SeaWorld’s Last Orca Calf Dies

R.I.P. Kyara
April 19 – July 24, 2017

Tamara with baby Kyara, SeaWorld San Antonio, undated / SeaWorld Cares / Click for more.

The last orca calf to be born into captivity at a SeaWorld Park has died.

Kyara, three months old, died on Monday, July 24, of a pneumonia-like infection at SeaWorld San Antonio. Her mother, Takara, just turned 26. Her father, Kyuquot, is 25. Both were born in captivity. All four of their parents were taken from the wild.

Little Kyara was Takara’s fifth calf. The other four are still living. Two are at SeaWorld San Antonio, one is at SeaWorld Orlando and one is at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain.

SeaWorld has pledged not to breed orcas in captivity anymore, so, barring accidents, which happen, Kyara should be Takara’s last calf and the last born in a SeaWorld tank. Loro Parque and other facilities around the world have not taken this pledge, so the practice of breeding orcas in captivity hasn’t ended yet.

It’s a sad day when a baby orca dies under any circumstances. Takara is undoubtedly grieving. We mourn her loss.

Read more here, here and here.

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