Dolphins & Whales 2017

December 2017

NOAA: North Atlantic Rights Face Real Threat of Extinction (The Enquirer and Mirror, 12/29/17). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Underwater Photography Shares Images, Video from a Life Chasing Whales — See Photos & Video (The Sun, 12/27/17).

Sea Shepherd Admits Defeat, Ends Campaign to Stop Japanese Whaling (The Guardian, 12/23/17).

Study: Panama’s Last 80 Bocas Del Toro Bottlenose Need Protection from Boats — See Photo (Science Daily, 12/22/17). Read the study here.

Orcas, Humpbacks Work Cooperatively to Herd, Feed On Atlantic Herring Off Norway — See Photo (bioGraphic, 12/19/17).

Finding: Rodenticide Not Cause of 5 Pilot Whale Deaths Off Kauai — See News Report (Khon 2, 12/19/17).

Study: Mating Calls of Spawning Gulf Corvina Loud Enough to Deafen Dolphins, Other Marine Life (The Guardian, 12/19/17). Read more, see photo and hear recording here. Read the study here.

Canada to Increase Protections for Cook Inlet Belugas, North Atlantic Rights (, 12/14/17).

Researcher Realizes that, as with Humans, No 2 Dolphin Faces are Alike — See Photos (Hakai, 12/13/17).

Researcher Roger Payne Recalls Discovering Humpback Whale Song 50 Years Ago — See Video (BBC News, 12/9/17).

Researchers Launch First Satellite Tagging Study of Amazonian, Bolivian River Dolphins — See Photos (EcoWatch, 12/7/17).

Study: Fishing-Gear Entanglement Causes Narwhal Heart Rates to Plummet — See Photo & Video, Listen to Radio Segment, Hear Heartbeat (NPR, 12/7/17).

Study: Fishing-Gear Entanglement Causes Right Whale Stress Hormones to Skyrocket — See Photos (The New York Times, 12/4/17).

More Humpbacks in NYC Waters — See Video (NBC New York, 12/2/17).

Underwater Sound Monitoring Confirms Endangered Rights Shifting Summer Range — See Photos, Listen to Radio Report (CBC News, 12/1/17).

November 2017

Sea Shepherd Prevails: Australia Finally Releases Footage of Japanese Whaling in Southern Ocean Sanctuary — See Graphic Video (The Guardian, 11/28/17).

Orca Chronicles: Transient Thrives as Residents Decline in Pacific Northwest — See Photos & Video, Listen to Audio Report (Hakai, 11/28/17).

Scientists Suspect East Russian Humpbacks Have Unknown Breeding Ground in North Pacific (Hakai, 11/24/17).

Mystery of Bowhead Whale Attraction to Rocky Shores Solved — See Video (Hakai, 11/22/17. Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Researchers Attribute Death of 343 Sei Whales in 2015 to Toxic Algae Connected to Climate Change — See Photos, Map & Video, Listen to Podcast (Hakai, 11/21/17).

Study: Blue Whales Favor Right Side when Feeding — See Photos & Video (SFGate, 11/20/17). Read more here, here and here. See photos and video here. Read the study here.

Researchers Use Underwater Listening Devices to Track Endangered North Atlantic Rights (The Boston Globe, 11/20/17).

David Attenborough Believes Dead Pilot Whale Calf Shown in Blue Planet II Killed by Plastic Toxins in Mother’s Milk — See Photo (Independent, 11/19/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers Attach Suction-Cup Camera to Sperm Whale to Film Underwater Life for Blue Planet II — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 11/18/17).

Blue Whales Showing Up by Dozens in Monterey Bay — See Video (KSBW 8, 11/16/17).

Study: Humpbacks Don’t Always Heed Sonic Warnings Preceding Naval Sonar Testing — See Photos & Video (, 11/15/17).

Congress Moves to Gut MMPA, Let Oil Companies Drill, Blast, Ignore Impact on Dolphins & Whales (EcoWatch, 11/13/17).

Rescuers Try to Save Stranded Sperms in Indonesia — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 11/13/17). Read more, see more photos and video  herehere, here and here.

1 of Last 30 Vaquitas Killed by Scientists Trying to Save Species — See Photo (The New York Times, 11/11/17). Read more here and here.

Researchers Warn North Atlantic Rights May Be Doomed (Science, 11/10/17). Read more here. See video here.

Activist Documents Faroe Island Grisly Whale Slaughter — See Photos (Business Insider, 11/10/17). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Study: 10% of Dolphins, Whales Stranded in Ireland Have Plastics in Guts (One Green Planet, 11/9/17).

New Documentary Follows Efforts to Save Amazon River Dolphin — See Photo (The New York Times, 11/2/17).

September 2017North Atlantic Right Whale, location & date unspecified / NOAA, Center for Coastal Studies, CBC News / Click for more.

Experts Puzzled, Concerned: Why Haven’t Cook Inlet Belugas Rebounded? (CTV News, 9/26/17).

Japan Reports Killing 177 Whales in Annual Pacific Hunt — See Photos (Channel NewsAsia, 9/26/17). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Newest Model Confirms Northern Right Whales Declining in Number — See Photos (Miami Herald, 9/25/17). Listen to a radio report here.

Young Male Member of Southern Resident Killer Whale Population Believed Dead of Starvation — See Photos (Center for Whale Research, 9/25/1). Read more, see more photos here.

Orcas Crash Surfing Contest in Norway — See Photos & Video (Mirror, 1/24/17). See longer video here.

