterious, Multiplying Craters Linked to Climate Change (The New Yorker, 3/13/15).

Study: Jupiter Moon Ganymede has Ice-Covered Ocean with More Water than Earth (, Scientific American, 3/13/15). Read more here.

Report: California Will Run Out of Water in 1 Year (Newsweek, 3/13/15)

Study: Neanderthals Made Jewelry — See Photo (Scientific American, 3/12/15).

Huge Freshwater Stingray Caught, Released in Thailand — See Photo (National Geographic, 3/11/15).

Not New but New to Us: Hubble Space Photos that Put Human Life in Mind-Blowing Perspective  — See Video (Davechuk, Youtube, 1/6/15).  See 26 more photos that drive home the same message here. (Thanks to Bleim Kern for sharing this one on Facebook.)

Researchers Debate Where to Mark Start of Anthropocene (Human) Epoch (The New Yorker, 3/11/15). Read more here.

Study: Chameleons Change Color Using Crystals in Skin — See Photos, Diagrams & Videos (SlashGear 3/10/15). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Special Report: Baby Elephants Captured in Zimbabwe for Foreign Sale — See Photos (National Geographic, 3/9/15).

Study: Global Warming Accelerating to Worst in 1,000, Maybe 2,000 Years (Scientific American, 3/9/15).

• FL Gov Rick Scott Banned Use of Terms “Global Warming,” “Climate Change” in Official Documents (USA Today, 3/9/15).

Pennsylvania Nesting Bald Eagle Snowed In in Nest — See Photo (ABC 2, 3/6/15).

NASA Probe Reaches Dwarf Planet Ceres — See Photos, Images and Video Report (, 3/6/15).

Ringling Circus Ending Elephant Acts (Fox News, 3/5/15). See news report here.

• Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing Fast — See Photos & Diagrams (CBS News, 3/5/15). Read more here. See Arctic Ice slide show here.

El Niño is Here (Scientific American, 3/5/15).

Jaw Fossil Found in Ethiopia Suggests Humans Emerged ½ Million Years Earlier than Thought — See Photos & Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 3/5/15). Read more, see more photos and images here and here.

New “Panama Canal” will Destroy Pristine Lake in Nicaragua — See Photos (CNN, 3/4/15).

• Floods Destroy Madagascar —See Photos & Video (Global Voices, 3/4/15).

Celebrate World Wildlife Day (, 3/3/15). See IFAW’s “Youth Voices for World Wildlife Day 2015” video here.

• Chile’s Villarica Volcano Erupts in Fiery Display — See Video Report (CBS SF Bay Area, YouTube, 3/3/15). See more photos here.

Rare, Deep Sea-Dwelling Goblin Shark Caught Off SE Australia — See Video (Yahoo News, AFP, 3/3/15).

• Lost City, Possibly Entire Lost Civilization, Found in Honduran Rain Forest — See Photos (National Geographic, 3/2/15).

Swiss Researchers Captive Image of Light as both Particle and Wave — See Photo (Newsweek, 3/2/15)

Grad Student Imagines What Alien Life on Saturn Moon Titan Might Look Like — See Image (Discovery News, 3/2/15).

Researchers Capture Images of Smallest Bacteria Known — See Photo (Consolidated Times, 3/2/15).

February 2015

Freediver Guillaume Nery carried by swift ocean currents off Tahiti, undated/still image from video by Christopher Jobson, to see more

Save the Petite Peruvian Tern — See Photo (National Geographic 2/28/15)

Nantucket Photographer Snaps Beautiful, Strange, Semi-Frozen Slurpee Waves — See Photos (NBC News, 2/27/15).

Deadly Frog Fungus Strikes Madagascar — See Photos (National Geographic, 2/26/15).

Study: Massive, Ancient Black Hole Largest Yet Discovered — See Illustration (, 2/25/15). Read more, see more illustrations herehere and here. Find the full study, see more images here.

Strange Bright Spots on Dwarf Planet Ceres May Be Volcanic — See Images (Discovery News, 2/25/15).

More Mysterious Craters Found in Siberia — See Photo (The Huffington Post 2/23/15).

