Captivity 2014

December 2014

Lolita & Trainers, Miami Seaquarium, December 2014/CBS4 Miami Chopper 4/ Click for more

PETA Members/SeaWorld Stockholders Push SeaWorld to Move Captive Orcas to Coastal Sanctuaries (Broward/Palm Beach New Times, 12/29/14).

U. Nebraska Football Team Visits SeaWorld San Diego (KMTV, 12/26/14).

SeaWorld Orlando Sea Lion Show on Hiatus, Long-Employed Mimes Laid Off (Orlando Sentinel, 12/16/14).

Can SeaWorld Survive? And, If So, How? (U-T San Diego, 12/13/14).

SeaWorld Lays Off 300+ Employees (U-T San Diego, 12/12/14). Read more here  and here.

SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison Steps Down after Very Bad Year — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 12/11/14). Read more hereherehere, here and here.

Customer Sues SeaWorld for Renewing Pass, Charging Card without Permission (AP, 10 News, 12/9/14).

6 Ways SeaWorld Can Make Money, Help Orcas without Keeping Them Captive (Care 2, 12/7/14).

SeaWorld San Antonio Gets Positive Press for Manatee Rescue & Rehab (My San Antonio, 12/5/14).

Miami Seaquarium Cancels Orca Shows, Aging Lolita Still in Tiny Tank — See Video of her Living Conditions (The Dodo, 12/5/14).

Captive Orca Forced to Conceive at Age 8 Gives Birth at SeaWorld San Diego— See Video (U-T San Diego, 12/2/14). Read more here and  here. See video report here.

SeaWorld Still Pretending Captivity Contributes to Orca Science, Conservation (Mother Jones, Nov-Dec /2014).

Comedian Fined for “SeaWorld Sucks” Traffic-Sign Stunt, PETA Says “We’ll Pay (Los Angeles Times, 12/2/14). See video of stunt operation here.

SeaWorld Announces Plans to Expand Orca, Dolphin Sea Lion Tanks (My San Antonio, 12/1/14).

November 2014

Captive performing orcas, SeaWorld San Diego, undated/U-T San Diego

SeaWorld Orlando Invites High School Journalism Students to Learn about, Help Sell Captivity (Orlando Sentinel, 11/30/14).

Protesters Demonstrate Outside SeaWorld San Diego — See Photo (Times of San Diego, 11/30/14).

PETA Demonstrators Breach Barriers to Protest SeaWorld Float in Macy’s T-Day Parade (Broward/Palm Beach New Times, 11/28/14).

PETA Stages Nude Bathtub Demonstration to Protest SeaWorld Float in Macy’s T’Day Parade — See Video (Mashable, 11/25/14).

SeaWorld San Antonio Rescues Sick Florida Manatee from Houston Canal (San Antonio Business Journal, 11/25/14). See more photos here.

SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Offer Black Friday Discounts (WFLA News Channel 8, 11/24/14).

SeaWorld San Diego Staffers Harassed Trying to Help Sick Sea Lion Pup — See News Report (KTLA 5, 11/23/14)

Panama Jack Sunscreen Ends SeaWorld Partnership “for Business Reasons” (Orlando Sentinel, 11/21/14).

Profile: SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison Still Defending Captivity (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/20/14).

Protestors Will Paint Bodies Like Orcas, Crowd Naked in Bathtub to Protest SeaWorld Float in Macy’s T’Day Parade (Reuters, 11/19/14).

Busch Garden Parks Also Feeling Effects of Blackfish (Tampa Bay Times, 11/17/14).

SeaWorld Stock Down 50% in 2014 (New York Post, 11/16/14).

Vote for Mayor of Vancouver is Vote For or Against Captivity (, 11/13/14). Read more here.

SeaWorld Attendance, Profits, Stock All Down in 3rd Quarter (U-T San Diego, 11/12/14). Read more here.

• Adorable Otter Pup Learns to Float at Shedd Aquarium — See Video (National Geographic, 11/12/14). See more video here.