Migaloo, the White Humpback, Reappears Off Australia — See Video (National Geographic, 9/22/17).

Acoustic Monitor Hears All Sorts of Whales in NYC Waters (Reuters, 9/21/17).

Despite Last-Ditch Effort to Save Last Vaquitas, Chances of Survival are Slim — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 9/20/17).

Scientist Describes Challenges of Doing On-Site Necropsies on Dead Right Whales — See Photos (CBC News, 9/20/17).

Researchers Believe Repercussions from Lack of Salmon are Driving Miscarriage Rates, Calf Mortalities in Southern Resident Orcas — See Photo (Hakai Magazine, 9/18/17).

Scientists Stymied by Northern Right Whale Deaths, Disappearance from Breeding Ground, Low Calf Count, More — See Photos & Video Report (CBC News, 9/17/17).

Kayakers Harass Southern Right Whale Mother & Calf Off Australia — See Video (Perth Now, 9/17/17).

Dolphins Playing in Rough Surf Delight Beachgoers on Jersey Shore — See Video (, 9/15/17).

Another Northern Right Whale Carcass Brings Gulf of St. Lawrence Death Count to 11 This Year (, 9/15/17).

2nd Dead Whale in 2 Months, 4th This Year, Washes Up on Louisiana Coast — See Photo (NOLA.COM, 9/15/17).

New Tagging Device Yields New Insights into Depth, Length, Frequency of Sperm Whales Dives — See Photos (Phys.Org, 9/13/17). Read the study here.

Fishermen Report First-Ever Sighting of Sperm Whales Off Pakistan — See Video (SAMAA TV, 9/12/17).

News Reporter Helps Try to Save Baby Dolphin Stranded by Irma — See Video (USA Today, 9/11/17).

Republicans Move to Weaken MMPA, Speed Permits for Ocean Seismic Blasting  — See Photos, Diagrams & Video (, 9/9/17).

Study: Solar Flares, Northern Lights May Have Caused Sperm Whale Strandings in North Sea — See Photos & Illos (Atlas Obscura, 9/8/1). Read more, see more photos, maps, illustrations and diagrams here, here and here. See a video report here and photos of northern lights here. Read the study here.

August 2017

Female Sperm Whale is 5th to Strand in Gulf of Mexico This Year — See Photo (, 8/31/17).

Another Right Whale Entanglement in Year of High Deaths Draws Scrutiny to New Ban on Rescue Attempts — See Photo & Chart (Cape Cod Times, 8/30/17). Read more here.

Study: Beaked Whale Diving, Foraging Behavior Disrupted by Navy Sonar (Phys.Org, 8/30/17). Read the study here.

Mexico, China, U.S. Meet in Desperate Effort to Save Remaining Vaquitas — See Photos (EcoWatch, 8/30/17).

Good News: Australian Census of Southern Rights Finds Population Increasing  — See Photos (, 8/29/17).

Sea Shepherd Ends Anti-Whaling Campaign, Unable to Evade Japanese Fleet’s New Ship-Tracking Technology — See Photos (, 8/29/17). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

July 2017

Researcher Trying to Unravel Why Whales Don’t Avoid Ship Strike (Hakai Magazine, 7/27/17).

Study: Expansion of Vancouver’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Poses Unacceptable Oil-Spill Risks to Orcas (Calgary Herald, 7/26/17).

Study: Small Group of Bottlenose in Gulf of Mexico Have Gotten Good at Beheading Catfish Prey — See Photo (National Geographic, 7/18/17). Read the study here.

Snow Crab Fishery Closed in Gulf of St. Lawrence after 8th Right Found Dead, 9th Seen Entangled — See Photos (CBC News, 7/20/17). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Study: Southern Resident Orca Pregnancies Failing due to Shortage of Chinook Salmon — See Photo (South Whidbey Record, 7/19/17).

Photographer Captures Amazing Images of Humpbacks Sleeping Vertically in Water Off Dominica — See Photos (Daily Mail, 7/16/17).

Scientists Alarmed by Increasing Humpback Deaths along East Coast — See Photo (The Herald Sun, 7/13/17).

Humpbacks Learn to Feast on Juvenile Salmon Released from Alaskan Hatcheries — See Photo & Video (The New York Times, 7/12/17). Read more, see more video here and here.

Rare Sighting of Bottlenose Dolphins in Florida’s Weeki Wachee River — See Photo & Video (WTSP 10 News, 7/11/17).

New Brunswick Fisherman, Veteran Whale Disentangler Joe Howlett Killed by Whale Moments After Freeing It — See Photo & News Report (, 7/11/17). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here and here.

Sand Dredging Off Australia’s Gold Coast Driving Whales Away from Coastal “Whale Highway” — See Photos & Video (, 7/11/17).

Humpbacks Back in San Francisco Bay, One Hit by Boat — See Photos & Video (The Mercury News, 7/11/17).

Researchers Film Humpbacks Flapping Pec Fins Underwater for First Time — See Video (Phys.Org, 7/10/17).

Whale-Watchers Greeted by Mother, Baby Grays in San Ignacio Lagoon — See Photos (The Telegraph, 7/10/17).

Suction-Cup Tags Help Researchers See World from Whale’s POV — See Photos & Video (The New York Times, 7/7/17).

Researchers Ask Boaters to Help Track Dolphins in Chesapeake Bay — See News Report (ABC2 News, 7/7/17).

