Nature News

September 2016

African Greys  among Species  that May Go on International Endangered List at CITES Convention in South Africa — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/24/16). Read more here.

Mystery: Why Are Seagulls Dropping Dead in Portland Maine Park? — See News Report (NECN, 9/23/16).

Australia Drifting North 2.7″ a Year (The New York Times, 9/23/16).

Newly Discovered Tooth Fossils Suggest Early Humans Wiped Out Small-Statured Homo Florensiensis on Flores Island — See Photos (COSMOS, 9/23/16).

Can Bees Create Natural Barrier Between Elephants & Humans? — See Video (National Geographic, 9/23/16).

3 Men Indicted for Selling Illegal Ivory — See Photos (Daily News, 9/22/16).

3-Year-Old Boy Survives 3 Days in Siberian Forest — See Photos (BBC News, 9/22/16). Read more here.

• USFWS Nominates Bumblebee for Endangered Species List (Fortune, 9/22/16). Read more here and here.

September Equinox Marks Official Start of Fall — See Photos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 9/22/16). Learn more, see more diagrams here.

Study: We Really Are All One and All Came from Africa — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/21/16). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Annual Tsunami-Like Bore Tide up China’s Qiantang River is Thrilling, Dangerous — See Photos (The Atlantic, 9/20/16).

Life in High Reaches of Remote Western Yemen is Hard but Less Touched by War — See Photos (The Atlantic, 9/19/16).

Even Goldfish Suffer Stress, Negative Health Effects in Captivity (COSMOS, 9/19/16).

Raw Sewage FoulsTampa Bay for 3rd Time in 1 Year (The New York Times, 9/16/16).

Study: Early Humans Hunted Large Land Mammals to Extinction, Now We’re Doing It to Large Marine Creatures (COSMOS, 9/15/16).

Researcher Discovers Near-Extinct Hawaiian Crows Are Tool-Users — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 9/14/16). Read more here.

London’s Natural History Museum Announces Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners — See Photos (The Atlantic, 9/14/16). Learn more, see more photos here.

Researchers Explore Why Greenland Shark, Other Arctic Marine Creatures Live 100s of Years — See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 9/13/16). Learn more, see video here.

Study: Saplings Are Savvy, Versatile in Defending against Damage, Attack (The Washington Post, 9/13/16).

Divers Discover Rare Forms of Black Coral while Exploring Deep Reef Off Eastern Tasmania — See Video (COSMOS, 9/13/16).

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Sends Back More Intriguing Images of Mars Landscape — See Photos & Video (Chron, 9/13/16).

Florida Woman Refuses to be Forced Out of Treehouse Home (The Washington Post, 9/12/16).

Study: Albino Redwoods (Who Knew?) May Siphon Toxins from Soil, Host Trees — See Photos (The Mercury News, 9/11/16).

Last Chimps Used in Privately Funded Research Move to Sanctuary (, 9/11/16). Read more, see more photos here. See news report here.

In Bonobo Society, Females Rule — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/10/16).

Greenpeace Ship in Halifax after Protesting Arctic, Nova Scotia Blasting, Drilling — See Photos (CBC News, 9/10/16).

Audubon NYC Bird Murals Celebrate (Threatened) North American Species — See Murals and Video Report (PBS Newshour, 9/10/16).

Why are Grackles Falling from Sky in Boston? (The Guardian, 9/10/16). See news report here.

Curiosity Rover Relays Mesmerizing Images of Mars — See Photos (NASA, 9/9/16)

NASA Launches Unmanned Mission to Sample Asteroid — See Photos & Video (Earth Sky, 9/8/16).

Tropical Illness Caused by Eating Contaminated Fish Cropping Up in U.S. (Hakai Magazine, 9/8/16).

Sioux Pipeline Protest Becomes National Tribal Cause — See Video (The Washington Post, 9/7/16). See video report here. Read more, see photos here.

With Food Scare, Expensive, Venezualans Abandoning Pets — See Photos (The Atlantic, 9/7/16).

Finally Turn for Scotland’s “Nessie” Fossil Finally Gets Some Serious Attention (The Washington Post, 9/6/6).

Scientists  Searching for Right Whales Cross Paths with Great White Big as their Boat Off South Africa — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 9/6/16).

2016 British Wildlife Photography Winners Announced — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/5/16).

What?! Same Cruise Ship Caught in February Storm at Sea Heads to Bermuda as Hermine Closes In — See Video (Mashable, 9/5/16).

Must See:: Skyglow Project Shares Breathtaking Multi Day/Night Time-Lapse Footage of Yellowstone — See Video (, 9/4/16).

Scientists Try to Rebuild Once-Plentiful, Now Near-Extinct Oyster Population in New York Harbor — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/4/16).

Humans, Lions Clash as Urbanization Encroaches on Kenya’s Nairobi National Park  — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/3/16).

Mushrooms Are Beautiful! — See Photos (Upworthy, 9/2/16).

NASA Captures Double-Eclipse Footage of Earth, Moon Blocking View of Sun — See Video (NASA, 9/2/16). Read more here.

New Snake Species Called Ghost Snake Discovered in Northern Madagascar — See Photos (, 9/2/16).

Hawaiian Fish Named after Obama in Gratitude for Marine Conservation Efforts— See Video (National Geographic, YouTube, 9/2/16).

Hermine Will Be First Hurricane to Hit Florida in More than 10 Years — See Predictions, Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 9/1/16).

• Aerial Spraying to Kill Zika Mosquitoes Kills Millions of Honeybees in South Carolina — See Photos & Videos (The Washington Post, 9/1/16).

7.1 Quake Hits Northern New Zealand — See News Report (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/1/16). See video footage here, here and here.

Building a Wall against Immigration is Potential Disaster for Wildlife — See Photos (BBC News, 9/1/16).

The Beauty and Biology of Coral — See Macro Photos (Hakai Magazine, 9/1/16).

August 2016

Ferry-Kayakers Collision Result of Growing Recreational Use  of Busy Hudson River — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/31/16).

New Microbial Fossil May or May Not Mark Oldest Life on Planet, Push Back Origins of Life 200 Million Years — See Photos (BBC News 8/31/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Lightening Kills Herd of Cows Sheltering Under Tree — 3rd Mass Livestock Killing in 1 Week — See Photos & Video (The Telegraph, 8/31/16).

Study: African Elephant Population Dropped 30% in 7 Years (The Washington Post, 8/31/16).

• Giant Clam Poachers Destroying Reefs in South China Sea — See Photos (National Geographic, 8/30/16).

Theory: Human Ancestor Lucy Died Falling from Tree — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/30/16). Read more, see more photos, diagrams and video here and here.

California Bans Use of Bullhooks on Captive Circus Elephants (One Green Planet, 8/30/16).

Oh, Gross! Giant Slugs Eating Baby Birds in Poland — See Photo of Slug (Mother Nature News, 8/29/16).

Cookie the Cockatoo Dies at Age 83 at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo — See Video (ABC 7 Chicago, 8/29/16). See more photos and video here.

Study: Dogs Understand What You Say and How You Say It — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/29/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Glacier National Park Worker Surprises Female Grisly, Gets Injured, Bear and Human Both Live — Hear Radio Report (Montana Public Radio, 8/29/16).

Kiluea Volcano Still Erupting, Lava Still Flowing on Big Island — See Photos (The Atlantic, 8/29/16).

Study: Baby Fish Attracted by Sounds of Nearby Healthy Reefs (COSMOS, 8/29/16).

Researchers Locate First Great White Nursery Off Montauk — See Photos & Videos (New York Patch, 8/29/16).

NY Gov. Cuomo Catches, Proudly Displays Threatened Thresher Shark — See Photos (New York Post, 8/28/16).

Zowie! Asteroid Gives Earth Very Close Shave Hours After Discovery  — See Photo & Diagram (, 8/28/16).

Yikes! 100+Ft Asteroid Shaves Earth Hours After Discovery — See Photo & Diagram (EarthSky, 8/28/16)

Young Park Worker Falls to Death in Yellowstone (New York Daily News, 8/27/16).

Beautiful Green Bug Invades NY, Threatens Ash Forests — See Photo (The New York Times, 8/27/16).

Biologist Enthralled by Pond Scum  Wants to Share the Love — See Video (The New York Times, 8/26/16).

• President of Gabon Tries to Balance Needs of People, Elephants — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/26/16).

Obama Quadruples Size of Marine National Monument in Hawaii — See Photos, Diagram and Video Report (The Washington Post, 8/26/16). See more video here.

Researchers Discover New Reef Hidden Behind Great Barrier Reef — See Photo (Science Daily, 8/26/16). Read more, see photos and video here.

Indian Lore Says Bend in River Protects Muncie, IN from Tornadoes — See Video (USA Today, 8/26/16).

Finding: Big Storms Can Literally Shake the Earth (COSMOS, 8/26/16). Read more, see diagrams here.

Washington State to Wipe Out Wolf Pack that Killed 6 Cows (The Washington Post, 8/25/16).

West of Key West: Dry Tortugas National Park — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/24/16).

Residents of Key Haven, FL, Oppose Release of GMO Mosquitoes to Fight Zika — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/24/16).

San Diego Zoo Euthanizes 50-Year-Old Elephant — See Video Report (The Washington Post, 8/24/16).

British MPs Want Total Ban on MicroBeads (BBC News, 8/24/16).

Astronomers Discover Potential New Earth One Star Away (The New York Times, 8/24/16). See video reports here, here and here.

New Group of Critically Endangered Langurs Found in Vietnam — See Photos (Seeker, 8/24/16).

Study: Maya Dependency on Sophisticated Water Management System May have Caused Demise  (Science Daily, 8/23/16).

See Cuba Now! — See Photos (Mother Nature Network, 8/23/16).

Photographers Trap Release Japan’s Glowing Sea Fireflies to Create Beautiful Images — See Photos (Mother Nature Network, 8/23/16).

Study: Chimp Cooperation More Common than Previously Thought — See Photo (COSMOS, 8/23/16).

Block Island Wind Farm to Go Active in October (The New York Times, 8/22/16). Read more here.

Study: Sick House Mice Isolate Selves from Group (, 8/22/16). Read more here.

Flea, of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Visits Koko the Gorilla, Lets Her Explore, Strum His Guitar — See Photos & Video (People, 8/21/16).

Florida Grapples with Scourge of Invasive Lionfish — See Video Report (PBS Newshour, 8/21/16).

Get Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse Exactly One Year from Today! (EarthSky, 8/21/16). Read more here, here. See video report here.

1,000+ Year Old Pine Tree in Northern Greece May Be Oldest Living Thing in Europe — See Photo (The Washington Post, 8/19/16). Read more here.

Study: Zebra Finches Who Sing a Special Song to Unhatched Chicks in Warm Weather Have Babies Who Do Better in Hot Weather — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/19/16).

Louisiana Hit by Historic Rains, Floods — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 8/19/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, herehere and here.

How Horrifically Painful Are the Bites of Certain Scary Bugs? Ask the Expert! — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/18/16).

Study: Zika Virus Can Harm Adult Brains — See Images (The Washington Post, 8/18/16).

Bear with Maimed Front Paws that Walks Upright Seems to be Doing Fine in NJ — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 8/18/16).

Wild Barbados BullFinches Pass String-Pull Problem-Solving Test — See Video (COSMOS, 8/18/16).

Study: Hands, Finds Not so Different to Cells that Produce Them — See Photo (The New York Times, 8/17/16).

Squirrel Takes GoPro on Scamper through Treetops — See Video (EarthSky, 8/16/16).

Scientists Meet Cute Googly-Eyed Squid 3,000 Ft Down Off California Coast — See Video (The Washington Post, 8/16/16).

Restricting Fracking Reduces Earthquakes in Oklahoma (The Washington Post, 8/15/16). Read more here.

Deep-Sea Goblin Sharks Should be Called Gobblin’ Sharks — See Video (EarthSky, 8/15/16).

Mountain Lion Attacks 4-Year-Old Girl Camping with Family in Yellowstone — See Photos (The Washington Post, 8/15/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Malaria Makes Comeback in Venezuela as People Turn to Gold Mining to Survive — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/15/16).

How Filmmakers Decided What to Show, Not Show in BBC Nature Series The Hunt — See Videos (The Verge, 8/15/16).

Discovery of New Subatomic Particle Suggests Existence of 5th Force of Nature (Phys.Org, 8/15/16). Read more here.

Survey: 69% of Tourists Visit Great Barrier Reef to See It Before It’s Dead (, 8/15/16).

This Year’s Perseids Put on Quite a Show — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 8/14/16).

Seahorse Gives Birth to Thousands of Babies — See Video (National Geographic, 8/12/16).

BMC Ecology Announces Winners of Photo Competition — See Photos (COSMOS, 8/12/16).

