Captivity 2016

December 2016

Study: Offered Selfish or Shared Pleasures, Captives Bottlenose Choose Shared (MARMAM, 12/15/16).

Vancouver Report: Time to End Whale Captivity, Stop Pretending Captive Studies Justify Practice — See Video (Vancouver Sun, 12/14/16).

SeaWorld to Open Orca-Free Park in Abu Dhabi (Orlando Sentinel, 12/13/16). Read more, see more photos and video here. See news report here.

SeaWorld Hurting Financially but Not Giving Up Orcas (Motherboard, 12/8/16).

SeaWorld Cutting More Than 300 Jobs (Orlando Sentinel, 12/6/16).

Got BC Property for Captive Orca Retirement Home? Whale Sanctuary Project Needs You! (CBC News, 12/4/16).

SeaWorld Team Rescues Bottlenose Stranded on Sanibel Island FL — See Photo (, 12/2/16).

Game of Thrones Star: Help Stop Dolphin Slaughter, Don’t Visit Captive Facilities (The Washington Post, 12/2/16).

November 2016

Florida Manatee Rescued from Storm Drain, Sent to SeaWorld Orlando for Rehab — See Photos & Video (12 News Now, 11/30/16). See more video here.

Sea World Australia Saves Pregnant Female Dolphin Caught on Shark Hook — See Photos & Video (, 11/29/16). See more video here.

Aurora’s Death Prompts Vancouver Official to Call for Public Vote on Captivity (The Globe and Mail, 11/27/16).

Captive-Born Beluga Aurora Dies at Vancouver Aquarium 9 Days after Daughter Qila — See Photos (CBC News, 11/25/16). Read more here. See more photos here.

China Facility Proud that 2-Month-Old Captive-Born Beluga is Still Alive — See Photo (Quartz, 11/22/16).

Vancouver Board Wants Voters to Decide if Aquarium Should Keep Holding Whales in Captivity (The Province, 11/18/16).

Nova Scotia, BC, Washington State, Maine All Possible Sites for 1st Captive Dolphin & Whale Sea Sanctuary (CBC News, 11/17/16).

Aurora, Mother of 21-Year-Old Beluga who Died at Vancouver Aquarium, Now Also Suddenly Ill — See Photo (CTV News Vancouver, 11/17/16). Read more here and here. See video here.

21-Year-Old, Captive-Born Beluga Qila Dies at Vancouver Aquarium — See Photos & News Report (CTV News Vancouver, 11/16/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Advocate Films Disgusting Conditions for Captive Dolphins at Taiji Whale Museum — See Video (The Dodo, 11/16/16).

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to Receive 4 Rescued Baby Manatees, Ships 5th to Miami Seaquarium — see Photos (The Columbus Dispatch, 11/6/2016).

Solomon Island Officials Free 30 Dolphins Illegally Captured for Captive Trade (EcoWatch, 11/5/16).

2 Pygmy Sperm Whales Found in Mississippi Marsh Returned to Gulf — See Video (UPI, 11/4/16).

SeaWorld San Diego’s New Stage will  Make Orca Tank Look Like Natural Setting — See Photo (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/2/16). Read more here.

October 2016

NMFS Declares Russian Beluga Population Depleted, Import of Captives Illegal (Animal Welfare Institute, 10/27/16).

Pregnant Manatee Spotted Off Cape Cod to Go from Mystic Aquarium to SeaWorld Orlando for Rehab (WJTV 12, 10/14/16).

Whale Sanctuary Project Scouting Sites in B.C., Maine, Nova Scotia (CTV News Atlantic, 10/14/16).

Albino Dolphin Spared Death in Taiji Slaughter Now Lives in Disgusting Tank in Taiji Facility — See Video (One Green Planet, 10/13/16). Read more, see more photos & video here.

Trip Advisor Won’t Sell Tickets to Attractions Featuring Captive Wild, Endangered Animals (The New York Times, 10/11/16). Read more here.

Ruling: Amended  Investor Lawsuit Claiming SeaWorld Lied about Negative Financial Impact of Blackfish Can Proceed (, 10/11/16)

PETA Launches “Send Corky Home” Campaign with Protest at SeaWorld San Diego — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 10/10/16).

