New Year’s Roundups Roundup!

That’s right. GNN is rounding up the year-end roundups for your reading and viewing pleasure. We’ll add more as they pop up, so check back often and enjoy.

Manatee, location & date unknown /  U.S. Geological Survey, / Click for more.

Animal Welfare 2016: 10 Trends & Issues
(Discovery News, 1/11/16)

15 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest Winners — See Images
(, 1/8/16)
See more images and learn how they were captured here.

One of the last 100 or so Vaquitas / Paula Olson, NOAA, / Click for more.

23 Creatures at Risk of Disappearing — See Photos
(CBS News, 1/4/16)

13 National Geographic Photo Contest Winners — See Images
(Huffington Post, 12/30/15).
See more Nat Geo photo contest winners and contenders here.

Curiosity rover image of sunset on Mars from Gale Crater, April 15, 2015 / NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS / Click for more.

• 10 Great Photos of Mars — See Images
(EarthSky, 12/30/15)

 • 6 Online Animal Photo and Video Hits  — See Photos & Video
(AP, ABC 13 Eyewitness News, 12/30/15)

Sparklemuffin, the Australian Peacock Spider / Jurgen Otto, Newsweek / Click for more.

• 21 Cool New Species Discovered This Year  — See Photos & Videos
(Newsweek, 12/30/15)

Cecil, the Black-Maned Lion (RIP), Zimbabwe National Parks & Game Reserves / Facebook, Takepart / Click for more.

• 4 Wins, 4 Losses for Wildlife — See Photos
(Takepart, 12/30/15)

• 18 Strange Species Discovered This Year — See Photos
(CBS News, 12/29/15)
Learn more about the total list of 103 new species discovered here.

Honduran Emerald Hummingbird / Dominic Sherony, Wikicommons, Nature / Click for more.

• 16 Animals Added to the Endangered List  — See Photos
(Nature, 12/29/15)

Pluto photographed by New Horizons spacecraft / NASA, JHAUPL, SwRi, International Business Times/ Click to learn more.

• 11 Great Space Photos — See Images
(International Business Times, 12/29/15)

• 10 Best Nature Photographs — See Images
(, 12/26/15)

• 6 Documentaries on Animals and How We Treat Them — See Trailers
(One Green Planet, 12/25/15)

• 13 Comedy Wildlife Photo Award Winners — See Photos
(Gizmodo, 12/23/15)

5 Remarkable Nature Videos — See Videos 
(National Geographic, 12/21/15).

Space debris, still from time-lapse visualization / Dr. Stuart Gray, UCL, The Royal Institution / Click for more.

• Space Junk, 1957-Now — See Time-Lapse Animation 
(Dr. Stuart Grey, The Royal Institute, 12/20/15)
See a shorter, sped-up version here. Learn more here.

 • 6 Must-Read Stories on Nature & Science — Read All 6, See Photos & Videos
(Columbia Journalism Review, 12/18/15)

• 50 Great Images from Science & Technology  — See Photos
(Popular Science, 12/18/15)

11 Animal and Plant Species Threatened by Climate Change — See Photos
(CBS News, 12/12/15)

Starburst galaxy Messier 94 / NASA / Click for more.

• NASA’s 10 Favorite Instagram Posts — See Photos
(NASA, 11/20/15)

2 spiral galaxies combine / NASA, ESA, / Click for more.

35 Photos to Mark the Hubble Telescope’s 25th Anniversary — See Images
(CBS News, 4/20/2015)

Close up w:Little Gash

Happy New Year!
Come back soon!

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