2 Colorado Towns Join Forces to Preserve Dark Skies — See Photos (The New York Times, 8/12/16).

World Wildlife Australia Raises Money to Buy, Retire 2 Shark Net Permits, Save about 20,000 Sharks (Chinchilla News, 8/11/16).

Study: Greenland Shark May Live 400 Years or More — See Photo (Smithsonian, 8/11/16). Read more, see more photos and video here,  here anhere.

Nature Conservancy Announces 2016 Photo Competition — See Last Year’s Winners (COSMOS, 8/10/16).

Siberian City in Arctic Circle One of World’s Most Polluted — See Video Report (The New York Times, 8/9/16).

Giant Dust Storm, called Haboob, Sweeps into Phoenix — See Video (, 8/9/16). See more video here.

Earth Overshoot Day, when Human’s Have Consumed Year’s Worth of Resources, Comes Earlier Every Year — See Graphs & TED Video (National Geographic, 8/8/16). Read more here.

Perseid Meteor Shower Could Be Memorable Thanks to Jupiter — See Photos & Video (, 8/7/16).

Freak Floods Kill At Least 21 in Macedonia — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 8/7/16).

28-Lb, 4-Ft-Long “Samson” Biggest Cat in NYC — See Photos & Video (New York Post, 8/6/16).

Study: Watching Nature Videos Reduced Violence, Problem Behavior in Prisoners in Solitary (Popular Science, 8/5/16).

Japanese Artist Creates Balloon Animals Like You’ve Never Seen Before — See Photos (Unworthy, 8/4/16).

Ring-Necked Parakeets Taking Over Britain — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 8/4/16).

Study: Frigate Birds Sleep While Flying, but Not Much (The Christian Science Monitor, 8/4/16).

Officials, Villagers Save Leopard from Drowning in Well — See Remarkable Video (National Geographic, 8/4/16).

Report: Milky Way has Big Hole in the Middle — See Photos & Video (Independent, 8/3/1).

Experts Fear Well Known, Much Studied Denali Wold Pack Has Been Wiped Out — Listen to Radio Report (NPR, 8/3/1). Read more here.

Florida Fishermen Catch, Manhandle, Release 13-Foot Hammerhead off Sanibel Island — See Photos & Video (UPI, 8/2/16). See more video here. Thanks to Denise Herzing for this item.

July 2016

Zika Hits Miami — See News Report (The New York Times, 7/29/16). Read more here and here.

Sea Shepherd Releases Whale Shark Caught in Tuna Net Off Gabon — See Video (One Green Planet, 7/28/16).

UNESCO Announces 21 New World Heritage Sites — See Photos (National Geographic, 7/27/16). Read about and see photos of all UNESCO Sites here.

Study: Koalas Quick to Use Eco-Tunnels to Cross Roads (COSMOS, 7/26/16).

Bouncy Grass in Siberia Not Methane Bubbles but Still Cause for Concern — See Video (Wired, 7/25/16).

Passengers Leave Car in Wildlife Park in China, Tigers Attack, Woman Killed — See Footage (The Telegraph, 7/24/16).

Finding: Environmental Pressures, Natural Selection Work on Many Species to Speed Up Evolution (The New York Times, 7/23/16).

1st Total Solar Eclipse Visible in U.S. in 26 Years Coming in August 2017 — Get All the Details (EarthSky, 7/23/16). Learn more, see video here.

Humans, Birds Communicate, Cooperate to Find Honey in Africa — See Photo (Ars Technica, 7/22/16). Read more, see more photos here. See video report here.

Photographer Reveals Huge, High-Tech Effort behind Getting Photo of Lunging Great White Shark — See Video (National Geographic, 7/22/16).

Heat Dome, High Humidity Heading East (The New York Times, 7/21/16).

Study: New Jersey-Sized Rock May Have Smashed into Moon, Created Right Eye in Moon’s Face — See Photos & Diagrams (The Washington Post, 7/21/16). Read more, see more photos here.

1,000-Year-Old Corals Dying, Fish Disappearing in Worst Bleaching Event on Great Barrier Reef — See Photos & Video Report (The Guardian, 7/21/16).

Trump’s Border Wall Would be a Disaster for Nature & Wildlife, Large and Small — See Photos & Video (KCET, 7/20/16).

Study: Female Purple-Crowned Fairy-Wrens Will Dump Mates to Move to Better Territory (Phys.Org, 7/20/16).

Study Produces Finest Map Yet of Distinct Areas of Human Brain — See Video Report (The Washington Post, 7/20/16). Read more, see more images here.

Study Suggests Healthy Human Eye Can Detect Single Photon of Light (COSMOS, 7/20/16).

21-Year-Old Has Idea to Let Ocean Currents Funnel Ocean Plastics for Collection, Tests Prototype in North Sea — See Photos & Video (Waste Management World, 7/19/16). Read more, see more photos here. Learn more about “The Ocean Cleanup” here.

Full Buck Moon Tonight — See Photos (EarthSky, 7/19/16).

Koala Breaks into House in Australia, Tries and Tries  to Climb Pole — See Video (AOL News, 7/19/16).

Photo-Snapping Humans Crowd Mountain Goat into Water in Alaska, Goat Drowns — See Video (The Washington Post, 7/19/16).

Shark or Something Else? Sighting Closes Coney Island Beaches — See News Report (CBS News, 7/19/16).

Researchers Unravel Secret of Hummingbird’s Amazing Flying Ability — See Video (Gizmodo, 7/19/16).

Study: Best Way to Reduce Deer Populations, Highway Collisions — Bring Back Cougars (The New York Times, 7/19/16).

Florida Coast Algae Problem Not Going Away Anytime Soon — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/18/16).

No Surprise to City Dwellers: Urban Birds More Aggressive than Rural Birds (WDBJ 7, 7/18/16).

Study: 52 of 56 Land Mammals on Philippine Island Found Nowhere Else in World (University of Minnesota, 7/18/16). Read more here.

Study: Forces that Cause Tides Trigger Low-Frequency Quakes along San Andreas Fault (Los Angeles Times, 7/18/16). Read more here. Find the study here.

Denali Rangers Shout Instructions across River, Help Hikers Scare Off Bear — See Photo (Craig Medred, 7/18/16)

Will Bumper Crop of Captive-Bred Pandas Survive, Breed in Wild? See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 7/17/16).

IUCN Adds Whale Shark to Endangered List (, 7/17/16). Read more here.

Animated Map Shows Direction, Speed of Winds across U.S. (EarthSky, 7/16/16). Visit the map here.

Utah Closes Lake Due to Toxic Algae Bloom — See Time-Lapse Video (The Salt Lake Tribune, 7/15/16).

Imagine Landing on Pluto: NASA Let’s You See What You’d See — Watch Video (Huffington Post, 7/15/16).

Unvarnished Nature: Male Polar Bear Kills, Eats a Female’s Cub — See Rare Video (National Geographic, 7/15/16).

Glacier National Park is Losing its Glaciers — See Video Report (National Geographic, 7/15/16).

Yes, You Can See a Green Flash… when Conditions are Right — See Photos (EarthSky, 7/15/16).

Study: Baby Ducklings Understand “Same” and “Different” — See Video (COSMOS, 7/15/16).

Nesting Loggerheads Make Gigantic Comeback on Georgia Beaches — See Photos (Savannah Morning News, 7/14/16).

Study: 11,676 Tree Species Discovered in Amazon Forest, 4,000 to Go (Nature World News, 7/14/16).

Study Investigates How to Make Life a Little Better for Zoo Elephants (The Washington Post, 7/14/16). See one zoo’s elephant-swimming attraction here.

• DISCOVR Satellite Gets 2nd Close-Up of Moon Passing in Front of Earth — See Video (EarthSky, 7/14/16). See first, even cooler close-up video here.

Marine Ecologist Neil Hammerschlag Discusses Facts, Fiction about Sharks — Listen to NPR Interview (NPR, 7/14/16).

Firefighters Were Feeding Gators Near Site of Disney World Attack — See Photos & News Report (People, 7/14/16).

1 Moose Cools Off in Kiddy Pool, Another Gives Birth in Parking Lot (StarPulse, 7/14/16).

Finding: Most Dinosaurs Probably Didn’t Roar (Nature World News, 7/14/16). Read more here.

Conservationists Raising Funds to Buy, Retire Shark-Fishing License on Great Barrier Reef — See Photos (Aussie Network News, 7/14/16). Read more here.

Large Eagle Attacks 8-Year-Old Boy at Australia Nature Park — See Photo (The Washington Post, 7/13/16).

Deputies Free Bear Trapped in Car in Colorado— See News Report & Video (Fox 2 Now, 7/13/16).

Tribes, Environmentalists Fight to Prevent Fracking Near Ancient Sacred Site in New Mexico — See Photo (Indian Country Today Media Network, 7/13/16).

Manhattanhenge II — See Photos (AM New York, 7/13/16). Learn more here.

Color image of Jupiter taken by JunoCam with moons Io, Europa and Ganymede, July 10, 2016 / NASA, JPL-CalTech, SwRI, MSSS / Click to enlarge and learn more.

Juno Spacecraft Sends Back 1st Images of Jupiter Taken from Planet’s Orbit — See Images (NASA, 7/12/16). See more images and video here.

New Orchid Discovered in Colombia Named for Demon-like Face — See Photo (UPI, 7/12/16).

Underwater Microscope/Camera Records How Coral Polyps Fight, Cooperate, Behave — See Video Report (The New York Times, 7/12/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Study: Bangladesh Could Be in Line for Catastrophic Earthquake (COSMOS, 7/12/16).

Newly-Discovered Dwarf Planet Takes 700 Years to Orbit Sun — See Chart & Image (EarthSky, 7/11/16).

Uneven Curb in California was Concrete Evidence of Shifting Tectonic Plates — See Photo (The New York Times, 7/11/16).

Study: Capuchin Monkeys Have Used Stone Tools for Hundreds of Years — See Videos (The Christian Science Monitor, 7/11/16). Read more, see more video here.

Astronomers Detect Water Clouds Around Nearby Brown Dwarf Star (The Washington Post, 7/11/16).

Matador Killed in Bullfight, 2nd Man Killed in Bull Run in Spain — See Photos (BBC News, 7/9/16). Read more, see more photos and graphic video here.

Rains, Floods Kill More than 160 People in China — See Videos (The New York Times, 7/8/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Northern European Trove of Neanderthal Bones in Show Evidence of Cannibalism — See Photos (CBS News, 7/7/16). Read more here.

Loss of Habitat Puts Borneo’s Orangutan on IUCN’s”Critically Endangered” List —See Photo (The Guardian, 7/7/16).

Super Typhoon Nepartak Slams Taiwan — See Satellite Imagery, Photos & Video (, 7/8/16). Read more, see more satellite images and video here.

Study: How Do Swordfish Swim So Fast? Fish Oil! (COSMOS, 7/7/16).

Study: No Place Left on Planet Unaffected by Human Activities (EarthSky, 7/6/16).

K-9 Cop in Georgia Accused of Killing 3 Dogs — See Photos (The Washington Post, 7/6/16).

2 Mother Mountain Lions Give Birth to 5 Kittens Sired by 1 Dad in California Mountains — See Videos (Los Angeles Times, 7/6/16).

Study: Goats Will Look to Humans for Help Just as Dogs Do — See Photos & Videos (EarthSky, 7/6/16).

Know Your Clouds: These Beauties Are Called Mammatus — See Photos (EarthSky, 7/5/16).

Study: Surface of Saturn’s Biggest Moon, Titan, May Possess Chemical Precursors of Life — See Image (, 7/5/16).

Man Arrested in Palm Beach for Stealing Loggerhead Turtle Eggs — See Photos (Miami Herald, 7/5/16).

Summer Means Bears Fishing for Salmon in Alaska’s Katmai National Park — Watch Live Bear Cam (Gizmodo, 7/5/16). Watch’s bear cam and other live cams here.

Pollution  Suspected Cause of Green Turtle Tumor Outbreak on Great Barrier Reef — See Disturbing Photos (New Scientist, 7/5/16).

• Solar-Powered Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter after Traveling at 130,00 MPH for 5 Years — See Videos (NASA, 7/4/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here. Learn more about NASA’s Juno mission here. See time-lapse footage of Juno’s approach here.

Poaching of Elephant Matriarchs in Kenya Forces Younger Females into Leadership Roles — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/4/16).

Researchers Probe Amazing Changes in Bear Biology during Hibernation — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 7/4/16).

Earth Reaches Farthest Distance from Sun in Annual Orbit on 7/4 (EarthSky, 7/4/16).

Opinion: Courts Are Right to Demand More Serious Efforts to Save Endangered Salmon (The New York Times, 7/4/16).

Study: Some Mantas Like to Wander, Some Don’t — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 7/4/16).

NASA Releases Stunning Image of Earth-Sized Aurora on Jupiter — See Photo (EarthSky, 7/3/16).

Tiger Kills Zookeeper in Spain (The Telegraph, 7/3/16).