Book Review: The Orca Who Changed the World Tells Story of First Captive (The Bellingham Herald, 10/6/16).

SeaWorld CEO Talks UP Organization’s Future  — See Photos (USA Today, 10/3/16).

Feds Approach, Shy Away from Reconsidering Whether Orca Lolita’s Miami Seaquarium Tank Meets Standards — See Photo (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 10/3/16).

September 2016

SeaWorld Suspends Stock Dividends as Attendance Declines (Orlando Sentinel, 9/19/16). Read more here.

Agency Officials Dodge Declaring Orca Lolita’s Miami Seaquarium Tank Substandard (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 9/15/16).

WDC Pushes for End to All Dolphin, Whale Captivity (One Green Planet, 9/13/16).

PETA: Captive Male Beluga Abusing Female at Georgia Aquarium — See Photo (PETA, 9/9/16).

5 Baby Bottlenose Born into Captivity at SeaWorld Discovery Cove — See Photo (, 9/8/16). See more photos here.

Georgia Aquarium May Try to Import Belugas from Canada Aquarium (Marketplace, 9/7/16).

SeaWorld Attendance, Stock Still Suffering (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/7/16).

August 2016

Writer Laments Cruel Irony of “Dolphin Day” in Japan, Mourns Inhumanity to Dolphins & Whales (The Guardian, 8/30/16).

5 Bottlenose Shipped from California to New Facility in Arizona Desert — See Photos & Video (, 8/30/16). See news report here.

Captive Dolphins Shipped from Finland to Greece — See Photos & Video (Seeker, 8/29/16).

Ex-Orca Trainer John Hargrove Not Letting Up on SeaWorld — Listen to Radio Interview (Mother Jones, 8/28/16).

New Documentary Born to Be Free Exposes Horrors of Beluga Capture, Captivity (, 8/23/16).

Marine Mammal Commission Finally Agrees: Lolita’s Tank is Substandard — See Diagrams (Broward-Palm Beach New Times, 8/22/16).

Unsealed Documents Expose Lolita’s Suffering at Miami Seaquarium — See Video (The Dodo, 8/18/16). Read more here.

5-Year-Old Rescued Harbor Porpoise, “Jack,” Dies at Vancouver Aquarium — See Photos (Metro News Vancouver, 8/14/16).

Researcher Lou Herman, Famed for Captive Studies of Dolphin Language Comprehension, Dies at Age 86 (The New York Times, 8/12/16). See beautiful short video of Herman’s advice to aspiring dolphin researchers here.

SeaWorld Not Breeding Orcas, But Still Breeding Belugas — See Photos (The Dodo, 8/12/16).

16-Year-Old, Captive-Born Beluga Luna Gives Birth to 3rd Captive-Bred Calf at SeaWorld San Antonio — See Video (kxan, 8/11/16). Read more, see video here.

PETA to SeaWorld San Antonio: Let Captive-Born, Pregnant Orca Takara Have Last Captive-Bred Baby in Seaside Sanctuary — See Photos & Video (EcoWatch, 8/9/16).

Captive Study: Pregnant Bottlenose “Sing” Signature Whistles to Babies before Birth (LiveScience, 8/9/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Annoyed Captive Bottlenose Grabs iPad from Tourist at SeaWorld Orlando – See Video (People, 8/9/16). Read more here.

Old Wine, New Wineskins: SeaWorld Tries to Sell Public on New Orca Shows — See Videos (Space Coast Daily, 8/8/16).

8-Year-Old Male Beluga “Miki” Dies 6 Months after Transport from Shedd to Mystic Aquarium for Breeding Purposes  — See Photo (, 8/7/16). Read more, see photo here and here.

SeaWorld Stocks Fall on Reported 7.6% Drop in Attendance (The Dodo, 8/4/16). Read more here.

After 3 Consumer Suits against SeaWorld for False Advertising Get Tossed, Judge Denies SeaWorld Request to Toss 4th (Orlando Sentinel, 8/3/16).

July 2016

Kuwait & Iraq Hit Record 129º F. (The Washington Post, 7/23/16).

