Nature 2018

December 2018

Topography of ice-filled Korolev crater, northern lowlands of Mars, April 4, 2018 / ESA, DLR, FU Berlin / Click for more.

NASA’s New Horizons Flies By Space Rock 4 Billion Miles from Earth, Farthest Object Ever Visited by Human Craft — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 12/31/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

First Meteor Shower of New Year Coming on Jan 4 — See Photo, Video & Maps (USA Today, 12/31/18).

Nat Geo Selects 100 Best Photos of 2018 — See Images (National Geographic, 12/31/18).

Authorities Euthanize Last 4 of 7 Chincoteague Ponies Battling Swamp Cancer (The Washington Post, 12/29/18).

ESA’s Mars Express Orbiter Captures Images of Ice-Filled Craters on Mars — See Images (EarthSky, 12/28/18). Read more, see more images here.

14-Year-Old Girl Falls to Death from AZ’s Horseshoe Bend Overlook (ABC News, 12/27/18).

12-Year-Old Skier Survives Being Buried by Avalanche for 40 Minutes — See Video & Map (USA Today, 12/27/18).

Side Effect of Black Widow Spider Bite: Inability to Urinate (Science Alert, 12/27/18).

Finding: Weak Spot in Earth’s Magnetic Field Correlates with Vast Swathe of Dense Rock Below Africa (Science Alert, 12/27/18).

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Coming in January (WCPO Cincinnati, 12/27/18).

Archeologist Find 2,000-Year-Old Remains of 3 Horses, One in Bronze-Plated Saddle, in Ongoing Excavations in Pompeii — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 12/26/18).

Newly Discovered, Fast-Moving Comet Will Come Closest to Earth February 11-12 — See Photo & Diagrams (EarthSky, 12/26/18).

Survivors, Rescuers Recall 1998 Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race Disaster on Eve of 2018 Race — See Photos (9 News Au, 12/25/18).

Physicists Warn June 2019 Could Be Bad Month for Asteroid Close Calls, Possible Strikes (The Washington Post, 12/25/18).

Go Figure: Some Physicists Say Time Existed Before Big Bang (Science Alert, 12/25/18).

Cruise Ship Changes Course Due to Weather, Finds Fisherman Lost at Sea for 20 Days — See Photo (The Washington Post, 12/24/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

• Tsunami Triggered by Volcanic Eruption Strikes Indonesia without Warning — See Photos & Video Report (The Washington Post, 12/23/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here.

Earthrise from aboard Apollo 8, Dec 24, 1968 / William Anders, NASA / Click for more.

Christmas Eve Marks 50 Years Since Astronaut Took Iconic Photo of Earthrise — See Photo & Video Report (The New York Times, 12/21/18).

Study: Plants Are Really Touchy about Being Touched (Science Alert, 12/21/18).

CDC: Marburg Virus Found in Fruit Bats in Sierra Leone (CDC, 12/21/18).

Finding: Asteroid Strike that Killed Off Dinosaurs Triggered Gargantuan Tsunami — See Simulations (EOS, 12/20/18).

Study: There’s a Giant Fungus Among Us in Upper Michigan, and It’s At Least 2,500 Years Old — See Photos (Live Science, 12/19/18).

Diver Shares His Love of Florida’s Goliath Groupers — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 12/18/18).

Study: Coastal Erosion Reveals Detailed Tracks of 13 Dino Species in Eastern Sussex — See Photos (Science Alert, 12/18/18).

British Surfer Catches Possibly Record-Breaking 100′ Wave in Portugal — See Photo & Video (Surfer Today, 12/17/18). Read more, see more video here.

New Jersey Becomes First State to Ban Wild Animal Acts in Traveling Shows — See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/17/18).

Astronomers Discover Pink Dwarf Planet at Outskirts of Solar System, Dub it “Farout” — See Photos, Diagrams & Illos (, 12/17/18). Read more here.

Winter Solstice Arrives on Dec. 21 — See Photos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 12/15/18). Read more, see more charts and diagrams here.

Indiana Police Offer Captures Fireball Lighting Up Night Sky on Cruiser Dash Cam — See Video (BGR, 12/14/18).

Finding: Bears Fish, Wolves Also Fish, Sometimes They Fish Together — See Videos (The New York Times, 12/14/18)

Researchers Learn from First, Failed Attempt to Reintroduce Captured Wolly Monkeys to Wild in Colombia — See Photos (The Conversation, 12/14/18).

Study: Sensors Recorded Earth Shaking Caused by Meteor Exploding Over NW Greenland (Live Science, 12/13/18).

Special Report: Experts Worry that Little-Known, Bat-Borne Virus in Bangladesh Could Trigger Next Pandemic — See Photos & Videos (bioGraphic, 12/12/18).

Researchers Debate: Can a Tiny Fish Possess Self-Awareness or is Study that Tests for It Flawed? — See Photos & Video (Quanta, 12/12/18).

• Discovery: Rare Frog, Thought Extinct, Found in Ecuador’s Disappearing Chocó Rainforest — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 12/12/18).

Study: Traditional Clay Treatments Really Do Fight Bacterial Infections — See Photos (EOS, 12/12/18).

Skywatchers Capture Beautiful Images & Footage of Comet 46P/Wirtanen — See Photos & Videos (EarthSky, 12/16/18). See more photos here.

Discovery: Huge Penguin Colony Has Been Hidden on Tiny Antarctic Island for 2,800 Years — See Photos (Live Science, 12/12/18).

Fall that Broke Surfer’s Back Voted Worst Wipeout of Year — See Video of Top Contenders (USA Today, 12/11/18).

Finding: Deep Beneath Earth’s Surface, Planet Teems with Microbial Life — See Photos (Science Alert, 12/11/18). Read more, see more photos, video and diagram here and here.

Fireball Lights Up Morning Skies over Acapulco, Mexico City — See Video (, 12/11/18).

Audubon’s Annual Christmas Bird Count Begins Dec 14 — See Photo (EarthSky, 12/11/18).

Researchers Collect Rare Footage of Strange, Tube-Eyed, Deep-Sea Fish — See Video (Deep Sea News, 12/11/18).

Scientific Surprise: Space Probe Finds Evidence of Past Water on Asteroid Bennu (Futurism, 12/10/18). Read more, watch live stream here.

Pipeline Spews Oil in Brazil’s Estrela River, Guanabara Bay — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 12/10/18).

Milestone: Voyager 2, Launched in 1977, Finally Left Solar System, Entered Interstellar Space on Nov 5 (Nature, 12/10/18).

Good News, Bad News: 2026 Asteroid Won’t Hit Us After All, 100s of Others Still Could — See Photos (COSMOS, 12/10/18).

Comet 46P/Wirtanen Makes Closest Approach to Earth Dec 16 — See Photos, Illos, Diagrams & Video (EarthSky, 12/8/18). Read more, see more photos, diagrams and some beautiful video herehere, here and here

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Dec 13-14, Astronomers Predict Good Show — See Photos & Diagrams (Newsweek, 12/8/18). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here, here, here, here and here.

Supreme Court Agrees: Trump Can Build Border Wall Right Through Critical Butterfly Sanctuary — See Photos (Daily News, 12/8/18).

Researchers Discover Huge Hole-in-the-Earth Cave in Remote Part of British Columbia — See Photos, Diagram & Video (The New York Times, 12/8/18).

NASA InSight Lander Records Sounds of Winds on Mars Vibrating Craft — See Photos, Spectrogram & Video, Listen to Recording (, 12/7/18). Read more here.

Study: Parrot Genome May Hold Clues to Bird’s Intelligence, Longevity — See Photo (The New York Times, 12/7/18).

Norway to Ban Forest-Destroying Palm Oil-Based Biofuels — See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/7/18).

Experts Sound Alarm: African Swine Fever Spreading Rapidly, Could Reach US in 1 Year — See Photos & Map (The Guardian, 12/7/18).

Peru Oil Company Blames Indigenous People for Oil Spill on Amazon Rainforest — See Photos (Earther, 12/7/18).

Authorities Investigate Oil Spill on Massachusetts’  Charles River — See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/7/18).

Researchers Film Breathtaking Manta Ray Mating Dance in Maldives — See Photo & Video (Hakai, 12/6/18).

Photographer Captures Image of Beautiful White Reindeer Calf in Norway — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 12/6/18).

Trump’s Dept of Interior Wants to Allow Oil Drilling on Lands Set Aside to Protect Greater Sage Grouse — See Photo (BBC News, 12/6/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

NINYF*: Only Female Sailor in Solo, Nonstop Round-the-World Race Hits Boat-Destroying Storm in Southern Ocean — See Photos, Map & Video (The Washington Post, 12/6/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Study: Geckos Have Unique Technique for Walking on Water — See Photos, Diagram & Video (Ars Technica, 12/6/18).

2nd Species of Giant Fringed Salamander Discovered in NW Florida — See Photo & Video (HuffPost, 12/5/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Nat Geo Picks Best Animal Photos of 2018 — See Images (National Geographic, 12/5/18).

Discovery: Red Rock Arches of Utah’s Bear’s Ear & Grand Staircase Monuments Hum Songs of the Earth — Listen to Recording (EcoWatch, 12/5/18).

Wisdom, the Laysan Albatross, Midway Island, 2018 / USFWS, Gizmodo / Click for more.

Wisdom the Albatross, World’s Oldest Wild Bird, Lays Another Egg at Age 68 — See Photos & Video (Gizmodo, 12/5/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Opalised Fossil from Australia Turns Out to be Jawbone of New, Small Species of Dinosaur — See Photo & Illo (Science Alert, 12/5/18).

NINYF*: 8-Year-Old-Boy Bitten by Nurse Shark at Swim-with-Sharks Tourist Site in Bahamas — See Photos & Video (Travel Pulse, 12/5/18).

Scientists & Investor to Attempt Touchdown at Deepest Point in All 5 Oceans — See Photos, Maps & Video (Digital Trends, 12/5/18).

Report: British Columbia’s Chinook Salmon (Southern Resident Orca’s Primary Food Source) in Steep Decline — See Photo (The Guardian, 12/5/18).

7.5 Quake Hits New Caledonia — See Map (CBS News, 12/5/18). Read more, see photos and maps here, here and here.

• Finding: Asteroid Strike May be Source of Biblical Story of God Smiting Sodom with Fire, & Brimstone — See Photo (Forbes, 12/4/18)

Habitat Loss, Avian Predation Upsetting Monogamous Habits of Tasmanian Parrot — See Photo (The Guardian, 12/4/18).

Storm Crossing Country Looks Spawned by El Niño (The Roanoke Times, 12/4/18). Read more, see maps and video here.

Curiosity Rover Snaps Image of Shiny Object, Possible Meteorite, on Mars — See Photo (Fox 13, 12/4/18).

Reminder: Comet 46P/Wirtanen Will Be Closest to Earth, Visible to Naked Eye on Sunday, 12/16 — See Photos, Diagrams & Video (USA Today, 12/4/18).

Funny Squirrel Photo Wins Comedy Wildlife Photography Award — See Photo (Brandon Patch, 12/4/18).

Rains, Hurricanes, Climate Change Make Mold a Bigger Health Threat to More People (The Washington Post, 12/4/18).

Nat Geo Announces Instagram Voters’ Pick for Photo of Year — See Images (National Geographic, 12/4/18).

Wildlife Photographer of Year Finalists Announced — See Photos, Vote for Your Favorite (Quartz, 12/3/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Environmentalist Challenge to Trump’s Authority to Build Border Wall (The Hill, 12/3/18).

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Dec 13-14, Promises Good Show (Penn Live, 12/3/18). Read more, see photos and diagrams here.

• Who Stands to Gain, Lose in Push to Open Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Drilling — See Map & Photos (The New York Times, 12/3/18). Read a Q&A with a polar bear expert here.

More than 2 Dozen Tornadoes Sweep through Illinois — See Photos, Maps, Graphs & Videos (The Washington Post, 12/3/18).

Rangers in India Pose as Bait to Lure Man-Eating Leopard (Newsweek, 12/3/18).

Dolphins, Marine Life, Sea Birds Keep Dying as Florida Officials, Media Refuse to Grapple with Climate Change, Link to Red Tide — See Photos (The New York Times, 12/2/18).

Essay: Orangutan Numbers Plummeting in Borneo, How to Help— See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/1/18).

Daughter of Famed Wolf Killed Outside Yellowstone in 2012 Also Killed in November — See Photos (The Washington Post, 12/2/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Supermoon Eclipse Coming in January, Last Lunar Eclipse until 2021 (Newsweek, 12/1/18).

Nat Geo Shares Favorite Extreme Adventure Photos— See Images (National Geographic, 12/1/18).

* Nature Is Not Your Friend

November 2018

First photo taken by NASA's InSight lander after touchdown on Mars, Nov 26, 2018 / NASA / Click for more.

7.0 Earthquake Hits Near Anchorage — See Maps & Photos (The New York Times, 11/30/18). Read more, see more photos and videos here and here.

Small Earthquake Hits Buenos Aires at Start of G20 Summit (Independent, 11/30/18).

Their Brains are In Their Arms… and Other Odd Facts about Highly Intelligent Octopuses — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 11/30/18).

Researchers Identify 44 New Species of Moth — See Photo (COSMOS, 11/30/18). Read the study, see more images here.

Conservationists Worry Geotagging Photos Draws Crowds, Endangers Natural Sites — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/29/18).

Creepy, Swarming, Disease-Carrying Invasive Tick Spreading across Parts of U.S.— See Photo (The Washington Post, 11/29/18). Read more, see video here and here.

Meet the 96-Year-Old Man Mainly Responsible for Saving Bluebirds in SW Idaho — See Photos and Documentary (Audubon, 11/29/18).

• 2 Men Race to be First to Cross Antarctic without Help — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/29/18). Read more here.

• Drought, Heat Increase Risk of Catastrophic Fire Season in Australia— See Photos, Maps & Video (Weather Underground, 11/28/18).

