Nature News

May 2020

Comet C/2020F8 SWAN, 3:30 a.m., May 4, 2020, Namibia/ Gerald Rhemann, / Click for more.

Rare Electric Blue Bee Seen for 1st Time in 4 Years in Florida — See Photo & Video (USA Today, 5/16/20).

Photographer Snaps Meteor & Comet Sharing Pre-Dawn Reunion Island Sky — See Photo (Firstpost, 5/15/20). Read more, see more beautiful photos of Comet Swan here.

Researchers Learning More about Massive Mysterious Hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole — See Photos, Diagram & Animation (EarthSky, 5/15/20).

Finding: T. Rex Legs Designed for Prowling, Not Running; Apex Predator Didn’t Need to Run (Futurity, 5/14/20).

Everybody Takes Bad Nature Shots, Here’s Proof — See Photos (Insider, 5/14/20).

Nasty Invasive Ominvorous 4-Ft-Long Lizard Spreads from Florida to Georgia —See Photo & Video (95.5 WSB, 5/13/20).

Fossil Footprints in Australia ID’d as 4-Legged, River-Swimming Creature that Predated Dinosaurs — See Photos (Phys.Org, 5/13/12).

1st Tropical Storm of 2020 Taking Shape Off Florida Atlantic Coast — See Map & Photo (CNBC, 5/13/20). Read more, see more photos, maps and news reports here and here.

Grazing Goats Run Free through Streets of San Jose — See Video (The Guardian, 5/13/20).

Study: Southeastern Morocco a Hotspot for Fossils of Biggest, Fiercest Creatures of Dinosaur Age — See Photos & Illos (Popular Mechanics, 5/12/20).

Analysis: Planet’s Biggest Volcano Looks Like Rock Island in Pacific Ocean, Mostly Under Water & Bottom of Sea — See Photo (Science, 5/12/20).

Cannonball Jellyfish Swarm South Carolina Beaches — See Photos & Video (WMBF News, 5/9/20).

Polar Vortex Brings May Snows to Northeast — See Photos, Map & Videos (The Washington Post, 5/9/20).

Report: Eastern Africa is Splitting Off Continent Very…Very…Slowly — See Photos & Diagrams (Eos, 5/8/20).

Space & Land Telescopes Capture Best Images of Jupiter Ever — See Photos, Video & Diagrams  (SyFy Wire, 5/8/20). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here, here and here.

Asian Gypsy Moths Invade Washington State — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 5/8/20).

New Theory: Multiple  Volcanic Eruptions Spewed Ash that Blacked Out Moon in 1110 (Science Alert, 5/7/20).

Piles of Stinky Sargassum Befouling Caribbean Beaches, South Florida Next in Line — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 5/7/20).

Astronomers Discover Black Hole in Star System Close Enough to See with Naked Eye — Map & Illo (EarthSky, 5/6/20).

Earth’s North Magnetic Pole Is On the Move, Researchers Think They Know Why — See Video, Diagrams & Maps (BBC News, 5/6/20). Read more, see more diagrams here.

Pre-Hurricane-Season Tropical Systems Already Stirring Up Gulf of Mexico — See Maps & Chart (The Washington Post, 5/6/20)

Photographer Creates Mesmerizing Composite Image of Moon’s Surface — See Photo (Live Science, 5/6/20).

Third & Last SuperMoon of 2020 Begins Tonight — See Photos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 5/6/20). See photos here.

Less Snow in Himalayas Linked to More Algae Blooms in Arabian Sea — See Photos (COSMOS, 5/6/20).

California Academy of Sciences Picks Winners of 2020 Life on Earth Photo Contest — See Images (BioGraphic, 5/5/20).

Red Tide—Not a Good Thing—Births Beautiful Bioluminescent Blue Waves in San Diego — See Video (Newsweek, 5/5/20).

Ocean sand, Bahamas, 2001 / NASA / Click for more.

Voters Pick 17 Favorite NASA Shots of Earth & They Are Gorgeous — See Photos (Upworthy, 5/5/20).

Theory: Meteor that Flattened  Trees in Siberia in 1908 May Have Just Skimmed Earth’s Atmosphere and Kept Going — See Photo (Science Alert, 5/5/20)

Researchers Collaborate to Learn about Mysterious, Elusive Amazonion Dog — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 5/4/20).

Comet Swan, undated / Esposito Raffaele, Australia's Siding Spring Telescope, / Click for more.