TV Chef Gets Heat for Offering SeaWorld Visit as Prize (The Wrap, 11/6/14).

Ric O’Barry Talks about Taiji, The Cove, SeaWorld, Future of Captivity — See Video  (YouTube,, 11/5/14).

October 2014

SeaWorld 50th Anniversary Sculpture, SeaWorld San diego, undated/Mike Aguilera, SeaWorld San Diego

Rescued Sea Lion Dies at SeaWorld San Diego (U-T San Diego, 10/30/14).

Target of Protests Last Year, SeaWorld Skipping Rose Parade This Year (LA Weekly, 10/29/14).

SeaWorld Discontinues Free Passes for Escorts of Disabled Children (U-T San Diego, 10/29/14).

Russia Has Been Holding Two Young Orcas, Captured in Sea of Okhotsk, in Substandard Facility for a Year — See Photos and Video (The Dodo, 10/28/14). Read more herehere, here and here. See more photos and video here.

SeaWorld San Diego Captures, Treats, Rehabs Gaffed Sea Lion — See Photos & Video (ABC 10 News, 10/26/14).

Study: Breathalyzer May Offer Less Invasive Way to Monitor Captive/ Captured Dolphin Health (Science AAAS, 10/24/14).

Teachers at Prize-Winning FL School District Will Celebrate at SeaWorld Orlando (Orlando Sentinel, 10/24/14).

SeaWorld San Antonio Announces Plans to Expand Dolphin, Orca Habitats (San Antonio News-Express, 10/24/14). Read more here and here.

San Francisco Bans Captivity, Says Cetaceans Have Right to Live Free (The Dodo, 10/22/14).

PETA Charges SeaWorld San Diego with Animal Mistreatment— See News Report…. (ABC 10 News, 10/21/14).

… SeaWorld Vet Counters, “We’re the True Animal Advocates” (U-T San Diego, 10/21/14).

Another Dolphin Born into Captivity at SeaWorld San Diego (Daily News, 10/19/14).

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin America Takes Baby Step Away from SeaWorld (Bloomberg, 10/14/14). Read more here and here.

SeaWorld President: “We’re the Real Friends of Animals” (Times of San Diego, 10/10/14).

SeaWorld Replaces Dead Polar Bears with Harbor Seals (Orlando Sentinel, 10/8/14).

SeaWorld Study: Captive Orcas Kept with Dolphins Mimic Dolphin Sounds (MailOnline 10/7/14).

San Diego in SeaWorld’s Pocket: What Residents Need to Know (San Diego Free Press, 10/3/14).

SeaWorld Tries to Win Hearts, Boost Stock Prices with TV Shows (MarketWatch, 10/2/14).

• Captive Study: Captive Bottlenose Use Water Flow to Manipulate Objects (Marmam, 10/2/14). Access full study and see video footage here.

September 2014

Steve-O standing by altered SeaWorld Freeway Sign, undated/YouTube,

SeaWorld Rescues, Rehabs, Releases 800+ Lb Male Manatee (The St. Augustine Record, 9/30/14).

Sir Richard Branson Sides with SeaWorld and Captive Display Industry (The Guardian, 9/30/14). Read more here.

PETA Starts Petition Drive: Tell SeaWorld to Stop Keeping Dolphins and Whales in Tanks (PETA).

SeaWorld Orlando Unlikely to Replace Last 2 Polar Bears (Orlando Sentinel, 9/26/14).

Is Captivity Coming to an End? (The Guardian, 9/12/14). Read more hereListen to an NPR “All Things Considered” discussion here.

Shareholders Sue SeaWorld for Downplaying Anti-Captivity Doc’s Impact (The Hollywood Reporter, 9/10/14). Read more here and here.

Orlando Airport Nixes Anti-SeaWorld Display Ad — See Video Report (Orlando Sentinel, 9/9/14).

• “SeaWorld Sucks” Sign Prankster Steve-O Stands By His Actions —See Video Report (TMZ, 9/5/14). Read more here. See Steve-O’s prank video here.