Bear Involved in Earlier Attacks Bites Hiker in Alaska’s Denali Park (Newsminer, 7/2/16).

1 Man Falls to Death Posing for Photo at Machu Pichu, 1 Falls Taking Selfie at Waterfall in Peru — See Photos (The Washington Post, 7/1/16).

National Geographic Picks Favorite Nature Photo Contest Submissions — See Images (National Geographic, 7/1/16).

Study: Insects Are Conscious Beings (Treehugger, 7/1/16).

Study: Ancient European Tombs May Have Helped Early Humans Study Stars — See Photos (Astronomy, 7/1/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Lake Okeechobee Discharge Blamed for Florida Coast Algae Bloom — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 7/1/16). Read more, see more photos and video hereherehere and here.

June 2016

One of a new series of recruitment posters for Mars explorers / NASA, KSC , COSMOS Magazine / Click to learn more.

Researchers Unravel Secrets of Frigatebird’s Amazing Flying Abilities —See Video Report (The Washington Post, 6/30/16).

Teen Videotapes Macaw Thought to be Extinct in Brazil — See Video (Unworthy, 6/30/16).

Study: Hole in Arctic Ozone is Healing — See Images (BBC News, 6/30/16).

How Do Octopuses, Other Cephalopods Change Color? See Video Report (EarthSky, 6/30/16).

Even Fruit Flies Need Their Sleep — See Video Report (STAT, 6/30/16). Thanks to Linda Lee for this item.

Grizzly Kills Biker in Montana — See News Report (The Washington Post, 6/30/16).

Elephant Charges, Injures Filmmaker in Kenya — See Video (National Geographic, 6/30/16).

New Findings Narrow Gap Between Arrival of Modern Humans, Disappearance of Homo floresiensis (“Hobbits’) in Indonesia — See Photos (COSMOS, 6/30/16).

Nobel Laureates Criticize Greenpeace for Stance on GMOs (The Washington Post, 6/30/16).

Florida’s U.S. Senators Want to Undo Plans for No-Fishing Marine Preserve in Biscayne Bay — See Photos & Video (Miami Herald, 6/29/16).

Study: Humans Still Doing More to Destroy than Protect Amazon Rain Forest (The Washington Post, 6/29/16).

• One of Largest Diamonds Ever Mined Fails to Sell at Auction — See Photo & Video (ABC News, 6/29/16).

Prospectors Find Stores of Precious Helium in Rift Valley (COSMOS, 6/29/16).

Exhibit Opens in Paris Built on Recordings of Natural Soundscapes — See Photos & Hear Recordings (The New York Times, 6/28/16).

Researchers Find Opal in a Meteorite in Antarctica — See Images (COSMOS, 6/28/16).

Invasive Lionfish Now Spread to Mediterranean — See Photo (Scientific American, 6/28/16). Read more here.

Slow-Motion Footage Reveals How Osprey Catch, Struggle with Prey — See Video (COSMOS, 6/28/16).

Who Knew? Auroras Make Noise — See Photos (National Geographic, 6/27/16).

Basking Ridge NJ’s 600-Year-Old White Oak is Dying — See Photo (The Washington Post, 6/27/16).

Meet Winner, Runners-Up in Ugliest Dog Contest — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/25/16).

Hollow Sand Dune Almost Swallows Boy in Indiana Park — See Photo (The Mercury News, 6/25/16).

18-Year-Old Girl Dies of Brain-Eating Amoeba Contracted at North Carolina Water Park — See News Report (ABC News, 6/25/16). Read more, see more video here.

Rains, Floods Destroy Homes, Kill 26 in West Virginia — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 6/25/16).

Night & Day in New Mexico’s White Sands National Park — See Time-Lapse Video (EarthSky, 6/24/16).

NASA Releases Recruitment Posters: Mars Explorers Wanted — See Posters (COSMOS, 6/24/16). Download free posters here.

Latest Twilight in Northeast Happening Now (EarthSky, 6/24/16). Learn more here.

Jealous Dog Watches Red Fox Plays with Toy — See Video (One Green Planet, 6/24/16).

Florida Fish and Wildlife Votes Against Black Bear Hunt (Humane Society, 6/24/16).

Study: Barbary Macaques, Like Humans, Become More Socially Selective as They Age — See Photos (Phys.Org, 6/23/16). Read more, see more photos here.

World is Running Out of Sand — Yes, Sand (The New York Times, 6/23/16).

Vipers in the Valley: Meet the Biologist who Studies Rattlers  — See Video (Vimeo, 6/23/16). Thanks to Bethany Augliere for this item.


ESA Releases Beautiful Image of Tibetan Plateau — See Photograph (EarthSky, 6/22/16).

Contagious Cancer Jumps from 1 Clam Species to Another (The Atlantic, 6/22/16). Read more, see more photos and video report here.

56 People Killed by Lightning in Eastern India in 24 Hours (National Post, 6/22/16).

Paper: Pluto May Have Subsurface Liquid-Water Ocean — See Photos (Gizmodo, 6/22/16). Read more, see more video here.

Jaguar Mascot Escapes Handlers, Shot Dead at Olympics Ceremony in Brazil— See Photos & Video (Reuters, 6/22/16). See more video here.

Rhythmic Pressure Changes Create Low Whistling Sound in Caribbean Sea — Hear Recording (Science Alert, 6/21/16).

Photographer Paul McKenzie Captures Beauty, Mystery of East Africa’s Flamingos — See Images (bioGraphic, 6/21/16).

Study Suggests Parakeets Grasp Syntax (COSMOS, 6/21/16).

When Animals Attack People: Should They Live or Die? (The Washington Post, 6/21/16).

Global Trade Means Global Invasive Species (Smithsonian, 6/21/16). Read more here. See animation here.

Super-Sticky Saliva Helps Chameleon Catch Prey — See Video (Tech Times, 6/21/16). Read more, see more photos herehere and here.

Researchers  Film, Try to Figure Out Mystery of Mass Coral Spawning in Time to Save Coral Reefs — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 6/20/16). Read more here.

London’s Natural History Museum Selects Best Wildlife Photos of 2015 — See Images (The Huffington Post, 6/20/16). See more photos here.

China Wants to Dam Last Wild River to Cut CO2, Advocates Fight to Keep It Free — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 6/19/16).

A Week of Wildlife Photos — See Images (The Guardian, 6/18/16).

Mom Fights Off Mountain Lion Attacking Son in Colorado (The Washington Post, 6/18/16).

Tiny Pacific Jellyfish with Nasty Sting Makes 1st Appearance in New Jersey — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/17/16).

Woman, Dog Fend Off Starving Wolf in Canadian Woods — See News Report (The Washington Post, 6/17/16).

NSF Attempts Risky Rescue of 2 Sick Scientists at South Pole (The Washington Post, 6/16/16). Read more here, here and here.

Artist Christo’s New Project: Saffron Floating Walkways Connects Island to Land — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 6/16/16).

Scientists Trek into Remote Peruvian Mountains  to Discover New Species, Explore New Realms— See Photos & Video (bioGraphic, 6/16/16).

Lured from Hills as Tourist Attraction, Monkeys Overrun Chinese Village — See Photo (The Washington Post, 6/16/16). See more photos here.

Puget Sound Was, Isn’t Now, May Again Become Nursery for Six-Gill Sharks — See Photos (KCTS 9, 6/16/15).

Senator Presses Administration to Quadruple size of Hawaiian Marine Reserve (The Washington Post, 6/16/16). Read more here.

Technology Helping Researchers Learn More about Mysterious Great White Sharks — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 6/15/16).

Discovery: Earth has a Buddy Asteroid — See Animation  (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 6/15/16).

Man Adrift in Raft Rescued from Long Island Sound, Paddle Boarder Missing (gothamist, 6/15/16).

Study IDs 35 Thriving, Dying Reefs, Common Characteristics of Each (Stanford News, 6/15/16). Read more, see a video report here.

Switch to LEDs Making Light Pollution Bigger Global Problem — See Video Report (The Times-Picayune, 6/15/16).

Alligator Snatches 2-Year-Old Boy at Disney World — See Photos & News Report (The Washington Post, 6/15/16). Read more, see more photos and news reports herehereherehere, here, here and here.

Atlantic Magazine Selects Favorite Photos of Animals in the News — See Images (The Atlantic, 6/14/16).

Collar-Cam Captures What It’s Like to Be a Polar Bear  — See Video (The New York Times, 6/13/16).

Sprawl, Traffic, Government Inertia Make Smog a Problem Again in Mexico City (The New York Times, 6/13/16).

Report: Trophy Hunting Does More to Harm than Help Endangered Species (The New York Times, 6/13/16).

Study: Bird Brains are Packed with Neurons (The Guardian, 6/13/16). Read more here. Find the full study here.

Bear Opens Family’s Unlocked Car Door in Yellowstone — See Video (The Telegraph, 6/12/16).

NOAA: This Summer’s Pollution-Driven Dead Zone in Gulf Will Equal Size of Connecticut (Union of Concerned Scientists, 6/10/16). Read more here.

Study: 1/3 of Humans, 80% of North Americans No Longer Able to Look Up and See Milky Way  — See Photos & Video Report (The Atlantic, 6/10/16).

Underwater Photographer David Doubilet Talks about Career Highs & Lows — See Images (National Geographic, 6/8/16).

Stephen Hawking: Black Holes May Be 1-Way Portal to Other Universe — See Video Report (Mirror, 6/8/16).

Report Considers Using Genetically Modified Rats to Solve Rodent Problem in Galapagos (Wired, 6/8/16).

Study: Hot Nests Turn Male Embryos of Australian Lizard into Potent Females with Male-Female Parts (Cosmos, 6/8/16).

What’s Killing Marine Life Off Central Vietnam? See Photos & Video Report (Global Voices, 6/7/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Florida Alligators Found Chomping on 2 Human Bodies in 2 Weeks — See News Report (The Sacramento Bee, 6/7/16). See more video reports here and here.

Study: Mammals Began Diversifying Before Dinosaurs Disappeared (The Guardian, 6/7/16).

Study: Some Fish can Recognize Human Faces — See Photos & Video Report (Gizmodo, 6/7/16). Read more, see more video here and here.

What’s That Little Fish Doing Inside That Jellyfish? See Photo (Tech Insider, 6/7/16). Read more here.

Nature Photographer Fills In Story about Bison Calf Tourists Rescued at Yellowstone (The Washington Post, 6/7/16).

Scientists Record Music of the Stars — Hear Recordings (Gizmodo, 6/6/16).

OMG! See These Stunning Images of Waves — View Photos (National Geographic, 6/6/16).

Study: Fruit Flies Use Their Brains — See Video (The New York Times, 6/6/16).

Demonstration Proves It: Electric Eels Mean Business! — See Video (The New York Times, 6/6/16). See more video here and here.

Death of 17-Year-Old Harambe Prompts Debate: Do Gorillas Belong in Zoos? (The New York Times, 6/6/16).

Beautiful Jellyfish — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature News, 6/6/16).

Scientists Detect Baby Volcano under Town in New Zealand — See Diagrams (Science Alert, 6/6/16). Learn more here and here.

West coast of Canada, December 31, 2015 / Tim Peake, ISS, NASA / Click to see and learn more.

Astronaut Photographs Our Beautiful Earth from Space Station — See Images (The Atlantic, 6/6/16). See more photos here.

Beautiful Auroras on Earth & Elsewhere — See Photos (Cosmos, 6/6/16).

2 Fatal Shark Attacks in 6 Days Off Western Australia (BBC News, 6/5/16). See news report here.

Researchers Argue City Dwellers Need Nature for Health, Well-Being (Phys.Org, 6/3/16).

Indonesian Agency Frees Whale Sharks Captured for Illegal Sale — See Photos (Unworthy, 6/3/16).

Study: Humans May Have Domesticated Dogs in 2 Parts of World at Same Time (Tech Times, 6/3/16).

Study: Underwater “City” Discovered Off Western Greece Created by Microbes — See Photos (Gizmodo, 6/3/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

7-Year-Old Boy Abandoned by Parents in Woods in Japan Found Alive (BBC News, 6/3/16).

Slovenian Blind “Baby Dragon” Salamander Eggs Finally Hatch — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 6/2/16). Read more, see more photos and video herehere and here.

Opinion: Death of Gorilla Prompts Questions about Captive Exhibits (The New York Times, 6/2/16)

U.S. Enacts Near Total Ban on Ivory Imports (The New York Times, 6/2/16).

Life on the Unforgiving Sea, Searching for Flight 370 — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/2/16).

France, Germany Hit by Heavy Rains, Devastating Floods — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 6/2/16). Read more here. See more photos here. See more video here.

Jane Goodall Sends Sympathetic Email to Cincinnati Zoo after Gorilla’s Death — Read Text (One Green Planet, 6/2/16).