Comet Swan, Nearest Earth on 5/13, May or May Not Put On a Good Show — See Photo (MSN, 5/4/20). Read more, see another photo and diagram here.

Eta Aquirid Meteor Shower, aka Halley’s Comet Debris, Peaks May 5 — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 5/2/20). Read more, see more photos, diagrams and video here and here.

Oh, No! Giant Asian Killer Hornets Arrive in U.S. — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/2/20). Read more, see more photos, charts and video here.

Chalking Names of Urban Vegetation on Walls & Sidewalks to Connect City Dwellers with Nature Catches on in Europe — See Photos (The Guardian, 5/1/20).

Car Cam Captures Daytime Fireball Over Vancouver — See Video (Global News, 5/1/20).

Happy May, a Month of Meteor Showers and Last Supermoon of the Year (, 5/1/20).

April 2020

Report: Discovery of Impact Crater in Sahara May Explain Source of Strange Gem in King Tut’s Breastplate — See Photos (Forbes, 4/30/20).

Study: 2018 Storm in Argentina Produced Largest Known Gargantuan Hail — See Photo (Futurity, 4/30/20).

Fossilized Tailbones Unearthed in Sahara Suggest Giant Dinosaur was Aquatic Species — See Model, Diagrams & Video (Science Alert, 4/30/20) Read more, see more photos, diagrams and animation here.

Fogbows are Beautiful — See Photos (EarthSky, 4/30/20).

German Society for Nature Photography Announces Contest Winners — See Photos (The Guardian, 4/29/20).

Scary Big Asteroid Passes Near but Safe Distance from Earth — See Map, Photo & Video (EarthSky, 4/29/20).

Rare, Record-Large Ozone Hole Over Arctic Closes Up — See Map & Animation   (EcoWatch, 4/28/20).

19th-Century Turkish Manuscripts Document Oldest Known Case of Human Killed by Meteorite — See Illos (Gizmodo, 4/24/20). Read more, see map, photos and illustrations here. Read more, see  video here.

Mile-Wide Asteroid to Pass Near but Safe Distance from Earth on April 29 — See Photos, Video & Diagrams (EarthSky, 4/23/20).

Happy 50th Earth Day — See Photos & Video (, 4/22/20).

Section of Geological Map of the Moon / USGS / Click for more.

Is This Beautiful or What? USGS Releases Definitive Geological Map of Moon — See Images & Video (Phys.Org, 4/22/20). Read more here. View and download maps here.

NYC Resident Snaps Stunning Photos of Storm Clouds Over Ocean in Long Island — See Photos (PIX 11, 4/21/20).

Researchers Finally Learning Something about Mysterious Proboscis of Borneo Possibly in Time to Save Them — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 4/21/20).

Stay Up Late Tonight to Catch Lyriad Meteor Shower Peak — See Photos & Video (, 4/21/20).

International Dark Sky Week Celebrates, Tries to Preserve Worlds’ Remaining Dark Sky Locales — See Video (EarthSky, 4/19/20). Learn more here.

California Photographer Captures Rare Phenomenon of  Neon Blue Waves — See Photos & Video (The Beach Reporter, 4/16/20). See more video here.

2-Mile-Wide Easter Tornado Hits Mississippi, Biggest Ever Recorded in State — See Photo, Map & Video (, 4/16/20).

Big Cats Stretch Out on Empty Roads in South African Game Park during Corona Shutdown — See Photos (BBC News, 4/16/20). Thanks to Travis Rivers for this item.

Study: Flamingoes Form Lasting Social Bonds — See Photos & Video (COSMOS, 4/16/20).

Sargassum Becoming Serious, Stinky Problem for Caribbean Beaches — See Photos & Map (Atlas Obscura, 4/14/20).

Scientists Find Vegetation from Ancient Rain Forest under Antarctic Ice (EarthSky, 4/12/20). Read more, see more photos, maps, illustrations and video here. Read more here.

Huge Ozone Hole Opens Up Over Arctic — See Image & Videos (Live Science, 4/11/20). Read more, see more images here, here and here.

Little Krakatoa Erupts in Indonesia — See Photo & Videos (Gizmodo, 4/11/20). See more photos and video here.

Views in India Before & After Corona Shutdown Cleaned Up Air — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/11/20).

2nd Larger Wave of Locusts Threatens East African Crops — See Photos, Diagram & Map (Quartz Africa, 4/10/20). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Researchers Film 150-Foot-Long “Stringy Stingy Thingy” Marine Organism in Waters Off Western Australia — See Photos & Video (ScienceAlert, 4/8/20). Read more, see more photos and video here.

