Dolphins & Whales 2018

December 2018

North Atlantic Right Whale returning to waters off Florida & Georgia, Dec. 2018 / Sea to Shore Alliance, Smithsonian/ Click for more.

Good News! Observers Spot 1st Right Whale Calf, Other Pregnant Females Off Florida/Georgia Coast (Smithsonian, 12/31/18).

Japan to Quit International Whaling Commission, Resume Commercial Whaling — See Photo (The Guardian, 12/19/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

Washington State Governor Proposes $1.1 Billion Plan to Save Dwindling Southern Resident Orca Population — See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/14/18).

Sometimes, Humpbacks Just Want to Have Fun — See Video (Vancouver Sun, 12/14/18).

From Namu to Lolita: History of Orca Capture in Pacific Northwest — See Photos & Videos (The Seattle Times, 12/13/18).

TEDEd: Animated Video Explains Crucial Role Grannies Play in Life of BC’s Southern Resident Orcas — See Video (TEDEd, 12/11/18).

Women Gets Very Close Inspection from Orcas while Swimming Off New Zealand Beach — See Video (Dylan Bradshaw, YouTube, 12/11/18).

SETI Researcher Thinks Humpback Song Holds Clues to Deciphering Alien Language (Vox, 12/6/18).

NOAA Declares Red Tide-Linked “Unusual Mortality Event” as Dolphins Die All Along Florida’s Gulf Coast — See Photo (The Islander, 12/4/18).

Photographer Films Dolphin Stampede Off California — See Video in SloMo & Normal Speed (USA Today, 12/3/18).

• Dolphins, Marine Life, Sea Birds Keep Dying as Florida Officials, Media Refuse to Grapple with Climate Change, Link to Red Tide — See Photos (The New York Times, 12/2/18).

November 2018
Jupiter cloud formation of dolphin leaping through ocean waves / NASA, SwRI, MSSS, Brian Swift, Seán Doran, Cnet / Click for more.

Wild Dolphin Project Salutes Manatees for Manatee Awareness Month — See Photos (The Wild Dolphin Project, 11/30/18).

• NMFS Grants 5 Permits for Seismic Surveys Along Atlantic Coast, Putting Dolphins, Whales, Marine Life, Fisheries, Beach Tourism at Risk — See Photo & Video (The Washington Post, 11/30/18). Read more here.

90 More Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand, Bringing Count to 230 in 1 Week — See Photos & Video (NPR, 11/30/18).

Study: 2 Humpbacks in BC Invent New Feeding Strategy, 4 Years Later 16 Are Using It — See Video (COSMOS, 11/30/18). Read more, see more photos and video here. Read the study, see maps, photos, charts and illos here.

Study:  Fossil of Toothless Whale May Fill Gap Between Ancient Toothed & Modern Baleen Whales — See Photo & Illo (Gizmodo, 11/29/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Study: Whales in Antarctic Dropping Song Pitch, Climate Change Could be Factor (EOS, 11/28/18). Read more, see more photos and charts, listen to whale song here.

Dead Sperm Washes Up in Indonesia with 13 Lbs of Plastic in Stomach — See Video (National Geographic, YouTube, 11/27/18).

Study: Humpbacks Sing One Song for Few Years, Adding Embellishments, Then Ditch It & Start New One (Newser, 11/26/18).

Red Tide Suspected Cause of 22 Dolphin Deaths in SW Florida Over Holiday Weekend — See Photos (Coastal Breeze News, 11/26/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

More than 140 Pilot Whales Strand, Die in New Zealand — See Video (USA Today, 11/26/18). See more video here.

IUCN: Conservation Efforts Paying Off in Slow Recovery of Giraffe, Gorilla, Gray Whale Populations (Nature, 11/22/18).

Study: Female Orca Makes Record-Setting Dive to Snag Toothfish from Fishing Line in South Atlantic (Hakai, 11/16/18).

Bat Researcher Says Bats Have Better Sonar than Dolphins — See Photos & Video(Scientific American, 11/12/18).

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Captures Jupiter Cloud Formation of Dolphin Leaping through Ocean Waves — See Images (Cnet, 11/9/18).