Seattle Seahawks Cancel Fan Appreciation Day at SeaWorld San Diego (Seattle P.I. 9/3/14).

August 2014

SeaWorld Argues Back at Critics (on Some Issues) on Blog (Orlando Sentinel, 8/29/14).

Investors Advised to Sell SeaWorld Stock (Zacks, 8/28/14).

PETA Buys Sinking SeaWorld Stock (, 8/26/14).

Reality-Show Prankster Admits Altering SeaWorld Highway Sign to Make Anti-SeaWorld Statement (NBC 7 San Diego, 8/21/14). Read more here.

SeaWorld Drops Plans to Take OSHA’s  “No Trainers Near Orcas” Ruling to Supreme Court (Orlando Sentinel 8/19/14). Read more here.

• SeaWorld Keeps Up Lobbying, Political Spending Amidst Increased Congressional Scrutiny (The Washington Post, 8/19/14).

SeaWorld Announces Plans to Expand Orca Tanks — See News Report (The Wall Street Journal, 8/15/14). Read more here, here, here and here. See more video reports here and here.

Critics Dismiss SeaWorld Plans, Say a Bigger Prison is Still a Prison (The Independent, 8/15/14). Read more here and here.

SeaWorld Stocks, Credit Rating Plunge (Chicago Tribune, 8/14/14). Read more here and here.

SeaWorld Admits Blackfish Documentary Has Hurt Business (PRNewser, 8/13/14). Read more here.

SeaWorld’s Last Captive Polar Bear Dies at Age 24 (News 4 JAX, 8/1/14). Read more here.

July 2014

July 31

Southwest Airlines Shamu One, undated/The Dallas Morning News

SeaWorld-Southwest Airlines Part Ways after 25 Years — See News Report (The Dallas Morning News, 7/31/14). Read more here.

Can Whales Be Happy in Tanks? (CBC News, 7/31/14).

July 26

Aurora, Vancouver Aquarium, undated/The Province

Vancouver Aquarium Captivity Program Topic of Special Park Board Meeting — See News Report, Meeting Photos & Tweets, Videos, Presentations (CBC News, 7/26/14)

July 25

"Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island," SeaWorld Orlando, undated/Click Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Ending Long-Running Performing Seal Show (Click Orlando, 7/25/14).

July 22

PETA banner posted at Lindbergh Field, San Diego CA/Fox 5 San Diego

PETA Debuts 2nd, Harder-Hitting, Anti-SeaWorld Ad in San Diego Airport — See News Report (Fox 5 San Diego, 7/22/14).

July 19

SeaWorld Stock Chart/The Wall Street Journal Market Watch

• SeaWorld Feeling the Pressure, Pressure Coming from All Sides (The Wall Street Journal, 7/19/14).

SeaWorld Stock Downgraded to “Underperforming (Ticket Report, 7/18/14).

SeaWorld Gets More Digitally Sophisticated (San Antonio Business Journal, 7/17/14).

July 15

Vancouver Aquarium, undated/John Healy, Vancouver AquariumVancouver Park Board to Review Aquarium Policy of Keeping Captive Dolphins & Whales (CBC News 10, 7/15/14). Read more here. Read a history of the aquarium and see videos here.

Vancouver Aquarium Rescues Stranded False Killer Whale Calf — See Video Report (News 1130, 7/15/14)

July 10

"Stop the Fireworks at SeaWorld San Diego" petition image/

San Diego Resident Petitions to Stop Summer Fireworks at SeaWorld — See News Report (ABC 10 News, 7/10/14). Learn more and find the petition here.

July 4

Ruby, SeaWorld San Diego, undated/SeaWorld, Fox 5 San Diego• Wildborn, former Navy Beluga Ruby Dies at 38 at SeaWorld San Diego (Fox 5 San Diego, 7/4/14). See a sad video of  beluga captive training  here.

SeaWorld Tries to Boost Flagging Ticket Sales via Groupon (The Motley Fool, 7/3/14).