7th Dead Right Found in Gulf of St. Lawrence — See Photo (CBC News, 7/7/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Another Right Entangled in Gear, Freed by Rescuers in Gulf of St. Lawrence — See News Report (CTV News Atlantic, 7/6/17). Read more here.

Study: Female Humpback Loyalty to Breeding, Feeding Grounds Drives Population Diversity in Southern Hemisphere (Science News, 7/6/17).

Drone Films Orcas Attacking Minke Off Russian Peninsula — See Videos, Hear Recording (National Geographic, 7/6/17).

Environmentalists Unite to Block Permits for  Seismic Blasting Off East Coast (The Atlantic, 7/5/17). Join the fight here.

Father & Son on Small Boat Have Underwater Encounters with Southern Rights Off Tasmania — See Video (ABC News, 7/2/17).

Scientists Complete Necropsies on 3 of 6 Dead Rights in Gulf of St. Lawrence — See Photos (CBC News 7/2/17). Learn results here and here.

Mexico Gets Serious about Saving Vaquitas, Bans Gillnets, Trains Bottlenose to Herd Them to Refuge — See Photos (BBC News, 7/1/17). Read more, see more photos here.

June 2017

2 Humpbacks Strand, Die on Monomoy Beaches in Cape Cod — See Photo (Cape Cod Times, 6/21/17).

Humpbacks Near SF’s Golden Gate Bridge — See Photos & Video (The Press Democrat, 6/20/17). See more photos and video here.

Faroe Islanders Began Annual Gruesome Whale Slaughter — See Graphic Photos (Independent, 6/20/17).

Rare Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Washes Up on N. Carolina Beach — See Photo (The News & Observer, 6/19/17).

Record 71 Whales Entangled in Fishing Gear Off West Coast in 2016 — See Photos (Mongabay, 6/19/17).

Orcas Following Boats, Stealing Catch Are Serious Problem for Longline Fishermen in Bering Sea — See Photo & Video (Alaska Dispatch News 6/18/17).

Young Beluga Lost in St. Lawrence Estuary Rescued, Returned to Pod — See Photo & Videos (Chicago Tribune, 6/16/17). Read more, see more video here.

Humpback, Annoyed by Chopper, Examines Police Boat Off Melbourne — See Videos (, 6/16/17).

Scientists: Hong Kong Airport Plans Will Destroy Chinese White Dolphin Habitat — See Photos (The New York Times, 6/14/17).

3-Year-Old Albino Risso’s Dolphin Not Seen in 2 Years Spotted with Mom in Monterey Bay — See Photo (Live Science, 6/14/17). See video here.

Isle of Man Joins 10-Nation, N.E. Atlantic/Baltic/North Sea Agreement to Protect Dolphins, Porpoises, Whales (IOM Today, 6/14/17).

Fishermen Net Deceased Two-Headed Harbor Porpoise Calf Off Netherlands — See Photo (New Scientist, 6/14/17). Read more, see more photos here and here. See video report here.

Fishermen Fight to Save River Dolphins, Human-Dolphin Fishing Tradition in Myanmar — See Photos (Mongabay, 6/13/17).

Iceland Starts Whaling Season with Death of  2 Minkes — See Photo (Iceland Monitor, 6/13/17).

Bottlenose Strands on Beach, Gets Gruesome Sunburn, Makes Remarkable Recovery in Scotland — See Graphic Photos (Mashable, 6/13/17).

Trump Administration Cancels Rule Backed by Fishing Industry to Protect Whales, Other Marine Life from Net Entanglement — See Photos & Video (CBS News, 6/12/17). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Scientists Worried about High Number of Emaciated Whale Carcasses Washing Up on India’s West Coast — See Photo (The Indian Express, 6/12/17). Read more here.

Researchers Team Up to Study Surprisingly Large Dolphin Population in Chesapeake Bay — See Photos & Video (The Baltimore Sun, 6/11/17).

Study: Whale Hearing Range Evolved from Land-based Norms to Super High, Low Frequencies Over Time — See Photos & Diagrams (Forbes, 6/8/17). Read more here.

After Trump Clears Way, NOAA Seeks Comments on 5 Bids to Start Seismic Exploration Off East Coast (The Charlotte Observer, 6/6/17). Read more here and here. See photos and video here.

Whale Watchers Wowed by Humpbacks Doing Perfect Tandem Breach Off Sydney — See Photos & Video (Mirror, 6/6/17).

Unidentified Small Cetacean Strands on Florida’s Treasure Island Beach, Taken to SeaWorld — See Photos (News Channel 8, 6/5/17). Read more, see news report here.

Advocates Believe Noise, Vibration from Wind Turbines Disoriented, Caused Death of 3 Minkes in U.K. — See Photo (The Blaze, 6/3/17).

Villagers, Navy Push Surviving Pilot Whales Back to Sea after Rare Mass Stranding in Sri Lanka — See Photos & Video (Mirror, 6/1/17). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

3 Dead Dolphins in 3 Days on Jersey Shore Have Experts Worried — See Video (Asbury Park Press, 6/1/17).

Free Diver Films Humpbacks Rubbing on Sandy Bottom Off Bermuda — See Video (GrindTV, 6/1/17).

May 2017

Photographer Travels to Tonga to Capture B&W Portraits of Humpbacks — See Images (, 5/31/17).

Bottlenose Chokes to Death on Octopus Prey in Western Australia — See Photos (LiveScience, 5/31/17).