Russia Holding 11 Orcas, 90 Belugas in Small Sea Pens for Suspected Sale to Chinese Marine Parks — See Photos & Videos (EcoWatch, 11/7/18). Read more, see map, video and news segments here and here.

It’s Even More Stunning in Slow Motion: Watch Humpbacks Bubble Net-Feeding in Norway — See Video (Daily Mail, 11/6/18)

Sperm Whales Showing Up in Arctic as Seas Warm — See Photo & Map (The Guardian, 11/5/18). See video here.

Hydrophone Lets Humans Eavesdrop on Orcas of Puget Sound — See Photos & News Reports, Listen to Orcas (KOMO News, 11/2/18).

Fisherman Puts Life at Risk to Free Tangled Humpback — See Video (The Washington Post, 11/2/18).

Researchers Test ID’ing, Counting Whales by Satellite — See Photos (BBC News, 11/1/18).

Canadian Government Steps Up Efforts to Save 74 Last Surviving Southern Resident Orcas — See Photos (EcoWatch, 11/1/18).

October 2018

Baleen Analysis Tells Story of North American Right Whale’s Life & Death — See Photos (Hakai, 10/31/18).

Boating Couple Watches Dolphin Nudge Dead Calf for Miles in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon — See Photo & News Report (Fox 35, 10/26/18).

2 Studies Investigate How Bottlenose Dolphins, Humpbacks Adapt, React to Underwater Noise (The Washington Post, 10/26/18). Read more here and here.

First a Young Female Rough-Toothed, Now Young Female Pantropical Spotted Strands on Gulf Coast — See Photos (WLOX, 10/18/18).

Minkes, Humpbacks, Rights All Dying along East Coast  — See Photos & Charts (Mashable, 10/17/18).

Scientists Use Listening Devices to Assess Numbers, Range of Critically Endangered Baltic Sea Harbor Porpoise — See Photo (Hakai, 10/17/18).

Glimpses of Vaquita Mothers with Calves Give Researchers Hope Vanishing Species Could Still Survive — See Photo (The New York Times, 10/17/18).

Camera Attached to Humpback Calf Records Nursing Behavior Off Madagascar — See Footage (Acoustic Communication Team, YouTube, 10/15/18).

Young Rough-Toothed Dolphin, a Deep-Water Species, Strands on Biloxi Ms Beach — See Photos (WLOX, 10/12/18).

Family Freaks, Father Thrilled by Close Humpback Encounter in Puget Sound — See Video (HuffPost, 10/9/18).

Last Surviving Right Whales Move Feeding Grounds North From Bay of Fundy to Gulf of St. Lawrence as Oceans Warm  — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 10/9/18).

Newly Discovered Chain of Seamounts East of Tasmania Seem to be Whale Hotspot — See Photo & Image (Live Science, 10/9/18). Read more here and here.

NOAA: Only Right Way to Interact with Hawaii’s Spinner Dolphins — Leave Them Alone — See Photos & Video (NOAA, 10/2/18). Read a study on the impacts of human activities on spinners here.

Fishing Charter Captain, Clients Help Save Dolphin Stranded in Everglades Mud Flats — See Video (Miami Herald, 10/2/18).

September 2018

Does South America’s Franciscana Need Saving? Scientists Know Too Little to Say for Sure — See Photos (Hakai, 9/27/18).

Study: PCBs Linked to Decline of Orca Populations around World — See Photo & Diagrams (The Conversation, 9/27/18). Read more, see photos here, here, here and here.

Study: Discovery of Ancient Game Pieces Made of Whalebone Could Mark Rise of Whaling in Scandinavia — See Photo & Diagram (Hakai, 9/25/18).

Lonely Little Beluga Wandering in River Thames — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 9/25/18). Read more, see more photos & video here, herehere and here.

Drone Captures Footage of Very Rare Albino Risso’s Dolphin Off California — See Photos & Videos (BNQT, 9/21/18). See more video here.

Drone Captures Footage of Orcas Killing Dolphin Off California — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 9/21/18).

Snorkeler Watches Orcas Toy with Sea Turtles in Galápagos — See Video & Photos (National Geographic, 9/17/18).