Tests Confirm King Tut’s Dagger was Made from a Meteorite — See Photos & Video Report (USA Today, 6/2/16). Read more, see more photos here and here. See video reports here and here.

Russia’s Lake Baikal, Deepest Lake on Planet, Threatened by Hydropower Stations — See Photos (EarthSky, 6/1/16). See more photos of Lake Baikal here.

Swimmer Gets Close to Basking Sharks off Ireland — See Photos & Video (Irish Examiner, 6/1/16). See more video here and here.

Opinion: New FEMA Flood Maps Vastly Underestimate New Orleans Risk (The New York Times, 6/1/16).

Little Shrimp Packs Giant Punch — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 6/1/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Invasive, Piranha-Like Fish with Human-Like Teeth Popping Up All Over U.S. — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature News, 6/1/16).

May 2016

Planet Stamps / NASA, USPS / Click to learn more.

NASA, USPS Release Stamps of Planets, Pluto Doesn’t Make Cut — See Images (SlashGear, 5/31/16).

Agencies Scrambling to Keep Invasive Asian Carp out of Great Lakes — See Photo, Diagram, Hear Radio Report (, 5/31/16).

Tigers Removed from Thai Temple Accused of Wildlife Trafficking — See Video Report (The Guardian, 5/30/16). Read more, see more photos here, here and here. See more video here and—fair warning—disturbing video footage here and here.

Study: Bumblebee Hairs May Sense a Flower’s Electrical Signals (The Christian Science Monitor, 5/30/16). Read more here. See video report here.

7-Year-Old Boy Disappears after Parents Force Him Out of Car in Woods in Japan (Los Angeles Times, 5/30/16). Read more here and here.

Researcher Devoted to Colorful Peacock Spiders — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 5/30/16).

Mars Reaches Closest Approach to Earth in More than 10 Years — See Photo and Diagrams (EarthSky, 5/30/16). See photos here.

Sharks Bite Swimmers off Florida, California — See Video Report (USA Today, 5/30/16). Read more, see another video report here.

Croc Grabs 1 of 2 Women Swimming Off Beach in Australia (, 5/30/16).

Scientist Stirs Up MA Town with Plan to Create Rattlesnake Colony on Nearby Island —See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 5/28/16).

Eagles Being Trained to Intercept Drones in Netherlands — See Video (The New York Times, 5/28/16).

Cincinnati Zoo Shoots 17-Year-Old Gorilla to Save 4-Year-Old Boy who Fell into Moat — See Video & News Report (WLWT 5, 5/28/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

NASA’s New Horizons Captures Amazing Close-Up Scan of Pluto’s Varied Terrain — See Photo & Video (EarthSky, 5/28/16).

NOAA Predicts Normal, Meaning More Active, Hurricane Season (, 5/27/16).

Studies: Silence Promotes Brain Health (, 5/27/16). Thanks to Julie Suess for this item.

Endangered Macaque Chatters to Camera in Sulawesi Jungle — See Video (, 5/27/16).

Children in Chinese Mountaintop Village Tackle 2,625-Foot Cliff  to Get to School — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 5/27/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

3 Tourists Drown when Boat Flips in High Waves Off Thailand (, 5/27/16). See news report here.

Beautiful Silver Boa Discovered in Bahamas — See Photos (The Guardian, 5/27/16). Read more here.

Remains Found of Hiker who Lost Way 3 Years Ago on Appalachian Trail (The New York Times, 5/26/16). Read more, see video report here.

Fossil Finding: Extinction Event that Killed Dinosaurs Wiped Out Species in Antarctic, Too — See Photos, Illos & Video Report (Daily Mail, 5/26/16).

Hanako, Oldest Captive Elephant in Japan, Dies at 69 after Lifetime Alone in Barren Enclosure — See Photos & Video (The Dodo, 5/26/16). Thanks to Denise Herzing for this item.

Doctors ID First U.S. Patient Infected with Bacteria Resistant to Last-Resort Antibiotic (The New York Times, 5/26/16). Read more here and here. See video and news reports here and here.

Massive Sea Sponge May be Oldest Living Animal on Planet — See Photos & Video (New Scientist, 5/25/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Flowing Lava — See Photos (Honolulu Star Advertiser, 5/25/16).

Florida Holds Lionfish Spear-Netting Contest in Effort to Control Invasive Species — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 5/25/16).

Did Experiment Stumble on Fifth Force of Nature? (Scientific American, 5/25/16). Read more here and here.

Finding: Circles of Broken Stalagmites Deep in French Cave Made by Neanderthals — See Photos (The Atlantic, 5/25/16). Read more, see more photos and video here. See news reports here and here.

14 Short Videos of Human-Animal Encounters — See Videos (The Telegraph, 5/25/16).

Hawaii Considering Risky Option to Save Island State’s Birds — See Photos (Huffpost Green, 5/25/16).

Indonesian Pet Trade Driving Bird Species to Extinction — See Photos (The Guardian, 5/25/16). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Artist Makes Sea Sculptures from Ocean Trash — See Photos (The Washington Post, 5/24/16).

UN Asks All Countries to Ban Illegally Traded, Harvested Wildlife, Timber (The Guardian, 5/24/16).

Journalists Kayak from Cuba to Florida — See Photos & Video (Deadpan, 5/23/16).

Former Microsoft Tech, NASA Scientists Argue about Killer Asteroid Data — See Photo & Animated Graphic (The New York Times, 5/23/16). Read more here.

Queens Residents Worry How Gentrification will Affect Feral Cats — See Video Report (The New York Times, 5/23/16).

SUNY-ESF Names Top 10 New Species of 2016 — See Photos (ESF, 5/23/16).

Deaths of 2 Horses on Preakness Day Underscore Brutality of Racing (ThinkProgress, 5/23/16).

LSU Captive Mascot Tiger, Mike, Diagnosed with Cancer — See Photos (The Times-Picayune, 5/23/16). See video report here.

Everest Claims 6 Lives in 3 Days — See News Report (CBS New York, 5/23/16). Read more, see more photos and news and video reports here, here, here, herehere, here, here and here.

3 People Bitten by Sharks Off Florida Beaches in 1 Week (People, 5/23/16).

2 Lions Shot after Mauling Man Who Jumped Naked into Enclosure in Chilean Zoo (BBC News, 5/22/16). See disturbing video report here.

Mars at 10-Year Peak Brightness in Tonight’s Sky — See Photo & Diagram (EarthSky, 5/22/16). See photo gallery here.

Volcanic Eruption Kills 7 in Indonesia (The Times-Picayune, 5/22/16).

Volcano Erupts in Central Costa Rica — See Photos (BBC News, 5/21/16).

Elephant Conservation the New Hip Cause in Hollywood — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/21/16).

Maggie, 2nd Oldest Captive Female Orangutan, Euthanized at 54 at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo — See Photo (ABC 7 Chicago, 5/21/16). Read more here.

• Temps in India Hit Record-Setting 123.8 F in Midst of Heat Wave — See Photos (Boston Herald, 5/20/16). Read more here. See news report here. See video report here and here.

Hubble Snaps Images of Mars Nearing Closest Approach to Earth in 11 Years — See Photo & Video Report (, 5/20/16). Read more here and here. See more video here.

3 Nasty, Non-Native Nile Crocs Caught in Everglades, Are There More? See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/20/16). Read more here and here. Read an update to a count of 4 crocs here.

Look at the Sky, See the Ocean: Clouds that Look Like Waves — See Photos (EarthSky, 5/20/16).

Study: Some Trees May Sleep at Night (The Washington Post, 5/20/16).

Humans Freak Out when Nest-Cam Shows Nature’s Cruelty — See Videos (The Washington Post, 5/19/16).

Shedd Aquarium’s 83-Year-Old Lungfish, Granddad, Oldest Surviving Captive Fish — See Photos (WTTW, 5/19/16).

Study: Meteor Strikes May Have Triggered Huge Ocean Tsunamis on Ancient Mars — See Images, Diagrams, Maps & Videos (Gizmodo, 5/19/16). Read more here.

Inuit Kills Grizzly-Polar Bear Hybrid, Product of Climate Change-Driven Shifting Ranges — See Photos (CBC News, 5/18/16). Thanks to Bethany Augliere for this item.

California Has Enough Water Again to Lift State Restrictions (The New York Times, 5/18/16).

Colony of Near-Threatened Arctic Ivory Gulls Found Nesting on Iceberg — See Photos (EarthSky, 5/18/16).

Florida Brewery Creates Edible, Biodegradable Six-Pack Ring to Reduce Harm to Marine Life, Seabirds — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature News, 5/18/16).

Bones of Newly ID’d Species of Dinosaur Tell Story of Hard Life — See Photos & Illustrations (The Washington Post, 5/18/16).

14.62-Carat Rare Blue Diamond Sells for Record-Setting $58 Million at Christie’s, Geneva — See Photo (Bloomberg, 5/18/16). Read about the rare 15-carat pink diamond auctioned at Christie’s and see photos and video here. See photos of other rare diamonds and video about diamond industry  here.

WHO: Zika Could Hit Parts of Europe This Summer (BBC News, 5/18/16).

National Academy of Sciences Report: No Evidence that GMOs Pose Threat to Humans, Environment (Scientific American, 5/18/16). Read more here. See video report here.

Southern California Beaches Coated in Red Crabs — See Photos (Upworthy, 5/17/16).

Thailand Closing Popular Island to Allow Recovery from Impact of Tourism — See Photo (The New York Times, 5/17/16). Read more, see more photos here. See video report here.

4 Young Canadians Film Selves Breaking Law, Walking Out on Sensitive Hot Springs at Yellowstone — See Video (The Mercury News, 5/17/16).

Texas Oil Company Indicted for 2015 California Spill (The Seattle Times, 5/17/16). See slide show here.

Bone Marrow-Munching Bearded Vulture Seen in UK, North of Usual Range, for First Time — See Photo (The Telegraph, 5/17/16).

Storm that Sank Ship Off Haifa in Roman Times Saved Artifacts from Destruction — See Photos & Video Report (, 5/17/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Portland Police Dash Cam Catches Meteor Streaking through Night Sky in Northeast — See Video (USA Today, 5/17/16). See more photos and video here.

Researchers Find Ancient Evidence of Huge Asteroid Strike in Western Australia — See Photo (, 5/17/16). Read more, see more photos, maps and video here, here and here.

Study: Coal Spill could be Final Death Knell for Suffering Great Barrier Reef (International Business Times, 5/17/16).

Coming Up: Blue Moon & Red Planet (EarthSky, 5/16/16).

A Town in Venezuela where the Lightening Shows Never Cease — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/16/17).

Wildfires Threaten Oil Sands Camps North of Fort McMurray, Alberta, CA (The Washington Post, 5/17/16). See news reports here and here.

Bison Calf Euthanized when Herd Rejects It after Tourists Put It in Car at Yellowstone — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/16/16). Read more here. See news report here.

What’s the Biggest Mountain on Earth? Depends How You Measure (The New York Times, 5/16/16).

Study IDs Corals Able to Withstand Warmer Oceans, Possibly Reseed Dying Great Barrier Reef (Vice, 5/16/16).

Small, Usually Nonaggressive Nurse Shark Bites, Attaches to Woman’s Arm in Boca Raton — See Photos & News Report (The Washington Post, 5/16/16). Read more here.

Scientists Report Shifts in Areas of Earth’s Dynamic Magnetic Field — See Animations (EarthSky, 5/16/16).

Green Flash Season: What It is, How to See It — See Photos (EarthSky, 5/16/16). Learn more, see more photos here.

Riled Africanized Bees Kill 2 Dogs, Terrorize Bay Area Neighborhood — See Photos & News Report (SFGate, 5/15/16). Read more, see more photos here.

People and Prey Live in Delicate Balance in Remote Park in Peru — See Photos (National Geographic, 5/15/16).

Opinion: Assessing Our Progress Toward Becoming a More Humane Society (The New York Times, 5/15/16)

Author-Expert: Fishes Think and Feel, Too (The New York Times, 5/14/16). Find the book What Fishes Know here.

Opinion: Congress Should Pass Bipartisan END Wildlife Tracking Act (The Hill, 5/14/16).

Report: U.S. Honeybees Declined by 44% in Past Year (The Washington Post, 5/13/16).

German Shepherd Rescue Pet Protects Girl from Rattlesnake in Tampa — See Photos & News Report (The Sacramento Bee, 5/13/16).

Another Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico — See Photo (Fortune, 5/13/16).

70-Year-Old Norwegian to Row from NYC to England — See Photos (New York Daily News, 5/13/16).

Study: Sinkhole Artifacts Prove Humans Hunted Mastodons in Florida 14,000 Years Ago — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/13/16). Read more, see more photos here and here. See video reports here and here.

A Week of Wildlife Photos — See Images (The Guardian, 5/13/16).

One of Last 100 Sumatran Rhinos Gives Birth in Indonesian Sanctuary — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/13/16). See birth here.

