If You Care about the Planet…

Remember this when you go to vote….

And please vote!

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3 Responses to If You Care about the Planet…

  1. gtye53@bellsouth.net says:

    I am not sure my comment about the Belugas got thru. There was a window that read this page may not be active but gave an opportunity for comment on government decisions, so I did. Are you warm and dry, safe and out of trouble? If you need anything let me know otherwise I am going through Red Cross. Thinking of you. Kathy

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  2. Marco Valachi says:

    I agree with Wynn from Floating City,USA, or wherever he is! And thanks so much, Gini,for telling it like it is, on all things nature. You’re a natural!


  3. Wynn Malvern says:

    Great stuff! I was going to vote for Romney, but since my polling place–along with my town–got washed away in Hurricane Sandy, I decided that I agree with NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg that President Obama is the one candidate who actually recognizes that there even IS such an issue as climate change. Now,once I find that floating poll,I’m gonna vote OBAMA!!


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