Whale Watchers See 3 Humpbacks Execute Coordinated Triple Breach Off Nova Scotia — See Video (HuffPost, 9/15/18).

International Whaling Commission Preserves Ban on Commercial Whaling at Meeting in Brazil — See Photos (Aljazeera, 9/14/18).

Meet the Well Studied Dolphins of Sarasota Bay Now Being Threatened by Red Tide — See Photos (Herald-Tribune, 9/13/18)

Struggling Young Female Southern Resident Orca J50 Missing, Presumed Dead — See Photos (The Washington Post, 9/13/18).

Fishing Boats Compete with Whales for Bunker Fish in NYC Waters — See Photos (The New York Times, 9/13/18).

Lonely Narwhal Adopted by Band of Belugas in St. Lawrence River — See Photo & Video (The Guardian, 9/13/18).

Humpback Whacks Inflatable Tour Boat with Fluke Off Brier Island, NS — See Photo & Video (, 9/13/18).

Researcher Believe Chinese White Dolphin’s Unique Whistles While Carrying Dead Infant Were Sounds of Grief — Hear Recordings (Hakai, 9/13/18).

Southern Resident Killer Whales are Disappearing, and It’s Our Fault — See Photos (Hatch, 9/12/18).

Researchers Consider Capturing Ailing Orca to Try to Save Her If All Else Fails (Kitsap Sun, 9/12/18). Read more here.

43 Cuvier’s Beaked Whales Wash Up Dead in UK in 1 Month; Submarines, Seismic Sonar Suspected Cause (Newsweek, 9/12/18).

IWC Votes to Allow Indigenous Communities to Keep Hunting Whales (France 24, 9/12/18).

Japan, Norway, Russia, Other Pro-Whaling Nations Block Bid to Create Sanctuary in South Atlantic at IWC Meeting in Brazil (The Guardian, 9/12/18). Read more here.

Mote Marine Researchers Blame Red Tide for Death of 17 Bottlenose Dolphins — See Photos & News Report (10 News, 9/12/18).

Japan Pushes to End Ban on Commercial Whaling at International Whaling Commission Meeting in Brazil (The Hill, 9/11/18). Read more here and here.

A Sight to See: Superpod of Common Dolphins Swimming Wild & Free in Monterey Bay —  See Video (Monterey Bay Aquarium, YouTube, 9/5/18). Read more here.

Study Finds Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in 71% of Urine Samples from Dolphins of Sarasota Bay — See Photo (Science Daily, 9/5/18). Read more here.

3rd Rarely Seen Pygmy Killer Whale Strands on Longboat Key FL, 1 Week after 2 Others Stranded in Clearwater — See Photos & Video (ABC 7 MySuncoast, 9/4/18). Read more, see another photo here.

Young Female Southern Resident Orca J50 Struggling but Still Alive — See Video (KIRO7, 9/3/18). Read more, see more video here.

August 2018

NOAA: 41 Dolphins Killed by Red Tide in 1 Month Qualifies as “Unusual Mortality Event (Miami Herald, 8/31/18).

Canadian Court Blocks Pipeline, Orders Studies of Impact on Orcas, Indigenous People — See Photos (The Seattle Times, 8/30/18). Read more here. See video reports here and here.

Humpback Seems to Intentionally Strike Boat Too Close to Where It’s Feeding — See Video (Daily Mail, 8/29/18).

Study: Rescued Dolphin Learns Tail Walking during Brief Captivity, Teaches It to Others in Wild — See Video (Phys.Org, 8/29/18). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, and here.

Study: Lone Dolphin Seems to Alter Click Patterns to Match Harbor Porpoise Companions off Scotland — See Photos (The Telegraph, 8/28/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Rescuers Bring in Heavy Equipment to Free Stranded Orca in Argentina — See Video (The Telegraph, 8/28/18).

Still Concerned about Health of Young Southern Resident Orca, J50, Scientists Want to Dart Her with More Drugs — See Photos (CBC News, 8/28/18). Read more here.

Pilot Whale Strands on Abaco, Rescuers Discover Someone has Sliced It with Knife — See Photo (Tribune 242, 8/27/18).