Report on Worst Captive Facilities Cites Georgia Aquarium for Indoor Beluga Tanks, Other Offenses — See Photos (, 7/20/16). Read about why the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport Ms made the list here.

Opinion: SeaWorld Should Send Captive Orcas to Sea Pens (Huffington Post, 7/19/16).

2 Rehabilitated Pygmy Killer Whales Released Back into Gulf — See Video (SunHerald, 7/19/16).

New Report Details Mistreatment of Captive Orcas at Loro Parque — See Photos (One Green Planet, 7/18/16). Learn more here, here, here and here. See the full report here.

Singer Adele Gets Heat for Nuzzling Captive Beluga, Swooning about it in Concert  (EXPOSÉ.ie, 7/15/16). Read more here.

Tilikum’s Health Said to be Improving — See Video (Inquisitr, 7/1/16).

June 2016

Dolphins Going to Swim Program in Arizona Desert Despite Protests (The Dodo, 6/27/16).

SeaWorld San Antonio Gets New Head to Lead Park in More Eco-Oriented Direction (San Antonio, 6/25/16)

Georgia Aquarium Swears Off Taking Animals from Wild after Failure, Fall Out from Beluga Captures (The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, 6/22/16). Learn about the documentary on the Russian beluga captures here.

SeaWorld CEO Rejects Moving Captive Orcas to Sea Sanctuaries (Orlando Sentinel, 6/20/16).

New Documentary Hopes to do for Captured Belugas what Blackfish did for Orcas (The Hollywood Reporter, 6/16/16). See the trailer here.

Advocates Push Plans for Moving Captive Orcas to Sea Sanctuaries — See Photos & Videos (takepart, 6/14/16).

National Aquarium in Baltimore Will Move Captive Dolphins to Sea Sanctuary by 2020 — See Photos & Video Report (The Washington Post, 6/14/16). Read more, see more photos and news reports here, here, here and here.

Pilot Whale “Bubbles,” Captured from Wild, Dies at SeaWorld San Diego at Age 50+ — See Photos (The Guardian, 6/11/16).

Disney’s Finding Dory Anti-Captivity Message Could be Bad News for SeaWorld (Yahoo! Finance, 6/10/16).

Advocates Charge Agency Ignores Rules to Approve Orca Lolita’s Substandard Tank at Miami Seaquarium — See Diagram (Broward-Palm Beach New Times, 6/8/16).

More Video Emerges of Wild-Caught Captive Orca Morgan Stranding Self on Slide-Out at Loro Parque — See Video (The Dodo, 6/8/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here and here.

Closing Singapore Facility Sends Captive Pink Dolphins, Other Marine Mammals to China (Today Online, 6/7/16)

Judge Throws Out Latest Suit against Miami Seaquarium over Captive Orca Lolita (NBC Miami, 6/4/16).

Solomon Islanders Stopped from Selling Wild Dolphins to Captive Facilities (RNZ, 6/2/16).

Why Is Orca Morgan Alone on Slide-Out at Loro Parque? See Video (One Green Planet, 6/1/16).

May 2016

Report: SeaWorld San Diego Attendance Down 7% over Previous Year  (The San Diego Union Tribune, 5/25/16).

SeaWorld Says Tilikum’s Health Slightly Improved — See Video Statement (WFTV 9, 5/24/16).

Noted Dolphin, Orca Researchers Support Sea Sanctuaries for Captives (Newsweek, 5/24/16).

Visitor Films Baby Dolphin Alone in Tank, Ignored by Staff at Loro Parque — See Video (One Green Planet, 5/24/16). Learn more about the video here.

San Antonio Newspaper Investigates Marine Mammal Deaths at SeaWorld Parks — See Photos & Charts (Houston Chronicle, 5/21/16). Read more here.

Whale Sanctuary Project Formed to Move Captives to Sea Pens Gets Air Time — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 5/18/16). Learn more about The Whale Sanctuary Project here.

Groups Sue USDA for Issuing Permit to Miami Seaquarium’s New Owner (Miami Herald, 5/18/16).

SeaWorld Orlando Caring for Injured Manatee Mom, Her Calf, Orphaned Baby — See News Report (Fox 35 Orlando, 5/18/16). See more video here.