Buh-bye, Big Apple: Cartographer Computer-Maps Fate of Manhattan if Ice Melts, Seas Rise as Predicted — See Results (The Huffington Post, 2/23/15). Find full NYC 2015 Climate Change Report here.

How Cold Is It? Niagara Falls Partially Frozen — See Photos (The Guardian, 2/20/15).

Embracing Couple, Other Fascinating Stone-Age Burial Finds Excavated in Greek Cave — See Photos (National Geographic 2/20/15)

Snowy Owl Pays Rare Visit to NYC  — See Photos (DNAInfo, 2/19/15).

Study: Binary Star Gave Earth Really Close Shave Mere 70,000 Years Ago (CNet, 2/19/15). Find the study here.

Researchers Map Ocean Acidification from Space — See Image (Tech Times, 2/18/15). Read more here and here. Find the full study here.

Move Over Spider Silk: Newest, Strongest Natural Material Comes from Sea Snail — See Photos, Video Report, Listen to Radio Interview (BBC, 2/17/15). Read the full study, see more photos and diagrams here.

Nature is Not Your Friend 1: Lucky Teens Survive Freezing Night in Maine Woods — See News Report (CBS News, 2/17/15)

Nature is Not Your Friend 2: NYC Woman Dies of Exposure Hiking New Hampshire Mountains — See Photos & News Report (New York Daily News, 2/17/15).

Oregon Minnow Comes Off Endangered Species List (Reuters 2/17/15). Read more here.

Study: Penguins Taste Sour and Salty, Nothing Else  (The Christian Science Monitor, 2/17/15). Find the study here.

Fight between Canadian Harbor Seal and Giant Octopus Caught on Camera — See Photos (The Huffington Post, 2/15/15).

• Bull Gores 20-Year-Old Georgia Man during Madrid Festival — See Photos (NBC News, 2/16/15).

NASA to Send Sub to Explore Saturn Moon Titan’s Methane Seas — See Image (Utah People’s Post, 2/16/15).

Mars Haze Mystifies Scientists — See Images (ABC News, 2/16/15). Read more, see more images here.

Researchers Predict Decades-Long Drought in Central, SW U.S. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2/15/15). Read more here. Read the study here.

Study: Dogs Can Read Happy, Angry Human Facial Expressions (National Geographic, 2/15/15). Find the study here.

Gunk Coating, Killing California Seabirds ID’d as Synthetic Oil, Origin Unknown (Fox News, 2/12/15).

Report: Ocean Plastic Problem Getting Worse (The New York Times, 2/12/15). Find the report here.

Fossils of Tiny, Oldest-Known Tree-Climbing & Burrowing Mammals Found in China — See Illustrations (NBC News, 2/12/15).

Researchers Make New Discovery about Earth’s Core (National Post, 2/10/15).

It’s All Connected: Smoke from Central American Land-Clearing Fires Fuel Tornadoes in U.S. (National Geographic, 2/9/15).

Save the Strange & Beautiful Pangolin! See Photos (, 2/9/15).

Zimbabwe Selling Kidnapped Baby Elephants to Thailand, China (National Geographic, 2/6/15).

• See Earth from Far Side of Moon via NASA — See Video (, 2/6/15).

Underwater Volcanoes May Affect Climate Change (The Christian Science Monitor, 2/6/15). Learn more here.

NASA Gets Closest Look Yet at Dwarf Planet Ceres Out between Mars, Jupiter — See Images (UPI, 2/5/15). See another video of one-breath Blue Hole Dive here.

Hubble Snaps Conjunction of 3 Jupiter Moons against Surface of Planet — See Images (, 2/5/15).

Scientists Accidentally Catch, Quickly Release Seldom-Seen Moonfish, Photographer Jumps in After, Snaps Pics — See Images (National Geographic, 2/5/15/).

Chimp Changes Calls to Fit In with New Troop in New Zoo — See Video Report (Discovery News, 2/5/15). Read more here.

New Nat Geo Series Earth: A New Wild Explores Link between Humans, Wilderness (National Geographic, 2/4/15).

Big Bunch o’ Manatees Gather in Crystal River, FL — See Photo & Video (CNN, 2/4/15).

Green Sea Slugs Half Animal, Half Plant? See Image (, 2/4/15). Learn more here.