Too-Friendly Wild Dolphin Becomes Nuisance in France — See Photos (The Telegraph, 8/27/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Study: Belugas, Narwhals Go Through Menopause (The Washington Post, 8/27/18).

Humpback Breaches Really Close to Small Whale-Watching Boat in Alaska — See Video (KTUU 2, 8/22/18).

Red Tide Suspected Cause of 15 Dolphin Deaths in 15 Days in Sarasota — See Photo (ABC Action News, 8/22/18).

Feeding Humpback Hits, Flips Small Fishing Boat Off NJ Coast — See Videos (ABC Action News, 8/17/18).

Researchers Concerned about Health of  Young Female Southern Resident Orca, J50 — See Photos (CBC News, 8/18/18). See more photos and video here.

Southern Resident Orca J35 Abandons Body of Dead Newborn after 17 Days — See Photos & Video (Mashable, 8/13/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Ties between Human, Dolphin Residents of Australia’s Tin Can Bay Have Long History — See Photos & Video (, 8/12/18).

July 2018

Orca Calf Born to Southern Resident Population’s J Pod Dies Hour after Birth, Mother Still Carrying Body Days Later — See Photo (The Washington Post, 7/27/18). Read more here, here, here, here and here.

Pregnant Dolphin Washes Up Dead from Gunshot Wound on Mississippi Beach — See Photo (ABC News 5 Cleveland, 7/23/18).

Some Bottlenose Can Dive for 13 Minutes to More than 3,000 Feet, Scientists Want to Know How (Science Daily, 7/17/18).

Researcher Sees 2 Humpbacks Circling, Touching Dead Gray Whale Calf, Colleagues Debate What to Make of It — See Photos (Hakai, 7/17/18).

Hong Kong Bridge Project Newest Threat to Disappearing Pink Dolphins — See Photos & Video (, 7/17/18).

Study: Ancient Romans Whaling May Wiped Out Grays, Rights in Mediterranean Sea — See Maps & Photos (The New York Times, 7/16/18). Read more here.

Group Calls on Tour Operators to Restrict, Phase Out Swimming with Dolphins, Whales — See Photos (Independent, 7/13/18).

Open-Water Sanctuary for Former Captive Belugas Scheduled to Open in Iceland in March — See Photos & Video (PETA, 7/13/18).

Icelandic Whaling Company Accused of Harpooning Endangered Blue Whale — See Photos (The Telegraph, 7/12/18).

Photographer Documents Subsistence Whale Hunt on Indonesian Island — See Graphic Photos (Hakai, 7/10/18).

18 White-Sideds Strand in Cape Cod, Rescuers Free 10, Only 2 Survive — See Photos & Video (WBZ4 CBS Boston, 7/10/18). See more video here.

Lack of Salmon, Toxins, Stress, Disease Killing Off Pacific Northwest’s Last Surviving Southern Resident Orcas — See Photos (The New York Times, 7/9/18).

Indigenous Community Hunts, Eats Belugas in Alaska (Anchorage Daily News, 7/8/18).

Experts: Dolphins, Humans Could Both Suffer from Too Much Contact in Destin, FL — See Photos & Video (Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette, 7/7/18).

Baby Blue Whale Inspects Boat Off San Diego — See Photo & Video (BNQT, 7/5/18).

June 2018

Study: Right Whales Could be Gone in 30 Years (Futurity, 6/29/18).

Drone Captures Footage of Mother Blue & Calf Off San Diego — See Video (DroneDJ, 6/29/18).

Iceland Starts 1st Whale Hunt in 3 Years by Slaughtering 67′ Endangered Fin — See Photos (The Dodo, 6/26/18). Thanks to Denise Herzing for this item.

Researchers Report Assumed Death of 23-Year-Old Male Southern Resident Orca L92, aka Crewser — See Photo (The Seattle Times, 6/16/18). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Rare Pygmy Sperm Whale Washes up on Massachusetts Beach — See Photo (, 6/14/18).

Rare, Beautiful Right Whale Dolphin Washes Up on Oregon Beach — See Photos (Oregon Live, 6/14/18). Read more here.