Drone Captures Rare Footage of Baird’s Beaked Whales in Monterey Bay — See Video (ABC7, 5/30/17).

Unknown Actors Splash Red Paint on Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue to Protest Pilot Whale Slaughter in Faroe Islands — See Photos (Daily Mail, 5/30/17).

Study: Diving, Fleeing Each Stressful to Dolphins, Two in Combination Could be Fatal (Hakai, 5/29/17).

Shark Nets, Already Killing Other Species, Removed from Waters Off SE Australia to Protect Migrating Whales (, 5/29/17). Read more, see video here.

79′ Blue Washes Up in California, Probably Killed by Ship Strike — See Photos & Video (ABC 7 News, 5/27/17). Read more here. See more photos and video here. See news report here.

Experts: Wild Dolphin Watched Captives Tail Walk during Brief Captivity, Learned Trick, Taught It to Other Dolphins after Release  — See Photos & Video (Mother Nature News, 5/26/17). Read more, see more photos and video here.

 Orcas Assault Blue Whale in California, Just to Harass, Not to Kill — See Photo & Video (National Geographic, 5/25/17).

To Brighten the Day: Watch Whales Blowing Rainbows — See Videos (SPLOID, 5/24/17).

Group Happily, Nervously Reports Spike in Whale Sightings in NYC Waters — See Photo (amNewYork, 5/23/17).

Theory on Whale Size: Ancient Whales with Biggest Mouths Gulped More Food, Grew Even Bigger, May Be Growing Still — See Photo & Diagram, Listen to Broadcast (NPR, 5/23/17).

Struggling Fisherman on N. Morocco Coast Angry at Bottlenose for Attacking Nets — See Photo (Phys.Org, 5/23/17).

Texas Boaters Save Young Dolphin Stuck in Sand — See Video (One Green Planet, 5/22/17). Read more, see photos and video here.

Juvenile Humpback Explores Marina in California Harbor, Residents Help It Find Way Back Out (The Washington Post, 5/21/17). See video reports here, here and here.

1 Dolphin Prevented from Beaching, 3 Others Beach, Die in California — See News Report (CBS8, 5/21/17).

Preserved Blue Whale Heart Goes on Display at Royal Ontario Museum — See Photos & Video (Popular Mechanics, 5/19/17).

Whale Watchers Watch Orca Family Practice-Hunt Sea Lion to Show Youngster How It’s Done — See Video (KOMONews, 5/17/17). See more video here.

Blues Spotted Off Dana Point, CA — See Video (The Orange County Register, 5/16/17).

Near-Unidentifiable Carcass of Dead Whale Washes Up in Indonesia, Rattles Islanders — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/14/17). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Drone Captures First-Ever Footage of Narwhals Using Tusks to Stun Prey — See Video (Independent, 5/13/17). See more video here.

Dead Fin Whale in Puget Sound One of Increasing Number Visiting Area — See Photos & Video (, 5/13/17).  Read more, see more photos here.

DiCaprio Tweet Ups Pressure on President of Mexico to Renew Gill-Net Ban, Do More to Save Last Vaquitas — See Photos (Unworthy, 5/12/17).

Right Whale Mom Not Seen in 14 Years Reappears with New Calf in Cape Cod Bay (The Atlantic, 5/12/17).

Migrating Southern Rights Spotted Off Southeastern Australia — See Photos, Hear Radio Report (Bay 93.9, 5/12/17).

Fossil Find in Peru: Toothed Ancestor to Baleen Whale Was Suction Feeder, Had Tiny Hind Limbs — See Illo (The Guardian, 5/11/17). Read more, see photos here and here.

Juvenile Dolphin Freed from Entanglement in Florida — See Photos (Brevard Times, 5/10/17).

Skeleton of 130′ Long Whale Worshipped at Temple on Vietnamese Island — See Photos (Atlas Obscura, 5/10/17).

2 Dolphins Filmed Trying to Assist Dead Companion in Charleston Harbor — See Photos & Video (ABC News 4, 5/9/17).

Orcas Suspected Killers of 3 Great Whites that Washed Up in S. Africa Minus Livers  — See Photos (Gizmodo, 5/8/17). Read more, see more photos and video here, herehere and here.

Experts: Population of Humpbacks Migrating along Australia’s Gold Cost Up 7,000 in 3 Years — See Photos (Gold Coast Bulletin, 5/8/17).

Study: Dolphins, Porpoises, Whales Harmed by Underwater Alarms Used to Scare Seals Away from Ocean-Based Fish Farms in Scotland (The Herald, 5/6/17).

Photo IDs 1st Step in Study of 100+ Orcas that Visit SW Australia Each Year — See Photos (Perth Now, 5/6/17).

Mom & 2-Year-Old Freedive with Dolphins in Red Sea, Video Earns Praise, Criticism — See Video (GrindTV, 5/4/17).

• Lobster Season Closed Extra Week while Rights Linger in Cape Cod Bay — See Photo & Maps (, 5/4/17).

• Study: Ice-Free Waters in Hudson Bay Could Draw More Orcas into Beluga Range  — See Photo (CTV News, 5/3/17).

Female Blue, Dead about 2 Months, Washes Up near Liverpool, N.S. — See Photo, Map & Video (Queens County Advance, 5/3/17). Read more here.

Another Dead Humpbacks along East Coast — See Photos, Map & Video (delawareonline, 5/3/17). Read about still another dead humpback, see photos and video report here.

