Nature News

February 2018

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 to Pass within Hailing Distance of Earth Today — See Video (Space Coast Daily, 2/4/18). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Mars Rover Looks Back on 5 Years of Exploring Red Planet — See Video (The Washington Post, 2/3/18).

LiDAR Mapping Reveals Mind-blowing Scope of Maya Civilization — See Photos, Maps, Illos & Video (National Geographic, 2/1/18). Read more, see more images here.

Study: Loss of Sea Ice Means Polar Bears Must Work Harder, Expend More Energy to Find Prey — See Video & Map (The Conversation, 2/1/18). Read the study, see more maps, charts and images here.

Nigel, the Lonely, Lovelorn Gannett, Dies on Mana Island Off New Zealand — See Video (The Guardian, 2/1/18). Read more, see more photos here.

United Airlines Draws Line at Emotional Support Peacock — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 2/1/18).

Truck Driver Drives Truck Over Peru’s Nasca Lines — See Photo (USA Today, 2/1/18).

January 2018

Storms on Jupiter, Dec 8 2017 / NASA, SwRI, MSSS, Gerald Eichstädt, Seán Doran / Click for more.

Researcher Discovers New Species of American Millipede: Colorful & Coated in Cyanide — See Photos (COSMOS, 1/30/18).

Naked Mole Rats are Really Weird — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/26/18).

Wildlife Officials Declare Eastern Cougar Extinct — See Photos (EcoWatch, 1/24/18).

Study: Musk Ox Survived Ice Age, Weird Weather Buries Whole Herd in Ice — See Photos (The Atlantic, 1/18/18).

Citizen Scientist-Artists Help Bring NASA Photos of Jupiter to Life — See Images (The Atlantic, 1/16/18).

Study: Ants Kill Sick Members to Protect Colony (COSMOS, 1/15/18).

Study: 2012 Underwater Volcanic Eruption in Pacific May Have Been Largest in Modern History — See Photo & Video (COSMOS, 1/15/18).

10 Documentaries about Animals Everyone Should See — See Trailers (One Green Planet, 1/15/18).

Australian Kites, Hawks Intentionally Spread Fire to Flush Out Prey — See Photos (COSMOS, 1/12/18).

Scientists Unsure What Caused Bright Flash Over Russia — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 1/10/18).

Female Birds of Paradise Find Male’s Super Black Feathers Sexy — See Photos & Video (The Conversation, 1/9/18).

You’ve Never Seen a Dog Grooming Contest Like This, Guaranteed — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/8/18).

NASA Captures Image of Gigantic Winter Storm Off East Coast — See Image (COSMOS, 1/8/18).

Norwegian Cruise Ship Breakaway Sails Intentionally Into Bad Winter Storm — See Video (Newsday, 1/7/18). Read more, see more video here, here and here.

Beachgoer Films Starfish Walking Across Sand — See Video (One Green Planet, 1/5/18).

Boy Splashing in Shallow Water Off Bahamas Beach Exits Water Just Ahead of Approaching Sharks — See Photos & Video (, 1/5/18).

Frenchman Takes Tourists Up in UltraLight to Fly with Birds — See Videos (National Geographic, 1/4/18).

What’s the Right Way to Handle a Cold-Stunned Iguana? — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 1/4/18).

Storms Bring Ice, Huge Waves on Both Sides of Atlantic — See Photos & Video (EarthSky, 1/4/18).

Astronomer Discusses Origins of 1st Interstellar Object to Visit Solar System — See Photo & Animation (The Conversation, 1/4/18).

Bombogenesis! Snow & Cold Grip Eastern U.S. — See Photos & Video (BBC, 1/4/18). Read more, see more photos, diagrams, maps and video here, here, here and here.

Hotel Caretaker Only Winter Inhabitant of Island Off New England — See Video (The Atlantic, 1/3/18).

DNA from Fossilized Baby Bones Point to Lost Branch of Native American Family Tree — See Photos (The Verge, 1/3/18). Read more, see more photos, illos and diagrams here, hereherehere and here. Find the study here.

What Cold Looks Like in U.S. & Abroad — See Images (The Atlantic, 1/3/18).

67-Year-Old Albatross Lays Another Egg — See Photos & Video (National Geographic, 1/2/18).

Caterpillars Are Creepy, Ugly, Beautiful, Amazing — See Videos (bioGraphic, 1/2/18).

Researchers Explore Healing Effects of Being Out in Nature — See Photos (National Geographic, 1/2/18).

Skywatchers Snap Photos of January Supermoon — See Images (EarthSky, 1/2/18).

What’s that Sound? 5 Strange Noises Scientists Can’t Explain (COSMOS, 1/2/18).