First 2016 Manhattanhenge Coming May 29 (DNA Info, 5/13/16).

Get Rocket’s Eye View of Earth during Reentry and Landing Courtesy of Jeff Bezos — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 5/12/16).

NASA Gets Pics of Volcanic Eruption on Remote Island in Southern Ocean — See Photos (EarthSky, 5/12/16).

Philosopher Asks: What Do We Do When, Not If, We Find Other Life in Universe? (EarthSky, 5/12/16).

Air Pollution Kills 1/2 Million in India Each Year – See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/11/16).

Astronomers Learning More about Solar System’s Odd, Mysterious Dwarf Planets — See Illustrations & Footage (NASA JPL, 5/11/16).

Study: Stinky Dying Coral Makes It Hard for Fish to Smell Predators — See Photos (, 5/10/16).

Students Want Legislators to Ban Circus Elephants in New York State (The New York Times, 5/10/16).

Grad Student Idea Leads to Insights into How Zika Damages Brain — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/9/16).

Finding: Pluto Moon Hydra Coated in Water Ice — See Photos (Tech Times, 5/9/16). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Bunches of Baby Sea Stars Welcome Sight on Pacific Coast after 2014 Die-Off — See Photos (The Mercury News, 5/9/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Chinese Man Leaves City, Returns to Mountain Village, More Natural Life & Work — See Photos & Video Report (The New York Times, 5/8/16).

Researchers Discover Amazing, Strange New Creatures at Bottom of Marianas Trench — See Photos & Video (Gizmodo, 5/6/16). See more videos here. Special thanks to Kalia Donor for the video link.

Endlessly Surprising Nature: Melting River Ice Creates Spinning Ice Circles in Russian River — See Video (The New York Times, 5/6/16).

Fossil Findings Raise Question: Did Human Ancestors Come from Asia, Sail to Africa? — See Photos, Illustrations (The Washington Post, 5/6/16).

Ancient Hammer-Headed Marine Reptile was Vegetarian — See Photos (National Geographic, 5/6/16). Read more, see illustrations here.

Tourists Follow Astronomers to Canary Islands to View Night Sky — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

Finding: Collision with Juvenile Bald Eagle May Have Caused Small Plane Crash in Alaska — See Photos (Inquisitor, 5/5/16). Read more here. See video report here.

America’s Cup Catamarans Meet Tricky Urban Winds in NYC — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

Tourists Pay $100 to Wrestle Alligators at Colorado Park — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

Study: Faster Metabolism Allowed Humans to Grow Bigger Brains than Other Primates — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

NYC Council Approves Nickel Fee on Plastic Bags (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

Racehorse-Lover Praises New Photo Monograph — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 5/5/16).

Report: More than Half Northern Great Barrier Reef Dead — See Video (The Sydney Morning Herald, 5/5/16).

Study: Parts of Florida’s Coral Reef Dissolving — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/5/16). Read more, see video report here.

Alligator Tries to Ring Doorbell in South Carolina — See Video (BoingBoing, 5/4/16).

Groups Sue EPA, Demand Tougher Lax Regulations for Disposal of Fracking Wastes (The Washington Post, 5/4/16).

Conservationist Known for Work in Mauritius Wins $250,000 Prize — See Photos & Video (IndyStar, 5/4/16).

Heat, Drought, Winds Fuel Forest Fire in Canadian Oil-Sands Town, Residents Evacuate — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/4/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here, here, here and here.

El Jefe on remote-sensor camera, April 28, 2015 / Russ McSpadden, Conservation Catalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity / Click to learn more.

Mercury Transited Sun Today — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/9/16).

• USFWS Action: Agency Approves Mine in Territory of America’s Only Known Jaguar  — See Photo & Video (Center for Biological Diversity, 5/3/16). Read more here. Go directly to sensor-cam video of El Jefe here.

USFWS Report: Trump’s Wall Threatens America’s Only Known Jaguar,  Other Species — See Photos, Video, Full Report (Outside, 5/3/16).

• Astronomers Find Possibly Habitable Planets around Nearby Dwarf Star — See Photos & Illustrations (EarthSky, 5/3/16). Read more here. See news report here.

• Study: Photo Analysis Suggests Possible Liquid Water on Mars — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/3/16).

• New Online Magazine bioGraphic Explores Wonders of Nature, Efforts to Save Planet (bioGraphic, 5/3/16). Thanks to The Poynter Institute for this item.

• What We Lose when We Lose the Great Barrier Reef — See Photos & Diagram (, 5/3/16).

• Expert: No Easy Way to Control Zika-Carrying Mosquito — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 5/3/16).

• Study: Earth Could Host Trillion Species, Almost All Still Undiscovered (ScienceDaily, 5/2/16). Read more here.

• Ringling Bros. Circus Elephants Retired — See Photos & Video Report (The Washington Post, 5/2/16). See another video report here.

• Rare Cambodian Turtle on Brink of Extinction — See Photos & Video (, 5/2/16).

• Fishermen Catch, Free Endangered Sawfish in Naples, FL — See Video (Huffpost Weird News, 5/1/16).

• Nature Is Not Your Friend: Experienced Hiker Dies in Denali National Park (Alaska Dispatch News, 5/1/16).

• Florida Turtle-Nesting Season Starts May 1 — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 5/1/16). Read more here. See another news report here.

• Scientists Teach Octopus to Snap Photos — See Video Report (Upworthy, 5/1/16).

• Mercury Crosses Sun on May 9 — See Photos, Diagram & Video (EarthSky, 5/1/16). Read more, see video projection here. See video of 2006 transit here.

• Report: Dredging Port of Miami Did Major Damage to Coral Reef — See Photo (The New York Times, 5/1/16).

• Justin Bieber Criticized for Photo with Captive Tiger at Dad’s Engagement Party — See Photo (The Hollywood Reporter, 5/2/16). Read more, see more photos here.

• Nature Is Not Your Friend: American Mom, Daughter Rescued after 4 Days in New Zealand Bush — See Photos & Video (New Zealand Herald, 5/1/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

• Buddhist Monastery in Thailand Accused of Exploiting, Trafficking in Tigers — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 5/1/16).

• New Findings Increase Odds of Other Intelligent Life in Universe (The Christian Science Monitor, 5/1/16).

• Advocates Want Circus Animal Acts Banned in Windsor, Canada (CBC News, 5/1/16).

April 2016

Computer-simulation of massive black hole, center of galaxy NCG 1600 / NASA, ESA, D. Coe, J. Anderson, R. van der Marel (STScl) , / Click to learn more.

• Officials to New York Residents: Don’t Tangle with Coyotes (Daily News, 4/30/16).

Researchers Discover Cool New Jellyfish in Deepest Part of World’s Oceans — See Photos & Video (LiveScience, 4/29/16).

New IMAX Film Beautiful Planet Features Views of Earth from Space — See Trailer (The Washington Post, 4/29/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Kenya Plans Biggest-Ever Burn of Stockpiled Poached Ivory on 4/30 — See Photo (The Guardian, 4/29/16). Read more, see more photos here and here. See video reports of preparations for the burn herehere and here. Read more about and see more photos and video of the actual burn here and here.

Strange, Tailless Comet Dates to Creation of Solar System, Possibly Part of Early Earth — See Photos, Diagram & Video Report (, 4/29/16).

First Zika-Related Death in U.S. Reported in Puerto Rico — See Slide Show (The Washington Post, 4/29/16). Read more, see video report here.

Study: Reptiles May Also Dream (Scientific American, 4/29/16). Read more here.

Opulent Oceans Exhibit of Early Drawings of Marine Life Opens at American Museum of Natural History — See Photos (Hyperallergic, 4/29/16). Learn more about the exhibit here.

Correction: January Snowstorm Did Set New Record in NYC (CBS New York, 4/28/16).

Artist & Pigeons Present “Fly by Night” Light Show in Brooklyn — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 4/28/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Photographer Publishes New Book on Animal Migrations — See Photos (TheWorldPost, 4/28/16).

Ancient Bones Reveal Early Humans were Both Predators and Prey — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/28/16).

Zika Spreading in Puerto Rico (USA Today, 4/28/16).

Finding: 8,500-Year-Old Kennewick Man Skeleton is Native American — See Photo (The Seattle Times, 4/27/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Report: Newly Discovered Lake under Antarctic Ice May Contain Ancient, Undisturbed Life (Discovery News, 4/27/16). Read more here.

Study: Ravens as Smart as Chimps in Some Tests — See Video (Huffpost Science, 4/27/16).

Once Near-Extinct Bison to be Proclaimed National Mammal of U.S. — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 4/27/16).

Urban Gardener Tends his Patch of Nature on Manhattan’s West Side — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/27/16).

Researchers ID New, Smaller Titanosaur Species from Well Preserved Skull — See Photo & Video Report (Smithsonian, 4/27/16). Read more, see more photos, illustrations and video here and here.

Roman Groups Get Creative in Trying to Reclaim Famed, Filthy Tiber River — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/26/16).

Should 8 Retired U.S. Research Chimps Go to Wildlife Park in England? Experts, Advocates Disagree — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/26/16).

Scientists Share Findings on Long-Term Effects of Gulf Spill in Dispatches from the Gulf  — See Trailer & Film Clips (, 4/26/15). Thanks to Susan Senk Public Relations for this item.

Man Trying to Run across Atlantic in Bubble from Florida to Bermuda Stopped by Coast Guard — See Video (The Washington Post, 4/25/16).Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Camera that Sees Like a Shark Reveals that Some Glow in Dark — See Video Report (National Geographic, YouTube, 4/25/16). Read more, see photos herehere and here.

Photographer’s Images of Endangered Species to Go on Traveling Exhibit Next Year — See Images (The Washington Post, 4/25/16).

Population of World’s Largest Gorilla Down 77% in 20 Years in DRC — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 4/24/16).

Biologist  Argues in New Book that Humans Don’t Know How to Measure Animal Intelligence (New York Post, 4/24/16).

• Astronomers Puzzled by Massive, Solitary, Planet-Like Object in Space — See Rendering (Science Alert, 4/22/16).

Forest Service Extremely Protective of World Oldest Known Tree (The New York Times, 4/22/16).

Happy 26th Birthday, Hubble! See Images (, 4/22/16). See more images here. See video reports here and here.

Thriving Reef Discovered at Muddy Mouth of Amazon — See Photos (National Geographic, 4/22/16). Read more here and here.

Earth-Friendly Travel Tips — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/21/16). Read more here.

Panama Tooth Fossils Put Monkeys in North America Millions of Years Sooner than Thought — See Photo (Nature, 4/20/16). Read more here and here. See more photos here.

Greenpeace Sails Indian Ocean to Find, Seize Destructive Tuna Fishing Gear — See Photos (Bangkok Post, 4/20/16).

• Huge, Heart-Shaped Solar Flare Disrupts Radio Reception — See Photos (HNGN, 4/20/16). Read more here.

Learning to Love Relaxing in Communal Pools in Iceland — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/19/16).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: World-Champion Female Snowboarder Killed in Avalanche (NBC News, 4/19/16). Read more here.

UPYLondon Announces Underwater Photographer of the Year Award Winners — See Photos (Unworthy, 4/19/16). See more photos here.

Dawn Spacecraft Beams Back New Closeups of Dwarf Planet Ceres — See Photos & Video (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4/19/16).

Study: Vitamin N, Nature, Promotes Longer, Healthier Life — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/19/16).

30 Years after Chernobyl, Scientists Study How Wildlife Adapts in Area of High Radiation, No Humans — See Photos (Phys.Org, 4/19/16). Read more here.

Researchers Plan First Circumnavigation of Antarctic to Survey Whales, Study Pollution, Plastics (Business Insider Australia, 4/19/16).

Finding: Bee, Insect Brain Structure Suggests Capacity for Consciousness (The New York Times, 4/18/16). Read more here and here.

New Book Argues that Dogs are More than Pets or Strays — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/18/16).

Why People Love their Pet Parrots — See Video Reel (The New York Times, 4/18/16).

What Was She Thinking?: Women Tries to Pet Bison in Yellowstone — See Video (, 4/18/16).

North Korea Invites U.S., British Researchers to Help Study Rumbling Volcano — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/18/16). See news report here.

Study: Dinosaurs Already in Trouble when Asteroid Hit (The Washington Post, 4/18/16).

Historic Floods Hit Houston — See Photos & Video (Houston Chronicle, 4/18/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Sort of Apologize for Sneaking Dogs into Australia — See Video (The Washington Post, 4/18/16).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: 2 Teens Swept to Sea Off San Francisco Beach – See News Report (SFGate, 4/17/16).

Hundreds Dead, Thousands Injured in 7.8 Quake in Ecuador — See Video Footage (The New York Times, 4/17/16). Read more, see photos here and here.

Tiger Kills Keeper at Palm Beach Zoo — See News Report (Miami Herald, 4/16/16). Read more, see more news reports here and here.

