Nature NYC 2018

November 2018

Sinatra the Blue-Eyed Husky Found in Florida, Returned to Brooklyn Home — See News Report (ABC 7 NY, 11/27/18).

City of Dogs Author Says Dog Personalities Shaped by Borough They Call Home — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/11/18). Find the book here.

The Ultimate Test for a Guide Dog: Negotiating NYC — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/6/18).

October 2018

Mandarin duck of Central Park, undated / Steven Ferdman, Shutterstock, Gothamist / Click for more.

Beautiful Mandarin Duck Spotted in Central Park Pond, How It Got There a Mystery but Doing Well — See Photo (The New York Times, 10/31/18). Read more here and here.

72′ Norway Spruce in Walkill NY Will Be Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (New York City Patch, 10/29/18).

Llama on the Loose in Brooklyn — See Video (Gothamist, 10/10/18). See more video here.

Join the Great Central Park Squirrel Census (New York City Patch, 10/4/18).

Mosquitos Carrying Potentially Deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Found in 2 Connecticut Towns— See Photo (WFSB, 10/3/18). See news report here.

Jane Goodall, Others Want Elephant Caged Alone at Bronx Zoo Moved to Sanctuary — See Photo & Video (Forbes, 10/2/18).

September 2018

• Business & World Leaders Pledge to Uphold Paris Climate Agreement at One Planet Summit in NYC — See Photo (EcoWatch, 9/27/18).

Dog Off Leash Attacks Dog in Owner’s Arms in Brooklyn — See Photo (New York City Patch, 9/26/18).

Heavy Rains Bring Flash Floods to Tri-State Area — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 9/25/18).

Black Bears Moving into Connecticut Suburbs — See Photos (AP, 9/25/18).

Climate Week NYC Starts Today — See Schedule of Events (EcoWatch 9/24/18).

Officials Warn of Aggressive, Possibly Rabid Fox in Dutchess County (Northwest Dutchess Daily Voice, 9/23/18),

L.I. Brewery Teams with Oyster Project to Restore NYC’s Once-Thriving Oyster Beds (EcoWatch, 9/21/18).

• Aggressive Canadian Green Crab Migrating into Maine Waters Are Bad News for Coastal Ecosystem — See Photo (New York Post, 9/19/18).

Fishing Boats Compete with Whales for Bunker Fish in NYC Waters — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/13/18).

Sick Raccoon in Riverside Park Tested for Canine Distemper Virus (New York City Patch, 9/11/18).

Falling Rocks Damage Cars in Forty Tryon Park — See Photo (Washington Heights Patch, 9/7/18).

Use Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage Prediction Map to to Plan Your NY Leaf-Peeping Outing — See Map (, 9/6/18). Read more here.

Researchers Use DNA from Tooth Fragment to ID Shark that Bit Boy Off New York’s Fire Island in July — See Photo (Futurity, 9/6/18).

Report: NYC Harbor Waters Cleanest in 110 Years (New York City Patch, 9/4/18).

Meet “Big,” the Almost-2Lb Oyster that Called Pier 40 Home — See Photo (The New York Times, 9/2/18).

August 2018

White Fawn Seen on Staten Island at Site of Abandoned Memorial to Native Americans — See Video (National Geographic, 8/31/18).

Dry Summer, Scarce Food Driving Bears into NY Campsites (Daily News, 8/31/18).

NYC Health Dept Dropping Edible Raccoon Rabies Vaccines in 3 Boroughs — See Photo & Map (Brooklyn Patch, 8/29/18).

Bees Swarm Food Cart in Times Square — See Photos (Midtown Manhattan Patch, 8/29/18).

NYC Man Survives Shark Attack on Cape Cod — See Photo(Barnstable Patch, 8/28/18).

Beachgoer Helps Small Shark Back into Water at Coney Island — See Photos & Video (Brooklyn Patch, 8/28/18). See another video report here.

Goats on Brooklyn Subway Tracks Snarl Morning Commute — See Photos & Video (NBC New York, 8/20/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Alert: Ticks in Hudson Valley Carrying Diseases Way Worse than Lyme (Hudson Valley Post, 8/14/18). Read more here.

As Social Media Draws More People to Beautiful, Dangerous Natural Settings, Rangers Worry More Will Get Hurt — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 8/14/18).

Outbreak of Canine Distemper Virus Has Killed 80 Raccoons in Central Park (New York City Patch 8/8/18).

Creepy, Swarming, Invasive Tick Now in 8 States, Including New York — See Photo (EcoWatch, 8/8/18).


July 2018

Rabid Fox Attacks 3 People in Westchester County — See Photos & News Report (NBC4 New York, 7/23/18). See another news report here.