BBC Earth Film Crew Criticized for Helping Trapped Penguins in Antarctic — See Video (Fstoppers, 11/28/18).

NINYF*: Grizzly Kills Husband, Wife, Child in Yukon (The Washington Post, 11/28/18).

7-Year-Old Steer “Knickers,” of Perth, AU, is Second Tallest on Record  — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 11/28/18). Read more here.

Researchers Puzzled by Strange Seismic Wave that Circled Planet on Nov 11 — See Photos & Maps (National Geographic, 11/28/18). Read more here.

Researcher Rejects Idea that Ravens, Great Apes Actually “Think (PhysOrg, 11/28/18).

Report: Insects are Disappearing around the World (The New York Times, 11/27/18).

NASA’s InSight Lander Sends First Photos after Touching Down on Mars — See Photos & Gif (PetaPixel, 11/27/18). Read more here, here and here.

Comet 46P/Wirtanen Will Be Closest to Earth, Possibly Visible to Naked Eye on 12/16 — See Photos, Illos, Video, Diagram & Skymap (EarthSky, 11/27/18). Read more, see time-lapse images of the comet’s gas spiral here.

Mass Bee Die-Off in Cape Town, SA Linked to Insecticide Use — See Photos & News Report (EcoWatch, 11/27/18).

Study: It’s Not that Dogs are Dumb, It’s that Other Animals are Smart, Too (Scientific American, 11/27/18).

Study: Ancient Rhino with Single Huge Horn Lived Longer than Thought, May Live On in Myth of Unicorn — See Photo & Illo (BBC News, 11/27/18). Read more here and here.

Photographer Poses Pitbulls in Floral Hats to Soften their Image — See Photos (One Green Planet, 11/26/18).

Discovery of Elephant-Sized Fossil Shoots Holes in Theory that Only Tiny Mammals Lived during Dinosaur’s Reign — See Illo (Smithsonian, 11/26/18).

Thanksgiving Cold Kills 173 Turtles in Cape Cod Bay — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 11/26/18).

Cold & Sunny Outside? Check the Sky for Iridescent Clouds — See Photos (EarthSky, 11/25/18).

Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads in Wisconsin Deer Farms as Officials Delay Efforts to Contain It — See Photos (The Cap Times, 11/25/18).

Deforestation at 10-Year High in Brazil — See Photos (Independent, 11/24/18).

Different Factions Have Different Feelings about Growing Brown Bear Population in Baile Tusnad, Romania — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/24/18).

* Nature Is Not Your Friend

IUCN: Conservation Efforts Paying Off in Slow Recovery of Giraffe, Gorilla, Gray Whale Populations (Nature, 11/22/18).

Chinese Dams Driving Sturgeons to Brink of Extinction — See Photos (EcoWatch, 11/21/18). Read more, see more photos here.

News Reports Expose Ongoing 14-Year Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico, Force U.S. Coast Guard to Finally Demand Oil Company Stop the Leak — See Photos (EcoWatch, 11/21/18).

El Niño Brewing in Pacific Expected to Bring Rains, Heat, Food Shortages to Many Parts of Globe (Grist, 11/21/18). Read more here.

Report: Switch from Fossil Fuels to Palm Oil-Based Biofuel is Destroying the Planet — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/20/18).

Study: Deforestation Reveals Ancient City of Termite Mounds the Size of Great Britain in NE Brazil — See Map, Diagram, Photos & Video (Current Biology, 11/19/18).  Read more, see more photos and video here.

Researchers Document Rare Encounter with 1 of World’s 68 Remaining Javan Rhinos — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 11/19/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Sarasota Group Dumps Thousands of Clams into Bay to Eat Up Red Tide — See Photos & Video (, 11/18/18). Read more here.

Researchers Film Beautiful, Delicate Medusa Jellyfish 3,300 Beneath Sea Off Puerto Rico — See Video (Science News, YouTube, 11/16/18).

After 2 Years of Rehab, Orphaned Twin Manatees Released Back into Sea — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 11/15/18).

Conservationists Use Airsoft Guns to Fight Invasive Brown Treesnakes in Guam — See Photos (Earther, 11/14/18). Read the study here.

Divers Encounter Rare, 26′ Wormlike Creature Off New Zealand — See Video (The Washington Post, 11/14/18).

Study: Orangutans Demonstrate Ability to Communicate about Past Events — See Video (Science, 11/14/18).

Scientists Discover Ancient Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice — See Maps, Charts, Graphs & Images (Science Advances, 11/14/18).

Unusual Rains Spell Death for Microbes Adapted to Arid Conditions in Chile’s Atacama Desert — See Photos (EOS, 11/12/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Jean Paul Gaultier Joins List of Fashion Designers Who Won’t Use Fur — See Photos & Videos (EcoWatch, 11/12/18).

Bat Researcher Says Bats have Better Sonar than Dolphins — See Photos & Video (Scientific American, 11/12/18).

China Restores Ban on Use of Rhino Horn, Tiger Bones in Response to International Pressure (EcoWatch, 1/12/18).

• Where Did Earth Get Its Water? Scientists Suggest 3rd Source — See Photos & Illos (EarthSky, 11/12/18).

More Gray Seals Means More Great Whites Means More Risk of Shark Bite in Cape Cod — See Photos (OnEarth, 11/9/18).

As Poaching Drives Survival of Tuskless Elephants, Researchers Study How Survivors Adapt — See Photos (National Geographic, 11/9/18).

Researchers Discovery Shark Nursery Off Ireland — See Video (EcoWatch, 11/9/18).

Man Catches Record-Setting 17.5′ Python in Everglades— See Photo (EcoWatch, 11/9/18).

Real Shark Photo that Looks Fake Inspires Fake Photos that Look Real — See Image (National Geographic, 11/8/18).

Story  Told by Angola Fossils: Giant Sea Reptile Eats Smaller Sea Reptiles, Gets Eaten by Shark after Death — See Photos & Illo, Listen to Broadcast (NPR, 11/8/18).

Study: Some Chimps, Like Some People, Are Quick to Help, Share, Act against Injustice (Futurity, 11/7/18).

• Polar Vortex Makes Early Sweep Over Central, Eastern U.S. — See Maps (USA Today, 11/7/18).

Earth enveloped in golden airglow as seen from ISS over Australia, Oct 7, 2018 / NASA / Click for more.

Astronaut Snaps Photo of Golden Glowing Earth — See Image (Live Science, 11/7/18). Read more here.

EU Backs Away from Earlier Promise to Ban Ivory Trade — See Photos & Video (Independent, 11/7/18).

Harvard Astrophysicists Suggest 2017 Interstellar Object Might Be Spacecraft — See Photos, Illos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 11/6/18). Read more, see video here.

North Carolina Judge Rebukes U.S. Agency for Failing to Protect Critically Endangered Red Wolf (The Washington Post, 11/5/18).

Clouds that Look Like Ocean Waves Act Like Them, Too — See Photos (ABC, 11/5/18).

NINYF*: Young Australian Man Dead after Eating Slug on a Dare — See Videos (The Washington Post, 11/5/18).

Fogbows are Beautiful — See Photos (EarthSky, 11/5/18).

Feared Man-Eating Tiger Shot Dead in India — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/3/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Editors Pick Favorite Student Drawings of Stellwagen Bank Marine Life — See Images (EOS, 11/2/18).

Nat Geo Picks 24 Favorite Photo Contest Submissions — See Images (National Geographic, 11/2/18).

How Did Tiny Flightless Bird End Up on Island in Middle of S. Atlantic? It Flew! — See Photos & Map (Gizmodo, 11/2/18).

NINYF*: 2 Women Meet Hiking Pacific Crest Trail, One Heads Unprepared into Snowstorm, Other Goes Home and Saves Her Life — See Photo (The Washington Post, 11/2/18).

Mysterious Bubbling Mud on the Move in Southern California (Live Science, 11/2/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Fungal-Like Disease Kills 1 Horse, Sickens Others on Chincoteague Island (The Washington Post, 11/2/18).

The Ocean is a Strange and Dangerous Place — See Photos (EarthSky, 11/2/18).

Nature Photo Team Picks Science Images of Month — See Photos (Nature, 11/2/18).

Palau Bans Sunscreens Harmful to Coral Reefs Starting in 2020 (BBC News, 11/1/18).

Report: Less than 23% of Earth’s Land, 13% of Oceans Not Marred by Direct Impact of Human Activities (COSMOS, 11/1/18).

17 Newly Named Nudibranch Species Add to Sea Critter’s Astonishing Beauty — See Photos (Gizmodo, 11/1/18).

* Nature is not your friend.

October 2018

Philanthropist Pledges $1 Billion over 10 Years to Help Save Planet (The New York Times, 10/31/18).

Astronomers Capture First Images of Ghostly Dust Cloud Orbiting Earth — See Image (COSMOS, 10/31/18). Read more here.

Researchers Discover Vast Octopus Nursery on Seamount in Monterey Bay — See Video (Science Alert, 10/30/18).

WWF 2018 Living Planet Report: Humans are Killing Everything — See Map & Video (BBC News, 10/30/18). See more video here. Find the full report here.

Unusual High Tide Floods Venice — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 10/30/18).

Evidence Builds for Existence of Massive Black Hole at Center of Our Galaxy — See Photos & Video Report (The New York Times, 10/30/18).

Report: Caribou are Disappearing and, As Usual, Humans are to Blame — See Photos, Map & Chart (The Globe and Mail, 10/29/18).

Comet 46P/Wirtanen Approaches in December, Most Visible on 12/16 — See Photos, Diagrams & Charts (EarthSky, 10/29/18).

Study: 99% Destruction of Primary Forest Driving Species Loss in Haiti — See Photo (Phys.Org, 10/29/18).

Report: Brazil’s New President No Friend to Amazon, Climate, Indigenous Rights — See Photo (EcoWatch, 10/29/18).

China OK’s Limited Medicinal Use of Tiger Parts, Rhino Horn, Environmentalist Foresee Increased Poaching, Black Market Trade — See Photo (The New York Times, 10/29/18).

How Do Insects Survive Winter? Some Move In with You! — See Photos (The Conversation, 10/28/18).

Queen Elizabeth’s Last Corgi Dies — See Photos (People, 10/26/18).

NINYF*: Young Girl Gored by Buck during Rutting Season in London Park (Independent, 10/25/18).

Canadian Female Hunter Posts Pic of Legal Wild Goat Kill in Scotland, Response Prompts Country to Reassess Regs —  See Photos (The New York Times, 10/25/18).

NINYF*: Couple Falls to Death from Cliff in Yosemite — See Photos (New York Post, 10/25/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Rock Falls, Splits in Grand Canyon, Reveals Ancient Reptile-Like Footprints, Possibly Oldest in World — See Photos & Diagram (National Geographic, 10/25/18).

Study: Lavender Eases Anxiety as Well as Meds…in Mice, At Least (Smithsonian, 10/25/18). Read the study here.

Florida Gulf Coast’s Red Tide Problem is Back — See Photo (The Verge, 10/25/18).

Researchers Stumble on Aftermath of Deepest Underwater Eruption Near Marianas Trench — See Photos (Gizmodo, 10/25/18).

Man Uses Blowtorch to Kill Black Widow Spiders in Parents’ Home, Sets House on Fire — See Video (NBC News, 10/25/18).

Canadian Man Tries to Scare Away Bear, Bear Turns on Him — See Video (New York Post, 10/25/18).

* Nature Is Not Your Friend

Scientists Meet Beautiful Ghost Octopus during Deep-Sea Exploration of Monterey Bay — See Photo & Video (Gizmodo, 10/25/18).

Cat 5+ Typhoon Slams Marianas — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 10/25/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here.

Study: True Cause of Mexico’s Big 2017 Quake Surprises Scientists, Could Put U.S., Central American Pacific Coasts at Risk — See Photos & Video (, 10/25/18).

Study: Muscle Efficiency Lets Wildebeest Travel 50 Miles, 5 Days without Water — See Photos (The New York Times, 10/24/18).

Meteors Etch Montana Night Sky in Composite Photo — See Image (EarthSky, 10/24/18).

Study: Crows Don’t Just Use Tools, They Can Assemble Them — See Video (Phys.Org, 10/24/18).

Finding: West African, Central African Crocs are 2 Distinct Species — See Photo & Map (National Geographic, 10/24/18).

Is Space Rock Called Phaethon a Comet? An Asteroid? Astronomers Unsure, Do Know It’s Blue  — See Photos, Illo & Video (, 10/24/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Tiny Hawaiian Island Used by Endangered Turtles, Seals Washed Away by Hurricane — See Photos & Video (Science Alert, 10/24/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Red Tide Moving Up Florida’s Atlantic Coast — See Photo & Video (Gizmodo, 10/24/18). Read more, see more video here and here.

Zambia Revives Plan to Cull Wild Hippo Population — See Photos & Video (Inhabitat, 10/23/18).

Winners of Astronomy Photographer of Year Contest Announced — See Photos (Gizmodo, 10/23/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Entrepreneur Tries to Turn Invasive Lionfish into Menu Item — See Photos & Video (Vice 10/23/18).

Geologists Explore Sinkhole in China, Discover Vast Network of Underground Caves — See Photos & Video (Science Alert, 10/23/18).

Sunset, Sunrise Skywatchers Capture Images of Earth’s Shadow, Belt of Venus — See Photos (EarthSky, 10/22/18).

Study: Chocolate Labs Less Healthy, Long-Lived than Blacks & Yellows (COSMOS, 10/22/18).

Report: Oil Company, Coast Guard Colluded in Keeping Public Unaware of 14-Year-Old, Ongoing Oil Spill in Gulf — See Photos, Map & Video (The Washington Post, 10/22/18).

Hurricane Willa, Now a Cat 5, Heads for Mexico’s Pacific Coast — See News Report (CBS News, 10/22/18). Read more here and here.

