Dolphins & Whales 2022

July 2022

Beluga Cam Season Starts Today —Watch the Livestream (, 7/15/22). Read more and see more photos here.

Court Upholds Ban on Lobster Gear Harmful to Last Surviving North Atlantic Right Whales —See Photo & Video (EcoWatch, 7/14/22).

Center for Whale Research Shares Video of Orca Encounter in Honor of 9th Annual World Orca Day—See Video (Center for Whale Research, 7/14/22). Learn more about CWR here.

DNA Sampling Confirms 1st Live Sighting of Elusive Sato’s Beaked Whale—See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 7/14/22).

Federal Judge Says Government Not Doing Enough to Protect Last Surviving North Atlantic Right Whales—See Photo (AP, 7/9/22).

Fin Whale Numbers Surging in Antarctic Waters where They Were Once Hunted to Near Extinction—See Photos (NBC News, 7/7/22).

Findings: Separate Humpback Populations Can Share Same Song; Humans Can Use Fiber Opticss to Listen In—See Photo & Hear Recordings (COSMOS, 7/6/22).

January 2022


Seeing is Believing: Orcas Can Kill Blue Whales—See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 1/27/22). Read more here and here.

Orcas Seem to Help Free Entangled Humpback Off Western Australia—See Video (Live Science, 1/21/22).

Whale Lover Shares Once-in-a-Lifetime Sighting of 1,000+ Fins in Southern Ocean—See Photo & Video (The Guardian, 1/17/22).

Finding: Female Dolphins Have a Clitoris Similar to a Human’s (Phys.Org, 1/10/22). Read more here.