Conservationists Move Against Oil/Gas Industry Push to Do Seismic Blasting in Right Whale Waters Off Atlantic Coast (, 5/2/17).

Female Orca from UK’s Last Resident Pod Had Record High PCBs in Blubber upon Death in 2016 — See Photo (The Guardian, 5/2/17). Read more here. See video report here.

Humpbacks Try to Disrupt Orca Attacks on Gray Whale Calves in Monterey Bay — See Video (SFGate, 5/2/17). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Gray Whale Mom Successfully Defends Calf from Orca Attack in Monterey Bay — See Video (GrindTV, 5/1/17).

Expert Worries about Right Whales’ Unusual Gathering in Cape Cod Bay, Low Birth Rate, Dwindling Numbers — Read Q&A (NECN, 5/1/17).

Researchers Worry about Health, Fate of Resident Bottlenose in Florida’s St. Johns River  — See Photos (, 5/1/17).

April 2017

Right whale, south of Martha's Vineyard, undated / NOAA, NEFSC, Christian Kahn, Permit #17355 / Click for more.

Studies: Whales Play Important Role in Nourishing World’s Oceans (Iceland Review, 4/30/17)

Pod of 9 Orcas Leading Frequent, Swift, Successful Attacks on Gray Whale Calves in Monterey Bay (The Washington Post, 4/29/17). Read more, see photos here. See video here.

• “Whales: Beneath the Surface” Opens at UK’s Natural History Museum in July (Natural History Museum, 4/28/17).

Underwater Peek into Dolphin Lives via Spy Cam Airs on PBS May 3 — See Video (, 3/27/17).

Study: Humpback Calves Call Quietly to Moms, Perhaps to Hide from Predators — See Photos (The Telegraph, 4/26/17). Read more here and here. Read the full study here.

Fluke Prints on the Water: Iñupiat Whale Hunters Call Them Qala, California Scientists Explains How They’re Made — See Photo & Video (Hakai, 4/25/17).

World Trade Organization Takes Another Step Toward Killing Already-Weakened Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label (Palm Beach Post, 4/25/17). Read more here.

NOAA Declares “Unusual Mortality Event” for Humpbacks Off East Coast as Another Dead Whale Washes Up in Delaware — See Photo & Video (Delaware Online, 4/25/17). Read more, see more photos and video here, herehere, here, here, here, here and here Listen to radio report here. See video reports here and here. Visit NOAA website here.

Humans, Orcas Give Each Other Long, Close Look in Shetland Islands — See Video (One Green Planet, 4/25/17). Read more, see video and photo here.

Boater Runs Right Over Gray Whale in Puget Sound — See Videos (King 5, 4/24/17).

Researcher Probes Internal Intricacies of Dolphin Sex — See Photos (National Geographic, 4/23/17). Read more here.

Study: Whale Strikes in Gulf of Main More Common than Thought — See Photo (The Washington Post, 4/23/17). Read more, see more photos and video here and  here. See news report here.

Drone Captures Orcas Feeding on Gray Whale Carcass as Humpbacks Watch in Monterey Bay — See Video (NBC New York, 4/21/17).

Humpback Known as Scarlet Found Floating Dead Off California — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 4/21/17). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Scientists: 44 Whales that Died in Gulf of Alaska in 2015 May Have Been Killed by Algae Toxins Linked to Warm Water Blob  (NWI Times, 4/21/17).

Dead Whales on Sea Floor Give Life to Deep-Ocean Organisms — See Photos (Atlas Obscura, 4/21/17).

Crew Member Jumps from Cargo Ship to Help Free Entangled Whale — See Video (One Green Planet, 4/21/17). See video only here.

Researchers Attach Suction-Cams to Antarctic Whales to Learn  Habits, How to Protect Them — See Video (News Channel 8, 4/20/17).

Decomposed Carcass of Young, Unidentified Whale Found on Cape Cod Beach — See Photo (Cape Cod Times, 4/19/17).

Drone Captures Rare Footage of Blue Whales Feeding Off New Zealand — See Video (news, 4/19/17). Read more, see video here and here.

Researchers Studying How Wind Farms South of Martha’s Vineyard Will Affect Right Whales, Other Marine Creatures — See Photos ( Vineyard Gazette, 4/18/17).

Painful Loss: 1-Year-Old Female Right Whale Found Dead in Cape Cod Bay May Have Been Killed by Boat Strike — See Photos (CBC News, 4/17/17).

Researchers Want 2 Canadian Fishing Grounds Closed to Gear when Critically Endangered Rights are Around — See Photo (CBC News, 4/16/17).

Whale Watchers Thrilled when Gray Whale Mom, Calf Invite Touching in Baja — See Photo & Video (UPI, 4/14/17).

Studies: Potential Conservation Application of Info Obtained from Satellite-Tagging Sperms in Pacific Outweighs Risk to Tagged Animals — See Photos & Map (Smithsonian Insider, 4/14/17).

Dolphin Researcher, Computer Expert Discuss Efforts to Crack Code of Dolphin Communication — See Presentation (Talks at Google, YouTube, 4/12/17).

Humpback Freed from Net Entanglement Puts on Show for Whale Watchers Off Cornwall — See Video (The Packet, 4/12/17). Read more, see photos here.

Boaters Get Caught Up in Orca Sea-Lion Hunt off Vancouver — See Amazing Video (Elliot Funt, YouTube, 4/12/17). Read more, see photos and video clips here, here and here.