Class Action Suit Charging SeaWorld Duped Customers Dismissed (Courthouse News Service, 5/17/16).

SeaWorld San Antonio Opens Swim-with-Dolphins Attraction (ABC, 5/17/16).

Credit Suisse Downgrades SeaWorld Stock (CNBC, 5/12/16).

Taiji Still Selling Dolphins Caught in Drive Hunt Documented in The Cove (Japan Today, 5/12/16).

Pacific White-sided Calf Learns to Swim in Circles in Tank at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium — See Video (, 5/9/16). See more photos and video herehere and here.

Activists Want to End Dolphin Captivity in Queensland, Australia — See Slide Show & Video (the, 5/9/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Anti-Captivity Activists Protest outside Georgia Aquarium for “Empty the Tanks” Day — See Photos (, 5/7/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Nonprofit Forms to Create Natural Sanctuary for Former Captive Dolphins, Whales (Business Wire, 5/5/16). Read more herehere and here.

SeaWorld Share Values Tank (Bloomberg, 5/5/16). Read more here.

SeaWorld CEO: No More Silly Circus Tricks for Captive Orcas (Bloomberg, 5/2/16).

The Life of an Orca, Captive v. Free — See Photos (One Green Planet, 5/1/16).

April 2016

SeaWorld CEO Won’t Promise Not to Breed Other Marine Mammals (The San Diego Union Tribune, 4/29/16).

Researcher Defends Working with Captive Dolphins — See Photos (Huffpost Science, 4/28/16).

PETA: SeaWorld Should Send Captive Orcas to Seaside Sanctuaries (Los Angeles Times, 4/28/16). Read more here.

Jean-Michel Cousteau: SeaWorld Should Free Captive Orcas (The Guardian, 4/27/16).

Opinion: Vancouver Aquarium Wrong to Try to Stifle Critical Documentary (Vancouver Sun, 4/27/16). Read more here. See the film, Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, here.

Visitor Films Orca Later ID’d as Wild-Born Morgan in High Distress at Loro Parque — See Video (One Green Planet, 4/26/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here here and here.

Activists Want Miami Seaquarium to Free Wild-Born Lolita — See Photos & Video (Independent, 4/24/16). Read more here.

Advocates Want Marineland Antibes to Stop Breeding Orcas — See Photos (One Green Planet, 4/20/16).

SeaWorld San Diego Drops Lawsuit against California Coastal Commission over Orca-Breeding Ban (Fox 5, 4/20/16).

Activists, Public Protest Bringing Captive Dolphins to Arizona Desert for Swim Program — See News Report (12News, 4/19/16). Read more herehere and here. See more photos and video here.

Wild-Born Pacific White-Sided Gives Birth at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium — See Photo (ABC 7 News, 4/19/16). See video of the birth and watch mom, Katrl, guide baby away from tank walls here. Learn how often mom has been shipped around for breeding purposes here.

SeaWorld San Diego Withdraws Bid to Expand Orca Tanks (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 4/19/16).

Monterey Encounter: Orcas as They Should Be Seen — See Video (sfist, 4/18/16).

Tilikum Update: Health Still Deteriorating (, 4/18/16).

New SeaWorld CEO Talks at Length about Changes, Challenges, New Direction — See Video (Orlando Sentinel, 4/18/16).

Captive Study: Dolphins “Talk” More when Working Together to Solve a Problem — See Photos (New Scientist, 4/15/16). Read more here. See more photos and video here.

Former SeaWorld CEO Resigns from Board but Keeps Paycheck (Orlando Sentinel, 4/15/16).

Other Marine Life Worried: Will SeaWorld Come After Them Next? (The Onion, 4/14/16). Thanks to Deborah Wilburn for this item.

Lily Tomlin Reprises Ernestine the Operator for PETA in Anti-SeaWorld Spot — See Video (Orlando Sentinel, 4/14/16).

College Student Films Deep Rake Marks on Flank of Young Male Orca at SeaWorld San Diego — See Video (The Dodo, 4/14/16).

Judge Dismisses Shareholder Suit Claiming SeaWorld Lied about Blackfish Effect on Attendance — See News Report (, 4/11/16).