Researchers Record Clicks, Calls of Arctic Narwhals — Listen to Recordings (The New York Times, 6/13/18).

Study: Humpback Moms in Hawaii Stick to Shallow Waters While Calves Are Young — See Photos (Science Trends, 6/13/18).

Study: Short-Finned Pilot Whales, Risso’s Dolphins Seem to Know Which Orca Calls Signal Danger, Which Don’t — See Photos & Hear Recordings (Science, 6/12/18). Read more, see more photos and video, listen to more recordings here.

Humpback Breaches Almost Too Near Whale-Watching Boat In Australia, Passengers Thrilled, Soaked — See Video (Mashable, 6/11/18).

Male Dolphin Buddies in Shark Bay, Australia Strengthen Ties with Calls, Synchrony, Touch — See Videos (National Geographic, 6/7/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Study: Evidence Keeps Mounting that Dolphins Mourn Their Dead — See Photos & Videos (Daily Mail, 6/6/18). Read more here. See more video here.

May 2018

Right Whales Return to Nova Scotia, No Calves in Sight — See Video (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 5/29/18).

Humpback’s Spiraling Breach Thrills NJ Whale Watchers — See Video (Fox News, 5/29/18).

Finding: Japan Slaughtered 122 Pregnant Fins in Latest Antarctic Whaling Season — See Photo & Video (Newsweek, 5/29/18).

Sea Shepherd Forces Australian Government to Release 2008 Footage of Illegal Japanese Whaling in Antarctic — See Video (EcoWatch, 5/29/18).

Finding: Sperm Whales in Mediterranean Being Killed by Eating Plastic — See Photos (EcoWatch, 5/24/18).

Stranded White-Sided Dolphins Rescued from Cape Cod Beach — See Video (WCBV 5, 5/20/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Photographer Captures Images of Dolphins Attacking Smaller Porpoise in Scotland — See Photos (BBC News, 5/18/18).

US Fisheries Puts Last 100 Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin on Endangered List, Freeing U.S. to Help in Conservation — See Photo (EcoWatch, 5/9/18).

Researchers See More Whales Missing Flukes from Gear Entanglement — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 5/7/18)

Grays Migrate, Orcas Attack, Humpbacks Interfere in Monterey Bay — See Photos & Video (The Mercury News, 5/7/18).

Right Whales Thrill Whalewatchers in Cape Cod Bay — See News Report (WCVB5, 5/4/18)

Study: 2 Species of Amazon River Dolphin, Boto & Tucuxi, Disappearing (Phys.Org, 5/2/18). Read the study here. Read more, see photos and video here.

Outa My Way! Surfing Dolphin Bumps Paddle Boarder Off Board — See Video (The Washington Post, 5/1/18). Read more, see more video here.

Humpbacks Having Lots of Babies in Southern Ocean (The New York Times, 5/1/18). Read more, see a photo here.

Good News/Bad News: 117 Rights Still in Cape Cod Bay/Lobster Season Postponed until They Leave — See Photos & News Report (NBC Boston, 5/1/18).

April 2018

North American Right Whales off Georgia Coast, 2/15/18 / Sea to Shore Alliance, The Brunswick News / Click for more.

Researchers Partially Remove Line Wrapped around Right Whale’s Jaw Off Provincetown — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/14/18).

Researcher Welcomes Dolphins Back to Potomac — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/13/18).

Sperm Whale Found Dead in Southern Spain with 64 Lbs of Trash in Digestive System — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 4/10/18).

Researchers Anticipate Extinction of North American Right Whales — See Photos (The Washington Post, 4/8/18).

Study: Belugas, Like Orcas, Have Culture — See Photo (Science Daily, 4/5/18).

Study: Mysterious, Long-Lived Bowheads Sing Complex, Jazz-Like Songs — See Photo, Listen to Recordings (National Geographic, 4/3/18). Read more, see more photos, listen to more recordings herehere and here. Find the study here.

Scientists Fighting to Save North American Right Whale May Soon be Out of Work (Boston Herald, 4/3/18).