June 2014

June 30

Skytower, SeaWorld San Diego, undated/Howard SD, Flickr,

Humans Get Taste of Captivity when SeaWorld San Diego Ride Malfunctions (Outside, 6/30/14). Read more here.

June 17

Larry King and unidentified captive orca at unidentified SeaWorld Park, 2001/Getty, Slate

SeaWorld “Captive Research” Doesn’t Stand Up to Scrutiny (Slate, 6/17/14).

June 13

Unidentified captive beluga/Stephen Hui,

Opinion: Why Vancouver Aquarium Should Stop Keeping Dolphins and Whales in Captivity (, 6/13/14).

Legislators Seek Update of  20-Year-Old Regulations on Dolphin/Whale Captivity (Los Angeles Times, 6/13/14).

June 10

Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, FL,undated/Tampa Bay Times

SeaWorlds, Busch Gardens Attendance Down in 2013 (Tampa Bay Times, 6/10/13). Read more here.

June 6

SeaWorld representatives and cetacean advocates debate captivity in discussion hosted by Voice of San Diego at Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, June 5, 2014/Sam Hodgson, Voice of San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego and Critics Debate — Read the Highlights (Voice of San Diego, 6/6/14). Watch a video of the full discussion here. Read more SeaWorld coverage here.

Unidentified captive belugas, undated/Telegraph

SeaWorld Shuffles Belugas as Advocates Urge Airlines, Travel Agencies to Drop Vacation Packages (Telegraph, 6/6/14). Learn more here and here.

June 5

Richard Branson Holds Meeting in Miami to Explore Captivity Question (The Dodo, 6/5/14). Read Branson tweets and Virgin post-meeting statement here. Learn more here and here.

May 2014

May 28

Jane Goodall accepting an award, Long Beach, CA, Oct 27, 2009/Katy Winn, AP, CTV News

 Dr. Jane Goodall: Dolphin and Whale Captivity Must End (CTV News 5/28/14). Read more and see a news report here.

May 25

Highway sign, San Diego/Fox 5 San Diego

Anti-SeaWorld Activist Alters Highway Sign — See News Report (Fox 5 San Diego, 5/25/14). Read more here.

May 22

Kathy Najimi anti-SeaWorld Ad for PETA, Lindbergh Field, San Diego, CA, undated/NBC 7 San Diego

Facing Suit, San Diego Airport Allows Anti-SeaWorld Ad — See News Report (NBC 7 San Diego, 5/22/14). Learn more here and here. See another news report here.

Unidentified captive orcas, undated/REX, Image Broker, The Guardian Student Travel Service Adopts, Rescinds, Reinstates Ban on SeaWorld Packages (The Guardian, 5/22/14).

May 20

"Shamu Up Close," Sea World Orlando, Jan 7, 2014/Joshua C. Cruey, Orlando Sentinel

SeaWorld Raises Ticket Prices, Pushes Advanced Purchase to Make Up for Dip in Sales (Orlando Sentinel, 5/20/14).

Tilikum, SeaWorld Orlando, undated/Desert News

SeaWorld Ticket Sales Are Down (Desert News, 5/10/14).

May 15

Jason Biggs Does Anti-SeaWorld Spot for PETA (, 5/15/14). Learn more here.

May 14

Dolphin trainer and guest with unidentified dolphin, National Aquarium, Baltimore, August 13, 2013/Lloyd Fox, The Baltimore Sun

• National Aquarium Considers Ending Dolphin Display (The Baltimore Sun, 5/14/14). Read more here.

• SeaWorld Blames Easter Holiday for Low Attendance (Los Angeles Times, 5/14/14).

SeaWorld Announces Plans for Middle East Park as U.S. Ticket Sales, Earnings Slump (Orlando Sentinel, 5/14/14).

May 13

SeaWorld Sign/Reuters, Fox Business

SeaWorld Increases Stockholder Dividends (Fox Business, 5/13/14).