Researchers Thrilled by Sightings of 112 Rights in Cape Cod Bay, Concerned about Lack of Babies — See Video Report (CBS Boston, 4/12/17). Read more here. See more photos here.

Lots of Whales Diving & Pooing Helps Pacific Islands Meet Carbon-Reduction Goals (Scientific American, 4/11/17).

Navy Euthanizes Wild-Born Captive Bottlenose Makai, 46 — See News Report (, 4/11/17).

Sperm Whale Teeth Still Given to Seal Engagements, Other Sacred Pacts in Fiji — See Photos (The New York Times, 4/11/17).

Researchers Hope Right Whales Won’t Go Way of Vaquitas, Step Up Efforts to Save Few Vaquitas Left — See Photos, Hear Recording (Cape Cod Times, 4/9/17).

Orcas Once Live in Quiet Oceans, Now They Deal with This — Listen to Noises (Hakai, 4/6/17). Read more here.

Pacific Island Conference Ends with Commitment to Protecting Whales (, 4/6/17). Learn more here. Read more, see video here and here. Read the study, see more detailed photos and video here.

Juvenile Gray Rolls Around Near Beach in California — See Video (USA Today, 4/5/17).

Whale Watchers Watch Whalers Harpoon Orcas in St. Vincent — See Photos (I-Witness News, 4/4/17). Read more here, here and here.

Humpback Washes Up in Rockaways — See Video (Queens Patch, 4/4/17). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here and here.

Study: Dolphins Tenderize Their Calamari, Too — See Photos (BBC News, 4/4/17).

Volunteers Rush to Rescue Dolphins Trapped in Pack Ice in Newfoundland — See Photos & Video (CBC News, 4/3/17).

Experts Say There’s No Saving Humpback Trapped in Pack Ice in Newfoundland — See Photo & Map (The Telegram, 4/2/17). Read more, see more photos here. See video reports here

Whale-Watch Boat Captains Spot, Track Gray Whale with Crab Trap Stuck on Head — See Photo (The Mercury News, 4/2/17). read more here. See more photos here. See news report here.

March 2017

Right whale mom and calf off Georgia, January 2017 / Sea To Shore Alliance, NOAA, The Post and Courier / Click for more.

3 Japanese Whaling Ships Return to Port with 333 Dead Minkes — See Photo (The Telegraph, 3/31/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers Analyze Orca Breath for Clues to Health, Disease — See Photos (Phys.Org, 3/31/17).

Filmmaker & Friend Have Fun with Humpbacks Off Sydney — See Video (, 3/30/17).

Whales, Whales & More Whales — See Photos (National Geographic, 3/29/17).

Report: Crab Fishery Cause of Growing Number of Whale Entanglements in Monterey Bay (Center for Biological Diversity, 3/29/17).

Expert Gets Too Close to Battle Between Orcas & Sperms in Sri Lanka  — See Photos (The Guardian, 3/29/17). Read more here. (Daily Mail, 3/26/17).

Orcas Employ Beaching Seal-Hunt Strategy in Argentina — See Video (, 3/28/17).

Expert Says Proposed Cruise Ship Dock off Australia’s Gold Coast Poses Threat to Migrating Humpbacks & Calves  (Gold Coast Bulletin, 3/28/17).

Officials Count 66 Grays in Migrating Group of Pt. Reyes, CA — See Photos & Videos (SF Gate, 3/27/17).

Experts Say Dolphin Stranding on Massachusetts Eastern Shore is Unusual — See News Report (, 3/27/17). Read more, see photos here.

Only 3 Right Whale Mother-Calf Pairs Sighted Off SE Coast, 2nd Lowest Number Since Early 1980s (The Post and Courier, 3/24/17).

Whale Blow +  Sun =  Beautiful Whalebows — See Video (Earth Touch News Network, 3/23/17).

2 Grays Give Whale Watchers a Thrill Off San Francisco — See Video (SF Gate, 3/23/17).

4 Fisherman Have Prolonged Encounter with 4 Grays Off San Diego — See Video (Fox 5, 3/23/17).

When Lowcountry Bottlenose Strandfeed, Osprey & Eagle Get in on Meal — See Video (The Island Packet, 3/21/17).

Russia, China Still See Wild Orcas as Fodder for Captive Display — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 3/21/17).

Strandfeeding Bottlenose Ring Dinner Bell for Water Birds Off Folly Beach, SC — See Video (The Island Packet, 3/21/17). See more video here.

Orcas Appear. Disappear, Reappear, Disappear in Puget Sound — See Videos (, 3/21/17).

NRDC Appeals: Don’t Buy Fish from Companies Owned by Icelandic Whaling Concern (, 3/20/17).

Lone Wild Bottlenose First ID’d in Germany Shows Up in France — See Photos & Map (, 3/19/17).

Drone Films 3 Grays Mating Off California — See Video (The Orange County Register, 3/17/17).

Fishermen Release Dolphin Tangled in Line Off Brazil — See Video ( 3/15/17).

Boaters Have Phenomenal Encounter with Wild Orca Off East Central Baja — See Video (Charles Harmer, Facebook,, 3/12/17)

Right Whales Give Kayakers a Lift in Argentina — See Video (IFLScience!, 3/12/17).

Humpbacks Gathering in Great Numbers Off South Africa, Researchers Wonder Why — See Photos (New Scientist, 3/10/17). Read more here, here and here.

Documentary Claims Norway Killing Mostly Pregnant Minke Whales — See Photo (Phys.Org, 3/8/17).

