Sun, Moon, Shadow, Sea

Total Eclipse Over Queensland  — Enjoy It Here

Still image from video of solar eclipse over Queensland, Australia, Nov 13, 2012/3News NZ, youtube.comEver think how amazing it is that there is such a thing as a total solar eclipse — that the sun, moon and earth should ever align exactly right to put on such a show? Really, what are the odds?

Photos don’t capture the magic. Most videos don’t, either. But this one does. It puts you right where you’d want to be during the total eclipse that passed over northeastern Australia just after dawn on November 14: standing on the beach where the video was shot with a bunch of other nature lovers, watching the moon slowly swallow the sun, go dark and reappear in silhouette adorned in a glittering necklace while waves wash ashore and your fellow nature lovers applaud and cheer.

Beautiful. Click the image above to enjoy.

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