World’s Major Cities Measurably Quieter since Corona Shutdown — See Photos & Graphs (National Geographic, 4/8/20). Read more, see more graphs here.

Study: Humboldt Squid Communicate, Coordinate in Deep Ocean through Distinct Flashes & Flickers — See Photos & Video (Smithsonian, 4/6/20).

Study: New Atomic Dating Method Suggests Whale Sharks Can Live 100-150 Years — See Photos (BBC News, 4/6/20).

Doctor in Philippines Snaps Gorgeous Photo of Beautiful, Elusive Kingfisher — See Photo (The New York Times, 4/3/20).

Study: Plants May Be More Adaptable to Climate Change than Thought (Phys.Org, 4/2/20).

Study: Mice Show Emotions in Facial Expressions — See Photos (Nature, 4/2/20). Read more, see diagrams here and here.

Discovery of Microbial Life Deep Beneath Ocean Floor Suggests Possible Microbial Life on Mars, Too — See Photos (National Geographic 4/2/20).

Researchers Amass First Evidence that Fish Migrate in Deep, Dark Sea — See Photos (The Guardian, 4/1/20).

March 2020

Study: Global Corona Virus Lockdown Quiets Whole Planet, Reduces Seismic Vibrations (Nature, 3/31/20).

Nature TTL Announces Nature Photographer Winners — See Images (My Modern Met, 3/31/20). See more photos here.

Kashmiri Goats Have Run of Seaside Town during Lockdown in North Wales — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 3/31/20). See more video here.

• Finding: Tiny Creature May Have Been Ancestor of Humans, Most Other Animals Alive Today — See Photos & Illo (EarthSky, 3/30/20).

Now You Don’t See’em, Now You Do: Camouflage Masters of the Sea — See Video (Hakai, 3/24/20).

Big, Beautiful Albino Python Shows Up on  Doorstep in Australia where Species is Banned — See Video (The Guardian, YouTube, 3/23/20).

Rough, Cold Waters Support Vibrant Variety of Life — See Video (Hakai, 3/23/20).

Spring Has Sprung! See Photos, Video & Diagram (EarthSky, 3/19/20). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here and here.

Researchers ID 2 New Species of Strange-Looking 6-Gill Sawshark in West Indian Ocean —See Photos (CNN, 3/18/20).

Forecast: No El Niño Could Mean Intense Hurricane Season — See Photos & Video (The Palm Beach Post, 3/18/20).

Fossil Find: Bird that Lived with Dinosaurs is Oldest Known Ancestor of Modern Chickens & Ducks — See Photo & Illo (National Geographic, 3/18/20). Read more, see more photos and illos here.

Scientists ID Last 2 Missing Pieces in Chain of Building Blocks of Life — See Illo (PhysOrg, 3/15/20).

Mother-Daughter Campers Survive Too-Close Encounter with Grizzly — See Photo (The Washington Post, 3/15/20).

February 2020

Voyager 1 image of "pale blue dot" of Earth visible in sunbeam, Feb 14, 1990 / Voyager 1, NASA / Click for more.

Observations Make Clear Elephants Register, Affected by Deaths of Own — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/21/20).

Lucky Young Angler Knows Not to Touch Strange Catch in Port Isabel, TX — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 2/21/20).

Study: Bumblebees, Like Humans, Can Translate Visual to Tactile & Vice Versa— See Photo (COSMOS, 2/21/20)

Hikers Catch Rare Glimpse of Elusive Rainbow Snake in Florida’s Ocala National Forest — See Photo (Newsweek, 2/20/20).

Field Guide Keeps Cool during Unsettling Elephant Encounter in South Africa — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/20/20).

3-Year-Old Boy Spots Rare Pink Grasshopper in Austin, TX Garden — See Photos (EcoWatch, 2/20/20).

100 Million-Year-Old Bee Trapped in Amber Teaches Scientists about Ancient Forests, Flowers, Insects of Myanmar — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/20/20).

Macaque Study Finds Certain Brain Region Seems to Play Key Role in Consciousness (Live Science, 2/17/20).

Ice Volcanoes Start Forming, Erupting Along North Shore of Lake Superior — See Photos & Video (, 2/16/20).

NASA Marks 30th Anniversary of Voyager 1 Photo of Pale Blue Dot of Earth — See Image (EarthSky, 2/14/20).