Party Boat Dumps 500 Gallons of Human Waste in Waters Off Red Hook (Gowanus Patch, 7/23/18).

26 Raccoons Dead of Canine Distemper in Central Park (Central Park Patch, 7/23/18). Read more here.

Storm-Watcher Spots Almost- Tornado Over Brooklyn — See Photo (Brooklyn Patch, 7/17/18).

• Home-Security Agency Ranks New York Dead Last in Pet-Friendliness (New York City Patch, 7/12/18).

Here Come the Summer Meteor Showers — and, Yes, You Can See Them from the City…with a Little Luck (New York City Patch, 7/12/18).

City Sky-Watchers Snap Images of Manhattanhenge — See Photos (Curbed New York, 7/13/18).

Plans to Build Storm Barriers to Protect NYC from Next Sandy Called Threat to Life of Hudson River — See Photos (Times Union, 7/6/18).

Glamping for City Dwellers Comes to Governors Island — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/6/18).

Police Remove 33 Malnourished Dogs from Man’s East Village Apartment — See Photo (New York City Patch, 7/5/18).

NYC Hit with 1st Summer Heat Wave — See Photo (New York Post, 7/1/18).

June 2018

Lovely: Cockroaches Start Flying when Weather Turns Hot — See Photo (New York City Patch, 6/29/18).

Stinky Corpse Flower Blooms at NY Botanical Garden — See Photo (New York Post, 6/27/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Heading Upstate? Watch Out for Giant Hogweed — See Photos (, 6/26/18).

Tompkins Square Park is Noisy? Well, Duh! — See Photo (Gothamist, 6/20/18).

Dead Humpback Washes Up in Queens — See Photo (New York Post, 6/1/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

May 2018

Potentially Fatal Dog Flu Spreading in NYC — See News Report (ABC 7, 5/29/18).

Queens School Teacher, Missing for Week, Dies of Exposure after Being Found in Woods — See Photo (Daily Freeman, 5/13/18).

NY Court of Appeals Judge: Question of Whether Intelligent Nonhuman Animals Have Rights Merits Consideration — See Photo (The Washington Post, 5/9/18).

Storms, Erosion Exposing Bones of Those Buried on Hart Island — See Photo (New York City Patch, 5/3/18).

91º Heat Sets New NYC Record for May 3  (New York City Patch, 5/3/18).

Peregrine Falcon Cam: 3 Eggs Hatched, 1 to Go — Watch LiveStream (New York City Patch, 5/2/18). Read more, see more video here.

May 3’s 90º High Temp Ties 5/2/2001 for Hottest on Record (New York City Patch, 5/2/18).

April 2018

NYU’s Red-Tailed Hawks Raising New Brood — See Video Cam (New York City Patch, 4/30/18).

Man Brings Pit Bull on Subway, Pit Bull Attacks Woman — See Video (WLNY, 4/24/18).

Seal Spotted in Gowanus Canal — See Photo (New York City Patch, 4/24/18).

Mayor Lauds Finding that NYC Air is Getting Cleaner (New York City Patch, 4/19/18).

NYC Mounting Purge of Rats in Public Housing — See Photo (New York City Patch, 4/17/18).

Study: NYC Mice Carry Scary, Disgusting Bugs, Bacteria — See Photo (The New York Times, 4/17/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

145th Street Subway Steps Become Waterfall during Morning Downpour — See Video (New York City Patch, 4/16/18).

SKYGLOW PROJECT Imagines NYC with Original Night Skies for Dark Sky Week, 4/15-4/21 — See Video (SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM, Vimeo, 4/4/18). Read more here and here.

Superfund Site Gowanus Canal to Get Signs: Don’t Eat the Fish! (Gowanus Patch, 4/4/18).

March 2018

AKC: Labrador Retriever Most Popular Breed Nationally, French Bulldog Takes Prize in NYC (New York City Patch, 3/28/18).

AMNH’s Giant Amethyst Geode Goes Into Storage for a Year — See Photo (NYC Patch, 3/14/18).

• 1 of 2 Coyotes Attacking People, Pets in Westchester Shot, Had Rabies, 2nd Still at Large  — See Photos & News Report (NBC New York, 3/3/18).

February 2018

Seal Spotted Resting on Pier at Brooklyn Bridge Park — See Photos (Brooklyn Heights Patch, 2/7/18).

United Airlines Draws Line at Emotional Support Peacock — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 2/1/18).

January 2018

Mayor de Blasio Sues Top Oil Companies for Climate Change Damages (Climate Hawks Vote, 1/10/18).

Results of NYC Bird Count Are In — See the List (Central Park Patch, 1/2/18).