Researchers Explore Connection between Indigenous Whale Hunters & Prey — See Photos (Hakai, 4/3/18).

Japan Kills 333 Minkes in This Year’s Illegal Whale Hunt — See Photos (EcoWatch, 4/2/18).

200 Dolphins Dead of Virus, Pollution in Once Pristine Sepetiba Bay, Brazil — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 4/2/18). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Critically Endangered N.A. Right Whale Calving Season Ends with No New Babies Sighted — See Photo (The Brunswick News, 4/2/18).

Monterey Bay is Action Central for Whale Watchers in April — See Photo (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/1/18).

March 2018

Filmmaker Spends 5 Years Filming Faroe Island Whale Hunt — See Photos & Trailer (The Guardian, 3/29/18).

61 Common Dolphins Strand, 49 Die in Patagonia — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 3/26/18).

Residents Free 7 Dolphins from Harbor Ice in Heart’s Delight, Newfoundland — See Photos (The Packet, 1/23/18).

150 Pilot Whales Strand on Western Australia Beach — See Photos & Video (The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/23/18). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Scientific First: Researchers Witness First Orca Infanticide in B.C. — See Video (Global News, 3/22/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here. Read the study, see more photos here.

A Little Bit of Heaven — Riding Horseback Off a Beach with Friendly Dolphins Swimming Close — See Video (Equine Development, YouTube). Special thanks to Marsha Wallace for sharing this.

Researchers Capture Beautiful Footage of Minkes in Antarctic — See Videos (CBC News, 3/21/18).

Groups Sue NMFS to Fulfill Requirements to Protect Endangered Pacific Humpbacks (The Orange County Register, 3/15/18). Learn more here.

Governor of Washington State Creates Taskforce to Save Endangered Orcas — See Photo & News Report (KIRO 7, 3/14/18). Read more here.

Photographer Captures Drone Footage of Rare Whale Off Dominica — See Video (National Geographic, 3/9/18).

Norway Increases Whale Kill Quota — See Photo (Independent, 3/7/18). Read more, see more photos here.

Washington State Considers Expanding Chinook Hatcheries to Help Feed Starving Orcas (Hakai, 3/2/18).

Study: Risso Dolphins Scan for Prey on Way Up from 1 Feeding Dive, May Be Deciding Where to Dive Next (COSMOS, 3/1/18). Read more here.

February 2018

Still No Right Whale Calves This Season, Experts Fear Species Extinction — See Photos (Independent, 2/27/18). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

California Charterboat Operator Slammed for Letting Passengers Pet Friendly Passing Gray Whale — See Photos & Videos (Metro, 2/27/18).

3 Dead Baby Dolphins Wash Up on Mississippi Gulf Beach in 1 Week — See Photos & News Report (WAFB 9, 2/24/18).

Whale Watchers See Gray Whale with No Fluke, Fresh Wound  Off California — See Photo & Video (Mercury News, 2/23/18).

NOAA Declares “Unusual Mortality Event” for 3rd Atlantic Whale Species — See Photos (NRDC, 2/23/18).

Right Whales Return to Georgia Waters, but No Calves Seen Yet — See Photos (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 2/21/18). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Study: Belugas in Arctic Dive Deeper, Longer for Prey as Sea Ice Disappears (Science Daily, 2/20/18).

Study: Greenland’s Narwhals Prefer Still Waters Near Stable Glaciers — See Photos (EarthSky, 2/18/18).

Study: Underwater Listening May Be Best Way to Detect, Protect Endangered Right Whales — See Photo, Hear Recording (Bangor Daily News, 2/15/18).

Study: Drop in Krill Could Threaten Whales, Other Antarctic Marine Life — See Photos (The Guardian, 2/14/18).

Advocates Sue Feds to Protect Right Whales from Entanglement in Lobster Traps, Fishing Gear (EcoWatch, 2/12/18).

Pygmy Whale Strands on DelRay FL Beach (, 2/11/18).

Gray Whale, Dolphins Frolic Off Oceanside CA — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/5/18).

Study: Ocean Microplastics Threaten Health, Welfare of Baleen Whales, Other Filter Feeders (The Guardian, 2/5/18).