Winds Bring Beautiful Blue Jelly-Bodied Creatures, Delicate Blue Shells to Oregon Beaches — See Photos (, 2/14/20).

Early Riser Captures Beautiful Image of Flying-Saucer Cloud in California — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 2/14/20).

Storm Ciara Exposes 130-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprint on Clay Beach on Isle of Wight — See Photos (Lad Bible, 2/14/20). Read more, see more photos, maps, videos and illustrations here.

Finding: Brains of Humans, Great Apes Share Certain Asymmetries — See Images (New Scientist, 2/14/20).

Locust Swarms Still Bad, Getting Worse in East Africa — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 2/13/20).

Researchers Discover How Jellyfish Sting Prey, Hapless Humans without Touching Them — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/13/20).

Lucky Diver Treated to Rare Sighting of Pink-Bellied Manta of Great Barrier Reef — See Photos & Video (Australian Geographic, 2/11/20). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Saskatchewan’s Purple Sands Beach in Candle Lake Park Lives Up to Name This Year — See Photos (BBC 2/11/20).

Border Collie Pink Takes Top Agility Prize at Westminster 3rd Year in Row — See Video (People, 2/10/20).

Utah’s Wah Wah Supervolcano Much Bigger, More Potentially Deadly than Yellowstone’s — See Photos (USA Today, 2/8/20).

4 Mountain Gorillas Killed by Lightning in Uganda (BBC News, 2/8/20).

Preservationists, Developers Fight Over Fate of Florida’s Wisteria Island — See Photos, Listen to Broadcast (NPR, 2/5/20).

Researchers Agree Rogue Waves are Real, Disagree on How They Form — See Photos, Illos, Charts (Quanta Magazine, 2/5/20).

Footage of Coyote/Badger Traveling Buddies Has Researchers, Animal Lovers Buzzing— See Video (National Geographic, 2/5/20).

Giant Antarctic Iceberg Heads for Open Sea — See Maps & Photos (BBC News, 2/5/20).

Researchers Surprised by Dynamics of How Sand Dunes Move — See Photo (The Washington Post, 2/5/20).

Study: African Penguin Communication Contains Similar Components to Human Speech (The Guardian, 2/4/20).

Strange Little Creature, the Platypus, Struggling to Survive — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/4/20).

Report: Habitat Loss, Pesticides, Light & Water Pollution Threaten Wold’s Fireflies — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/3/20).

International Landscape Photography Contest Winners Chosen — See Stunning Photos (Hyperbeat, 2/3/20). See more photos herehere and here.

NASA Video Reveals Earth’s Topography If Oceans Drained Away — See Video (Treehugger, 2/3/20).

Boat Strike, Toxic Algae, Cold Kill 531 Florida Manatees in 2019 — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 2/2/20).

January 2020


Researchers Find (Another) Big Shark Fossil in Kentucky Cave — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 1/30/20).

4 Hippos from Escobar Estate Multiply to 80, Become Invasive Species in Colombia — See Photos & Video (Gizmodo, 1/30/20).

New Solar Telescope Captures Riveting Closeups of Sun’s Surface — See Footage (The New York Times, 1/29/20).

Fireball Lights Up Night Sky over Cornwall, England — See Photo (SciTechDaily, 1/29/20).

7.7 Underwater Quake between Jamaica, Cuba Shakes Buildings as Far as Miami — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 1/29/20). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Professor, Aurora Borealis Fans I.D. New Form of Northern Lights in Finland—See Video (The Guardian, 1/28/20). Read more, see more photos, video and diagram here.

Researchers Fit Albatrosses with Tech to Locate Illegal Vessels in Southern Indian Ocean — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/27/20).

BBC Earth Salutes 5 Unusual, Amazing Creatures — See Video (BBC Earth, 1/25/20).

Physicists Flummoxed by Strange Particles Shooting through Earth in Antarctica (Live Science, 1/24/20).

Fires, Heat, Rains Create Perfect Conditions for Outbreak of Feared Funnel-Web Spiders in Australia — See Photos & Video (CBS News, 1/23/20).

Researchers Find 28 Ancient, Unknown Viruses in Tibetan Glacier — See Photo (Live Science, 1/22/20).

Marco Island FL to Pay Residents for Letting Burrowing Owls Nest on Property — See Photos (Marco Eagle, 1/222/20).

Iguanas Drop from Trees during Florida Cold Snap — See Photos & Video (, 1/22/20). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Devil catfish, Southeast Asia / Zeb Hogan, UNR Global Water Center, The New York Times / Click for more.

