Save Our Oceans

Today is World Oceans Day

Let’s all take a moment to remember how dependent we are on our planet’s oceans.

Then let’s consider some of the ways our oceans are being destroyed, including:
1. Global warming. 2. Ocean acidification. 3. Pollution. 4. Plastics. 5. Noise pollution.
6. Overfishing. 7. Gas, oil and mineral exploration/extraction.

Now, please, let’s all think of something we can do to help protect and preserve
the health of the oceans all life depends on — even if it’s just bringing our own bags
when we grocery-shop to reduce the use of plastics.

Allow Her Deepness Sylvia Earle to offer other insights and suggestions.

We can all do something. And we must. Time is running out.

Learn more about World Oceans Day here and here.
Learn about the first U.N. Ocean Conference here.
Learn more about the world’s oceans here.
Learn more about efforts to preserve our oceans here and here.

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