Captivity 2015

December 2015

Shedd Aquarium’s 4-Year-Old Rescued Sea Otter, Cayucos, Dies Suddenly — See Photos & Video (Chicago Sun-Times, 12/31/15).

SeaWorld Sues to Overturn California Commission Ban on Breeding Captive Orcas (The Guardian, 12/30/15). Read more here.

Judge Dismisses Suit Claiming SeaWorld Sells Tickets based on Lies about Orca Health (The San-Diego Union Tribune, 12/28/15).

PETA Members Dress in Orca Costumes, Stage Anti-Captivity Protest on Baggage Carousel at Orlando Airport — See Photos (Orlando Sentinel, 12/24/15).

18-Year-Old Orca, Unna, Dies at SeaWorld San Antonio — See Photos (Daily Mail, 12/22/15). Read more here here and here.

Stranded, Rehabbed Rough-Toothed Dolphin Shipped from SeaWorld Orlando to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City — See Photo (News 13, 12/19/15).

Still-Unnamed, Captive-Born Pacific White-sided Already Learning How to Perform — See Photos (ABC 7 Eyewitness News, 12/8/15). Read more here.

California Coastal Commission Gives SeaWorld San Diego More Time to Sue to Overturn Commission’s Orca Breeding Ban (Los Angeles Times, 12/8/15).

Georgia Aquarium says Autopsy Found Maris the Beluga Died of Heart Failure (, 12/7/15). Read more, see photos here.

Captive Study: Captive Belugas Blow Different Bubbles Depending on Mood (Science Daily, 12/7/15). Read more, see photos and videos here.

Pundits Predict Eventual End of Orca Shows at All SeaWorld Parks (Travel Weekly, 12/2/15).

SeaWorld Communications Vet Leaves as Attendance, Profits Continue to Slide (PR Week, 12/2/15).

November 2015

SeaWorld to Expand Swim-with-Dolphin Programs (The Dodo, 11/24/15). Read more here.

• Captive-Display Exec Says Tanks are Better than Sanctuaries (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/19/15).

SeaWorld San Diego to Build Branded Hotel to Entice Tourists, Boosts Revenues (Los Angeles Times, 11/18/15).

Georgia Aquarium Ends Effort to Import Wild-Born Belugas Captured in Russia (The Washington Post, 11/17/15). Read more here and here.

Baby Product Company Drops “Wrong Message” Orca Bathtub Toy, Pledges $1 Million for Sea-Pen Sanctuaries for Captive Orcas — See Promo Video (Huff Post, 11/16/15

Another Captive-Born Baby Beluga Dies, 2nd to Die at SeaWorld San Antonio This Year (The Vancouver Sun, 11/15/15). Read more here. See photos here.

Editorial: SeaWorld Orcas Should Move to Sanctuaries (The Washington Post, 11/15/15).

SNL Skit Takes Down SeaWorld — Watch the Video (The Dodo, 11/15/15).

Group says Russian Waters New Home of Orca, Beluga Capture Trade (Aljazeera America, 11/14/15).

Chair Discusses California Coastal Commission’s SeaWorld Orca-Breeding Ban (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/12/15).

From Dawn Brancheau’s Death to SeaWorld San Diego’s Announcement: A Timeline of Events (The Guardian, 11/11/15).

Responses to SeaWorld San Diego Plan to End Orca Shows: Captives are Captive (Independent, 11/10/15). Read other responses and opinions  here,  here, here and here. See CNN’s interview with Blackfish co-writer Tim Zimmermann here.

A Step: SeaWorld San Diego to End Performing Orca Shows (The New York Times, 11/9/15). Read more hereherehere and here. See news report here.

Goldman Sachs Downgrades SeaWorld Stock (, 11/6/15).

California Congressman to Propose Federal Law to Phase Out Orca Captivity in U.S. (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/6/15). Read more here. See news report here.

Full List of SeaWorld Parks to Avoid (The Dodo, 11/6/15).

SeaWorld Considering Unspecified New Attraction to Boost Attendance, Profits (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/5/15). Read more here.

October 2015

SeaWorld San Diego Revenues Declining (Voice of San Diego, 10/29/15).

SeaWorld Tries to Explain Away Troubling Captive Mother Orca Behavior — See Photos  & Video (The Dodo, 10/24/15).

Female Beluga Maris Dies Suddenly at Georgia Aquarium (CBS News, 10/22/15). See news report here. Read more here.

Stranded Pygmy Killer Whales Receiving Treatment in Gulfport Facility — See Photos & Video (MS News Now, 10/21/15).

Expert Videos Captive Orca Floating Motionless in Tank, Says Orcas Never Stop Moving in Wild  — See Video (The Dodo, 10/20/15).