Giant Freshwater Species Disappearing from World’s Lakes, Rivers — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/21/20).

Location of Oldest Meteor Impact on Earth Found in Australia — See Photo & Images (The New York Times, 1/21/20). Read more, see more maps, graphs and images here and here.

Desert locusts, Shaba National Reserve, Isolo, Kenya, January 16, 2020 / Daniel Irungu, EPA, EFE / Click for more.

Locust Plague Hits East Africa — See Photos (Ajazeera, 1/20/20). Read more, see more photos here, here and here, here and here.

Not Everyone Buys Big Bang Theory of How Universe Began (BBC, 1/19/20).

Bomb Cyclone Buries St. John, Newfoundland, in Record Snows — See Photos & Videos (Gizmodo, 1/19/20). Read more, see more photos and videos here.

Australian Firefighters Save Secret Grove of Oldest Trees on Planet — See Photos (NPR, 1/16/20). Read more, see more photos here.

Tardigrade / Shutterstock, Live Science / Click for more.

Finding: Indestructible Little Tardigrades Not Indestructible After All (Live Science 1/16/20).

Census Finds Increase in Mountain Gorilla Population, but Method May Be Flawed — See Photo (The Conversation, 1/14/20).

Is All Matter Conscious? Proponents of Panpsychism Believe It Is (Scientific American, 1/14/19).

Ginkgo Biloba Trees Can Live 1,000 Years, Easy; Scientists Want to Know How — See Photo (COSMOS, 1/14/20). Read more here and here.

First El Popo Near Mexico City; Now Taal Volcano in Philippines Erupts, Forcing Evacuations — See Map & Photos (EcoWatch, 1/13/20). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

Study: Meteorite that Fell on Australia in 1969 Contains Stardust Older than Solar System — See Photos (BBC News, 1/13/20).

Questions about Strange Little Fish Lead to Discovery that Congo River is Deepest on Planet — See Photos (Live Science, 1/12/20).

50MPH Winds Whip Up 18-23′ Waves on Lake Michigan — See Photos & Video (Chicago Tribune, 1/11/20). Read more, see more photos here.

Puerto Rico Hit by 3rd Major Earthquake — See Photo & News Report (CBS News, 1/11/20).

Study: African Gray Parrots Help Each Other Out — See Photos (National Geographic, 1/10/20).

Cameras Capture Early Morning Eruption of El Popo Near Mexico City — See Photos & Video (, 1/9/20).

Another Species Lost: Glorious, Huge, Ancient Chinese Paddlefish Declared Extinct — See Photo, Illo & Video (National Geographic, 1/8/20). Read more, see more photos, diagrams and video here.

Conclusion of Manta Ray Skin-Color Study Could Apply to Humans, Too — See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 1/8/20).

2nd Major Earthquake in 2 Days Knocks Out Power in Most of Puerto Rico — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 1/7/20). See more video here.

Researchers Locate Elusive Impact Crater from Ancient Meteor Strike Buried under Lava  in Laos — See Map (Live Science, 1/7/20). Read more here.

Researchers Track Formation, Eruption of Underwater Volcano in Comoros — See Photos & Diagram (Newsweek, 1/6/20). Read more here.

Driver & Passenger Have Rare Encounter with Wolf Pack in Yellowstone — See Video (My Country 95.5).

Iconic Stone Arch Punta Ventana Brought Down by Earthquake in Puerto Rico — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 1/6/20).

Great White Kills Diver Off Western Australia — See Photo (Newsweek, 1/5/20). See news report here.

Heat-pattern image of Idunn Mons, volcanic peak on Venus / ESA Venus Express spacecraft / ESA, NASA, USRA / Click for more.

Study Adds to Evidence that Venus is (Still) Volcanically Active — See Images (, 1/5/20).

Annual Everglades Python Hunt Criticized by PETA (South Florida Sun Sentinel, 1/4/20).

Largest Recorded Bloom of World’s Largest Flower Found in West Sumatra — See Photos (CNN, 1/4/20).

Why is it Winter in North America when Earth is Closest to Sun? Earth’s Seasons Explained — See Diagram & Illo (, 1/4/20).

Small, Powerful Wave Teaches Beachgoers to Heed Surf Warnings on Kauai — See News Report (khon2, 1/3/20). Read more, see another news report here.

Scientists Debate: Does a Planet’s Orbit Need to be Fairly Circular (Like Earth’s) to Support Life? (The New York Times, 1/2/20).