May 8

Unidentified orca and trainer, SeaWorld Orlando, 2010/AP, Orange County Register

Anti-Captivity Film, Legislative Push Put Squeeze on SeaWorld (Orange County Register, 5/8/14).

May 6

Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan, or The Whale, Examines Morality of Using Dolphins in War (The New York Times 5/6/14).

May 2

Nellie, Marineland, St. Augustine, FL, undated/Marineland, Bay News 9

Marineland St. Augustine Euthanizes Captive-Born Nellie at Age 61 (Bay News 9, 5/2/14). Read more here.

April 2014

April 29

Captive-born Kalia, SeaWorld San Diego, undated/SeaWorld San Diego, U-T San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego Impregnates Captve-Born Orca via A.I. Before She Turns Nine (Reuters, Scientific American, 4/29/14).

April 28

Unidentified trainer in new safety vest, SeaWorld Orlando, April 28, 2014/

SeaWorld Debuts New Trainer Safety Vest — See Photos and News Report (, 4/28/14). See another news report here.

April 24

Tilikum and smaller unidentified companion, SeaWorld Orlando, March 30, 2011/Gerardo Mora, Getty, Forbes

• SeaWorld Recovering from Blackfish Effect, but Still Suffering (Forbes 2/24/14).

April 19

Tilikum, SeaWorld Orlando, undated/Getty, The Independent

News Spread in U.S. and Abroad: SeaWorld Attendance is Down — See News Report (The Independent, 4/19/14). See news report here.

April 17

SeaWorld San Diego/Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute, KPBS

Science SeaWorld’s Way: Researcher Studies How Young Males Adapt when SeaWorld Shifts Captives Around  (, 4/17/14).

April 16

Captive-born Tiqa, now deceased, with unidentified girls, Vancouver Aquarium, Aug 3, 2010/Jonathan Hayward, Canadian Press, Global News CA

Vancouver Councillor, Mayor Want to End Captivity, Differ on How (Global News CA 4/16/14)

April 14

SeaWorld Truth Team Initative/SeaWorld, New York Daily News

SeaWorld Keeps Fighting to Save Franchise (New York Daily News, 4/14/14)

April 13

SeaWorld Orlando Finishes Work on Shamu Stadium, Reopens Orca Show (ABC News, 4/13/14).

April 11

SeaWorld Loses Fight to Overturn OSHA Citations after Trainer Death — See News Report (Click Orlando, 4/11/14). Read more here, here, here and here.

April 8


California Bill to End Captive, Performing Orcas Gets Shelved—for Now (U-T San Diego, 4/8/14). Read more here. Catch up with the push, pull, up and down, will it pass or die here, here, here, here and here. See slide show here.

April 6

Lolita and unidentified trainer, Miami Seaquarium, undated/ventdusud, Shutterstock, Salon

Taken in 1970 from a Family She Could Go Back to, Will Lolita Ever Be Freed? (Salon, 4/6/14).

April 3

Unidentified SeaWorld Park, date unspecified/AP, Los Angeles Times

SeaWorld Owner Sells 15 Million Shares as Parks Report 13 Percent Drop in Attendance (Los Angeles Times, 4/3/14). Read more here.

March 2014

March 21

SeaWorld founder Milton Shedd with unidentified orca/The Atlantic

SeaWorld San Diego Turns 50, It All Started There (The Atlantic, 3/21/14).

More News:

March 13

Unidentified orca, SeaWorld San Diego, Feb 6, 2012/SeaWorld San Diego, Los Angeles Times

SeaWorld 4th Quarter Report: Profits Up, Attendance Down (Los Angeles Times, 3/13/14).

More News:

SeaWorld Plans Global Expansion (Orlando Business Journal, 3/19/14).

March 7

Orcas perform at SeaWorld San Diego, 2011/John Gastaldo, U-T San Diego

California Assemblyman Proposes State Ban on Captive, Performing Orcas (U-T San Diego, 3/7/14). Learn more here, here, here and here.

March 6

Bindi Irwin, location and date unspecified/Matt Roberts, Getty, National Geographic

Bindi Irwin to Shill for SeaWorld (The Guardian, 3/6/14). Read more here and here.