Orca Expert Says Captive Mom’s Refusal to Nurse Calf Signals Depression — See Video (The Dodo, 10/19/15).

Flap in Florida: Is Visiting SeaWorld an Educational Field Trip or Not? (AP, 10/19/15).

SeaWorld to Challenge California Commission’s Ban on Orca Breeding (The New York Times, 10/16/15). Read more here and here.

Captive-born Orca Valentin, 19, Dies at Mainland Antibes after Floods Pollute Tank Water (One Green Planet, 10/13/15). Read more here.

Orca Expert Explains Why Captivity Must End at California Commission Hearing — See Video (Tilikum Co., YouTube, 10/9/15). Thanks to Marsha Wallace for this item.

SeaWorld Stocks Fall after Commission Ruling (Los Angeles Times, 10/9/15). Read more here.

Commission Allows SeaWorld San Diego to Expand Tanks, Bans Captive Breeding and More (The Guardian, 10/9/15). Read more, see photos and news reports herehere and here.

Protesters, Supporters Turn Out for Commission Vote on SeaWorld San Diego Bid to Expand Orca Tanks — See News Report (U.S. News & World Report, 10/8/15). Read more, see more news reports here,  here,  here and here.

Steve O Gets 30 Days for anti-captivity SeaWorld Stunt—And He’s Fine with That! (, 10/7/15).

September 2015

Woman Sues SeaWorld, Orlando Sentinel for Using Illegal Phone-Call Video to Tarnish Former Trainer turned Anti-Captivity Book Author (The Dodo, 9/30/15). Read more here.

Georgia Aquarium & Friends Lose Suit to Import Captured Belugas from Russia — See News Report (U.S. News & World Report, 9/28/15). Read more herehere and here.

Staff at State Agency Recommends Letting SeaWorld San Diego Expand Orca Tanks (The Guardian, 9/25/15). Read more here, here and here.

Captive Dolphin at Miami Seaquarium Filmed Hitting Head on Bottom of Tank — See Video (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 9/24/15.

SeaWorld San Diego Fights New OSHA Citations for Putting Trainers Too Close to Orcas (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/18/15).

• SeaWorld’s Sick Pilot Whale, Ava, Showing Signs of Improvement — See Video (, 9/17/15).

Who Needs Captivity when We Have Orca Cam? See Live, Archived Footage of Orcas in Wild (The Dodo, 9/16/15). See more Orc Cam footage, other live cams, video and photos here.

• Financial Pundits: SeaWorld Should Consider Selling Orlando Park (Business Insider, 9/14/15).

Another Baby Dolphin Born into Captivity at Marineland — See Photo (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 9/11/15).

Protestor to Live in Bathtub outside Miami Seaquarium to Mimic Orca Lolita’s Life in Tiny Tank (Miami New Times, 9/10/15).

SeaWorld Earnings Plummet (CBS Tampa Bay, 9/915).

SeaWorld Backs Out of Agreement with Georgia Aquarium to Import, Display Belugas Captured in Russia (Orlando Sentinel, 9/4/15).

Fight between Captive Female Bottlenose Kills a Calf in France (Naomi Rose, IFAW, Marmam, 9/3/15).

August 2015

Study: In Right Circumstances, Lone Stranded Dolphin Can be Released and Survive, Not Condemned to Life in Captivity (, 8/31/15).

• SeaWorld Video Meant to  Show Tilikum is Happy Shows How Stupid SeaWorld Hopes People Are  — See Video (The Dodo, 8/29/15).

Anti-Captivity Advocates Sign Petition against SeaWorld Park in Middle East, Possibly Dubai (The National UAE, 8/29/15).

Captive Orca Baits Bird with Fish in Archival Video — See Footage (, 8/28/15).

One Direction’s Harry Styles’ “Don’t Visit SeaWorld” Concert Plea Adds to Park’s Woes — See Video (Market Watch, 8/28/15). Read more here.

Whale Expert Concerned Wild-born, Now-Captive False Killer Whale is Self-Mutilating in Vancouver — See Photos (, 8/27/15).

Steve-O Charged with Creating False Emergency in Latest anti-SeaWorld Stunt (BBC, 8/26/15).

SeaWorld Discovery Cove Pushing Dolphin Swim Program (, 8/26/15).

Finding Nemo Sequel Makes Ending Less SeaWorld Friendly after Blackfish (Mother Nature Network, 8/24/15). Read more here.

SeaWorld Spends More on Lobbying as Reputation Sinks (The Dodo, 8/24.15)

Advocates Plan December Meeting on Sea Sanctuary for Captive Whales, Dolphins (Discovery News, 8/24/5).