Researchers Use Underwater Robots to Map Gray Whale Habitat, Migration Patterns — See Photos (CBC News 3/8/17).

Humpback Deaths Linked to Ship Strike while Feeding in Shipping Lanes in Chesapeake Bay — See Photo & Video (Delmarvanow, 3/7/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Researcher Shares Only Known Underwater Footage of Elusive True’s Beaked Whale off Azores — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 3/7/17). See the video here. Read more and see more photos here. Read the study with more photos, video and diagrams here.

Dolphins Stranding in Higher Numbers in Cape Cod Include More Pregnant Females,  Mothers with Calves — See Photos & Video (ABC News, 3/6/17).

Visiting the Grays at San Ignacio Lagoon — See Photos (Seattle PI, 3/2/17).

It’s Whale Festival Time at Dana Point CA — See Photos (The Orange County Register, 3/1/17).

Ontario Museum Uses Remains of 2 Blues Trapped in Sea Ice to Educate Public Giant Ocean Dwellers — See Photos (CBC News, 3/1/17).

Study: Icelandic Orca Societies More Flexible, Fluid than Those in Northeast Pacific (Hakai, 3/1/17).

February 2017

Right Whales off Cape Cod, Feb 14, 2017 / NOAA, Vineyard Gazette / Click for more.

Mexican, U.S. Researchers Contemplate Desperate Measure to Save Last 30 Vaquita — See Photos (The New York Times, 2/27/17).

2017 Maui Humpback Survey Counts More Whales than 2016, Less than 2015 — See Photos (Maui Now, 2/27/17).

Right Whales Show Up Early in Waters Off Martha’s Vineyard (Vineyard Gazette, 2/27/17).

Survey: Some Whales, Dolphins Abundant, Others Scare in Gulf of Alaska (Alaska Dispatch News, 2/26/17).

U.S. Air Force Wants to Do Bombing Practice in Marine Mammal-Rich Waters Off Hawaii (One Green Planet, 2/23/17). Sign the petition asking NOAA to deny permission here.

Gray Whale, Whale Watcher Share Magic Moment in Baja — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/22/17).

Dolphins, Humans Surf Together Off Australian Beach — See Photo & Video (UPI, 2/22/17).

• Influx of Orcas in Ice-Free Arctic Presents New Threats to Narwhals (The Globe and Mail, 2/22/17). Read more here.

Mining Concern Makes 2nd Bid to Mine for Ore in Dense Blue Whale Habitat Off New Zealand — See Photos (, 2/22/17).

Researchers Stick Clumsy Cameras on Dusky Dolphins to Record Underwater Activities — See Video (New Atlas, 2/21/17). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Only 4 Adult Rights, 3 Calves Seen Off S.E. Coast This Winter, Lowest Count on Record — See Photo (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 2/19/17).

56 Dead Dolphins, Whales since January Sets New Stranding Record in Ireland— See Photo (The Journal, 2/18/17). Read more here.

No Humpbacks Entangled in Gear So Far This Season in Hawaii (Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 2/18/17). Read more, see photos and video here.

Researcher Test Method of ID’ing Dolphin Species by Call (Hakai, 2/16/17).

Busy Shipping Channels + Feeding Humpbacks = Dead Whales in Virginia — See Photo (The Virginia Pilot, 2/16/17).

More Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand — See Photo (, 2/14/17). Read more, see videos here and here.

Researchers ID NW Australia’s Ningaloo Reef as Home to 130 Rare Humpback Dolphins — See Photo (Phys.Org, 2/13/17).

UK’s Only Resident Orca Pod Down to 4 Males, 4 Females, No Births in 25 Years — See Photos (Independent, 2/12/17).

3rd Dead Humpback Washes Up on Virginia Beach in 1 Week — See Photos & Video (The Virginia Pilot, 2/12/17). Read more see more photos and video here and here.

Researchers Worried: Only 3 Right Whale Calves Spotted Off Florida, Georgia So Far This Birthing Season (The Tribune, 2/12/17). Read more here.

400+ Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand — See Photos & Video (The Mercury News, 2/10/17). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here, here, herehere and here.

Do Dolphins Get High on Hits of Blowfish Toxin? Some Scientists Say Yes, Some No — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/9/17).

Scientists Test New Way to Detect Ear Damage in Stranded Whales, Track Impact of Sonar, Other Mad-Made Ocean Noise — See Photos (BBC News, 2/8/17)

Study: Ancient Whale Ear Bones Suggest Use of Low-Frequency Sounds Came First, High Frequency Later (COSMOS, 2/8/17).

Second Dead Humpback Washes Up on Virginia Beach in 1 Week — See Photos (USA Today, 2/7/17). Read more, see more photos and video here,  here, here and here.

Drone, Whale-Watchers Witness Gray Whales Mating Off California — See Photo & Video (The Orange County Register, 2/7/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Artist Sculpts Orcas from Snow, Sand in Vancouver — See Photos & Video (CBC News, 2/6/17).

Researchers Wonder if Solar Storms Contribute to Mass Whale/Dolphin Strandings (Science Daily, 2/6/17). Read more here.

Researchers Attempt Satellite Survey of Humpbacks Off Western Australia — See Photos (, 2/4/17). Read more, see more images here.

11-Year-Old Female Member Right Whale Goes from Healthy to Compost in 11 Months (The Washington Post, 2/4/17).

Minke Whale Gets Up Close & Personal with Kayakers in Antarctic — See Photos (GrindTV, 2/3/17).