Doctors in Shetland Islands, Elsewhere, Prescribing “Time in Nature” for Various Ills — See Photo & Video (EcoWatch, 10/22/18).

2 of 6 Endangered Black Rhinos Relocated to Chad Found Dead — See Photo (Reuters, 10/22/18).

NINYF*: 4 Americans, Local Guide Die in River Rafting Accident in Costa Rica — See Photos (Q Costa Rica, 10/21/18).

* Nature Is Not Your Friend

Deep-Sea Camera Films Odd, Beautiful Sea Critter Off East Antarctica — See Photo & Video (Gizmodo, 10/21/18). Read more, see more video here and here.

Photographers Sell Images of National Parks to Raise Money to Save Them — See Photos (National Geographic, 10/21/18).

Tiny Asteroid (Thank Goodness!) Comes Really Close! — See Map (EarthSky, 10/20/18).

Thousands Evacuated after Landslide Blocks River in Tibet — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 10/19/18).

Rectangular iceberg off Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica, Oct 17, 2018 / NASA ICE / Click for more.

Nature Spawns Rectangular Iceberg in Antarctica — See Photo (Live Science, 10/19/18). See more photos herehere, herehere and here.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares Photos of Earth in New Book — See Photos (CNet, 10/19/18).

Sighting: Chubbs, the Giant Alligator, Still Strolling Greens, Giving Florida Golfers a Thrill— See Photo (The New York Times, 10/19/18). See video here and here.

Storms, Climate Change Push Cherry Blossoms to Bloom Early in Japan (EcoWatch, 10/18/18).

Teen Scientists Searching for Space Rocks in Lake Michigan Discover Lake Bottom Carpeted with Invasive Mussels — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 10/18/18).

Study: Loving Gorilla Dads Have More Kids — See Photo & Video (Ars Technica, 10/18/18).

Study: Brain Scans Suggests Dogs Do Understand Familiar Words, Try to Understand New Ones — See Photos (EarthSky, 10/18/18). Read more here and here.

Study: Dandelion Seeds Fly Using Method Scientists Thought Impossible — See Photo & Video (Nature, 10/17/18).

Judges Pick Finalists for Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards — See Photos (Popular Science, 10/17/18).

UK’s Natural History Museum Announces Winners of Wildlife Photographer of Year Contest — See Photos (Mashable, 10/17/18). See more photos here.

Study: Human Mismanagement Killing Huge, Ancient, Single-Root Tree System in Utah — See Photos & Maps (Gizmodo, 10/17/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

Discovery: Wind, Melting Make Antarctic Ice Sing — See Photos & Video, Hear Recordings (Forbes, 10/17/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Rabid Raccoon Attacks 3 People, 2 Pets in D.C. before Capture (WTOP, 10/16/18).

Fungus that Wiped Out Ceylon Coffee Production Now Spreading in Latin America — See Photos (NPR, 10/16/18).

Finding: Insects Disappearing Around World at Alarming Rate with Disastrous Consequences — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 10/15/18).

Young Driver Hits Squirrel, Stops to Revive It — See Police Video (TV6 KWQC, 10/15/18).

Hurricane Leslie & Tropical Storm Nadine, Oct. 12, 2018 / NOAA, Forbes / Click for more.

Hurricane Leslie Hits Spain — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 10/14/18). Read more, see more images and video here, herehere and here.

Jelly Fish, aka Sea Jellies, Are Amazing — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 10/13/18).

Fingerbones of Neanderthal Girl Found in Poland Show She was Partly Eaten by Giant Bird — See Photo (CNN, 10/13/18).

Fierce Storm Kills Climbers in Nepal — See Photos (The New York Times, 10/13/18).

Idaho Wildlife Commissioner Shoots Baboons, Leopard, Giraffe, More in Africa — See Photos He Posted (Idaho Statesman, 10/12/18). Read more here.

Mexico Beach, FL Before & After Michael — See Image (The New York Times, 10/12/18).

Mice Created from DNA of 2 Females Grow Up, Have Own Babies — See Photo (Nature, 10/11/18). Read more, see another photo here.

Magnitude 7 Quake Hits Island Off Papua New Guinea — See Map (The Guardian, 10/11/18).

Hurricane Michael Slams Florida Panhandle Just Shy of Cat 5 — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 10/11/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, hereherehere and here.

Finding: Bees Hunkered Down, Went Silent during August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (Science Alert, 10/10/18).

Here Comes Hurricane Michael — See Maps & Images (EarthSky, 10/10/18). Read more, see more maps and video here.

Researchers Discover Chain of Ancient, Extinct Volcanoes Off East Coast of Australia — See Photos, Video & Images (Science Alert, 10/10/18).

Indian Officials May Use Men’s Cologne to Lure, Trap, Man-Eating Tigress — See Photo (Independent, 10/9/18).

409 Beadnose, Winner of Katmai National Park 2018 Fattest Bear Contest / Katmai National Park and Preserve, The Washington Post / Click for more.

Wildlife Officials Name Winner of Katmai National Park’s Annual Fattest Bear Contest — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 10/9/18).

Tiny Gecko Makes Dozens of Calls to Veterinarian on Touchscreen Phone in Hawaii — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 10/9/18).

4′ Alligator Found Swimming with Jaws Taped Shut in Lake Michigan — See Photos & Video (Chicago Sun Times, 10/8/18).

Unbelievable but True Facts about Octopuses — See Photos & Video (Natural History Museum UK, 10/8/18). See more video here.

Red Tide Spreads from Florida’s Southwestern Gulf to Atlantic Coast — See Photos, Maps & Video (EcoWatch, 10/5/18).

Caribbean Nations Get Serious about Predicting, Preparing for Tsunamis — See Photo & Maps (EOS, 10/4/18).

Expert Opinion: Indonesia Tsunami Warning System Failed People of Palu, Sulawesi — See Photos (The Conversation, 10/4/18). Read more here.

Birds Get Drunk on Fermented Berries in Minnesota — See Video (The Washington Post, 10/4/18).

Nat Geo Picks 25 Favorite Underwater Photos — See Images (National Geographic, 10/4/18).

Once Pristine Thai Beach Featured in DiCaprio Film Trashed by Tourists — See Photos (The Telegraph, 10/3/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Nature Picks Best Science Images of Month — See Photos (Nature, 10/3/18).

When Air Turns Chilly, Wolf Spiders Come Inside to Get Warm  — See Photos (The Washington Post, 10/2/18).

Florence: The Storm is Gone, the Destruction Goes On & On — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 10/2/18).

Discovery of Strange-Acting Object Hints at Possible Planet on Fringe of Solar System (USA Today, 10/2/18).

Yes, Some People Attract Mosquito: Reasons Why (QDT, 10/2/18).

Greetings from Surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 10/1/18).

California Becomes First State to Ban Cosmetics Tested on Animals — See Photos (EcoWatch, 10/1/18).

Red Tide Followed by Brown Tide in Southwest Florida — See Photos & Video (Naples Daily News, 10/1/18).

Fossilized Log of Oldest Flowering Tree in North America Found in Utah — See Photo & Diagram (Live Science, 10/1/18).

September 2018

Minerva-II1A rover bounces on Ryugu asteroid, Sept. 21, 2018 / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, / Click for more.

Sulawesi Tsunami Death Toll Tops 800 — See Photos, Video & Map (The New York Times, 9/30/18). Read more, see more photos and video hereherehere and here.

Rare Antelope Caught on Camera in Uganda for First Time — See Photo & Video (Independent, 9/29/18).

Physicists Detect Particles Shooting through Earth, Don’t Know What They Are (Scientific American, 9/29/18). Read more here.

Overrun with Invasive Species, Florida Bans Others to Prevent Problem from Getting Worse — See Photos (Sun Sentinel, 9/29/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Swarms of Huge Mosquitoes Plague North Carolina after Florence Floods — See Video (USA Today, 9/28/18). Read more here. See photos here. See video of swarm here.

Tsunami Hits Sulawesi Island after 7.5 Quake — See Photos, Map & Graphic Video (BBC News, 9/28/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Female Tourist Trampled to Death by Elephant after Leaving Vehicle to Take Picture in Zimbabwe Game Reserve (Newsweek, 9/28/18).

Study: Primate Societies More Subtle & Complex than Researchers Think — See Photos (Futurity, 9/27/18).

Pregnant Sumatran Tiger Killed by Entanglement in Pig Trap in Sumatra — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 9/27/18).

Japanese Space Agency Shares More Photos Taken by Rover from Surface of Asteroid Ryugu — See Photos & Video (Independent, 9/27/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here.

Hunting Seal Slaps Kayaker with Octopus Prey Off New Zealand — See Video (USA Today, 9/27/18). Read more here.

Researchers Discover Beautiful Little Fish 400′ Down on Remote Brazilian Archipelago — See Photos & Video (Forbes, 9/27/18). Read more here. See more video here.

Fishing Vessel Arrested for Shark-Finning Off West Central African Coast — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 9/26/18).

Extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar Rechristened Largest that Ever Lived — See Photos & Illo (The New York Times, 9/26/18).

Kilauea Quiets Down, Scientists Assess Damage, Future Eruption Risks — See Photo, Maps & Diagrams (Discover, 9/26/18).

Official Warning: Swim or Wade in Florence Polluted Coastal Carolina Waters at Own Risk — See Photos & Video (The Herald Sun, 9/26/18). Read more here.

Huge Dust Storms Called Haboobs Becoming Bigger Problem in Arizona — See Photos & Videos (EarthSky, 9/26/18).

Skywatchers Share Photos of Harvest Moon — See Images (EarthSky, 9/25/18).  See more photos here.

Stupid Human Tricks: Danish Man Lures Saltwater Croc with Dead Prey in Australia, Sits on Back While Croc Eats — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 9/25/18).

Good News for Yellowstone’s Grizzlies: Judge Restores Endangered Species Protections, Makes Hunting Illegal — See Photos (EcoWatch, 9/25/18).

Study: Weedkiller Glysophate Kills Honeybees by Destroying Ability to Fight  Infections (USA Today, 9/25/18).

Invasive Honey Bee-Killing Hornet Reported in Cornwall, UK — See Photo (COSMOS, 9/25/18).

Researchers Discover Thriving, Reproducing, All-Female Termite Colonies in Japan — See Photos (Smithsonian, 9/24/18).

Essay: The Power of a Flower that Blooms for One Night — See Photo (The New York Times, 9/24/18).

Herpatologists Thrilled about 2-Headed Copperhead Found Live in Virginia — See Video (The Washington Post, 9/24/18).

NASA Study: Global Warming, Melting Ice are Changing Weight Distribution on Planet, Making Earth Wobble More as It Spins — See Diagrams (Forbes, 9/24/18). Read more here.

Injured Sailor Rescued from Destroyed Boat in Indian Ocean during Round-World Race — See Photos, Map & Video (The Washington Post, 9/24/18). Read more, see more photos, maps and video here.

Teen who Worked on Floating Fish Trap 80 Miles from Indonesian Shore Survives 7 Weeks Adrift at Sea — See News Report (Newsweek, 9/24/18).

Tigers are Rebounding in Nepal — See Photos & Video (Independent, 9/23/18).

Florence Flooding Leaves Dead Fish on N.C. Highway, Firefighters Hose Them Off  — See Video (USA Today, 9/23/18). See more video here.

RIP Derwent River Seastar — Tasmanian Star Fish Believed Extinct — See Photos (Science Alert, 9/23/18).

Here Comes the Harvest Moon — See Photos & Video (, 9/23/18).

NASA Needs You! Help Agency Map the World 1 Photo at a Time — See Video (NASA, 9/22/18). Learn more here.

Japanese Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid — See Photos (, 9/22/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Pennsylvania DOH Reports 2 Deaths from West Nile (Penn Live, 9/22/18).

Lions, Rhino, Elephants Face Off in Masai Mara — See Video (National Geographic, 9/21/18).

Scientists Discover Flourishing Life in Area of Pacific Ocean Floor Threatened by Mining — See Photos (Nature, 9/21/18).

Floods from Florence Breach Dam at Duke Energy Plant in NC, Send Toxic Coal Ash Toward Cape Fear River — See Photos & Videos (CNBC, 9/21/18).

NASA Collects Footage of Gravity Waves Flowing through High-Atmosphere, Electric Blue Clouds — See Videos (Science Alert, 9/21/18).

Researchers Thrill at Encounter with Strange Deep-Sea Fish Off Hawaii — See Photos & Video (CNet, 9/21/18). Read more here. See large-format video here. See live video stream here.

Study: At Least 1 Praying Mantis Hunts Fish…and Does It in Dark of Night — See Photos (Gizmodo, 9/21/18). Read more, see another photo here.

Dickinsonia Fossil / Bobrovskiy, et al, COSMOS / Click for more.

Study: New Fossil Analysis Identifies Strange 558 Million-Year-Old Life Form as Oldest Animal on Earth — See Photos & Video (COSMOS, 9/21/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers Capture First Footage of Madagascar’s Top Predator, the Rare Fossa — See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 9/21/18).

Underwater Installations in Oceans around World Also Serve as Artificial Reefs — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/21/18).

Rivers Still Rising in Carolinas — See News Reports (CBS News, 9/21/18).

Indonesia Bans Licenses for Palm Oil Production for 3 Years, Conservationists Want Ban to Last Longer — See Photos (Mongabay, 9/20/18).

Spiders Cover Greek Town’s Coastline in White Webs — See Photos & Video (BGR, 9/20/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Ibix Climb Near Vertical Dam in Italy to Lick Salt Deposits — See Photos & Video (Laughing Squid, 9/20/18).

Jersey Man Snaps Rare Supernumerary Rainbow — See Photo (EarthSky, 9/20/18).

118 People in 18 States Contract Illness from Pet Store Puppies in Last 2 Years (CBS News, 9/20/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

73-Year-Old Female Texas Mayor Shoots Big Gator that Ate her Mini-Horse “Right between the Eyes” — See Photo (The Washington Post, 9/20/18). See graphic video here.

