Take Heart – The World Is Not Ending Tomorrow!

NASA Debunks 12/21/12 Apocalypse Myth

If you’re lucky, you’ve completely missed the apparently quite real hysteria about the world coming to an end on Friday, 12/21/12. Really! It will! The Mayans predicted it!

If you haven’t been spared and this latest doomsday scenario has you or someone you care about in its grip, do yourself a favor and watch these videos and pass them along to anyone you think could benefit from viewing them.

The video above addresses the core misconception that gave rise to this baseless fear and teaches us about how sophisticated the ancient Mayan calendar actually was.

The video below puts other variations on the 12/21/12 end-of-the-world myth to rest.

Whew! Thanks, NASA!

Learn more here.

Close up w:Little Gash

Happy 2013!

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1 Response to Take Heart – The World Is Not Ending Tomorrow!

  1. Marc Wallace says:

    Thanks fot that, DD, but I already booked my apoca-pod space!


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