Climate News

April 2018

• Warming Oceans Draw Bull Sharks to North Carolina’s Outer Banks — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/16/18).

Scientists Agree Key Ocean Current is Slowing, Disagree on Why, Agree It’s Bad News — See Video, Diagram, Map (The Washington Post, 4/11/18).

Prediction: Solar, Wind Will Push Out Fossil Fuels in 20 Years — See Photos & Charts (The Conversation, 4/5/18).

Mobil Exec Acknowledged Global Warming, Climate Change on Record 20 Years Ago — See Video (EcoWatch, 4/4/18).

Friends of the Earth Netherlands Sues Shell Oil for Willful Climate Destruction (EcoWatch, 4/4/18).

Meet 5 Plant, Animal Species Facing Climate Change Challenge: Adapt or Die (The New York Times, 4/4/18).

Study: Arctic Ice Thinning, Retreating from Beneath — See Photos, Map & Diagrams (BBC News, 4/3/18). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Thinning Arctic Sea Ice Flows South, Causes Problems Off Newfoundland Coast — See Photo & Video (EcoWatch, 4/2/18).

March 2018

Trump’s 2019 Budget would Slash Funding for NASA Earth Science, Climate Change Programs — See Photos, Videos & Charts (EcoWatch, 1/30/18).

Study: Ancient Egyptians’ Efforts to Prepare for Drought Offer Climate Change Lessons for Modern Societies (The New York Times, 3/30/18).

Study: Sahara Desert Expanding Southward, Climate Change 1 Contributor — See Photos (The Washington Post, 3/29/18).

NASA: 2017 Arctic Sea Ice was Lowest on Record, 2018 Only Slightly Less Bad — See Photo & Video (EarthSky, 3/29/18).

NOAA: Natural Disasters Cost U.S. Record $306 Billion in 2017 — See Photos, Maps & Charts (Vox, 3/26/18).

Climate Scientists Worried: Melting Permafrost Releasing More Methane than Thought — See Photo (EcoWatch, 3/21/18).

Study: Western U.S. Likely to See More Massive Wildfires in Future — See Photos & Maps (EarthSky, 3/5/18).

February 2018

Insanely Warm Weather Hits North Pole — See Photos, Videos & Diagrams (The Washington Post, 2/26/18).

Studies: Sea Levels Rising Faster than Previously Thought (Ars Technica, 2/13/18). Read more here. Read one of the studies here.

Coastline-Protecting, CO2-Absorbing Mangroves Migrating North as Climate Warms — See Map, Photos & Video (The Conversation, 2/9/18).

Researchers Scramble to Save West Coast’s Last Remaining Old Growth Redwoods — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/7/18).

Report: Increased Flooding Could Lead to More Toxic Chemical Plant Spills — See Maps & Video (The New York Times, 2/6/18).

Study: Wildfires, Intentional Fires Contributing to Increases in Methane — See Maps, Chart & Video (EarthSky, 2/4/18).

Study: Shrinking Sea Ice Means Polar Bears Have to Work Harder and Harder for Every Meal — See Photo, Maps & Video (The Conversation, 2/1/18).

January 2018

Capetown SA Running Out of Water, May Have to Turn Off Taps — See Photos (The New York Times, 1/30/18).

Macron Says France Will Close All Coal-Burning Power Plants by 2021 — See Video (EcoWatch, 1/25/18).

Scientists: 2017 2nd or 3rd Warmest Year on Record, 5 Warmest all Since 2010 — See Video (EarthSky, 1/18/18). Read more, see more video here and here.

Theory: Arctic Warming Connected to More Severe Winter Weather in U.S. — See Photos & Maps (EarthSky, 1/13/18). Read more here.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Sues 5 Top Oil Companies for Climate-Change Damages (Climate Hawks, 1/10/18).

• Warming Water, Air, Sand Producing Mostly Female Sea Turtles (Smithsonian, 1/9/18). Read more, see photos and video herehere and here.

Ozone Hole Shrinking Thanks to Global Action — See Video (EcoWatch, 1/5/18).

Oxygen-Starved Dead Zones Increasing in Number in Oceans, Coastal Waters around World — See Photo & Map (The Guardian, 1/4/18). Read more here and here.

Changing Climate Bad for Cacao, No Cacao = No Chocolate,  Mars Candy Trying to Develop More Resilient Plant — See Photo & Videos (Evening Standard, 1/1/18).