Dolphins & Whales 2020

November 2020

Report: As Myths about Amazon’s Pink Dolphin Fade, Species Dies Off, Too (The Atlantic, 11/13/20).

Photographer Captures Images of Sperm Whale Mom Feeding Calf, Other Sperm Behaviors in Indian Ocean — See Photos (Daily Mail, 11/6/20).

Kayakers Too Close to Feeding Humpbacks Almost End Up in Whale’s Mouth — See Videos (The Washington Post, 11/4/2020). Read more here.

April 2020

Scientists Want to Know: As Corona Lockdown Quiets Oceans, Will Whales Talk More? — See Photo (The Guardian, 4/24/20).

Dolphins Glow Neon Blue Swimming through Bioluminescent Water Off Newport CA — See Video (The Sacramento Bee, 4/24/20). See more video here.

Researchers Capture Drone Footage of New Zealand Blue Whales Surface Feeding on Krill — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 4/22/20). Read more here.

Suction-Cup Cameras Get Glimpse of Life from Humpback Calf’s POV in Hawaii — See Video (Gizmodo, 4/20/20).

Drone Captures Footage of White Orca & Family in Puget Sound — See Video (King 5, 4/17/20).

Little Girl’s Walk with Mom Turns into Exciting Orca Encounter in Puget Sound — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 4/8/20).

Study: Gill-Net Tuna Fishing Wiping Out Dolphin Populations in Indian Ocean (Hakai, 4/1/20).

Scuba Divers Have Extremely Friendly Encounter with Wild Dolphin in Mexico — See Photos &  Video (, 4/1/20).

March 2020

Study: Male Dolphin Alliances of Shark Bay Australia Herd Females with Coordinate Sounds and Movement — See Photo, Hear Recordings (Science, 3/31/20). Read more here.

Researchers Observe First Known Incident of White Sharks Attacking, Killing Living Humpback (Beach Grit, 3/13/20).

February 2020

Research Hypothesis: Solar Storms Play Role in When, Why Whales Strand (The Atlantic, 2/24/20).

Rarely Seen Northern Right Whale Dolphins Visit Monterey Bay — See Video (KSBW8, 2/24/20).

Antarctic Whale Sightings in Former Feeding/Hunting Grounds Jump from 0 to 55 in 1 Year — See Photos (BBC News, 2/20/20).

Study: Minke Calls Less Audible to Scientists, Other Minkes as Oceans Become Noisier — See Photo (Science, 2/18/20).

Humpback Whales, Northern Right Whale Dolphins Hunt Cooperatively in Monterey Bay — See Video (Mercury News, YouTube, 2/14/20).

Breaching Humpbacks Thrill Whale Watchers Off Maui — See Video (MNN, 2/10/20).

Conservationists Sue NOAA to Halt Gas, Oil Exploration in Cook Inlet where Belugas are Dying Off (EcoWatch, 2/3/20).

January 2020

L41, Oldest Male Member of Southern Resident Killer Whale Population, Missing, Feared Dead — See Photos (EcoWatch, 1/30/20). Read more, see more photos here.

Reporter Talks with Last Surviving Member of American Whaling Industry — See Photos (Hakai, 1/28/20).

2 Right Whale Mom-Calf Pairs Spotted Off Florida, Bringing New Births to 6 — See Photos (Global News, 1/28/20).

Report: Is Iceland Finally Through with Whaling? See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 1/21/20).

Newborn Right Whale Calf Injured by Boat Off Georgia — See Photos & Video (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 1/10/20).

Gray Whales & Surfers both Like Beaches in San Diego — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 1/8/20).

Great White Finally Returning to False Bay, 18 Months after Shark-Attacking Orcas Drove Them Out — See Photos & Video (Newsweek, 1/8/20).