Study: Deep Sea Bacteria, Unchanged in 2.3 Billion Years, May Prove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution — See Image (Los Angeles Times, 2/3/5).

Study: Cute Gray Seals Really Cold-Blooded Carnivores (National Geographic, 2/3/15).

66-Ft Tall Ice Tower Crumbles Before Record-Breaking Height Verified — See Images & Video (The New York Times, 2/3/15).

Pretty Pink Southern California Sea Slugs Moving North — See Image (, 2/2/15).

Fly Through Inner Space off Tahiti with Freediver Guillaume Nery — See Video (, 2/1/15). Thanks to Benjamin Siegel-Wallace for this item.

January 2015

Quadrantid Meteor shower, 2013/ B. Cooke, MEO, NASA / Click for more

Traits of Great Sled Dogs — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 1/31/15).

Traveler Visits Sri Lanka’s Last Hunter-Gatherer Tribe — See Photos (The Daily Beast, 1/31/15).

Fossils of Dinosaur with Super-Long Neck Discovered in China — See Illustration (The Telegraph, 1/30/15).

Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline (The Washington Post, 1/29/15). Urge Obama to veto here.

Ancient Skull First Evidence of Early Human Migration through Middle East (NBC News 1/29/15). Learn more, see photos here and here. Read the full study here.

Sierra Red Fox ID’d in Yosemite: First Sighting in Almost 100 Years — See Photo (, 1/28/15)

Ruins of Water Temple where Maya Offered Sacrifices during Drought Discovered in Belize — See Photos & Aerial Footage (Discovery News 1/27/15).

Snowstorm Shifts East, Spares NYC, Slams New England, Points NE — See Photos (, 1/27/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Obama to Allow Oil Drilling Off East Coast (Forbes, 1/27/15).

GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl “Puppy” Commercial (ABC News, 1/27/15). See news report here.

Warming Planet Means Worse Snows (Scientific American, 1/26/15).

Asteroid Zipping Past Earth Has Own Moon — See Images (NASA, 1/26/15). Learn more herehere, here and here.

USDA Chief Wants New Animal Welfare Plan after Revelations of Meat Industry Cruelty (Reuters, 1/26/15).

British Researchers Want to Free GM Mosquitos in Florida Keys to Control Disease-Carrying Biters (Naples Daily News, 1/25/15).

• Here Comes the Clipper: Possible “Historic” Snowstorm Heads East — See Photos & News Report (CNN, 1/25/15). Learn more, see more photos and news reports here, here and here.

• Obama’s Proposed Arctic Wilderness Protection Could Halt Oil Exploration (Fox News, 1/25/15). Read more here.

West Coast Seabirds Starving in Alarming Numbers (National Geographic, 1/23/15).

Other West Coast Birds Being Coated with, Killed by Mysterious Gray Gunk (Fox News, 1/23/15).

Biggest Asteroid until 2027 (that We Know of) to Zip Past Earth on 1/26 — Find Out Where to Look (National Geographic, 1/23/15). Learn more here. See video report here and here.

Surprising World of Fish, Other Marine Life Discovered under Antarctic Ice — See Images (The Blaze, 1/23/15). Learn more, see more images here.

Study: Prehumans Had Hand-Muscle Control Needed to Use Tools Earlier than Thought (Reuters, 1/23/15).

Ski Down a Mountain with Candide Thovex, One of World’s Best — See Video (, 1/21/15).

Rare, Prehistoric Frilled Shark Hauled Up in Fishing Net — See Image (Fox News, 1/21/15). See more images, video report here.

Study: Certain Species of Cone Snails Spray Insulin in Water to Put Prey in Sugar Shock — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/20/15).

Meat Industry Experiments to Up Livestock Production Cause Increased Animal Suffering, Deaths (The New York Times, 1/19/15).

Murmuration of Starlings Creates Mesmerizing Patterns in Sky — See Video (, 1/19/15).

California’s Big Trees Fast Disappearing (National Geographic, 1/19/15).

Theory: Anomalies in Solar System Caused by 2 Undiscovered Planets Out Past Pluto (The Space Reporter 1/17/15).

Climbers Try to Scale Myanmar’s Highest Peak — See Photos, Read about their Adventure (National Geographic 1/16/15).