Young Half-Sister Orcas Fight during “Dine with Shamu” Show at SeaWorld San Antonio — See Photos (The Dodo, 4/11/16).

• 2 Young False Killer Whales Stranded on Mississippi Coast Still Alive at Gulfport Facility — See News Report (WWL TV, 4/8/16).

Not Everyone Happy with SeaWorld, HSUS Alliance (Inquisitr, 4/8/16).

• Japanese Court Rules Taiji Facility Can’t Bar Activists from Visiting Dolphins Captured during Annual Slaughter (Huffpost Green, 4/5/16).

NMFS Proposes Rule to Ensure Captive Industry Never Imports Russian Belugas (takepart, 4/4/16). Read more here.

Rare Albino Dolphin Caught in Annual Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Now on Exhibit in Taiji Tank — See Photos (The Dodo, 4/3/16).

SeaWorld, HSUS Want Obama Administration to Put Anti-Whaling Pressure on Japan — See Photos (Huffington Post, 4/2/16)


March 2016

Kelly Flaherty Clark and Joe Sanchez with Tilikum, right, and Trua, SeaWorld Orlando, 3/7/11 / Phelan M. Ebenhack, AP, Stamford Advocate / Click to lean more.

Researcher: More We Learn about Wild Orcas, More We Know Captivity Must End (Chicago Tribune, 3/31/16).

SeaWorld Opens Manatee Rehab Center to Public Viewing – See News Report (, 3/30/16).

SeaWorld Reveals Preliminary Plans for Captive Orcas (Orlando Weekly, 3/29/16).

Sea Shepherd Files Complaint against Marineland in Antibes after Captive Orca Dies as Result of Storm — See Photos (Independent, 3/28/16). Read more, see more photos here.

 Humane Society, SeaWorld Find Common Ground for Sake of Captive Orcas — Read Joint Statement (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/24/16)

Advocates Want Loro Parque’s Wild-Born, SeaWorld-Owned Orca Morgan Returned to Sea? — See Photos (The Telegraph, 3/22/16).

Former SeaWorld Orca Trainer: Why I Quit — See Photos (Vox, 3/22/16).

Miami Seaquarium’s Wild-born Lolita Kept in Substandard Tank — See Photos & Diagram (Miami New Times, 3/21/16). Read more here and here.

Where Does SeaWorld Go from Here? See Photos (Stamford Advocate, 3/19/16)

Expert Discusses History of Military Dolphins after Russia Says It Wants to Buy 5 Animals — See Documentary on U.S. Navy Dolphins (CBC Radio, 3/18/16).

Facility in Tenerife that Built Orca Show on Captive-Borns Sent from SeaWorld says it Will Not Stop Breeding (The Telegraph, 3/18/16).

Overlooked in SeaWorld’s “No More Orca Breeding” Announcement: SeaWorld San Antonio’s Takara is Pregnant — See Photos and Video (The Dodo, 3/18/16).

Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson Looks Back on Tilikum’s Life — See Photos (One Green Planet, 3/18/16).

6 Post SeaWorld Announcement Animal Scandals that Deserve Attention (The Guardian, 3/18/16).

End to Captive Orca Breeding: A Timeline  — See Photos (Upworthy, 3/17/16).

TV Reporting Team Films Trainer Masturbating Captive Dolphin in Netherlands — See Footage and 30-Minute TV Report (The Huffington Post, 3/17/16).

After SeaWorld Announcement, Advocates ask, “What about Miami Seaquarium’s Lolita?”— See News Report (CBS Miami, 3/17/16). Read more here.

SeaWorld Sees the Light, Announces It Will No Longer Breed Orcas — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 3/17/16). Read more, see more news reports herehere, here, here, here, here and here.

Dolphin Trainer, New Georgia Aquarium VP, Dead of Apparent Suicide after Tapes Leaked of Alleged Dolphin Abuse (Newsweek, 3/14/16). Read more here.

Baby Product Company CEO Offers to Underwrite Sanctuary for Tilikum, Other Captive Orcas — See Photos & Video (Inquisitr, 3/11/16).

Activist Completes Month of “Living Like Lolita” in Bathtub outside Miami Seaquarium — See Video Report (Miami New Times, 3/10/16).