February 2014

February 27

WDC to Richard Branson: End SeaWorld-Virgin Holiday Packages (Telegraph 2/27/14). Read more here.

More News:

SeaWorld Accuses Investigator Who Probed Trainer Death of Unethical Conduct (The New York Times, 2/27/14). Learn more, see news report here.

February 26

Dolphin and girl at SeaWorld San Antonio petting pool, Feb 22, 2014/San Antonio Express-News

Dolphin Bites Girl at SeaWorld San Antonio (San Antonio Express-News, 2/26/14). See news report here.

February 25

SeaWorld, location and date unspecified/Sam Hodgson, Voice of San Diego

Voice of San Diego Brings Readers Up to Speed on SeaWorld v. Blackfish — See Links to   Stories and Videos (Voice of San Diego, 2/25/14)

February 17

Tilikum, SeaWorld Orlando, undated/Gerardo Mora, Getty, San Antonio Express-News

SeaWorld Disputes Claims Made in Blackfish Documentary (San Antonio Express-News 2/17/14).

February 16

Protesters outside SeaWorld San Diego, Feb 16, 2014/ABC 10 News

Protesters Demonstrate Against SeaWorld San Diego, Southwest Airline Link to Park — See News Report (ABC 10 News, 2/16/14).

February 15

Makani, SeaWorld San Diego, undated/SeaWorld San Diego

Local Media Does Disheartening Puff Piece on Captive-Born Orca’s First Birthday (NBC 7 San Diego, 2/15/14). Learn more about this baby’s conception via artificial insemination with sperm from a captured male orca being held  in substandard conditions in Argentina here — be sure to scroll down and watch the video. Learn more here and here.

More News:

SeaWorld Releases Last of 24 Rehabbed Sea Turtles (Bay News 9, 2/14/14)

February 12

SeaWorld Trainer Defends Captivity in Industry Video, Blackfish Director and Ex-Trainer Featured in Film Respond (ABC 10 News, 2/12.14). Read other responses to pro-captivity SeaWorld video here.

February 11

Joan Jett, location and date unknown/Mike Lawrie, Getty, San Antonio Express-News

Joan Jett Tells SeaWorld, Stop Blasting Captive Orcas with My Music — See Slide Show of Acts that Cancelled SeaWorld Concert (San Antonio Express-News, 2/11/14).

February 4

Wild orca, location and date unknown/Miles Ritter, Flickr, Earth Island Journal

Eight Orcas Captured in Russia, Two Now in Moscow, Two Sent to China, None Going to Sochi, Four Missing (Earth Island Journal, 2/4/14). Learn more here and here.

More News:

February 3

• SeaWorld to Block Shareholder Vote on Retiring Captive Orcas to Coastal Sanctuaries (Orlando Sentinel, 2/3/14).

February 2

Alan Jackson, SeaWorld Orlando, Feb 2 2014/Bay News 9

Alan Jackson, Kid Rock Perform to Capacity Crowds at SeaWorld Orlando (Bay News 9, 2/2/14). Read more here.

January 2014

January 30

Alan Jackson, Kid Rock, undated/Terry Wyatt, Rick Diamond, Getty, CNN

Alan Jackson, Kid Rock to Keep SeaWorld Concert Date Other Performers Cancelled after Blackfish  (CNN, 1/30/14).

More News:

January 25

Wild vs. Captive Killer Whale Lifespan: Who’s Telling the Truth? (Orlando Sentinel, 1/25/14)

January 22

Dawn Brancheau and unidentified captive orca, SeaWorld Orlando, Dec 30 2005/Julie Fletcher, Orlando Sentinel, Getty, National Geographic

Family of Trainer Killed by SeaWorld Orca Stays Neutral on Anti-Captivity Blackfish Film (National Geographic 1/22/14)

More News:

Jan 20

Wild orca, location and date unknown / The Vancouver Sun

Alleged Sochi Olympics Plan to Display Captured Orcas Sparks Outcry (The Vancouver Sun, 1/20/14).