Report: Vaquita Population Down 50% Since 2015, Only 30 Left — See Photos (The Dodo, 2/3/17). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Euthanized in Norway Had 30 Plastic Bags in Stomach — See Photo & Video (Seeker, 2/3/17). See more photos and video here and here.

Study: Humpbacks Breach to Communicate Over Distance in Noisy Seas (Hakai, 2/1/17).

January 2017

Humpback calf with ship-strike injury off Maui, undated / Ed Lyman, NOAA, MMHSRP, Sailing World / Click for more.

NOAA Frees Right Whale from Net Entanglement Off Georgia — See Photos & Video (, 1/30/17).

Report: Toxic Algae Blooms Becoming More Common, Posing Threat to Marine Mammals, Humans (, 1/30/17).

Dolphins Still Being Slaughtered, Babies Taken for Captive Trade in Taiji — See Photos & Video (The Dodo, 1/27/17).

Unidentifiable Whale Call First Recorded in 1989 Still Fascinates Scientists, Public — See Animated Video (The Washington Post, 1/26/17).

Scientists Discover Whale’s Wax Earplugs Can Tell Story of Animal’s Life, World — See Photos (Smithsonian, 1/25/17).

Orca Researchers: Best Way to Honor Death of 105-Year-Old Granny is by Protecting Rest of Her Clan — See Photos (Hakai, 1/25/17).

Scientists to Study Why Southern Right Whale Calves Dying by 100s in Argentina (The Guardian, 1/21/17).

Whale-watchers May Have Witnessed Pilot Whale Birth Off Madeira Island (MARMAM, 1/20/17).  See photos here.

Study: Adult Males Babysit Young in Long-Finned Pilot Whale Population Off Cape Breton — See Photo (Dal News, 1/19/17).

First Mother-Calf Right Whale Pairs Spotted Off Florida — See Photos (Florida Today, 1/18/17).

Experts Concerned about High Rate of Humpback Deaths This Season in Hawaii — See News Report (Hawaii News Now, 1/17/17).

Navy Once tried to Communicate Sub to Sub via Fake Whale Calls (Atlas Obscura, 1/17/17).

More than 80 False Killer Whales Found Dead in Everglades National Park — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 1/17/17). Read more, see more photos and video  here and here.

Japanese Killing Whales in Southern Ocean Again — See Photos (, 1/15/17). Read more, see more photos here. See video here.

Expert Racer Tries to Raise Awareness, Reduce Incidence of Sailboat-Whale Collisions — See Photos (Sailing World, 1/13/17).

Study: A Taste for Small Whales May Have Driven Giant Shark’s Extinction — See Illo (New Scientist, 1/12/17).

Approved Pipeline Expansion Could Finish Off  Pacific Northwest’s Southern Resident Orcas — See Photos (National Observer, 1/12/17).

Study: Mother-Daughter Reproductive Competition May Drive Orca Menopause (The New York Times, 1/12/17). Read more here and here. Listen to radio report here.

NOAA Considers No-Boat Quiet Zone for Pacific Northwest’s Endangered Southern Resident Orcas (San Juan Islander, 1/12/17). See news report here.

Humpback Mom Steps In as Curious Calf Approaches Boat Off California — See Video (treehugger, 1/10/17).

Study Confirms Humpbacks in Arabian Sea Need Protection (ScienceDaily, 1/9/17).

Humpback Gathering Spots ID’d in Waters Slated for Energy Exploration Off Madagascar — See Photos & Video (, 1/9/17). Read more here.

Feds Deny Permits for Oil, Gas Exploration Off East Coast Due to Feared Impact on  Right Whales, Other Marine Mammals (Marmam, 1/7/17). Read more here and here.

2 Beluga Populations Respond Differently to Changes in Arctic Ice — See Photos & Animated Map (Phy.Org, 1/5/17).

Researchers Hope Blue Whale Mapping Will Prevent Ship Strikes (Hakai, 1/5/17).

Nobody Likes NOAA’s New Plan for Saving Critically Endangered Cook Inlet Belugas — See Photo (Alaska Dispatch News, 1/5/17). Read more here. See news report here.

Rare Blainville’s Beaked Whale Found Dead Off New Jersey — See Photos (, 1/4/17). Read more, see more photos here.

Agencies to Use Navy Dolphins to Track Last Vaquitas in Controversial Plan to Save Them — See Photos (Quartz, 1/4/17). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Researchers ID Distinct Australian, New Zealand Blue Whale Populations by Differing Call Types (The Earth Times, 1/4/17).

Photographer Captures Possible First Underwater Image of Humpbacks  in Shetland Waters — See Photo (The Shetland Times, 1/3/17).

Oldest Known Wild Orca, Granny, of Southern Resident Community, Believed Dead at Age 100+ — See Photos & Video (BBC News, 1/3/17). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Advocates Suspect Unusual Whale Strandings in New Zealand Caused by Seismic Blasting (Business.Scoop, 1/3/17).

New Zealand’s Project Jonah Volunteers Work to Save Stranded Whales…with Mixed Results — See Photos (, 1/3/17).

Photographer Snaps Orcas Hunting Dolphin Off Monterey — See Photos (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1/2/17).

Sperms, Orcas Getting  Too Good at Stealing Long-Line Fishermen’s Catch — See Photos (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/1/17).

Whales in NYC’s East River, Off Jersey Shore on New Year’s Eve — See Photos (, 1/1/17).