Happy Halloween Roundup

Halloween is all about scary, spooky and icky.
Nature has plenty of that.

Human flea (Pulex irritans) / Science Photo Library, Getty Images, COSMOS / Click for more.1. Creepy-Crawlies
Yes, these critters are real. Be glad they’re not bigger! See photos.
(COSMOS, 10/28/16)

2. Yuck and Double Yuck
Meet the parasite that turns snails into zombies and the mole with the squid face.
See videos here and here.
(National Geographic, 10/28/16)

Advertisement for P.T. Barnum's Feejee Mermaid Exhibit, Summer 1842 / Hakai Magazine / Click for more.

3. Monster Mermaids
Think mermaids are beautiful? Not these! Take a look if you dare! See photos.
(Hakai Magazine, 10/28/16).

4. Mysterious Lights
They’ve appeared so often for so long in certain places that people travel to see them,
and experts still aren’t sure what they are. See photos & video.
(EarthSky.org, 10/29/16).

 Purple frog / Wikimedia Commons, Inverse / Click for more.

5. Weird Creatures
Cute and cuddly these inhabitants of air, land and sea most definitely are not.
See photos & video.
(Inverse, 10/29/16)

6. Even Weirder
Fighting fish, a frog that births babies out of its back, birds that look like twigs.
Who knew? See photos & video.
(National Geographic, 10/29/16).

7. Too Weird for Words
Poisonous millipedes, flying snakes, spider cannibalism and bondage.
Nature sure isn’t squeamish! See videos.
(The New York Times, 10/27/16)

Peacock spider, Australia / Jurgen Otto, EarthSky.org / Click for more.

8. Boo!
Just kidding. This spider is actually dancing. And that’s not all spiders can do.
See photos & video.
(EarthSky.org, 10/29/16).

9. The Cave of Hanging Serpents 
Bats live in it, too. The snakes hang from the ceiling to catch and eat them. Yes, really!
See video.
(National Geographic, 10/28/16).

X-ray of Perseus Cluster / A. Fabian (IoA Cambridge) et al., NASA / Click for more.

10. Skulls in Space!
And ghosts and witches and zombies, too. It’s a scary universe out there. See photos.
(Space.com, 10/31/16).

Stuffed shark on the move, Natural History Museum, Bergen, Norway / Helge Skodvin, Institute, National Geographic / Click for more.

11. Sharknado!
Not really. A photographer snaps pics of stuffed animals on the move. See photos.
(National Geographic, 10/27/16)

Entry in NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Guardian / Click for more.

12. Pumpkins & More Pumpkins
Let space scientists play with pumpkins and this is what happens.
See videos here and here.
(The Guardian & NASA JPL, 10/31/16).

Happy Halloween!

Close up w:Little GashMore soon!

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