Divers Do the Right Thing

Beautiful. On November 7, 2012, divers off Socorro Island, south of Baja, encountered a whale shark entangled in heavy rope that had been wrapped around him for so long it was cutting into his flesh. And they freed him. As David Petzuch, who posted the video on YouTube, comments, “Awesome moment.”

Thanks to Bob Lascaro for sending the video along. GNN can’t quickly identify who these hero divers were. If anyone knows, can you share their names?


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2 Responses to Divers Do the Right Thing

  1. Annette says:

    How wonderful. You could hear the whale crying. Will the wounds heal?


    • Yes, I think they’ll heal. I also think this whale shark knew he was being helped. Whale sharks are slow swimmers by nature, but this one seems to remain almost motionless while the divers cut the rope away, and he also stays near the surface. If he had wanted to avoid or escape them, all he had to do was head down into the deep.


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