Study: FEMA Says 13 Million Americana at Risk Each Year of Experiencing 100-Year Flood; New Analysis Puts Number at 41 Million — See Photos & Maps (EOS, 9/19/18).

Hurricane Florence Floods Kill 3.4 Million Chickens, 5,500 Hogs in North Carolina — See Photos (EcoWatch, 9/19/18).

Searchers Think They’ve Found Ship Captain Cook Sailed Around World at Bottom of Newport Harbor (The Washington Post, 9/19/18). Read more here.

Nudibranchs are Beautiful — See Photos (Hakai, 9/19/18).

Yes, Save the Honeybees, but the World Needs Wasps, Too — See Photos (BBC News, 9/19/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Aggressive Canadian Green Crab Migrating into Maine Waters Are Bad News for Coastal Ecosystem — See Photo (New York Post, 9/19/18).

Hurricane-Strength Storm Ali Hits Ireland, Scotland — See Map & News Report (CBS, 9/19/18). See more video here.

Florence: The Aftermath — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 9/18/18).

Mosquitoes Carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis Reported in Georgia (Fox 5, 9/18/18). Read more here.

Family Stumbles on Giant Jellyfish on New Zealand Beach — See Photos (Fox News, 9/18/18). Read more, see more photos here. See video here.

Florida Governor “Red Tide Rick” Scott Booed Out of Restaurant — See Photos & Videos (The Hill, 9/18/18).

Deadly Mosquito-Borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis Reported in Michigan (ClickonDetroit, 9/18/18).

Termites are Creepy…and Amazing — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/18/18).

Japanese Billionaire Buys All Seats on Elon Musk’s Planned 2023 Tourist Trip around Moon — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 9/18/18).

 Mama Bear Kills Hunter, Rangers Kill Mama & Cub in Grand Teton (AP, 9/17/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Summer Ends, Fall Begins in 5 Days — See Photos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 9/17/18).

Report: Turtles are Fast Disappearing — See Photo (COSMOS, 9/17/18).

Canadian Gold Miners Discover Intact Remains of 50,000-Year-Old Wolf Pup — See Photos (BGR, 9/17/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Bradford Pear Trees are Everywhere, and That’s a Problem — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/17/18).

Scientists Probe Why Great Whites Gather in Area of Pacific Dubbed White Shark Cafe — See Photos & Map (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/16/18). Read more, see more photos and maps here.

• Opinion: Florence Will Change Thinking about Climate Change (The Guardian, 9/15/18). Read more, see photos here.

Young Man Killed in Shark Attack on Cape Cod — See Photos & Video (WCBV5, 9/15/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Florence Makes Landfall — See Photos, Maps & Video (The New York Times, 9/14/18). Read more, see more photos and video hereherehere and here.

Wildlife Officials Mount 2nd Attempt to Remove “Nuisance” Mountain Goats from Washington’s Olympic National Park — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/14/18).

Researchers Discover 3 New Gel-Like Species of Snailfish Living 4.5 Miles Down in Atacama Trench — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 9/14/18).

What Humans Do to, Want from Barrier Islands Often Conflicts with What Nature Intends — See Photos, Diagram & Video (The Conversation, 9/14/18).

550-Mile-Wide Typhoon Mangkhut Slams Philippines with 120 MPH Winds — See Photos, Map & Video (The New York Times, 9/14/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here, here and here.

India Asks Famous Hunter to Find Tigress Accused of Killing, Eating 13 People — See Photos (The Telegraph News, 9/14/18).

Study: Britain’s Cornwall, South Devon Originally Part of Land Mass Now Called France — See Photo & Map (The Guardian, 9/14/18). Read more, see more photos, maps and video here and here.

Study: It Only Takes 1 Piece of Marine Plastic to Kill a Sea Turtle — See Photos (BBC News, 9/14/18).

Study: Plants React Chemically When Caterpillars Attack — See Video (COSMOS, 9/14/18).

Partial Collapse of Beach Cliff Endangers Visitors, Tour Boats on Greek Island — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 9/13/18).

African Swine Fever Threatens Millions of Pigs in China — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 9/13/18). Read more, see more photos, maps, charts and videos here.

Diagnosis: Man Develops Nasty Boils on Neck from Bacteria Caught from Sick Pet Cat — See Graphic Photos (People, 9/13/18).

Nat Geo Picks 12 Favorite Beaches in America — See Photos (National Geographic, 9/13/18).

Quechua Villagers Have Rebuilt Grass Bridge Across Gorge in Andes Every Few Years for Centuries — See Photos (National Geographic, 9/13/18).

Help Clean the Planet This Weekend — How to Get Involved (EcoWatch, 9/12/18).

Study: Radio Bursts from Distant Galaxies Aren’t New News, Numbers Are; AI Re-Analysis of 5-Hour Monitoring Finds 72 that Last Analysis Missed — See Videos (EarthSky, 9/12/18).

Scientific Mystery: Basking Sharks are Huge, Slow-Swimming Plankton-Eaters, So Why Do They Leap Like Great Whites? — See Photos & Video (New Scientist, 9/12/18).

Astrophysicists Want Pluto Reinstated as Planet — See Photos (COSMOS, 9/12/18).

Study: Landslides on Comets Trigger Reactions that Keep Them Spewing Gasses — See Photos (EarthSky, 9/12/18).

Rattled by Commission’s Predictions on Sea-Level Rise, North Carolina Passed Law in 2012 Telling Policymakers to Ignore Them (The Guardian, 9/12/18). Read more here.

Here Comes Florence — See Photos, Maps & Video (Weather Underground, 9/12/18). Read more, see more photos and video here. Learn 4 facts about Florence here. Track Florence’s path here.

Astronauts Get a Good Look at Hurricane Florence — See Photos (SpaceFlight Now, 9/12/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Thai Refuge Frees Old, Sick Elephant from Life Carrying Tourists — See Video (One Green Planet, 9/12/18).

Zinke Loosens Hunting Restrictions in 30 National Wildlife Refuges (EcoWatch, 9/12/18).

Sec of Interior Zinke Wants Feds to Back Off, Let States Take Lead on Managing Wildlife (The Hill, 9/11/18).

Oregon Woman Killed by Wild Cougar in State’s First Fatal Attack — See Photos & Video (KATU2, 9/11/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

2 Kurdish Scientists Dream of Creating Reserve to Save Rare Persian Leopard — See Photos (bioGraphic, 9/11/18).

Hermit-Priest on Vancouver Island Preaches Love for Natural World — See Photos (Hakai, 9/11/18).

Studies: Like Humans, Chimps & Bonobos Can Be Generous..and Selfish — See Photo (The New York Times, 9/11/18).

Meghalayan, Anthropocene…Researchers Propose New Names for New Geologic Age — See Photos (The Conversation, 9/11/18).

Skywatchers Capture Images of Comet’s Closest Pass in 72 Years — See Photos (EarthSky, 9/11/18).

How Female Elephants of Mozambique Lost Their Tusks and Saved Their Own Lives — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/11/18).

Study: As Oceans Warm & Storms Get Bigger, We May Need a Hurricane Category 6 — See Photo (The Washington Post, 9/11/18). Read more, see more video here.

Sunflower Seed Now or Walnut Later? Parrots Grasp How to Choose & Wait — See Video (The New York Times, 9/11/18).

Burglars Steal More than 7,000 Live Spiders, Roaches, Insects from Philly Museum — See Creepy Photos! (The Washington Post, 9/11/18).

An Elephant Dies, Other Elephants Mourn, Then Nature Takes Over — See Video (National Geographic, 9/10/18).

Mystery Solved: Some Ordinary Matter in Universe Was Missing, Now It’s Found — See Photos (Quanta Magazine, 9/10/18).

Heat, Earthquakes, Typhoons, Floods Batter Japan — See Photos, Maps & Video (CNN, 9/8/18). Read more, see more photos, maps and video here and here.

Ocean Cleanup Trash-Collecting Rig Set for Launch, Will It Work? — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 9/8/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Scientist, Young Son Attacked by Mother Giraffe in South African Reserve — See Photos (BuzzFeed News, 9/7/18).

Finding: Trees Communicate, Share Resources through Roots, Fungus, Biggest Tree Acts as Hub — See Video (National Geographic, 9/7/18).

Study: Bison, Elk, Bighorn Sheep Learn Migration Routes through Cultural Transmission (EurekAlert!, 9/6/18). Read more, see photos and video here.

Ants Are Amazing! — See Photo & Videos (The Conversation, 9/6/18).

Researchers Use DNA from Tooth Fragment to ID Shark that Bit Boy Off New York’s Fire Island in July — See Photo (Futurity, 9/6/18).

Scientists Turn Sun’s Dynamic Flow into Sound — Listen to the Sun (EarthSky, 9/6/18).

Artist Creates Image of Entire Universe in 1 Circle — See Image (Science Alert, 9/6/18).

Earth’s Atmosphere is Horrifically Clogged with Junk — See Animation & Diagrams, Listen to Podcast (Nature, 9/5/18).

Contaminants, Viruses, Algae, Climate Change All Contributing to Seal Die-Off in Maine — See Photos (Hakai, 9/5/18).

Silver Lining: Tropical Storm Gordon Helps Disperse Red Tide — See Map, Photo & Video (Bradenton Herald, 9/5/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Researchers Hope to Clone 40,000-Year-Old Foal from Remains Found in Siberia — See Photo (SlashGear, 9/5/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Study: Elk Use Antlers to Fight Wolves, Wolves Attack when Elk Shed Them — See Photos (Phys.Org, 9/5/18).

Study: Bonnethead Sharks Like to Munch on Seagrass — See Photo & Video (Science Alert, 9/5/18). Read more here.

Study: Vast, Slow-Moving, Underwater Waves Spawned in Mid-Atlantic Linked to Nuisance Flooding along Coast — See Photos (EOS, 9/4/18).

Scientists Learn Fascinating New Fact about Strange Hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole  — See Images (, 9/4/18). Read more here and here.

Japan Hit by Strongest Typhoon in 25 Years — See Photos, Map & Video (EcoWatch, 9/4/18).

Woman & Baby Eaten by Croc in Uganda — See News Report (AOL, 9/4/18).

Report: Beautiful Blue Brazilian Macaw 1 of 8 Birds Now Believed to be Extinct (The Guardian, 9/4/18).

Researchers Believe Study Suggests Tiny Fish May Be Self-Aware (, 9/4/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Putting Things Perspective: Earth from Space — See Images (EarthSky, 9/4/18).

World Bank Issues Bond to Protect Planet’s Waters, Promote Sanitation (EcoWatch, 9/4/18).

Hyenas Fight Wild Dogs for Kill in South African Game Reserve — See Video (National Geographic, 9/4/18).

Wildlife Photographer of Year Exhibit Coming to UK’s Natural History Museum — See Photos (Natural History Museum, 9/3/18).

Iceberg A68 rotating counterclockwise away from Larson C ice shelf, Antarctica, Sept 5, 2018 / NASA Worldview / Click for more.

Huge Antarctic Iceberg Starting to Move — See Images (Gizmodo Earther, 9/3/18). Read more, see more images here, here and here.

Poachers Slaughter 87 Elephants in Botswana (NPR, 9/3/18). Read more, see photos and video here.

Opinion: We Know Damned Well What’s Causing Florida’s Algae Problems — See Photo (The Hill, 9/3/18).

African Swine Fever Spreading from Europe to China — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/3/18).

2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Heats Up — See News Report (41WMGT, 9/3/18).

Illustration of Planet Nine with Sun in background / R. Hunt, Caltech, The Washington Post / Click for more.

Planet Nine, Are You Out There? Researchers Still Aren’t Sure — See Illo (The Washington Post, 9/2/18). Read more, see images and video here and here.

August 2018

Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique, Sept 28, 2016 / ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite, EOS / Click for more.

Earth from Space: Satellite Cameras Capture Its Beauty — See Photos (EOS, 8/31/18).

Super Typhoon Tracking Toward Japan Strongest Storm So Far This Year — See Imagery (The Washington Post, 8/31/18).

France Bans All 5 Bee-Killing Pesticides — See Photos (The Telegraph, 8/31/18).

11-Year-Old Boy Catches 16-Lb Koi (an Overgrown Goldfish) in Canada Lake — See Photo & Video (CBC News, 8/31/18).

Federal Judge Puts 2-Week Stay on Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt to Evaluate Suits Seeking to Reinstate Protections — See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/31/18).

Scientists Use Underwater Robot to Hunt Crown-of-Thorn Starfish Gobbling Up Great Barrier Reef — See Photos (Smithsonian, 8/31/18).

Sharks Near Shore the New Normal in Cape Cod — See Video (EcoWatch, 8/31/18).

Grown Man & Son Call Grandma to Remove Pythons from Barbie in Brisbane — See Video (The Washington Post, 8/30/18).

Report: Florida Polluters, Politicians Sabotage Scientific Efforts to Find, Fight Cause of  Red Tides — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/30/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Tiny Bush Baby Gets TLC from Silverback in Cameroon Sanctuary— See Video (One Green Planet, 8/30/18).

Mama Leopard Reunited with Cub after Freeing It from Crate — See Video (One Green Planet, 8/30/18).

PETA Wants Road Marker to Honor Lobsters Killed in Maine Truck Crash — See Photo (USA Today, 8/30/18).

Mad Cow Disease Found in Beef Cow in Florida — See Video (ABC 6 Action News, 8/30/18). Read more, listen to a radio segment here.

Study: Ancient Herding Practices Helped Fertilized Grasslands Now Supporting Wildlife of African Plains (COSMOS, 8/30/18).

Bears, Cougars Actually Use Tunnels under Idaho Highway — See Photos (Cour d’Alene/Post Falls Press, 8/30/18).

Lake Superior Hit by Worst Algae Bloom Ever Recorded — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/29/18).

