Happy World Oceans Day

The United Nations has declared today World Oceans Day,
and the Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe Hokule‘a is in town, in the North Cove Marina,
to help spread the message of Malama Honua — Caring for Island Earth.

Hokule‘a, North Cove Marine, New York City, June 5, 2016 / GK Wallace

It’s not really a happy occasion when you think about all the ways we humans
are destroying the oceans upon which all life depends.

Spotted dolphins, Little Bahama Bank, July 2009 / GK Wallace, ginisnaturenews.com

But for now, for today, let’s celebrate the beauty, power and mystery of our oceans
and promise to each try to do something to protect them.

Little Bahama Bank, July 2015 / GK Wallace

Learn more about World Oceans Day here and here.

Learn more about Hokule’a here.

Learn a little more about how climate change alone is affecting our oceans
and some simple things anyone can do to try to slow it down here.

Learn more about rising sea levels here.

Get a quick rundown of some of the other nasty things we’re doing to our oceans here.

Learn about some of the cool, inspiring things individuals, groups and industries
around the world are doing to try to save our earth-and-water planet here and here.

Spotted dolphins, Bahamas, July 2009/GK Wallace

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