2 Quakes, 2nd Stronger than First, Strike Southern Japan — See Videos (USA Today, 4/15/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Study: Researchers Learn More about How Monarch Butterflies Migrate — See Photo & News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 4/15/16). Read more here.

Inky the Octopus Wasn’t the First: True Stories of Other Captive Animals that Made a Break for Freedom — See Videos (The Washington Post, 4/15/16).

Here Comes the Cicadas! See Video Report (The Washington Post, 4/15/16).

U.N. Selects Winners of World Wildlife Day Poster Competition — See Winners (BBC News, 4/15/16).

Adorable Video of the Day: Brand New Baby Elephant Meets First Flock of Birds — See Video (One Green Planet, 4/15/16).

Study: Universe Not Ending Tomorrow, But Will End Sooner than Thought (Mother Nature Network, 4/14/16).

Timelapse Video Captures Rare Death Valley Wildflower Superbloom — See Video (EarthSky, 4/14/16).

British Astronaut Tweets Pictures of Earth from Space Station — See Images (Daily Mail, 4/14/16).

Astronaut Tweets Images of Earth — See Photos (Daily Mail, 4/14/16).

New Invasive Roach Bigger than Palmetto Bug Found in Florida — See Photo (Miami New Times, 4/14/16).

Cleaner Air Linked to Lower Asthma Rates in Kids (The Orange County Register, 4/13/16). Read more here.

Silver-Haired Ants Know How to Stay Cool… in the Desert — See Photo (Discovery News, 4/13/16). Read more, see more photos here.

• Heart-Shaped Sunspot Many Times Size of Earth Visible This Week — See Photos & Video (, 4/13/16). Read more, see more video here and here.

Earth: What a Beautiful Place — See Photos ( Special thanks to Andy Garvey for this tip.

Believe it or Not: Captive Octopus Escapes Tank, Crosses Floor, Slithers Down Drain Back to Sea — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/13/16). Read more, see video here, here and here.

First Zika, Now Yellow Fever (Newsweek, 4/13/16).

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Night of Full Moon — See Photos & Diagrams (EarthSky, 4/12/16).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Older Woman and Dog Survive 9 Days in Arizona Wilderness — See Photos & Video Report (AZCentral, 4/12/16).

Oklahoma Communities Reeling from Fracking-Caused Earthquakes — See Photos (Newsweek, 4/12/16).

Conservationists Hope Royal Visit to India Wildlife Reserve Will Raise Awareness of Rhino Poaching — See Photos (India Times, 4/12/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers Stumble on Massive Crab Migration during Submersible Dive — See Video (ValueWalk, 4/12/16). Read more here.

Author Discusses New Book on Intelligence of Birds (Scientific American, 4/12/16). Find the book here.

China’s Other Pollution Crisis: Water — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/12/16).

Malaysian Civil Defense Forces Find, Free, Capture, Kill Longest Snake on Record — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 4/12/16). See more video here and here.

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Alaska Rescuers Save 2 Skiers Stranded on Glacier for 4 Days (The Washington Post, 4/12/16).

New Tree of Life Diagram by Jill Banfield, UCBerkeley, Laura Hug, U of Waterloo / The New York Times / Click to learn more.

Researchers’ New Tree of Life Emphasizes Bacteria Diversity (The New York Times, 4/11/16).

See New Zealand’s Beautiful Yellow-Eyed Penguin While You Can — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/11/16)

Conservationists Cautiously Hopeful: Tiger Numbers Rising — See Photo (The New York Times, 4/11/16).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: 3 of 4 Drown when 24′ Boat Sinks in Rough Seas Off Stuart, FL — See News Report (Sun Sentinel, 4/11/16).

Near Extinct Island Pig Caught on Video for First Time — See Video (WorldPost, 4/11/16

Study: Infectious Human Diseases May Have Helped Wipe Out Neanderthals — See Photos & Images (The Washington Post, 4/11/16). Read more, see more images and diagrams here, here and here.

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Girl Separated from Family during Kayak Trip Found Safe Off Honeymoon Island, FL — See Video (Tampa Bay Times, 4/11/16).

Tourists’ Dogs Biggest Threat To Rare Birds on Little Tybee Island — See Photo (, 4/10/16).

Study: Melting Ice Sheets, Shifting Water Weight Affecting Earth’s Wobble — See Illos (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4/8/16).

Researcher Argues for Balance between Overstating, Denying Animal Feelings, Intelligence (The New York Times, 4/8/16).

Meet Birds that Make Music with their Feathers, Tails and Wings — See Videos (, 4/8/16).

Study: Building Block of Life on Earth May Have Come from Space (The Washington Post, 4/8/16).

New Book Explores How Science Finally Corrected Finding that Some Stars are Older than Universe  (The Wall Street Journal, 4/8/16).

Thousands Ask Government to Keep Manatees on Endangered List — See Video Reports (Miami Herald, 4/7/16). Read more here.

Report: 2 Pesticides Pose Risk to 97% of Endangered Species (The Guardian, 4/7/16).

Tiny Spider Takes Speed-Biting Record — See Photo & Video (, 4/7/6). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Big Florida Alligator Killed for Nothing: Not Big Enough to Break Records — See Photo (, 4/7/16).

Astronomers Find Gigantic Black Hole in Unusual Part of Universe – See Image (, 4/6/16).

British Charity Honors 12 Animals for Bravery — See Photos (Mother Nature News 4/6/16).

Rare Sumatran Rhino Dies Weeks after Capture — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/6/16). Read more see another photo here.

Report: Half of World Heritage Sites Threatened by Oil, Gas, Mining Industries — See Photos (Daily Mail, 4/5/16).

Surprise Asteroid Buzzes Earth Inside Moon’s Orbit — See Photo (EarthSky, 4/5/16).

Borneo Rehab Center Cares for Orangutans Orphaned by Fire — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/5/16).

Freediver Swims with Seals off Cape Town, Does Not Get Eaten by Shark — See Video (Atlas Obscura, 4/5/16).

Endangered Malayan Tapir Caught on Camera — See Image (Phys.Org, 4/5/16).

Population of Iberian Lynx, World’s Most Endangered Cat, On Increase — See Photos (Phys.Org, 4/5/16).

Florida Fish & Wildlife: Help Us Count and Save Horseshoe Crabs — See Photos (Tampa Bay Times, 4/4/16).

Chinese Billionaire’s Plan to Cut Canal through Nicaragua Hits Delays, Resistance — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 4/3/16).

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Veteran Diver Dies in Underwater Caves in New Mexico (The Washington Post, 4/1/16). Read more, see news report here.

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Amateur Sailor Swept Overboard, Drowned during Round-the-World Yacht Race — See Photos, Video, Yacht’s Course (BBC News, 4/1/16).

Study: Pressure to Manage Social Relationships Drives Animal Intelligence (Science, 4/1/16).

Queensland, Australia Presses Sugar Cane Farmers Do More to Protect Great Barrier Reef (Environmental Technology, 4/1/16).

Bat-Killing White Nose Fungus Hits Pacific Northwest — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/1/16). Read more, see another photo and outbreak map here.

March 2016

Octopod photographed at depth off Hawaii / NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Hohonu Moana 2016 / Click to learn more.

Did Homo Sapiens Do In Little Homo Floresiensis? See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 3/30/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Lion Wanders Out of Nairobi National Park, Mauls Man, Loses Life — See Sad Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 3/30/16).

Alabama’s Fearsome Alligator Snapping Turtle May or May Not be Endangered — See Photos (, 3/30/16).

Ice Bridge Collapses in Argentina — See Video (EarthSky, 3/29/16).

Study: Air Pollution Harms Unborn Babies (The Washington Post, 3/29/16).

Winter Rains, Snowpack May Lead to Easing of Water Restrictions in California — See Photos & Video (The Mercury News, 3/29/16).

Something Big Smashed into Jupiter — See Video (, 3/29/16). See enlarged video here. Read more, see photos here.

Study: Ancient Siberian Rhino May Have Been Source of Unicorn Myth — See Rendering (Newsweek, 3/29/16).

Study: North Pacific Water Temps May Give 2-Month Warning of East Coast Heat Waves (The New York Times, 3/28/16).

Oil, Gas Drilling Causing Serious Earthquake Problems in 8 States — See Photos & Diagrams (PBS Newshour, 3/28/16). Read more, see more photos, video and geological maps here.

Little Bird Lands on Bernie’s Podium during Speech in Portland — See Photo & Video (USA Today, 3/28/16).

Blame the Moon for This Year’s Very Early Easter (EarthSky, 3/27/16).

2 Comets Give Earth Pretty Close Pass — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 3/26/16). Read more, see more photos here. See animated video of  how close one came here. See more photos, video interview with comet expert here.

Wolves in Wyoming Kill 19 Elk in One Night in Rare “Surplus Killing” Event (The Guardian, 3/26/16).

Study: Yellowstone’s Ancient Eruptions were Fewer, Bigger than Thought — See Photo (Discovery News, 3/25/16).

Antarctic Bird, Brown Skua, Can Identify Individual Humans — See Photos & Video (Phys.Org, 3/25/16).

Photographer Travels World, Documenting Oldest Trees — See Images (National Geographic Proof, 3/24/16).

Blind Fish Walks Up Waterfalls — See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 3/24/16). See more video here.

Study: Moon’s Poles Shifted at Some Point, Perhaps from Volcanic Activity — See Photo & Diagrams (The Washington Post, 3/23/16).

One of Nature’s Beautiful Phenomena: Sun Pillars — See Photos (EarthSky, 3/22/16).

U.N. Declares 3/22 World Water Day (Mother Nature Network, 3/22/16).

Study: City Birds Smarter than Country Birds (The Washington Post, 4/22/16).

China Setting Guidelines for Treatment of Lab Animals (Science, 3/21/16).

• Parrots: A Whole Lot Smarter than People Think – See Photos (The New York Times, 3/21/16).

Scientists Capture 43 Pythons, including Longest on Record, in Florida — See Photos (Newsweek, 3/21/16). See another photo here.

Vernal Equinox Primer: What Is It? And Why is it Early This Year? — See Diagrams (EarthSky, 3/20/16). See more photos, news report on loss of bird life at zoo here.

China Cutting Down Less of Own Forests, Importing More Timber from Other Countries — See Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 3/19/16). See news report here.

Question: Can Animals Keep a Beat? — See Videos (Tech Insider, 3/19/16).

Newly Discovered Alaska Butterfly Species May be Rare Hybrid — See Photo (redOrbit, 3/19/16). Read more here.

Mark Zuckerberg Jogs in Smoggy Beijing — See Photo (The New York Times, 3/18/16).

WebCam Captures Birth of Bald Eagle  at  National Arboretum— See Video (The New York Times, 3/18/16). See more photos and video here and here.

Mystery of Tully Monster Fossil Solved — See Illo (CNN, 3/17/16). Learn more, see more photos, ills and news report here and here.

Epic Storm Pummels Dallas-Ft. Worth with Massive Hailstones — See Photos (USA Today, 3/17/16).

Study: Denisovan, Neandertal DNA Found in Modern Melanesians (Phys.Org, 3/17/16)

20-Year Effort to Save Precious Pacific Coast Rainforest Finally Succeeds — See Photos & Video (Yes Magazine, 3/16/2016).

Study: Lack of Stresses, Competition Makes Island Birds Dull… Colored — See Photos (Discover, 3/15/16).

Study: Ruby-throated Hummies can Fly more than 1,000 Miles Nonstop during Migrations, Adults Fare Better than Juveniles — See Photos (EarthSky, 3/15/16).

Tissue Linked to Pregnancy in T. Rex Fossil Let’s Researchers Tell Male from Female for First Time (The Washington Post, 3/15/16).

Fairy Circles Found in Australia, Researchers Debate Cause — See Photo (ValueWalk, 3/15/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Obama Administration May Change Stance on Offshore Drilling off Southeast (The New York Times, 3/14/16).

Study: Pacific Ocean Seesaw + Climate Change = Wild Sea Level Swings — See Photo (NASA, 3/14/16).

DNA Finding: Modern Humans Split from Neanderthal Line Earlier than Thought (Scientific American, 3/14/15). Read more, see photos and illustrations here and here.

Auroras as They Actually Unfold — See Real-Time Video (EarthSky, 3/14/16). See more photos and video here.

Gravity a Little Lighter in Churchill, Manitoba — See Photo & Video (Mother Nature Network, 3/14/16).

Surfers Prep to Ride Annual Pororoca Wave Up Amazon in Brazil — See Photo (The New York Times, 3/14/16).

Young Skater First Ever to Skate on Frozen Mountain Lake in B.C. — See Video (Unworthy, 3/14/16).

The Boiling River: Interview with the Author/Adventurer who Tracked the Source of the Myth — See Photos (National Geographic, 3/13/16).