2014 Hottest Global Year Ever Recorded — See Video Report (USA Today, 1/16/15).

Beneath the Waves Film Festival Issues Calls for Submissions (Marmam, 1/16/15). Learn more about the festival here. Find a list of previous festival film archives here. View the beautiful 2014 short film In Harmony with Whales here.

• Study: Mass Extinctions Threaten Ocean Life (The New York Times, 1/15/15). Read more here.

Kiss Our Planet Goodbye (The Washington Post, 1/15/15).

Large Asteroid Will Give Earth Uncomfortably Close Pass Jan 26 — See Video Report (Discovery News 1/15/15). Learn more about it and how to see it here.

Study: Sea Turtles Use Magnetic Sense to Navigate World’s Oceans (National Geographic, 1/15/15). Read more here and here. Find the study here.

Pope Francis: Humans Have “Slapped Nature in the Face (Chicago Sun Times 1/15/15).

Head of Greenpeace Tells Why He’s Willing to Risk His Life for the Cause — See Video Report (Moyers & Company 1/15/15).

Scientists Suggest Atomic Blasts, Use of Plastics Marked New “Anthropecene” Geological Epoch — See Video Report (The New York Times, 1/15/15).

Study: Sea Levels along U.S. East Coast Rising Faster than Global Average (CBS DC, 1/15/15).

Angry, Fast-Swimming Hippo Charges Tourist Motorboat — See Video (23 23 ABC KERO Bakersfield, 1/14/15).

Study: Sea Levels Rising Faster than Thought (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/15/15).

How Big are the Biggest Creatures in the Sea, Really? Researchers Find Out (National Geographic, 1/13/15). See photos here.

Researchers ID New 14-Foot, Jurassic-Era Marine Reptile from Fossils — See Illustration (BBC News, 1/12/15).

Timber Interests Destroy Rain Forests of Borneo — See Photo (National Geographic, 1/11/15).

Lone Wolverine Seems to be Thriving in Sierra Nevada (The Daily Astorian, 1/10/15).

• Look for Comet Lovejoy Tonight thru Jan 19 — Where to Look (Universe Today, 1/10/15). Learn more, see photos and video hereherehere and here.

NYC Bans Foam Cups, Containers (Reuters, 1/8/15).

Study: Polar Bear Range Shifting North with Sea Ice — See Slide Show (Discovery News, 1/8/15).

Two Grizzlies Moved from Bronx to Central Park Zoo (NBC 4 New York 1/8/15).

Study: Easter Island Population Decline Not Caused by Environmental Abuse (Discovery News, 1/8/15).

Elephant Trust Rescues Baby after Mom is Poisoned by Poachers — See Photos & Video Report (National Geographic, 1/7/15).

• NASA Discovers Earth-Like Planet Fairly Near but Very Far Away (Quartz, 1/7/15).

Scientists Puzzled by Massive Die-Off of Small Seabird along Pacific Coast (National Monitor, 1/7/15).

Study: Mars Rock Formations Could Be Signs of Past Microbial Life — See Photos (Discovery News, 1/6/15).

Researchers Find Big Deposit of Raptor Bones, Hillside Location Makes Makes Transport Tricky — See Video (National Geographic, 1/6/15).

Researchers Suspect Birds Can Hear, Flee Tornadoes 24 Hours in Advance (, 1/5/15). Read more here.

Watch for Comet Lovejoy Wednesday through Rest of Month — See Photos & Video (New York Daily News, 1/4/15). Read more here.

Researchers Study Unusual Lightning Events (Florida Today, 1/4/15).

We All Love Being in Nature, Whether We Know It or Not (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/3/15)

First Meteor Shower of 2015 Peaking Now (The Washington Post, 1/2/15). Learn more herehere and here.

13 Species that could Disappear in 2015 — See Photos (USA Today, 1/2/15).

Comet Lovejoy to Brighten Sky on January 7 (Consolidate Times, 1/1/15).

Researchers Identify Genetic Link between Fins and Hands (The Washington Post, 1/1/15). Find the study here.

Book Celebrates Astonishing Birds of New Guinea — See Photos & Video (Smithsonian, 1/1/15).

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