January 17

Bryan Hitt of REO Speedwagon, undated /

Bryan Hitt of REO Speedwagon Tells Why Band Cancelled SeaWorld Concert — See Video (, 1/17/14).

January 16

Tilikum, SeaWorld Orlando, undated/ Mathieu Belanger, Reuters, The New York Times

SeaWorld Stock Rises in Response to Blackfish Documentary Oscar Snub (The New York Times, 1/16/14).

January 15, 2014

SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison on CNBC, Jan 15, 2014 /

SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison Does Post-Blackfish Damage-Control on CNBC — See Interview (CNBC, 1/15/14). Listen to NPR’s take on the controversy here.

More News:

January 13, 2014

Orlando Sentinel reporter Jason Garcia discusses SeaWorld's response to "Blackfish" / Orlando Sentinel

SeaWorld Says Documentary Blackfish Not Hurting Profits, Attendance — See News Reports (Orlando Sentinel, 1/13/14)

January 12, 2014

Law enforcement guards SeaWorld float during Rose Parade, Pasadena CA , Jan 1, 2014; Rose McCoy, 12, protested the float at the parade / New York Post

12-Year-Old SeaWorld Protester Is the Real Deal (New York Post, 1/12/14).

January 10, 2014

Unidentifed orca and trainer at unidentified SeaWorld park / PRNewser,

Poll Results: SeaWorld Popularity Waning, but Not Tanking (PRNewser,, 1/10/13).

January 9, 2014

Bella, 9-year-old pregnant captive dolphin, and Sara Wielandt, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA, undated / Paul Chinn, San Francisco Chronicle / Click image to view slideshow.

Researchers Intrigued: Is Captive Bottlenose Whistling to Unborn Calf? — See More Images (San Francisco Chronicle, 1/9/14)

Trace Adkins / Orlando Sentinel / Click to see other acts that have dropped out of SeaWorld Show

Country Singer Trace Adkins Joins Acts Canceling SeaWorld Concert — See Slideshow of Other Stars Who’ve Cancelled (Orlando Sentinel, 1/9/13). Read more here.

January 7, 2014

Unidentified captive orcas, SeaWorld Orlando, January 7 / Joshua C. Cruey, Orlando Sentinel / Click Image to see slideshow.

SeaWorld Orlando Closes Shamu Stadium for Renovation, Offers Visitors Substitute Show  — See Slideshow (Orlando Sentinel, 1/7/13).

January 6, 2014

Southwest Airline's Shamu One / Southwest Airlines Co., Dallas News / Click image to learn more

Petitioners Press Southwest Airlines to End Partnership with SeaWorld (San Antonio Express-News, 1/6/13). Read more here. Read and sign the petition here.

January 5, 2014

Beluga named Stephen and Ukrainian trainer Inga Strekach, Maritime Museum, Karachi, Pakistan, undated / Ayesha Mir, The Express Tribune / Click image to see and read more.

Pakistan’s First Captive Marine Mammal Show Featuring Beluga, Dolphin from Russia Sparks Outcry (Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, 1/5/14). Read more here and here.

January 3, 2014

Unidentified captive orca / Orlando Business Journal / Click image to read more.

SeaWorld Caught Trying to Throw Results of Poll Asking, “Has Blackfish Changed You Perception of SeaWorld?” (Orlando Business Journal, 1/2/14). Read SeaWorld’s response here. Read more here. See CNN news reports here.

January 2, 2014

Unidentified captive orca / / Click to see more.

Forbes Publishes, Then Pulls Story Saying Anti-Captivity Doc Blackfish is Hurting SeaWorld’s Image, Stock Price (, 1/2/14 ). Read the Forbes article here.

January 1, 2014

• Police Guard SeaWorld Float during Rose Parade — See More Images (Seattle PI, 1/1/14). Activists Protest, 19 Arrested — See News Report (KTLA 5, 1/1/14). Read more here.

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