Hunters Say Rebounding Midwest Bobcat Populations Can Withstand Hunting, Conservationists Say No (, 8/29/18).

Researchers List Climate Change as 1 of Many Causes of Precipitous Puffin Decline — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 8/29/18).

Study: Goats Distinguish Happy/Angry Human Faces, Prefer Happy — See Photos (COSMOS, 8/29/18).

Summer Safety: 5 Plants to Avoid — See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/29/18).

Family Videotapes Shark Feeding on Dead Whale Off Martha’s Vineyard – See Video (Boston Globe, 8/29/18).

Fireball Streaks through Night Sky in Perth, Australia — See Video (The Guardian, 8/29/18). Read more, see more video here.

Study: Hurricane Maria Killed Almost 3,000 in Puerto Rico — See Photo (EcoWatch, 8/29/18).

Fireball Lights Up Night Sky in 8 Midwestern States — See Video (Fox2Now, 8/28/18).

Problem of Southwest Florida’s Red Tide Now Almost 1 Year Old — See Photos & Videos (The Washington Post, 8/28/18).

2 Comets Approaching Earth in September, December — See Photos, Diagrams (EarthSky, 8/28/18).

Study: Fish Scatter Faster from Divers with Spearguns (Hakai, 8/27/18).

Study: Genes of Long Extinct Cave Bear Genes Live On in Modern Brown Bear — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/27/18).

PETA Wants Aretha’s Fur Coats (ClickOnDetroit, 8/27/18).

13′ Giant Squid Found Dead, Intact on New Zealand Beach — See Photos (RT, 8/27/18).

Bee Handler Removes Giant African Hornets’ Nest from Old Chevy in Ohio — See Video (AJC, 8/27/18).

Former Students Teach Students to Care about Wildlife in Zambia — See Video (National Geographic, 8/27/18).

Study: Blushing, Feather-Ruffling May Signal Emotions in Macaws — See Photos (COSMOS, 8/27/18).

Alabama Man Posts Video of Touching, Startling Endangered Monk Seal, NOAA Tracks Him, Slaps Him with Fine — See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/27/18).

Astronomers Share 20-Year, Time-Lapse Video of Stars Circling Black Hole — See Image & Video (Nature, 8/26/18).

Scientists Discover Huge, Deep-Sea Coral Reef Off South Carolina Coast — See Photos (HuffPost, 8/26/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

NASA Asteroid-Chaser Closing in on Target — See Photos & Videos (EarthSky, 8/26/18).

Scientists Observe, Film Ancient 6-Gill Shark in Deep, Dark Ocean in Bahamas — See Photo & Videos (Mashable, 8/25/18).

Florida’s West Coast Now Hit with Brown Tide, which Can Make Red Tide Even Worse — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 8/25/18).

Bathers Bitten Up by Sea Lice in Ocean City MD (The Washington Post, 8/25/18).

Study Finds Everglades Pythons Not Pure Burmese, Rock-Python Genes Have Researchers Worried — See Photos  (The Guardian, 8/25/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Scientists Figure Out How Fuzzy Balls of Algae Float and Sink — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/24/18). Read more here.

Study: Pregnant Male Pipefish Make Good Parents…until Hot New Female Comes Around  — See Video (The New York Times, 8/24/18).

Experiment Tests if Dogs Really Care about Owners’ Feelings — See Video (The New York Times, 8/24/18).

Dogs Dress Up to Raise Money for Rescues — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 8/24/18).

Freediver Filming Humpbacks has Very Close Encounter with Great White — See Video (CBS Boston, 8/24/18). Read more here.

Hurricane Lane Brings Flooding Rains to Hawaii — See Photos, Video & News Report (ABC News, 8/23/18). Read more, see more images and video here, here, here, here, herehere and here.

Texas Man Survives Shark Bite, Contracts Flesh-Eating Infection (BGR, 8/23/18). See news report here.

And Southwest Florida’s Red Tide Keeps Getting Worse — Hear Broadcasts (NPR, 8/23/18). Read more, see more photos here. See more video here.

Good-Sized Asteroid to Give Earth Close Shave Next Week — See Animated Video (Newsweek, 8/23/18).

Dead Great White Washes Up on Cape Cod Beach — See Photos (Cape Cod Times, 8/23/18). See more photos here.

Good News: Bahama Nuthatch Not Extinct After All / Bad News: Could Be Soon — See Video Report (Independent, 8/22/18).

Researchers Debate: What Is That Purple Light Called Steve? — See Photo (Live Science, 8/21/18).

Couple Finds Megalodon Tooth on North Carolina Beach — See Photo and Video (, 8/20/18).

Disgusting Human Divers Climb All Over Whale Shark in Indonesia — See Video (The Sun, 8/20/18). Read more here and here.

12 Dolphins Dead from Red Tide on Florida Gulf Coast (, 8/20/18).

Red Tide Driving Manatee Deaths in Florida (The Guardian, 8/20/18).

Something is Killing Seals along Coast of Maine — See Photo (EcoWatch, 8/20/18).

Who Knew? Plankton are Beautiful Creatures — See Photos (My Modern Met, 8/20/18).

Ice Found on Surface of Moon’s Poles — See Images (, 8/20/18). Read more here.

The Guardian Selects Bird Photographer of Year Contest Winners — See Images (The Guardian, 8/20/18).

Really Smart Border Collie Blows Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Mind — See Video (NOVA, 8/20/18).

Researcher: Skin Microbes May Explain Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More than Others (The Conversation, 8/19/18).

Unexpectedly Colder Atlantic Waters Putting Damper on Hurricane Formation — See Maps & Graphs (Forbes, 8/18/18).

Fireball Streaks across Alabama Sky — See Photo & Video (Tech Times, 8/18/18).

Small, Stinging Blue Buttons Washing Up on Florida Panhandle Beaches — See News Report (The Weather Channel, 8/17/18).

Is Being Forced to Deal with Us as We Take Over Their Turf Making Animals Smarter? — See Photos & Video (The Atlantic, 8/16/18).

Study: Earth Has at Least 1 Minion, Researchers Expect to Find More (Inquisitr, 8/16/18).

Swimmer Bitten by Shark Off Cape Cod Beach — See Photo & Video (CBS Boston, 8/15/18). Read more, see more photos and news report here and here.

Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency in Counties Hit by Red Tide — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/14/18).

French Pacific Territory New Caledonia Takes Action to Keep Reefs Healthy & Clean (EcoWatch, 8/14/18)

Researchers Gain Insights into Why Elephants Seldom Get Cancer (The New York Times, 8/14/18).

Meet Mr. Stubbs, the Alligator with the Prosthetic Tail — See Video (National Geographic, 8/14/18).

Hippos Kill 1 Fisherman, 1 Tourist at Kenya’s Lake Naivasha — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/13/18).

Fossil Finding: Flying Reptiles Were Around Before Dinosaurs Evolved — See Photo, Illo & Diagrams (BBC News, 8/13/18).

This Year’s Perseid Meteor Shower Put On a Great Show — See Photos (, 8/13/18). See more photos and video here.

Study: Bees & Wasps Can Recognize Human Faces — See Images (The Conversation, 8/12/18).

Study: Black Widow Spiders Spread Northward with Warming Weather — See Photos (Newsweek, 8/11/18).

Depraved Father & Son Shoot Black Bear & Cubs in Their Den in Alaska (EcoWatch, 8/11/18). Read more here.

Green Algae on East Coast, Red Tide on West, Why is Florida So Afflicted? — See Photos, Diagrams & Video (The Conversation, 8/10/18).

9 Dolphins, 1 Whaleshark Victims of Red Tide along Florida’s SW Coast — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 8/10/18). Read more, see more photos, video and diagrams here, here  and here.

Kilauea Eruption Slows Suddenly — See Photos (EOS, 8/9/18).

Meet a Sweet Little Sea Horse the Size of a Grain of Rice — See Video (National Geographic, 8/9/18).

Study: Unique Cortical Neurons in Elephant Brain in Keeping with Highly  Intelligent, Creative, Contemplative Nature — See Photos, Images & Video (The Conversation, 8/8/18).

Hawaiian Family Free Dives Repeatedly to Help Young Whale Shark Entangled in Heavy Rope — See Video (National Geographic, 8/8/18).

July 2018

Star cluster NGC 3603 in constellation Carina / NASA, ESA et al. / Click for more.

Cruise Ship Employee Kills Polar Bear after Alleged Attack on Colleague during Tourist Stop at  Arctic Archipelago — See News Report (CBS News, 7/28/18).

Red Tide Has Killed Almost 300 Sea Turtles along Florida’s Southwest Coast — See Photo (EcoWatch, 7/27/18).

Tiny Nematodes, Frozen for 40,000 Years Brought Back to Life — See Photos (BGR, 7/27/18).

Giant Sea Cucumber Poops Sand in Pacific — See Video (Live Science, 7/26/18).

Amateur Astronomer Shares Beautiful Time-Lapse Images of Comet in Night Sky — See Video (COSMOS, 7/26/18).

Major Discovery: Saltwater Lake Detected on Mars Under Ice at South Pole — See Photos (Nature, 7/25/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Fox Attacks Woman, Woman Strangles Fox in NJ — See Photos (, 7/25/18).

147-Million-Year-Old Skeleton of New Sauropod Species Discovered in China — See Photo (COSMOS, 7/25/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Creepy Swarming Ticks Spread to 5 NJ Counties — See Photos & Video (, 7/24/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Fisherman Hooks Small Shark Off Everglades, 500 Pound Grouper Gulps It Down — See Video (Independent, 7/24/18).

• Fisherman Hooks Striper Off Cape Cod, Great White Takes Half the Fish — See Video(Mass Live, 7/24/18).

Biggest Sauropod Foot Fossil Ever Found Unearthed in Black Hills — See Photos & Illos (Gizmodo, 7/24/18).

Study: Different Species of Fruit Fly Can Learn Each Other’s Signals, Warn Each Other of Danger — See Photo (COSMOS, 7/24/18).

Study Offers More Evidence that Dogs Respond to Owners’ Emotional State — See Video (Futurity, 7/24/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Walnut, the Crane & Chris Crowe, Her Keeper: A Love Story — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 7/23/18).

Whale Shark Washes Up Dead on Sanibel Island, Cause of Death Unclear — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 7/23/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century on 7/27 Not Visible from North America (Digital Trends, 7/23/18). Read more, see videos, diagrams and animations here and here.

Study: Turning Trashed Lots into Green Urban Spaces Improves Residents’ Mental/Emotional Health —See Photos (NBC News, 7/20/18).

Study: Whale Sharks May Live 130+ Years — See Photo (Gizmodo, 7/19/18).

Baby Turtles Boil Out of Nest and Race to Sea! — See Video (One Green Planet, 7/19/18).

Underwater Photographer Films Strange Translucent Sea Creature Off Bali — See Videos (Laughing Squid, 7/18/18).

Chile’s New Telescope Gets Clearest Look Yet at Neptune — See Images (, 7/18/18).

Kennel Club Announces Winners of Dog Photographer of Year Contest (Country Living, 7/18/18).

As Lava Flows to Sea, Hawaii Gets Bigger — See Photos & Video (CBS, 7/18/18).

Africanized Bees Swarm Woman in California — See Video (The Washington Post, 7/17/18).

This is What Flash Floods Look Like: Not Pretty — See Videos (EarthSky, 7/17/18).

Study: Loads and Loads of Diamonds Buried Beneath Earth’s Surface (Science Alert, 7/17/18).

Florida Panther, Kitten Caught on Film — See Video (National Geographic, 7/16/18).

Naturalists to Parents: Spending Time in Nature Helps Children Develop Empathy, Compassion (The Washington Post, 7/16/18).

Jaguar Escapes New Orleans Zoo Enclosure by Night, Goes on Hunt, Kills 8 Other Zoo Animals — See News Report (The Washington Post, 7/16/18). Read more, see more videos here.

2 People Attacked by Shark or Sharks Off Fernandina Beach FL — See Photo & News Report (ABC News, 7/14/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Scientists Protest Plans to Build Dam in Rare Orangutan’s Only Known Habitat — See Photo (Mongabay, 7/13/18).

Drone Captures Great White Eating Seal Off Cape Cod Beach — See Video (Mass Live, 7/13/18).

Virginia Teen Hospitalized with Severe Burns from Giant Hogweed — See News Report (WCNC, 7/13/18).

A Week in Wildlife Photos — See Images (The Guardian, 7/13/18).

Big, Beautiful Iceberg Floating Off  Tiny Greenland Village’s Shore Sends Residents Running — See Photo (The New York Times, 7/13/18).

8 Endangered Black Rhinos Moved from Near Nairobi to SE Kenya Poisoned by High Saline Content in Water — See Photos (The Washington Post, 7/13/18). Read more, see another photo here.

Moving Past Radio Collars: Scientists Try to Track, Identify Wolves by Their Calls — See Photo, Hear Recording (The Conversation, 7/13/18).

Underwater Photographer of the Year Award Winners Announced — See Photos (, 7/13/18).

Satellite Photo Shows Where Gulf of Mexico Shoreline Was 145 Million Years Ago — See Photo (The Washington Post, 7/12/18).

Forest Therapy for Mental, Physical Health Catching on with Doctors, Patients (The New York Times, 7/12/18)

Climate Change Turning Arctic’s Greenland Sharks into Longline Bycatch, Hooks Meant to Deter Them Don’t Work — See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 7/12/18).

Intergalactic Particle Passes through South Pole, Scientist Detect It, Get Really Excited — See Photo & Diagrams (Nature, 7/13/18). Read more, see more photos, diagrams and video here and here.

French Farmer Finds Skull of Rare Mastodon on Land — See Photos (COSMOS, 7/12/18).

2 Species of Bats with Yellow Fur Discovered in Kenya — See Photos (Live Science, 7/12/18).

Giant Dust Storms Called Haboob Hits Arizona — See Photos & Video (AccuWeather, 7/11/18).

Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria on Crabbing Trip in NJ— See Photo (The Washington Post, 7/10/18).

Australian Rangers Capture Elusive 1,300-Pound Croc after 10-Year Hunt — See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 7/10/18).

Common Pasture Crop Poisoning Kangaroos in Australia — See Video (Independent, 7/9/18).

Finding: Oldest Color on Earth is Pink — See Photo (The Guardian, 7/9/18).

How to Discourage Hurricanes: Sprinkle with African Dust — See Photo (Bloomberg, 7/9/18).

DTHD*: Young Woman Gets Bit Posing for Photo Floating with Swarming Nurse Sharks in Bahamas — See Photos (NBC News, 7/9/18).

Scientists Film Iceberg Cracking from Glacier in Greenland — See Photos & Video (Phys.Org, 7/9/18). Read more here.

Studies: Collision of Galaxies Gave Milky Way Its Shape (COSMOS, 7/9/18).

Pieces of Asteroid that Streaked, Exploded over S. Africa Found in Botswana — See Photos, Map & Video (EarthSky, 7/9/18).

Fireball Streaks Over Iowa Sky — See Video (, 7/8/18). Read more, see more video here and here.

Study: Earliest American Dogs Wiped Out when Europeans Arrived with Theirs — See Photos (The Washington Post, 7/7/18).

Finding & Puzzle: 1 Group of Capuchins on Panama Island Uses Stone Tools, Why Not Others? — See Video (The Washington Post, 7/6/18).

• Researchers Track, Ponder Reasons for Tagged Great White’s Deep Ocean Dives (Hakai Magazine, 7/6/18).

Trump’s Attack on Environment: 76  Regulations Going or Gone (The New York Times, 7/6/18)

NOAA Wants to Open Marine Reserves to Commercial Fishing (EcoWatch, 7/6/18).

Earth Reaches Farthest Point from Sun in Yearly Orbit Today — See Diagram (EarthSky, 7/6/18). Read more here.

200-Year-Old Live Oak Falls in Tampa — See Photos & News Report (Fox 13, 7/5/18).

New Wasp with Nasty Stinger Discovered in Amazon — See Photo (Science Daily, 7/5/18).

Visiting the Arctic This Summer? Watch Out for Hurricanes (Hakai Magazine, 7/5/18)

Rhino Poachers Killed, Eaten by Lions in South Africa Game Park — See Photos & Video (Mirror, 7/5/18). Read more here.

Study: Ravens Don’t Stand a Chance against Crows (Gizmodo, 7/5/18).

NASA Wishes You a Happy 4th — See Photo (USA Today, 7/4/18).

Mammatus Clouds: Beautiful, Foreboding, Unique  — See Photos (EarthSky, 7/4/18).

Salvage Operator Proposes Towing Iceberg to Ease South Africa Water Shortage (Quartz, 7/4/18).

Tiny Firefly Squid Put on Beautiful Light Show Once a Year in Japan — See Photos (bioGraphic, 7/3/18).

Scientists Identify Structure in Parrot Brain that Makes Bird So Smart (Science Daily, 7/3/18).

DTHD*: Girl Goes Rafting in Ocala National Forest, Gets Chased Up Tree by Angry Alligator  — See Photo, Listen to Emergency Call (The Washington Post, 7/3/18).

Developers Get OK to Build Mall on Florida Wetlands — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment (WLRN, 7/3/18).

DTHD*: Woman Loses Toenails after “Fish Pedicure” — See Photo (Gizmodo, 7/3/18).

Governor of Hawaii Signs Sunscreen Ban — See Video Coverage (The Hill, 7/3/18). Read more here.

DTHD*: Woman Hand-Feeds Nurse Shark in Australia, Almost Loses Finger — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 7/2/18).

Astronomers Document Birth of Planet for First Time — See Image (Syfy Wire, 7/2/18). Learn more here. Read the studies here and here.

Moose Crashes Outdoor Wedding in Anchorage — See Photos (Anchorage Daily News, 7/2/18).

5-Ton Tractor Missing after Tornadoes Scour SE Montana, NW South Dakota — See Photos (Rapid City Journal, 7/2/18).

Leaked Letter Exposes Democratic Republic of Congo Plan to Send Mountain Gorillas, Other Wildlife to Chinese Zoos (The Guardian, 7/2/18).

Hawaii’s Proposed Ban on Sunscreens Thought to Harm Coral Sparks Debate — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 7/2/18).

Scientists Debate Origins of Internal Elephant Testes — Evolutionary Change? Or Always That Way? (COSMOS, 7/2/18).

Photos of American Female Hunter Posing with Giraffe Kill in S. Africa Spark Outrage — See Photos (USA Today, 7/2/18). Read more here. See video report here.

Scientists to Search for Meteorites that Plunged into Pacific on March 7 — See Map & Photos (Mashable, 7/1/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Sun, Earth, Mars Align in Late July for Rare, Close, Bright View of Red Planet — See Diagrams (, 7/1/18).

False Vampire Bats of Yucatán: Mysterious & Fascinating, Cute & Creepy — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/1/18).

Study: Gray Wolves Flourishing In, Spreading Out from Chernobyl Radioactive Exclusion Zone — See Photo (Live Science, 7/1/18). Read the study here.

* Dumb Things Humans Do

June 2018

Barchan dunes, Lyot Crater, Mars, January 24, 2018 / NASA MRO, JPL-Caltech, U. of Arizona / Click for more.

Democratic Republic of Congo Will Allow Oil Exploration in National Parks Created to Protect Mountain Gorillas, Other Wildlife — See Photos (Independent, 6/30/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Study: Goats Make Smart, Affectionate Pets, Too — See Photos (Science Alert, 6/30/18).

Nasty-Smelling Sargassum Covering 1,000 Miles of Florida Beach — See Video (ABC Local 10 News, 6/29/18).

Florida’s Lake Okeechobee Algae Bloom Could Spread to Atlantic, Gulf Coasts — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 6/29/18). Read more, see another photo here.

Study: More than 50% of Armadillos — Common Source of Bush Meat in Brazil — Carry Leprosy (COSMOS, 6/29/18).

Study: Crows Are Even Smarter than We Knew — See Photos (Gizmodo, 6/28/18). See video here.

Belize Reef, 2nd Longest on Planet, Comes Off UNESCO Endangered List — See Photo (The New York Times, 6/27/18).

Nat Geo Announces Travel Photographer of Year Contest Winner — See Images (National Geographic, 6/27/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Correction: First Known Interstellar Visitor Oumuamua Was Comet, Not Asteroid — See Photo (Science Alert, 6/27/18).

Analysis: Jets of Ice, Saltwater Spewing Off Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Contain Building Blocks of Life — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 6/27/18).

Longest Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century Coming in July (Science Alert, 6/26/18).

Florida Homeowner Regrets Calling Pest Control to Exterminate Swarming Honeybees  — See Photo & Video (News-Press, 6/25/18)

Data Analysis Reveals East Antarctica Is Much Colder than Thought (Earther, 6/25/18).

Fireball Explodes Over Russia — See Video (BGR, 6/25/18). Read more here.

Brazil’s Blue Parrot, Extinct in Wild, to Be Reintroduced from Captive Breeding Colonies in Europe — See Photo (Phys.Org, 6/24/18).

London Natural History Museum Announces Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award Winner — See Photo (Forbes, 6/24/18).

Finding: Something Volcano-Like Is Brewing Under New England — See Diagram (Science Alert, 6/24/18).

NASA Releases Gorgeous Image of Blue Dune on Red Planet Mars — See Photo (Fox News, 6/22/18). See video here. See new images of Jupiter here.

Happy Summer Solstice! — See Photos (EarthSky, 6/21/18).

Report on U.S. Readiness to Deal with Asteroid Threat: Not  (Quartz, 6/20/18). Read more here and here. Read the report and see images and diagrams here.

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest Winners Announced — See Photos (Earther, 6/20/18).

Recent Eruptions of Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser Have Scientists a Little Nervous — See Photos & Video (CBS News, 6/20/18).

Florida Wildlife Commissions Encourages Public to Kill Invasive Lionfish, Please! — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 6/20/18).

INTERPOL Smashes International Wildlife-Trafficking Ring — See Photos (EcoWatch, 6/20/18).

Dust Storm on Mars Envelopes Entire Planet — See Photos (EarthSky, 6/20/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Tons of Purple Jellyfish Wash Ashore in Southern Spain — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 6/20/18).

An Elephant’s Nose is an Exquisitely Sensitive Thing — See Video (The New York Times, 6/19/18).

Boat Captain Films Whale Shark Feeding Off Longboat Key FL — See Video (Spectrum News 9, 6/18/18). See another amazing photo here.

Surprisingly Cold Atlantic Sea-Surface Temps Could Curtail Hurricane Activity (The Washington Post, 6/18/18). Read more, see more photos and graphics here  and here.

Researchers Discover Manta Ray Nursery in Marine Sanctuary Off Texas, Louisiana — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 6/18/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

NOAA: Mild to Moderate El Niño May Moderlate Atlantic Hurricane Season — See Diagrams (AccuWeather, 6/19/18).

Whale Sharks Make Rare Appearance Off Florida’s Anna Maria Island — See News Report (ABC Action News, 6/18/18). See video of whale sharks off St Pete’s here.

DNA Finding: Mysterious Wolf-Like Creature Shot in Montana was a…Wolf — See Photos (CBS News, 6/18/18).

Invasive Giant Hogweed from Asia, Capable of Inflicting Blindness, Bad Burns, Found in Virginia — See Photos (USA Today, 6/18/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Here Comes the Summer Solstice — See Diagram (The Conversation, 6/18/18).

Mars Makes Closest Approach to Earth in 15 Years on July 31 — See Video (Newsweek, 6/18/18).

Virgin Island Survivors of Hurricane Irma Say It’s Time for New Storm-Strength Designation: Category 6 — See Photo & Listen to Radio Broadcast (NPR, 6/17/18).

Woman Attacked by Rabid Bobcat in Georgia, Strangles It with Bare Hands — See Video (Click 2 Houston, 6/17/18).

Poaching for Ivory Driving Proliferation of Female African Elephants without Tusks  — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/16/18).

Woman Bitten by Rabid Feral Cat in Colorado (Fox 31 Denver, 6/16/18).

Python Swallows Woman in Indonesia — See Graphic Video (The Washington Post, 6/16/18).

Bison Charges Photographer in Yellowstone — See Photo (Fstoppers, 6/15/18).

How Deep is the Ocean? Animated Video Gives Us Some Sense — See Video (The Inertia, 6/15/18)

Study: Mammals Becoming Nocturnal to Avoid Encounters with Human Beings (Scientific American, 6/14/18). Read more here, here and here.

Deadly, Slow-Moving Lava Creeps Toward House in Hawaii — See Video (ApauHawaii Tours, YouTube, 6/14/18).

Monarch Migration Mechanisms & Threats Made Simple — Read the Comic Strip (Knowable Magazine, 6/14/18).

Photographer Shares Quiet Vision of World Beneath the Waves — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/13/18).

Big Blue Snake Slithers Out of Texas Man’s Toilet — See Photos (The Washington Post, 6/13/18).

Study: Cosmic Particles in Upper Atmosphere are Older than Our Solar System — See Images (Science Alert, 6/13/18). Read more here.

3D NASA Survey Reveals How Climate Change, Logging Are Impacting Amazon Rain Forest — See Video (NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Jefferson Beck, 6/12/18).

NASA Rover Tracking Huge Dust Storm on Mars — See Photo (, 6/12/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

June, July, August New Moons are All Supermoons — See Photos & Diagrams (, 6/12/18).

Scientist Suggests 1 or More of Countless Parallel Universes May Harbor Life (, 6/12/18).

Study: Drought, Climate Change Killing Africa’s Oldest, Biggest Baobab Trees — See Photos & Map (The New York Times, 6/12/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Sargassum Choking Coastlines, Marine Life in Eastern Caribbean — See Photos (Hakai Magazine, 6/11/18).

Kilauea Spewing Green Gemstones… or Not— See Photos (IFLScience, 6/11/18).

Study: Honey Bees Can Grasp the Concept of Zero (Mental Floss, 6/11/18).

100s of Chicks Hatch from Spoiled Eggs Tossed in Dump in Country of Russia — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 6/11/18).

2nd Octopus City Found Off Eastern Australia — See Photo (Science Alert, 6/10/18).

Searchers Find Body of Woman Killed by Alligator in Davie, FL — See Photos & Video (ABC Action News, 6/8/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

NINYF*: Tourists Get Too Close to Bison in Yellowstone, 1 Woman Gored — See Video Report (, 6/7/18).

Chinese Researchers Find Tiny Tracks of One of First Animals Ever to Walk Earth — See Photo (BBC News, 6/7/18).

Rangers Shoot Poachers in Kenya — See Photos & Video (Independent, 6/7/18).

Largest Iceberg Ever to Crack Off Antarctic, at Sea for 20 Years, Now Heading toward Equator — See Photos, Map & Video (Live Science, 6/7/18).

Never Underestimate an Alligator, Even when It’s Tied Up — See Video (Miami Herald, 6/6/18).

Texas Man Decapitates Rattlesnake, Head Bites Him Anyway — See Photos & Video (ABC News, 6/6/18).

Study: Even Weak Electrical Fields Seem to Throw Sharks into Attack Mode — See Photos & Diagram (EarthSky, 6/6/18).

Tourist Walking Between Cabins in Yellowstone Attacked by Elk Protecting Calf — See News Report (USA Today, 6/5/18).

Croc Kills Pastor Performing Baptisms in Lake in Ethiopia (The Washington Post, 6/5/18).

Study: Earth’s Days were 18 Hours Long 1.5 Billion Years Ago, Keep Getting Longer as Moon Spins Away from Earth — See Photos & Video ( 6/5/18).