Heavy Rains Help Refill California’s Lake Shasta after 4-Year Drought — See Photo (San Jose Mercury News, 3/13/16).

Thousands of Crows Return for Annual Gatherings, Roostings in Maine (, 3/13/16).

March is Fireball Season! (EarthSky, 3/12/16).

Famous Last Words: FDA says Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Combat Disease-Spreading Kind Poses No Threat to Humans (The Washington Post, 3/12/16).

18 Starving Elephants Slated for Killing in Swaziland Exported to 3 U.S. Zoos Over Environmentalists’ Protest (Independent, 3/12/16).

Photographers Capture March 9 Total Solar Eclipse over Indonesia — See Images (EarthSky, 3/12/16).

Studies: Spending Time in Nature Makes Us Happier, Calmer and Kinder (Yes! Magazine, 3/12/16).

See Moon’s Shadow on Earth’s Surface during Solar Eclipse Courtesy of NASA — See Animated Video (Huffington Post, 3/11/16).

Small New Lizard Fossil Discovered in Brazil — See Illo (ValueWalk, 3/11/16). Read more, see fossils here.

20-Strike Lightning Show over Zimbabwe — See Video (EarthSky, 3/10/16).

Study: Moken Sea People Can See Underwater Like Dolphins — See Video (Unworthy, 3/9/16).

Northern Lights Form Wolf in Sky over Sweden — See Photo (Earthables, 3/9/16). Special thanks to Bethany Augliere for this post.

Study: Swallowtail Butterfly Species Has More Vision Cells than Any Other Insect — See Photo (HNGN, 3/9/16). Read more here.

Rhino Poaching Out of Control — See News Report (BBC News, 3/9/16). Read more here.

First of 6 2016 Supermoons Visible March 9 — See Diagrams (EarthSky, 3/9/16).

Ecologist Warns of Potential Dangers, Complications of Rewilding — See News Report (Voice of America, 3/8/16).

Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla Gives Birth in Denver Zoo — See Photo (Newsday, 3/8/16).

New Piranha Species Discovered in Brazil — See Photo (Newsweek, 3/8/16).

Study: Florida Wading Birds Pay Alligator for Protection from Predators with Meals of Chicks that Fall from Nests (Smithsonian, 3/8/16).

Study: Japanese Great Tit Formulates Calls to Convey Specific Messages — Listen to Recording (The Seattle Times, 3/8/16). Read more here.

Photographer Documents Approach of Spring One Photo a Day — See 93 Photos (National Geographic, 3/8/16).

First Total Solar Sun Visible from U.S. in 16 Years Coming August 2017 — See Diagrams (EarthSky, 3/8/16).

Whew! Asteroid 2013 TX68 Gives Earth a Miss (EarthSky, 3/7/16).

6 Endangered Przewalski’s Wild Horses, Born on Southern French Reserve, Moved to Protected Russian Reserve Near Kazakhstan — See Photos (The Guardian, 3/7/16).

Wild Sea Otter Gives Birth on Rock Outside Monterey Bay Aquarium — See Video (Monterey Bay Aquarium, YouTube, 3/6/17).

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Shores of Polluted Lake in India — See News Report (NDTV, YouTube, 3/6/16).

Study: Sumatran Orangutan Not Quite as Endangered as Thought — See Photos (, 3/4/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Southern Hemisphere March 8-9 — See Photos, Diagrams & Animation (EarthSky, 3/4/16). Read more here.

Mysterious Stone-Throwing Behavior Evidence of Ritual in Chimp Society? See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 3/3/16).

Great Photos of Beautiful Lenticular Clouds — See Images (EarthSky, 3/3/16).

Nat Geo Celebrates World Wildlife Day by Sharing Great Photos — See Images (National Geographic, 3/3/16).

Researchers Discover Beautiful, Ghostly, Deep-Dwelling Octopod — See Photo & Video (NOAA Ocean Explorer, 3/2/16). Read more, see more video here and  here.

Study: Tiny Dragonfly Makes Epic Migrations — See Photo (Newsweek, 3/2/16).

Forgotten Fossil Proves Carnivorous Dinosaur was Really Big Guy — See Illo (Discovery News, 3/1/16).

Fossil of Ancient Crustacean Shows Nervous System — See Photos (The Washington Post, 3/1/16).

2 Comets will Pass Earth in March, One will Come Uncomfortably Close (EarthSky, 3/4/16). Read more here and here.

February 2016

Future Travel Poster for Space Travel to Jupiter / NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology / Click for All 14 Stunning Posters

Study: Tarantula Venom May Make Superior Painkiller — See Photo (UPI, 2/29/16).

Why Leap Year? (EarthSky, 2/28/16).

Study: Planets Pollinating Insects All Disappearing (WCVB, 2/28/16).

NASA Studying Health, Density of Forests in Gabon — See Photos & Video Report (, 2/25/16).

Study: Sea Sponge Best Candidate for Oldest Animal on Planet (Discovery News, 2/25/16). Read more, see video reports here and here.

Report: Large Fireball Streaked over Southern Atlantic Ocean in Feb 2015 (EarthSky, 2/24/16).

Scientists Identify Source of Mysterious Ocean Hum (Discovery News, 2/24/16).

Astronomers Home in on Where Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts Originate — See Photos & Diagrams (Sky & Telescope, 2/24/16). Read more here and here.

Feb, March, April Best Months to Watch for Pyramid of Light — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/24/16).

70,000 Starlings Form Dancing Clouds in British Sky — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/23/16). See more video here.

Record Rains Turn Death Valley into a Garden — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/22/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

See Archival Footage of Destructive Power of Tunguska Event, Meteor that Exploded over Siberia in 1908 — See Video (Slate, 2/22/16).

Britain’s Beloved Curlew Disappearing — See Photo (Independent, 2/22/16).

Study Documents Horrific Suffering of Livestock Transported by Ship — See Photos (The Dodo, 2/22/16).

Fuel Leaking from Cargo Ship that Sank 60 Years Ago Source of Oil on Birds in Monterey Bay (Fox, 2/22/16).

Ancient Armadillo was Big as a Car — See Illos (The Washington Post, 2/22/16).

Study: Rats Get Fat Breathing China’s Polluted Air (Fusion, 2/22/16). Read more here.

NASA: Send Your Artwork to an Asteroid! (Space Daily, 2/22/16).

Zika Now Linked to Guillain-Barre — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/21/16)

Meet  Grad Student on Duty when Gravitational Wave Lit Screen (The Advocate, 2/20/16).

Monster Cyclone Winston Hits Fiji — See Photos & Video (Slate, 2/20/16). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here and here. See animated demonstration of wind strength here.

Snail “Flies” through the Sea — See Video (The Washington Post, 2/19/16).

Accidentally Released Deadly Virus Killing Unwanted Rabbits in Australia (Science, 2/17/16).

Theory: Maybe Missing Antarctic Penguins Didn’t Die; Maybe They Moved (CNS News, 2/17/16).

Study: Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens Interbred Earlier than Thought — See Video Report (The Washington Post, 2/17/16). Read more here.

Meteor Hunters Find Fragments of January Florida Fireball — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/16/15).

Researchers Find Ancient, Delicate Flower Preserved in Amber — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/16/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Where Did that 2013 Russian Fireball in the Sky Come From? See Video (EarthSky, 2/15/16)

Scientists Still Don’t Know What Causes Rogue Waves — See Videos (EarthSky, 2/15/16).

Researchers Find Fossil of Largest Croc Ever Known to Exist in Tunisia — See Illos (, 2/15/16).

Thousands of Migrating Blacktip Sharks Gather Off Palm Beach, FL — See News Report (WPTV, 2/15/16). See more photos and video here here and here.

Another Significant Quake Hits New Zealand — See Photo (, 2/15/16). Read more, see photos and video here and here.

Heavy Snows in Rockies Expected to Take Heavy Toll on Wildlife — See Photos & Video (Coloradoan, 2/14/16).

 Researchers Catalog Earth’s Rarest Minerals, Much Rarer than Diamonds — See Photos (BBC News, 2/13/16).

Study: Flightless Bird Size of a Horse Once Lived Above Arctic Circle — See Illo (immortal news, 2/13/16). Read more here, here and here.

Estimated 150,000 Penguins Die in Antarctica after Iceberg Blocks Route to Sea — See News Report (The Guardian, 2/13/16). See another video report here.

Another Big Quake in Oklahoma — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/13/16).

Study: NYC Waters Loaded with Plastics Particles (NBC New York, 2/13/16).

NASA Helps Researchers Assess Health of Great Barrier Reef (Daily Mercury, 2/13/16).

Whale Sculptures Woven in Willows for Park Exhibit — See Photos (BBC News, 2/12/16).

Travel Posters of Tomorrow: NASA Makes 14 Beautiful Posters Available Free — See All 14 (NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology, 2/12/16). See NASA posters and original WPA inspirations here. Find more NASA JPL graphics here.

• NIH: Zika Only One of Many Emerging Diseases Experts Worry About — See Global Map (The Washington Post, 2/12/16).

Scientific Breakthrough: First Sound Recording of Black Holes Colliding Confirms Einstein’s Theory of Gravitational Waves — See Video Report, Hear Recording (The New York Times, 2/11/16). Read more, see more video reports here here and here.

Must See Video! Big, Near-Extinct Stick Insect Hatches from Teeny-Tiny Egg at San Diego Zoo — See Video & Watch to End! (89.3KPCC, 2/11/16).

China Trade Wiping Out Giant Clams — See Photo (Wired, 2/10/16).

Study: Birds in Australia May Drop Smoldering Branches to Smoke Out Prey — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/10/16).

Wisdom, the 65-year-old new mother (left), and her mate, Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, Hawaii, January-February 2016 / Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument / Click for more.


65+-Year-Old Albatross, Wisdom, Hatches Healthy Chick — See News Report (, 2/10/16). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Female Bengal Tiger at Sacramento Zoo Killed by Mating Partner Brought In  from Tennessee — See Photo (Post-Bulletin, 2/10/16). Read more, see more photos and a video report here.

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count! (The New York Times, 2/8/16).

Christmas Islander Poses with Fellow Resident of the Giant Coconut Crab Kind — See Photos (HuffPost, 2/7/16).

Cruise Ship Hits Violent Storm off East Coast — See Photos & Video(CBS News, 2/8/16).  See more photos and video here, here and here.

Protected Turtles, Sturgeon Die in Savannah Port Dredging (The State, 2/8/16).

Sinkhole Swallows Man in Arizona (The Washington Post, 2/8/16).

Ancient Fish with Huge Mouth Ate Plankton, Like Whale Shark — See Illos (, 2/8/15)

Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet Dumping Phosphorous in Sea — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/8/16).

Asteroid Will Give Earth Close Shave in March, Question is: How Close? — See Illos (EarthSky, 2/13/16).

Study: Underwater Noise Pollution May Be Killing Fish — See Photos & Graphs (The Washington Post, 2/8/16).

Earthquake Topples Building in Taiwan — See Photo (, 2/6/16).

Hidden Cameras Capture Video Footage of Last Jaguar in U.S. — See Video (CNN, 2/4/16).

Small, Blind, Long-lived Salamander Lays Eggs in Cave Aquarium in Slovenia, Biologists Hope for Hatchlings — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/5/16). See more photos and video here.

Green Glowing Polyps Discovered in Red Sea — See Photo (UPI, 2/5/16).

Ancient Wildebeest in Kenya Had Dinosaur-Like Nose — See Illo & Animation (The Washington Post, 2/5/16).

Study: Humans Started Honeybee Plague (The Washington Post, 2/5/16).

Captive-Born Panda Cub Bei-Bei Graduates to Solid Food at National Zoo — See Video (The Washington Post, 2/4/16).

Ancient Bug Looked Like Butterfly but Wasn’t — See Photo (The Washington Post, 2/4/16). See video report here.

Gorgeous Multicolored Clouds in UK Skies — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/3/16).

Study: Ravens Understand about Being Watched (Discovery News, 2/2/16). Read more here and here.

Elephant-Riding Tourist Dies after being Thrown from Angry Elephant in Thailand (The Guardian, 2/1/16). Read more here.

Early Humans in Israel Ate Tortoise (The New York Times, 2/1/16).

New Species of Big Daddy Longlegs Discovered in Oregon — See Photo (Oregonlive, 2/1/16). Read the study, see more photos here.

Small Population of Lions Discovered in Remote Part of Ethiopia — See Photo (Discovery News, 2/1/16).

Mother Elephant Shoos Baby Away from Humans — See Video (One Green Planet, 2/1/16).

Study: Moon Has Small Affect on Rainfall (ValueWalk, 2/1/16). Read more here.

Study: Dogs Read, Look Away from Angry Human Expressions (Latinos Health, 2/1/16).

January 2016

Zinnea blooms in space, January 16, 2016 / Scott Kelly, ISS, NASA / Click for more.

Fireballs Streak across Night Sky in Virginia, Ohio — See Videos (ABC News, 1/31/16).

