Underwater Art of Jason deCaires Taylor

Still image from underwater installation by Jason deCaires Taylor, undated/Jason deCaires Taylor,underwatersculpture.com

“Art Creating Life.” That’s what Creedence Gerlach calls this artist’s work in the new issue of LeisurePro’s AquaViews Magazine — and that’s exactly what it is.

In brief, Taylor creates life-sized sculptures, many from living models, out of a marine-friendly cement mixture and arranges them in underwater installations, where they are slowly colonized by sponges, corals and other marine creatures and transformed into artificial reefs that attract and give shelter to other marine life.

Tryptich, creation-installation-evolution of one sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor, Isla Mujeres, Mexico/Jason de Caires Taylor, underwatersculpture.com

The Aquaviews article also links to an underwater film Taylor produced featuring footage of some of his installations in Grenada, the Bahamas and Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Mexico after they’ve had a chance to mature. It can be a little unsettling as a first exposure to his work, so GNN suggests viewing another video first.

The 6:37 video below documents the gradual changes in some of Taylor’s installations in Mexico and Grenada and also includes footage of the artist at work, creating, transporting and installing his sculptures.

The 5:03 video below, featured in Aquaviews, plunges you more directly into viewing Taylor’s installations after the marine environment has had time to transform them.

GNN learned only now, unfortunately, that an exhibit of Taylor’s sculptures and still images of his work ran from June 30 to July 28, 2012 at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The good news is that prints and sculptures are still available through the gallery.

The better news is that more images and videos are available at the artist’s  website. Go to underwatersculpture.com to see and learn more.

Underwater installation by Jason de Caires Taylor, undated/Jason de Caires Taylor, underwtersculpture.com

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2 Responses to Underwater Art of Jason deCaires Taylor

  1. Wynn Malvern says:

    Fascinating! Talk about he working in water colors!! Thanks for the introduction to his work!


  2. Annette says:

    It is amazing.


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