NASA Has Been Watching World’s Weather for 20 Years, Now You Can Too — See Video (BGR, 6/5/18). Find the viewing tool here.

American Airline Flight Flies into Thunderstorm over Texas, Nose and Windshield of Plane Destroyed — See Photos (The Washington Post, 6/5/18).

Researchers Observe Young Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda Dismantling Poacher’s Traps (Matador Network, 6/5/18). Read more here and here. Thanks to Denise Herzing for this item.

Mange Becoming Big Problem among PA Black Bears, Scientists Unsure Why — See Photos (The Washington Post, 6/4/18).

Eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano More Dangerous, Deadly than Kilauea — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 6/4/18). Read more, see more photos and video hereherehere and here.

Florida Beach-Walker Snaps, Shares Photo of Shelf Cloud — See Image (EarthSky, 6/4/18).

Kilauea Eruptions, Lava Flow Continue — See Video (Big Island Video News, YouTube, 6/3/18). See more video here.

2 Experienced Climbers Fall to their Deaths in Yosemite — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/3/18).

Small Asteroid Discovered Hours Before Hitting Earth’s Atmosphere — See Videos (EarthSky, 6/3/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

* Nature is not your friend.

May 2018

Climbing Everest: Nat Geo Shares 65 Years of Photos — See Images (National Geographic, 5/31/18).

Real Estate Sign Washed Off Jersey Shore by Hurricane Sandy Washes Up On Shore in Bordeaux, France — See Photo (The New York Times, 5/31/18).

New Mountain Gorilla Census Finds Numbers Are Increasing — See Photos (The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, 5/31/18).

Manhattanhenge Returns — See Photos (, 5/30/18).

Utah Fossil Find Suggests Ancient Super-Continent of Pangea Broke Up into Smaller Continents Much Later than Thought  — See Photos & Video (The Spectrum, 5/29/18).

Scientists Tag Great Whites, Learn Why They Gather in Hot Spot Out in Pacific — See Photos & Video, Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 5/28/18).

Elephant Wants Thailand Sanctuary Founder to Lullaby New Arrival, Gets Message Across Loud & Clear — See Video (elephantnews, YouTube, 5/28/18).

New Zealand Will Kill 100,000 Cows to Contain Disease (The Guardian, 5/28/18).

Kilaeua Lava Flow Visible from Space — See Photos & Video (ABC News, 5/27/18).

Alberto Becomes 1st Named Storm of Hurricane Season 1 Week Before Official Start — See Maps & Video (Miami Herald, 5/26/18).

Researchers Discover Mountains, Valleys Under Antarctic Ice, Worry How it Will Speed Ice Melt, Rising Seas — See Video (The Washington Post, 5/26/18).

NINYF*: Woman from OK, 65, Stung to Death by Wasps during Gorilla Trek in Uganda (Newsweek, 5/25/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Adorable Malamute Puppy Tries to Howl — See Video (The Dodo, YouTube, 5/25/18).

Rancher Shoots Wolf-Like Creature Stalking His Cattle in Montana, Wildlife Experts Don’t Know What It Is — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/25/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Wyoming Commission Unanimously Approves Yellowstone Grizzly Hunt (Smithsonian, 5/24/18). Read more, see photos and map here and here.

NOAA Releases Beautiful Imagery of Lightening Storms Rolling Across U.S. — See Video (Independent, 5/24/18).

Tourists Reunite Lost, Crying Baby Sloth with Mother in Costa Rica — See Video (National Geographic, 5/24/18).

Two Lynx in Undisclosed Location Engage in Screaming Match — See Video (National Geographic, 5/23/18)

Neutrinos Are So Strange! (Gizmodo, 5/23/18).

Researchers Locate 1708 Spanish Shipwreck Carrying Billions in Gold, Jewels Off Cartagena— See Video (The Washington Post, 5/23/18).

NINYF*: Researcher Mauled by Grizzly in Montana, Makes It Through Alive (The Washington Post, 5/23/18).

Institute Names Top 10 Newly Discovered Species of 2018 — See Photos (CNN, 5/23/18).

Photographers Submit Work for Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards — See Photos (HuffPost, 5/23/18). Learn more, see more photos here.

Scientists to Do DNA Search for Nessie…and Whatever Else is Hiding in Loch Ness —See Photo & Video (USA Today, 5/23/18).

Photographer Videos Eagle Stealing Rabbit from Fox in San Juan Island — See Video (CBS News, 5/23/18).

Everglades Python Hunt: 1,000 Down, Many Thousands to Go — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/22/18).

Finding: Dive Instructor’s Bad Decisions Caused Drowning Death of Young Woman on Great Barrier Reef (The Telegraph, 5/22/18).

Sinkhole Forming on White House Lawn — See Photos & Video (The Weather Channel, 5/22/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Biologists in France Creeped Out by Invasion of  Giant Asian Worms  — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/22/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Young Leopard in Botswana Sees if Tourist in Open Jeep Would Make Good Eating — See Video (National Geographic, 5/21/18).

Officials in Southeastern PA Worried Invasion of Voracious Asian Lanternflies Will Spread — See Photo (The New York Times, 5/21/18).

NINYF*: Emaciated Cougar Attacks 2 Cyclists, Kills 1 in Washington State — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/21/18).

NINYF*: 2 Climbers, 1 Guide Die on Everest in 1 Month — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/21/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Kilauea Eruption Ongoing, Increasing — See Photos & Videos (EarthSky, 5/20/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

NOAA: Atmospheric Levels of Banned, Ozone-Destroying CFC 11 On Rise (EarthSky 5/19/18).

Archeologists Find Remains of 2,000-Year-Old Horse in Pompeii — See Photos (The Washington Post, 5/18/18).

Early Prediction: 2018 Will Be Another “Busy” Atlantic Hurricane Season — See Photos & Video (Business Insider 5/17/18).

BBC Earth Films Leopard Family Hunting Catfish at Night in Botswana — See Video (BBC Earth, YouTube, 5/17/18).

Astronomers Find Possible New Evidence for Existence of a Planet Nine (Gizmodo, 5/17/18).

Researchers Surprised by Large Whale Shark Numbers Off Madagascar — See Photos (BBC News, 5/17/18).

NASA Study Tracks Increases, Decreases in World’s Fresh Water Supply — See Video Report (Inverse, 5/16/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Big Money Joins Indigenous People in Fight to Save Arctic Refuge (EcoWatch, 5/15/18).

Elephants, Other Wildlife Rebound in Chad’s Zakouma National Park — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/14/18).

Lost”Asteroid Relocated 2 Days before Zipping between Earth & Moon, Giving Earth Closest Pass of Any This Size — See Photos (EarthSky, 5/15/18).

Nat Geo Travel Photo of the Year Submission Deadline Approaching — See Some Editor Favorites (National Geographic, 5/12/18).

Algae that Causes Red Tide Produce Electric Blue Glow at Night in San Diego — See Photos (Huffington Post, 5/11/18).

Sensor Measures Record 78-Foot Wave in Southern Ocean, Peak May Been Higher — See Simulations (Gizmodo, 5/11/18). Read more here.

Researchers Think Video of Elephants’ Reaction to Death of Group Member Suggests Mourning — See Video (National Geographic, 5/10/18).

Dam Bursts in Kenya in Torrential Rains, 41+ Killed — See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 5/10/18).

Feral Dogs Killing Children in Northern India (The Washington Post, 5/10/18).

Wildlife Photographer Fulfills Dream of Swimming with, Photographing Polar Bears — See Photos & Video (Destination Wildlife, 5/10/18).

New York Judge Believes Intelligent Animals May Have Right, at Least, to Be Free (The Washington Post, 5/9/18).

NINYF*: Croc Takes Woman’s Arm 5 Days Before Wedding in Zimbabwe — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/8/18).

Remembering Kilauea’s Last Big Blow — See Photos (The Atlantic, 5/8/18).

Research Question: Are Chimp Calls a Kind of Language? — Hear Recording, See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 5/8/18).

Theory: Big, Mysterious Rock Mounds in Western Australia Created by Large, Extinct Species of Bird (COSMOS, 5/8/18).

NINYF*: Leopard Snatches, Eats 3-Year-Old Boy in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park  (The Telegraph, 5/8/18). Read more here.

More Photos, Footage of Volcanic Activity on Big Island of Hawaii — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/8/18).

Big Ol’ Dog Does Surprise Walk-On During Weather Broadcast — See Video (The Dodo, 5/7/18).

NINYF*: Filmmaker Dies after being Headbutted by Giraffe in S. Africa Safari Lodge — See Photo (Independent, 5/7/18). Read more, see more photos here.

191 Wild Horses Weakened by Hunger, Thirst Die in Mud around Dry Pond in Arizona — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/6/18).

The Special Nature of the Human-Horse Bond: A Language of Touch (The Conversation, 5/5/18).

Flooding Rains, Deadly Mudslides Hit East Africa — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 5/5/18).

Survey: Total Number of Gorillas, Chimps in Africa Higher than Thought, but Numbers are Declining — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/4/18).

Dam Project Threatens Survival of New Orangutan Species Discovered in Sumatra — See Photo (EcoWatch, 5/4/18).

Meet Mauro Morandi, 79, Sole Resident of Sardinia’s Beautiful Budelli Island for 30 Years — See Photos (Mother Nature News, 5/4/18).

11-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Finds 475-Million Year Old Fossil along Lake — See Photos (Knox News, 5/4/18).

* Nature is Not Your Friend

Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō from the east, Hawaii, May 3 2018 / USGS / Click for more.

Kilauea Volcano Blows on Big Island of Hawaii — See Photos & Video (The Weather Channel, 5/4/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, herehere and here.

Ocean Dead Zones Increasing Worldwide, But Loss Can be Reversed (The Conversation, 5/4/18).

New Study Adds to Evidence that Trees, Plants Communicate with One Another (COSMOS, 5/4/18).

U.S. Home to 23 Unesco World Heritage Sites — See Photos (The Washington Post, 5/3/18). See photos of all World Heritage Sites here.

Black Rhinos Reintroduced to Chad — See Photo & Video (EcoWatch, 5/3/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Bones of Extinct Ice Age Horse Uncovered in Utah Backyard — See Photos & Illo (The New York Times, 5/3/18).

Violent Seasonal Dust Storm Kills More than 100 in Northern India — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 5/3/18). Read more, see more video here.

Hawaii Bans Sunscreens with Coral-Killing Chemicals (EcoWatch, 5/2/18).

Man Attacked in S. Africa Safari Park by Male Lion He Raised from Cub — See Video (The Washington Post, 5/2/18).

RIP, #16: Studied from Birth under Acacia Tree in Western Australia, Trapdoor Spider Dies at Age 43 — See Photos (The Washington Post, 5/1/18).

April 2018

Night Skies are Stunning in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — See Video (National Geographic, 4/24/18).

57-Year-Old Elephant Matriarch Successfully Raising Rare Twin Calves in Tanzania — See Video (National Geographic, 4/19/18).

Warming Oceans Draw Bull Sharks to North Carolina’s Outer Banks — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/16/18).

Astronomer-Photographer Shares Exquisite Images of Celestial South Pole — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 4/16/18).

Yikes! Asteroid Spotted Mere Hours before Zipping between Earth & Moon on 4/15 — See Photo & Diagram (EarthSky, 4/16/18). Read more, see more photos and a video report here.

Viruses are Freaky, Dangerous, Essential, Abundant & Literally Falling from Sky — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/13/18).

Good for Business/Bad for Nature: Philippine Tour Operators Lure Whale Sharks with Food — See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 4/13/18).

11 Lions — 3 Adult Females, 8 Cubs — Poisoned in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park — See Photos (National Geographic, 4/13/18).

Amazing Natural Formations that Look Human-Made: Basalt Columns around the World — See Photos (Mother Nature News, 4/12/18).

Visit, Tour & Almost Walk on the Moon with NASA — See Video (NASA Goddard, YouTube, 4/9/18).

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Ask Donations to anti-Ocean Plastic, pro-Wilderness, 5 Other  Charities in Lieu of Wedding Presents — See Photos (, 4/9/18).

8 Women & Guides Rescued after Day & Night Lost at Sea in Bahamas — See Photo (, 4/9/18).

Opinion: Saving Wildlife Helps Humans, Too — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/7/18).

Scottish Boy Bitten by Bull Shark after Falling Off Dock in Bimini — See Photos & Video (7 News Miami, 4/7/18).

How to Avoid Being Bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider — See Photo (EarthSky, 4/6/18).

InStyle Magazine Says “No More Fur (EcoWatch, 4/5/18).

Huge Bollywood Star Gets 5 Years in Jail for Poaching Rare Antelope in 1998 — See Photo (BBC News, 4/5/18). Read more, see more photos here.

BBC Admits Scenes in Documentary on Papua New Guinea Tribe, Other Nature Programs, were Staged — See Footage (The Guardian, 4/4/18). Read more, see more video here.

Ohio Neighborhood Rattled by Teeth-Baring Raccoons — See Photo & Video (Vice, 4/4/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here.

Study: Universe Could End with Big Bang, Nobody Knows When — See Photos (, 4/4/18).

Study: Urban Green Spaces Linked to Lower Rates of Major Depression, Other Mental Health Disorders (The Lancet Planetary Health, 4/4/18).

U.K. Moves to (Almost) Completely Ban All Ivory (EcoWatch, 4/3/18).

Tracks from 2 Dinosaur Species Found on Isle of Skye — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 4/3/18). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here and here.

Oil Spill Spreading, Burning Off Borneo — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 4/3/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Study: City-Dwelling Blackbirds Live Longer, Unhealthier Lives than Country Cousins — See Photos (COSMOS, 4/3/18).

Report: Hubble Telescope Spots Oldest, Most Distant Star Yet Detected — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 4/3/18).

Study: Venus May Once Have Had Liquid Water able to Support Life (COSMOS, 4/3/18).

MIT Researchers Design, Test Robotic FishCam — See Video (EarthSky, 4/2/18).