Big Sinkhole Opens on Oregon Coast Highway (The Washington Post, 1/30/16).

Albino Animals — See Photos (Discovery News, 1/30/16).

Wild Horses Wading in South Carolina: Beautiful — See Video (One Green Planet, 1/30/16).

China to Allow Breeding Endangered Species for Shows, Sales of Body Parts  (The Washington Post, 1/30/16).

Scientific First: Endangered Elk Coral Bred in Lab Survived, Reproduced in Wild — See Photo (Eureka Alert, 1/29/16). Read more, see more photos here.

German Forest-Lover Studies, Writes about Secret Social Life of Trees (The New York Times, 1/29/16).

Amateur Fossil Hunters in Alabama Find Near-Complete Duck-Billed Dinosaur Fossil — See Photos & Video Report (EarthSky, 1/29/16).

Mali’s Desert Elephants on Brink of Extinction — See Photo (Scientific American, 1/29/16).

Early Human Taste for Cooked Giant Bird’s Eggs Helped Wipe Out Species — See Fossil Photos (LiveScience, 1/29/16).

New York State to Turn Off Niagara Falls for 2nd Time — See Historical Photos (Wired, 1/29/16). Read more, see more photos and news report here.

Westminster Dog Show Adds 7 New Breeds  — See Photos (Unworthy, 1/29/16).

Study: Collision between Earth & Mars-Sized Object that Created Earth’s Moon was a Doozy — See Illos & Video Report (, 1/28/16).

Question: Which Species Rise if We Disappear? (International Business Times, 1/28/16).

Study: Gargantuan Fiery Gas Cloud will Slam into Milky Way in 30 Million Years — See Images (Seattle PI, 1/28/16). Read more here.

Study: Babylonians Used Geometry to Track Planets (Smithsonian, 1/28/16). Read more here.

Researchers Document How Octopuses Signal Aggression, Submission — See Video Report (Newsweek, 1/28/16). Read more here. See more videos here.

Zika Virus Becomes World Health Crisis — See Photos & News Report (CNN, 1/28/16). Read more, see more photos and video reports here.

Antarctic Fungi Survive in Mars-Like Conditions on Space Station — See Photos (, 1/27/16).

Warning to Hikers: Watch Out for Debris Flow! — See Video (EarthSky, 1/27/16).

Researchers Find Solar System So Large, Planet Takes 1 Million Years to Orbit Sun (BBC News, 1/27/16).

Sri Lanka Destroys Hauls of Poached Ivory — See Photo (The New York Times, 1/26/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Bright Meteor Seen in Daylight over Florida (EarthSky, 1/26/16).

Rare White Giraffe Photographed in Tanzania — See Images (The Telegraph, 1/25/16).

Snow Sculptures in NYC after Big Blizzard — See Photos (DNAinfo, 1/25/16).

Not-Too-Surprising Study Find: Bigger Brains are Better Problem Solvers (, 1/25/16). See video report here.

Capture, Illegal Trade, Habitat Loss Wiping Out Indonesia’s Birds — See Photos (, 1/25/16).

British Explorer’s Attempted Solo Trans-Antarctic Trek Costs his Life (The Washington Post, 1/25/16). Read more here.

Oldest Diamonds Hold Clues to Earth’s Ancient Past — See Photos (EarthSky, 1/25/16).

Unusual, Deadly Cold, Snow, Ice Hit East Asia — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 1/25/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Winter Storm Jonah Hits East Coast — See Photos, Video (The New York Times, 1/24/16). See more photos, videos, news reports here,  herehere and here. See live cam, panda antics, storm from space here.

American Side of Niagara Falls May Be Shut Off for 2nd Time — See Photos (The Buffalo News, 1/23/16).

Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Researchers Not Really Sure — See Video Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/23/16). Read more here.

Horse Breeds Almost Too Beautiful to be Believed — See Photos (, undated).

Cornell Lab’s Animated Map Shows Annual Migration Routes of Birds in Western Hemisphere — See Animations (AllAboutBirds,org, 1/22/16).

Study: White Storks Alter Migration Patterns to Feed at Human Landfills — See Photo (The Washington Post, 1/22/16).

Cincinnati Zoo Euthanizes Cheetah Featured in Nat Geo Segment (AP, The Washington Post, 1/22/16). See video report here.

A Week’s Worth of Wildlife Photos — See Images (The Guardian, 1/22/16).

Astronaut Scott Kelly Plays Water Ping Pong in Space — See Video (CBS News, 1/22/16).

Sacred Turtle Dies in Vietnam — See Photo (The New York Times, 1/22/16).

Venus Fly Traps Count, Respond to How Often Touched  — See Video (The Washington Post, 1/22/16). Read more here.

Study Suggests Prairie Voles Feel Empathy, Try to Soothe Stressed Mate (The Atlantic, 1/21/16). Read more here.

Mexico’s Alcatraz Island Haven for Wading Birds — See Photos (Discovery News, 1/21/16).

Researchers I.D. New Himalayan Thrush through Musical Song — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/21/16). See another photo here.

South African Court Lifts Ban on Domestic Trade in Rhino Horn, Conservationists Fear Increased Poaching (The Washington Post, 1/21/16). Read more here.

Leonardo DiCaprio Honored at Davos for Supporting Environmental Initiatives — See Photos (Unworthy, 1/20/16).

The Art of Photographing Snowflakes — See Images (Earth Sky, 1/20/16).

Mississippi River Flooding Seen from Space — See Images (Earth Sky, 1/20/16).

Astronomers Detect Large, Previously Unidentified Planet Out Past Pluto — See Illustration & Animation (The New York Times, 1/20/16). See video reports here, here and here.

10,000-Year-Old Skeletons in Kenya Bear Oldest Known Signs of Human Warfare — See Photos (Smithsonian, 1/20/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Actress/Activist Pamela Anderson Joins Campaign to Ban Force-Feeding Geese to Make Foie Gras — See Graphic Photo (The Washington Post, 1/19/16). See news report here.

Motion-Sensitive Cameras Get Photos of Elusive Bush Dog in Panama — See Photos (, 1/19/16). Read more, see another photograph here.

Wake up! Look up! 5 Planets Visible Before Dawn until February 20 (CBS Detroit, 1/19/16). See video here.

Problems at Hubbs-SeaWorld Fish Farm Scrutinized as Institute Pushes to Build Bigger One Off San Diego Coast (Voice of San Diego, 1/19/16).

Study: Official Statistics Seriously Underestimate Global Overfishing — See Photo (The Washington Post, 1/19/16). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Skeleton of Huge Dinosaur Species Found 4 Years Ago in Patagonia Premieres at NYC’s Museum of Natural History — See Photo (The New York Times, 1/18/16).

• First Flower Blooms in Space — See Photos (CNN, 1/18/16). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Cool Cloud Formations: These Are Called Cloud Streets — See Images (Earth Sky, 1/18/16).

• Tiny Antarctic Critter Revives, Reproduces after Being Frozen 30 Years — See Photos & Video (Huffington Science, 1/17/16).

• CDC Warns Pregnant Women Not to Visit 14 Central, South American, Caribbean Countries Hit by Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus — See News Report (CNN, 1/17/16). Read about first case in Hawaii here. Learn more about Zika here, here and here.

• Study: Wily Moroccan Falcon Seems to Catch, Imprison Live Prey for Later Consumption — See Photo (Tech Times, 1/16/16).

• Wired Magazine’s Weird Creature of the Week: Bearded Vulture — See Photo (Wired, 1/15/16).

• New Strain of Bird Flu ID’d on Southern Indiana Turkey Farm (The New York Times, 1/15/16). See news report here.

• Obama Puts Freeze on Coal-Mining Leases on Public Land (The New York Times, 1/14/16).

• Naturalist Encourages Use of New/Old Words to Describe Nature — See Photo (Bay Nature, 1/14/16).

• Zebra Finch Study Sheds Light on Mechanisms of Complex Vocal Learning (Science, 1/14/16).

• Study: Ancient Iceman Otzi’s Father’s Genes Still Circulating, Mother’s Disappeared — See Photo (Science World Report, 1/14/16).

• Marks on Mammoth Bones Put Human Hunters in Arctic Earlier than Thought — See Photo (, 1/14/16). Listen to a radio report here.

Hurricane Alex, January 14, 2016 / NOAA, USA Today / Click for more.

First Hurricane of 2016, Forms in Atlantic in January — See Video Report (USA Today, 1/14/16). Read more, see more photos and video reports here and here.

New Jersey County Struggles with Growing Plastic Bag Problem — See Photos & Video (, 1/14/16).

Scientists Spot Water Ice on Surface of Comet Rosetta — See Photos (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/14/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Comet Catalina Coming Our Way This Weekend — See Photos, Diagram (Earth Sky, 1/14/16).

Study: Vast Canyon Detected Under Antarctic Ice — See Photos, Diagrams and Video Reports (BBC News, 1/13/16). Read more, see more video here. Read the full study here. See another video report here.

Scientists Find Fossil of Huge Croc in Sahara — See Illo (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/13/16). See video report here.

Rocky Mountain Fisher May Go On Endangered List — See Photo (Discovery News, 1/13/16).

Meet the Man in Charge of Protecting Earth from Asteroids — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 1/13/16).

David Attenborough Takes You on a Virtual Tour of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef — See Videos (HuffPost Media, 1/12/16).

Study: Cloud Cover Accelerates Greenland Ice Melt (, 1/12/16). Read more, see video report here.

First Case of Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Confirmed in Texas (CBS News, 1/12/16). Read more here.

Idaho Hunter Kills Mountain Lion with 2nd Upper Jaw Protruding from Top of Head — See Photo (ABC News, 1/12/16).

Study: Neanderthal Ancestors May Be Source of Human Allergies (The Seattle Times, 1/9/16).

Thousands of Sheep, Cattle Trapped on Live-Transport Ship in Australia — See Photos (The Dodo, 1/8/16).

Study: Dinosaurs May Have Done Bird-like Mating Dance  — See Photo, Illo (The Washington Post, 1/7/16). Read more here.

Scientists say Human Impact on Planet has Ushered in New Geologic Age (The Washington Post, 1/7/16). Read more, see photos, listen to radio interview here.

Feds Want to Take Manatee Off Endangered List — See Video (Miami Herald, 1/7/16).

How Much Do Animals Understand? Debate Continues (NPR, 1/7/16).

California Condors Make a Comeback (Los Angeles Times, 1/7/16).

4 More Quakes in Oklahoma Fracking Country (AP, Miami Herald, 1/7/16).

Study: Mighty Joe-Sized Prehistoric Ape Succumbed to Climate Change-Related Loss of (Possibly Vegetarian) Forest-Food Diet — See Diagram (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/5/16). See jaw fossil here. See approximation of appearance here. See video report here.

Blizzard Kills More than 35,000 Dairy Cows in Texas — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/5/16).

El Niño Fueled Storms Hit California (Reuters, 1/5/16). Read more here.

Arctic Ice Melt, Open Water Leads to Moving, Meeting, Mixing of Atlantic, Pacific Species — See Photos (Science News, 1/4/16).

Scientists Create 4 New Elements to Add to Periodic Table (The Atlantic, 1/4/16). Read more here.

Study: Sun’s Magnetic Fields Change with Age (UPI, 1/4/16).

Study: Little Chameleons Have Scary Fast, Powerful Tongues — See Video (Los Angeles Times, 1/4/16).

Searching for Snow Leopards — See Photos (Los Angeles Times, 1/4/16).

Bird Beauty in Eyes of Beholder: See Images from Photographer Leila Jeffreys’ New Book, Bird Love (The Guardian, 1/4/16). Find the book here and here.

Comet Catalina Nearest to Earth on January 17 — See Photo (Times of Malta, 1/3/16).

Oregon’s Warmer Crater Lake Temps Give Crayfish Edge Over Indigenous Newt, Other Species that Help Keep Water Clear — See News Report (, 1/2/16).

5 Planets Visible in Sky Starting January 20 — See Diagrams (Earth Sky, 1/2/16). Learn more here.

Environmental Groups Sue Oregon for Taking Gray Wolf Off State’s Endangered List (Reuters, BDN Maine, 1/2/16).

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Ushers in New Year — See Video Report (Orlando Sentinel, 1/2/16). Learn more, see more video here.

Floods Bring Death and Destruction to Missouri — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 1/2/16). See more video here.

Earth Reaches 2016 Perihelion (Closest Approach to Sun) on January 2 — See Diagrams (Earth Sky, 1/1/16). Learn more about the sun, earth and seasons here.

December Temps in NYC’s Central Park 13+ Degrees Above Average (, 1/1/16)

4.2 Quake Hits Edmond, Oklahoma, 7th in 3 Days — See Photos (, 1/1/16).

Asia’s Once-Plentiful Saiga Antelope on Brink of Extinction — See Photos & Video (Express, 1/1/16).