Banksy Captive-Orca-Leaping-from-Toilet-to-Baby-Pool Installation Says it All — See Photo (, 8/22/15).

SeaWorld Hit with New Suit Charging Deceptive Marketing (Fox 5, 8/21/15). Read more here.

Theater of the Sea Cited for Exposing Captive Dolphin to Too Much Sun (, 8/20/15).

Hamas Captures Alleged Israeli Spy Dolphin (RT, 8/19/15). Read more here.

Shakeup at SeaWorld amid Sagging Profits, Stock Prices (, 8/17/15).

Demonstrators Protest SeaWorld San Diego Plan to Build Bigger Orca Tanks (Times of San Diego, 8/16/15).

Georgia Aquarium et. al. Go to Court in 2nd Attempt to Import 18 Wild Belugas Captured in Russia (, 8/14/15). Read more hereherehere, here and here.

Steve-O Pulls Another Risky Anti-SeaWorld Stunt (The Washington Post, 8/10/15).

Miami Seaquarium’s Lone Captive Orca Lolita Captured 45 Years Ago ThisWeekend (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 8/7/15). Read more here.

SeaWorld Earnings Tank 84% v. Last Year (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/6/15). Read more here and here.

SeaWorld Parks Give Way More Space to Parking Lots than to Orca Pools — See Photo-Diagrams (The Dodo, 8/5/15).

July 2015

SeaWorld Employee Spied on PETA (The Guardian, 7/23/15).

Protests Mount against Renewed SeaWorld Plans to Open Park in Dubai (Gulf News, 7/23/15).

Mistruths Embedded in SeaWorld Appeal for Public Support to Expand Orca Tanks — See Photos & Videos (The Dodo, 7/21/15).

Study: Captive, Wild Killer Whales Have Similar Life Expectancy (North Dallas Gazette, 7/21/15). Read the full study here.

Canadian Senator to Vancouver Aquarium: End Captivity Now (The Georgia Straight, 7/20/15).

PETA Sues Miami Seaquarium: Return Long-Captive Orca Lolita to Home Waters (The Week, 7/20/15). Read more here and here.

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Debuts New Captive-Born Whitesided Calf — See Photos & News Report (ABC 7 News, 7/17/15).

SeaWorld Caring for 2 Orphaned Manatee Calves — See Photo (Florida Today 7/15/15).

4 Dolphins Dying in Chlorinated Pool at Bali Park within View of Ocean — See Video (Facebook,, 7/14/15). Learn more here, here and here.

4th Generation Female Bottlenose Calf Born at Marineland Florida — See Video Report (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 7/14/15).

Premature Beluga Calf Dies at Age 3 Weeks at SeaWorld San Antonio — See News Report (ABC KSAT12, 7/13/15). See more photos here.

55 Stingrays Die in Brookfield Zoo Touch Pool, PETA Wants Exhibit Closed — See News Report (ABC 7, 7/13/15). Read more here. See another news report here.

Anti-Captivity Protesters Demonstrate outside Marineland, Antibes — See Photo (U.S. News & World Report, 7/12/15). Read more, see more photos here.

SeaWorld San Diego Urges Public to Support Application to Build Bigger Orca Prisons (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/10/15).

Harry Styles of One Direction Says “Don’t Go to SeaWorld!” — See Video (, 7/10/15). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Miami Seaquarium Debuts Rescued Baby Manatee— See News Report (, 7/8/15).

Kids Join Fight Against Captive Facility in Phuket (One Green Planet, 7/8/15).

• Fight to Move Orca Lolita from Miami Seaquarium to Home Waters Far from Over (One Green Planet, 7/7/15)

SeaWorld San Diego Blames Death of 28-Year-Old Walrus Obie on Arteriosclerosis (The San-Diego Union-Tribune, 7/4/15).

June 2015

SeaWorld Orlando Raises Base Pay to $9.50 — But Only Because It Has To (Orlando Sentinel, 6/29/15)

•  Can Orcas Be Persons? Author Tackles Question in Of Orcas and Men —Read Excerpt Here (Salon, 6/27/15).

As Chinese White Dolphins Face Extinction, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Argues that Captivity Isn’t So Bad — See Photos & News Report  (South China Morning Post, 6/27/15).

Baby Beluga Dies at Georgia Aquarium—Second Birth, Death for Captive-Born Mom (Star Tribune, 6/5/15). Read more, see photos here and here.

May 2015

Tim Zimmerman Reports on Latest Attempts to Return Captive Dolphins to the Wild (National Geographic, June 2015, out in May).

Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums Will Take No More Dolphins from Taiji Slaughter (, 5/20/15).