Whew! Falling Space Station Mostly Disintegrates, Fragments Fall in Ocean — See Photos & Map (Phys.Org, 4/2/18). Read more, see more maps, charts and video here.

March 2018

Shark Bumps Man Off Paddle Board in Hawaii — See News Report (KHON2, 3/31/18). Read more, see more video here.

5 Flower Videos to Celebrate Spring — See Videos (National Geographic, 3/30/18).

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s… a Falling Space Station! — See Video (EarthSky, 3/30/18).

Crack Forms in Kenya’s Rift Valley where Scientists Predict Continent Will Eventually Split Apart — See Photos, Maps, Diagrams & Videos (Science Alert, 3/29/18).

Cheetah Climbs into Safari Jeep in Tanzania — See Video (USA Today, 3/29/18).

See the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018 on 3/31 (, 3/28/18).

Industries, Environmentalists Wrestle with What to Do with Toxic Mining Waste — See Photos (, 3/28/18). Special thanks to author Bethany Augliere for sharing.

Drones Help Researchers Study Caribou Behavior when Crossing Ice — See Video (The New York Times, 3/28/18).

New Mountain Gorilla Census Underway in Uganda (Phys.Org, 3/28/18).

Carolina Parakeet, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago / Wikimedia Commons, The Conversation / Click for more.

When Male Lynx Meet during Breeding Season, Screaming Match Ensues — See Video (National Geographic, 3/28/18).

America’s Only Parrot Disappeared 100 Years Ago, Scientists Still Don’t Know Why — See Photos, Illo & Map (The Conversation, 3/28/18).

Boy Attacked by Great Horned Owl in Massachusetts — See Photo (Boston Globe, 3/28/18).

Avian Flu Threatening Coastal Bird Colonies in South Africa (Nature, 3/28/18).

Colombian Oil Company Takes Weeks to Stop River Spill, Destruction Still Being Assessed — See Videos (EcoWatch, 3/27/18).

Sandstorms, Dust Storms are Awesome — See Photos (The Atlantic, 3/27/18).

Study: Human Hunting Acts Like Natural Selection, Favors Scandinavian Brown Bears Moms who Keep Cubs Close Longer (Phys.Org, 3/27/18).

NASA “Clean Room” Holding Meteorites for Study is Contaminated — See Photo (Smithsonian, 3/27/18).

Some Flowers are Really Strange! — See Photos (COSMOS, 3/27/18).

Mountain Lion Roaming CA Neighborhood Tranquilized for Transfer — See Video (The Washington Post, 3/26/18).

It’s Hard Work Being a Hummie — See Video (The New York Times, 3/26/18).

Earth Hour 2018: Watch Landmarks, Skylines Go Dark — See Video (CBS News, 3/25). See photos here.

Orange Snow Sweeps Eastern Europe — See Photos & Video (Mashable, 3/25/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Earth Hour 2018 — Turn Off the Lights @ 8:30 P.M. on Saturday 3/24 ( Learn more here. See videos here, here, here, here and here.

New U.N. Global Reports Agree: We are Destroying Our Earth (The Guardian, 1/23/18). Read more here. Find the reports here.

Scientists in Submersible Capture 1st Footage of Deep-Dwelling Anglerfish Mating — See Video (National Geographic, 3/23/18).

Nature Photographer Captures Stunning Image of Diving Kingfisher — See Photo (My Modern Met, 3/23/18). Special thanks to Kalia Doner for sharing.

Meet the (Older) Man who Crossed the Ocean in a Kayak…3 Times — See Photos & Maps (The New York Times, 3/22/18).

Brazil Wants Whole Nation Vaccinated against Yellow Fever (CIDRAP, 3/22/18).

Today is 25th Annual World Water Day (, 3/22/18).

Study: Very Tiny Mummified Skeleton Not Alien — Human with Unique Disorder — See Photo (The New York Times, 3/22/18).

When the Mullet Run in Miami, Now That’s a Sight to See — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 3/20/18).

NINYF*: 2 Men Almost Die in Iditarod — See Photos (The Washington Post, 3/20/18).

Cherry Blossom Season in China is Breathtaking! See Video (National Geographic, 3/20/18).

* Nature is not your friend.

It’s Spring! See Photos, Diagrams & Video (EarthSky, 3/20/18).

Sudan, Last Male Northern White Rhino, Euthanized at Age 45 in Kenya — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 3/20/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here and here.

Welcome Spring with a Laugh — Funny Kitty Video, Even if Fake (RMVideos, YouTube).

Louis, Philadelphia Zoo’s 18-Year-Old Lowland Gorilla, Often Prefers Walking Upright — See Video (The Washington Post, 3/19/18).

Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper: How the Universe Will End — See Videos (CNBC, 3/19/18).

Is Jupiter’s Great Storm Dying? (BGR, 3/16/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Early Humans Met, Mated with Mysterious Denisovans in 2 Separate Waves — See Illo (COSMOS, 3/16/18). Read more, see more illos and video here.

CDC Warns of Intense Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil (MedicalXpress, 3/16/18).

Surfing under the Northern Lights in Norway — See Photos (The Atlantic, 3/15/18).

Donatella Versace Says “No More Fur” — See Photo (EcoWatch, 3/15/18).

Easter Island Threatened by Rising Seas — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 3/15/18).

Devil Rays Endangered — See Photos (COSMOS, 3/15/18).

Amateur Skywatchers Discover New Type of Northern Light — See Photos & Video (The Atlantic, 3/14/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Researchers Capture Rare Footage of Lowland Gorilla Mom, Newborn Baby — See Video (National Geographic, 3/13/18).

Giant Prehistoric Shark Tooth Stolen from National Park in Western Australia — See Photo (The Washington Post, 3/13/18).

Skywatching from Grand Canyon’s Colorado River — See Video (EarthSky, 3/13/18).

Study: Alligators Have Shorter Limbs than Crocs (The New York Times, 3/12/18).

Scientists Explain Unusual Cause of Recent Mexico City Quake, Why It Could Happen Again — See Photos & Diagrams (The Conversation, 3/12/18).

Penguins Examine Animal Cam — See Video (BuzzFeed, 3/9/18).

Goliath Frog, Planet’s Biggest, Threatened by Overfishing in Cameroon — See Photo (bioGraphic, 3/8/18).

Large Diamond from Deep in Earth’s Mantle Contains Mineral Scientists Knew About but Have Never Seen — See Photo & Video (Newsweek, 3/8/18). Read more here.

Otter Attacks Female Kayaker on Florida’s Braden River (, 3/8/18).

NASA Marks Apollo 8 50th Anniversary with Look Back at Photos of Earth from Space — See Video (EarthSky, 3/7/18).

Scottish Nature Photography Award Winners Announced — See Photos (Express, 3/7/18).

Author: Cecil the Lion Died Horrible Death — See Photos (The Washington Post, 3/7/18).

132-Year-Old Message in Bottle Found on Western Australia Beach (The Washington Post, 3/6/18).

Villagers Kill Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger — See Photo (The Washington Post, 3/6/18).

Mongoose Pups Seem to Invite Hornbill to Play in South Africa — See Video (National Geographic, 3/3/18).

Asteroid 2017 VR2 to Pass Close Enough to Earth be Called Hazardous — See Photo (Newsweek, 3/2/18). Read more here.

Researchers Identify Adélie Penguin Hotspot in Antarctic’s Danger Islands — See Map & Photos (Nature, 3/2/18).

Sand Mining in Asia Harming Environment — See Photos (Science, 3/2/18).

Australia’s Blue-Ringed Octopus, Beautiful & Deadly when Angry — See Video (National Geographic, 3/1/18).

Snow in Italy, Tornados in UK, Beast of East Arctic Storm Hits Europe — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 3/1/18).

Researchers Use BaitCam to Capture Footage of Elusive Greenland Shark — See Video (EcoWatch, 3/1/18).

February 2018

• “Beast from East” Storm Blankets Europe with Snow, Ice — See Photos (The Atlantic, 2/28/18).

Indigenous Protectors of Environment May Get 1st Legal Protections under U.N. Treaty — See Photo (The Guardian, 2/28/18).

Study: Wild Chimps, Bonobos Use Same Gestures to Convey Same Messages (COSMOS, 2/28/18).

Study: Indigenous Australians Already Knew  — Falcons, Kites Carry, Drop Burning Sticks to Intentionally Start Fires (EcoWatch, 2/27/18).

Birdwatcher Spots Rare Yellow Cardinal at Feeder — See Video (BoingBoing, 2/26/18).

Violent Storms Bring Torrential Rains, Floods to Southern, Central U.S. — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 2/25/18).

Duck! Asteroid to Pass between Earth & Moon Today (COSMOS, 2/25/18).

Astronomers Puzzled: Universe Expanding Too Fast — See Photos (Newsweek, 2/23/18).

Nature Conservancy, Leonardo DiCaprio Do Deal to Create Marine Reserves in Seychelles — See Photos (EcoWatch, 2/22/18). Read more here.

Amateur Astronomer Captures Birth of Galaxy — See Photos (Ars Technica, 2/22/18). Read more, see time-lapse images here.

Researchers Discover Ancient Rock Carvings of Camels, Other Animals in Saudi Arabian Desert — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/15/18).

Diving Cormorant Pulls Remora Off Whale Shark Off Baja — See Video (National Geographic, 2/13/18).

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 to Pass within Hailing Distance of Earth Today — See Video (Space Coast Daily, 2/4/18). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Mars Rover Looks Back on 5 Years of Exploring Red Planet — See Video (The Washington Post, 2/3/18).

LiDAR Mapping Reveals Mind-blowing Scope of Maya Civilization — See Photos, Maps, Illos & Video (National Geographic, 2/1/18). Read more, see more images here.

Study: Loss of Sea Ice Means Polar Bears Must Work Harder, Expend More Energy to Find Prey — See Video & Map (The Conversation, 2/1/18). Read the study, see more maps, charts and images here.

Nigel, the Lonely, Lovelorn Gannett, Dies on Mana Island Off New Zealand — See Video (The Guardian, 2/1/18). Read more, see more photos here.

United Airlines Draws Line at Emotional Support Peacock — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 2/1/18).

Truck Driver Drives Truck Over Peru’s Nasca Lines — See Photo (USA Today, 2/1/18).

January 2018

Storms on Jupiter, Dec 8 2017 / NASA, SwRI, MSSS, Gerald Eichstädt, Seán Doran / Click for more.

Photographer Captures Beautiful Sky Tracks of Birds in Flight — See Photos (National Geographic, 1/2018). Thanks to Diane Lamphron for sharing.

Researcher Discovers New Species of American Millipede: Colorful & Coated in Cyanide — See Photos (COSMOS, 1/30/18).

Naked Mole Rats are Really Weird — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/26/18).

Wildlife Officials Declare Eastern Cougar Extinct — See Photos (EcoWatch, 1/24/18).

Study: Musk Ox Survived Ice Age, Weird Weather Buries Whole Herd in Ice — See Photos (The Atlantic, 1/18/18).

Citizen Scientist-Artists Help Bring NASA Photos of Jupiter to Life — See Images (The Atlantic, 1/16/18).

Study: Ants Kill Sick Members to Protect Colony (COSMOS, 1/15/18).

Study: 2012 Underwater Volcanic Eruption in Pacific May Have Been Largest in Modern History — See Photo & Video (COSMOS, 1/15/18).

10 Documentaries about Animals Everyone Should See — See Trailers (One Green Planet, 1/15/18).

Australian Kites, Hawks Intentionally Spread Fire to Flush Out Prey — See Photos (COSMOS, 1/12/18).

Scientists Unsure What Caused Bright Flash Over Russia — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 1/10/18).

Female Birds of Paradise Find Male’s Super Black Feathers Sexy — See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 1/9/18).

You’ve Never Seen a Dog Grooming Contest Like This, Guaranteed — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/8/18).

NASA Captures Image of Gigantic Winter Storm Off East Coast — See Image (COSMOS, 1/8/18).

Norwegian Cruise Ship Breakaway Sails Intentionally Into Bad Winter Storm — See Video (Newsday, 1/7/18). Read more, see more video here, here and here.

Beachgoer Films Starfish Walking Across Sand — See Video (One Green Planet, 1/5/18).

Boy Splashing in Shallow Water Off Bahamas Beach Exits Water Just Ahead of Approaching Sharks — See Photos & Video (, 1/5/18).

Frenchman Takes Tourists Up in UltraLight to Fly with Birds — See Videos (National Geographic, 1/4/18).

What’s the Right Way to Handle a Cold-Stunned Iguana? — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 1/4/18).

Storms Bring Ice, Huge Waves on Both Sides of Atlantic — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 1/4/18).

Astronomer Discusses Origins of 1st Interstellar Object to Visit Solar System — See Photo & Animation (The Conversation, 1/4/18).

Bombogenesis! Snow & Cold Grip Eastern U.S. — See Photos & Video (BBC, 1/4/18). Read more, see more photos, diagrams, maps and video here, here, here and here.

Hotel Caretaker Only Winter Inhabitant of Island Off New England — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/3/18).

DNA from Fossilized Baby Bones Point to Lost Branch of Native American Family Tree — See Photos (The Verge, 1/3/18). Read more, see more photos, illos and diagrams here, hereherehere and here. Find the study here.

What Cold Looks Like in U.S. & Abroad — See Images (The Atlantic, 1/3/18).

67-Year-Old Albatross Lays Another Egg — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 1/2/18).

Caterpillars Are Creepy, Ugly, Beautiful, Amazing — See Videos (bioGraphic, 1/2/18).

Researchers Explore Healing Effects of Being Out in Nature — See Photos (National Geographic, 1/2/18).

Skywatchers Snap Photos of January Supermoon — See Images (EarthSky, 1/2/18).

What’s that Sound? 5 Strange Noises Scientists Can’t Explain (COSMOS, 1/2/18).