I Heart Nature!

A Valentine’s Day Roundup

• Mother Clydesdale Darla & unnamed female foal, Warm Springs Ranch, Booneville, Mo., Jan 30, 2013/Jeff Roberson, AP  • Ring-shaped Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), Jan 31, 2013/NASA’s Godard Space Flight Center, SDO   • Hawaiian surfer Garret McNamara rides mammoth wave off Portugal, Jan 28, 2013/AP, The Independent  • Unidentified Dachshund/Getty Images, HLN

There’s always plenty of serious nature news to report — always. But sometimes it’s good to forget the upsetting stuff for a while and just revel in Nature’s magnificence: her beauty and power, mysteries and surprises, thrills and delights. And what better time to fall in love with her again than Valentine’s Day?

Here, in the spirit of the holiday, GNN presents a Valentine sampler of fun, fascinating, feel-good stories with a little something to suit different tastes. The news is sorted by natural realm: Land, Sea and Sky. Enjoy!


Mother Clydesdale Darla & unnamed female foal, Warm Springs Ranch, Booneville, Mo., Jan 30, 2013/Jeff Roberson, AP

 Clydesdale Foal Featured in Super Bowl Commercial — See Video (ABC News, 2/1/13). See more video here and here.


Unidentified Daschund, place & date unknown/Getty Images, HLN

American Kennel Club Announces “Most Popular Breed” Rankings — See Photos (HLN TV, 2/1/13). See videos here and here.


Tank, a Treeing Walker Coonhound (left) & Legs, the Jack Russell Terrier, NYC, Jan 28, 2013/Astrid Stawiarz, NPR

Jack Russell and Coonhound Will Compete at Westminster for First Time — See Photos & Video (CBS News, 1/28/13). See more video here. Read more and see more photos here.


Jesse, the Jack Russell, Is Back with More Amazing Tricks — See Video (YouTube, August 3, 2012). Learn more about Jesse here and here. See more videos here. Thanks to Amanda Yollin for this item.


Cheetah cub camouflaged in desert scrub, Kalahari Desert, South Africa, undated/Art Wolfe, Caters News Agency, Daily Mail Online

Photographer Snaps Creatures in Camo Hiding in Plain Sight — See Photos (Daily Mail Online, 12/27/12). Thanks to Louise Maley for this item.



Hawaiian Surfer Rides Monster Wave Off Portugal — See Photos & Video (The Independent, 1/30/13). Read more here and here. See more video here.


Storms Whip Waves into Froth, Foam Buries Beaches, Streets in Australia — See Video (ITN News, 1/29/13). See more video here, here and here. See more photos here. See video of Superstorm Sandy-spawned sea foam on New Jersey shore here.


Wild Dolphins Encourage Exhausted Seal Pup to Swim — See Video (Huffington Post, 2/2/13). Learn where this clip came from and see more nature videos here.


Scientists tag mature female Great White dubbed Mary Lee, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Sept 18, 2012/Mike Estabrook, Ocearch, AP, Fox News

Scientists Tag Great White, Track Her Amazing Travels — See Video (AP, Fox News, 1/31/13). See video here. Follow dozens of Great Whites on Ocearch’s  Global Shark Tracker here.


Teen First to Spot Surprising, Slimy-Fish-Slurping Seal Behavior — See Video (The Atlantic, 2/1/13). Read more here. See more video here. Learn more about Neptune Canada and see other seacam videos here.



New Solar Eruptions Could Cause Auroras, Satellite Problems on Earth — See Video (The Space Reporter, 2/1/13). Read more and see more photos and videos here and here. See close-up video of the ring-shaped eruption here. Read about an eruption called a Dragon Tail here. See color-enhanced video of the Dragon Tail here and here.


Duck! Asteroid Will Give Earth Really Close Shave on Feb 15 (Space Ref, 1/29/13). Learn more here and here. See video here.


Fire Rainbow, northern Idaho, June 3, 2006/Snopes.com

Not New, Just Beautiful: This Fire Rainbow is Real — See Photo (Snopes.com, 6/3/06). See photos of a more recent, astonishing fire rainbow here and here.  See a photo of a different kind of rare and beautiful rainbow hereThanks to Janel Bladow for this item.


Close up w:Little Gash

More soon!

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3 Responses to I Heart Nature!

  1. Jack Russell says:

    Great video, but that blasted dog not only stole all my tricks, he stole my name, too!


  2. Forrest G. says:

    And Happy (pre-)Valentine’s Day also to Nature’s most devoted and passionate lover, who continues to remind us that the physical world around us is just like a box of chocolate. Thank you!


  3. Annette says:

    What fun.


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