SeaWorld/Captivity News

May 2018

Thomas Cook May Stop Selling SeaWorld Orlando Tickets after Park Fails Animal Welfare Inspection — See Photos (Independent, 5/2/18).

Barcelona Bans Cetacean Captivity (One Green Planet, 5/1/18).

April 2018

15-Year-Old Lowland Gorilla Gives Birth at National Zoo — See Video (The Washington Post, 4/16/18).

Busch Gardens Posts Video of Gorilla & Trainer Doing Mirror Handstands — See Video (The Washington Post, 4/13/18).

Brookfield Zoo Euthanizes 50-Year-Old Wild-Born Lowland Gorilla, Ramar — See Photos & Video (ABC 11 Eyewitness News, 4/13/18). Read more, see more photos here  and here.

Judge Delays Civil Suit against SeaWorld until U.S. Dept. of Justice Criminal Investigation is Complete (Orlando Sentinel, 4/11/18).

Orphaned Baby Manatee Sent to Miami Seaquarium — See Photos & Video (Orlando Sentinel, 4/11/18).

Oklahoma City Zoo Euthanizes Captive-Born Bridget, 19-Year-Old Lioness with Mane — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/6/18).

Orca Katina Suffers Horrific Injury to Dorsal Fin at SeaWorld Orlando — See Photos (, 4/1/18).

March 2018

Zoo Consultant Says Canada Shouldn’t Ban Dolphin, Whale Captivity (The Conversation, 3/30/18).

SeaWorld Fires Chief Marketing Officer (Skift, 3/27/18).

• Louis, Philadelphia Zoo’s 18-Year-Old Lowland Gorilla, Often Prefers Walking Upright — See Video (The Washington Post, 3/19/18).

Lummi Tribe Wants Miami Seaquarium to Return Tokitae, aka Lolita, to Family & Home in Salish Sea — See Photos & News Report (Local 10 News ABC, 3/10/18).

Beluga Calf Found Stranded in Cook Inlet Shipped to SeaWorld San Antonio (The Washington Post, 3/9/18). Read more, see photos here.

February 2018

CEO Joel Manby Out a SeaWorld — See News Report (USA Today, 2/27/18).

Girl “Calls” Captive Dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando with Technique Park Shouldn’t Allow — See Video (Daily Mail, 2/19/18).

Advocates Help Appeal Dismissal of Suit against Miami Seaquarium for Keeping Lolita in Substandard Tank (AWI, 2/14/18).

SeaWorld San Antonio Wins Bid for Baby Beluga Rescued, Rehabbed in Alaska (KRISTV6, 2/11/18). Read more, see photo here.

Thomas Cook Tours Agrees to Stop Promoting SeaWorld on Websites, Social Media — See Photos & Videos (The Sun, 2/7/18)

January 2018

SeaWorld Kills Florida Bill Making It Illegal to Keep, Breed Captive Orcas (Orlando Sentinel, 1/30/18). Read more here. See news report here.

Vancouver Aquarium Agrees to Stop Keeping Dolphins, Whales in Captivity — See Photos (CBC News, 1/18/18).

Orca Morgan Born Wild, Consigned to Life in Captivity at Loro Parque, Pregnant at Age 11 — See Photos (One Green Planet, 1/18/18).

Court Rules Lolita Can Stay at Miami Seaquarium — See Photo (Reuters, 1/12/18). Read more here.

Captive Study Finds Baby Bottlenose Show Signs of Self-Awareness at Surprisingly Early Age (PLOS One, 1/10/18). See video here.

Baby Dolphin Born into Captivity at Miami Seaquarium Gets Name — See Photo (Sun Sentinel, 1/9/18).

Dedicated Dolphin Activist Russ Rector Dies in Florida at 68 — See Photo (FLKeys News, 1/9/18

Bob Barker Appeals to Miami Seaquarium in PSA for PETA: Let Lolita Go! — See Video (Sun Sentinel, 1/4/18). Read more herehere, here and here.