SeaWorld’s Sea of Troubles since Blackfish (, 5/13/15).

Study Shows Orca Lifespan, Health, Survivorship All Suffer in Captivity (Hakai Magazine, 5/12/15).

April 2015

South Carolina Woman Files Class -Action Suit against SeaWorld Orlando for Animal Abuse, Lying to Public (The Guardian, 4/10/15). Read more here.

Ex-Orca Trainer/Author of new Anti-SeaWorld Book Beneath the Surface Gets Unfriendly Letter from SeaWorld Lawyer (Times of San Diego, 4/9/15).

March 2015

Unidentified SeaWorld Orca, undated/AP, USA Today / Click for more.

La Jolla Bookstore Cancels Beneath the Surface Book-Signing after SeaWorld Leaks Video of Author Drunk, Using Racist Speech (Times of San Diego, 3/30/15).

• SeaWorld Sued for Selling Tickets based on Lies about Orca Health, Welfare (The Times Gazette, 3/29/15). Read more here. See news report here.

Ex-SeaWorld Trainer John Hargrove Condemns Orca Captivity in New Book, Beneath the Surface (, 3/26/15). Read more here. Read an interview with author John Hargrove here. Listen to a radio interview here. Read an excerpt from the book here.

Advocates Ask Judge to End USDA Rubber-Stamping of Miami Seaquarium License to Keep Wild-Born, Captive Orca Lolita in Substandard Tank (CBS News, 3/24/15).

•  SeaWorld Launches New Ad Campaign about Caring for Wild, Captive Animals (The Fresno Bee, 3/23/15). Read more here. See news report here.

Adult Male Bottlenose Dies at SeaWorld Orlando (The Dodo, 3/7/15). Read more here.

Another Bottlenose Dolphin Born into Captivity at SeaWorld Orlando (News 13, 3/6/15).

SeaWorld Antonio to Add Swim-with-Dolphin Program (The Dodo, 3/6/15).

February 2015

Nanuq, undated, SeaWorld Orlando/SeaWorld Orlando, Daily Mail/click for more photos

Public No Longer Allowed to Feed Dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando (News 13, 2/24/15).

RIP Nanuq: Wild-Caught, Much-Transferred Beluga Dies at SeaWorld Orlando after  Breaking Jaw — See Videos (The Dodo, 2/21/15).  Read more here and here. See more photos and video here.

A Brief History of Captivity (, 2/11/15).

Georgia Aquarium Hires Spanish Trainer Accused of Abusing Dolphins — See Video (, 2/5/15). Thanks to Julie Suess for this item.

Wild-Born,  Long-Captive Orca Lolita Granted Endangered Species Status, Step Toward Return to Family & Home? See News Report (CBS Miami, 2/4/15). Read more here.

SlamDance Premieres Film about Man’s Alleged Youthful Affair with Captive Dolphin — See Trailer (New York Post, 2/2/15). Thanks to Eileen Stukane for this item.

January 2015

27-year-old Allie & calf, born Dec 16, Brookfield Zoo/Chicago Zoological Society, The Chicago Tribune / Click for more.

Artist Paints Anti-SeaWorld Mural on L.A. Storefront for PETA — See Photo (U-T San Diego, 1/31/15). See video here.

• Ontario to Ban Selling Killer Whales, Ban on Breeding, Acquisition Next? (Toronto Star, 1/27/15). Read the investigative report that sparked action here.

• Miami Seaquarium’s Lone Orca Lolita May Go On Endangered Species List — First Step toward Return to Freedom after 45 Years in a Tank? (Broward/Palm Beach New Times 1/16/15).

PETA Tries to Sour Investors on Building SeaWorld Park in Mideast (, 1/14/15).

PETA Protests SeaWorld San Diego Plans to Expand Orca Tank (U-T San Diego, 1/7/15). Read more, see news report here.

Advocates Plan March to Protest Aging Orca Lolita’s Sorry Living Conditions at Miami Seaquarium — See Video (Miami New Times, 1/6/15).

Sacked SeaWorld CEO Gets Fat Severance Package (USA Today, 1/6/15).

SeaWorld San Diego Presents Plan to Enlarge Orca Tank to Local Committee (U-T San Diego, 1/5/15).

 2 of 3 Baby Bottlenose Born at Brookfield Zoo in December Have Died (Chicago Tribune, 1/3/15). Read more here.

Wild-Caught Lolita, 44, Still Languishing in Tiny Miami Seaquarium Tank — See Photos, Video, Drone Footage (, 1/2/15).

SeaWorld Refuses to See Writing on the Wall (USA Today, 1/2/15).

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