Russian Defense Ministry in Market for 5 Dolphins (The Guardian, 3/9/16). Read more here and here.

SeaWorld Orlando Announces Tilikum is Extremely Ill — See Video Report (Orlando Sentinel, 3/8/16). Read more, see more video reports here, here, here and here.

Georgia Aquarium to Launch New Dolphin Show This Month (, 3/7/16). Read more, see photo here.

What’s the Best Future for Long-Captive Lolita? (NBC Miami, 3/5/16).

February 2016

Suits Claiming SeaWorld Defrauds Customers Return to Court (Orlando Sentinel, 2/29/16)

Fired SeaWorld Honcho Fred Jacobs Allegedly Directed Spying on Activists — See Photos (The Dodo, 2/26/16).

SeaWorld Admits Spying on Anti-Captivity Activists (The New York Times, 2/25/16). Read more here. See news report here.

Credit Where Due: SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team Frees Entangled Humpback — See Video (Daily Mail, 2/23/16).

Big Shakeup in SeaWorld Top Brass — See News Report (USA Today, 2/19/16). Read more here and here.

Vancouver Aquarium Sue Filmmaker of Anti-Captivity Doc Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered  (CBC News, 2/17/16). Learn more, watch the film here.

Study: 3/4 of Bacteria in Mouths of Captive Navy Dolphins New to Science (Stanford Medicine News Center, 2/17/16).

Washington State Lawmakers Introduce New Bill to End Captivity (, 2/16/16)

China’s Booming Ocean Park Business Built on Wild Captures, Substandard Conditions for Belugas, Other Animals — See Photos (The Washington Post, 2/9/16).

12-Year-Old Male Pacific White-sided Dolphin Dies at SeaWorld San Antonio (The Dodo, 2/9/16).

SeaWorld Orlando, Georgia Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium Shuffle Belugas (Orlando Sentinel, 2/8/16).

• “Free Lolita” Protester to Live for 1 Month in Bathtub Outside Miami Seaquarium (Miami New Times, 2/5/16). Read more, see photos & video here.

Federal Agency Proposes Revised Rules for Care of Captive Marine Mammals (Federal Register, 2/3/16).

SeaWorld Will Not Replenish Shrinking Collection of Captive Commerson’s Dolphins — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 2/1/16).

January 2016

More Bad Press for SeaWorld (Central Florida Future, 1/31/16).

USDA Finally Proposes New Rules to Improve Conditions for Captive Marine Mammals (Discovery News, 1/29/16).

Influence Much? President of SeaWorld San Diego Elected Chair of San Diego Chamber of Commerce (Times of San Diego, 1/28/16).

Georgia Aquarium Defends Keeping, Breeding Belugas in Tanks — See News Report (WSB-TV 2, 1/28/16).

PETA Ad Lampoons SeaWorld Orca Breeding Techniques — See Ad (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/27/16).

Shedd Aquarium White-sided Karl Pregnant after Being Shipped to Miami Seaquarium to Conceive (ABC Eyewitness News, 1/26/16). Read more here

Group Claims Undercover Footage Proves Marineland Canada Abuses Captive Belugas—See Film Clip (Toronto Sun, 1/26/16).

New Documentary Examines Vancouver Aquarium Beluga Breeding Loan Program — See News Report (CTV News Vancouver, 1/26/16). Read more here. See the trailer and full documentary here.

SeaWorld Rumored to Be Expanding Hotel Business (Jacksonville Business Journal, 1/26/16).

SeaWorld Removing Recently-Installed Fast-Rising Floors from Orca Tanks — See News Report (Orlando Sentinel, 1/22/16).

SeaWorld Orlando Ends Swim-with-Belugas Program (Orlando Sentinel, 1/21/16).

Greek Education Ministry Advises Against Class Outings to Captive Facilities (WDC, 1/20/16). Thanks to Marsha Wallace for this item.

 Commerson’s Dolphin Dies after Transfer from SeaWorld San Diego to SeaWorld Orlando (WFLA News Channel 8, 1/18/16). See photos and get the full, sad story here.

Miami Seaquarium Releases Rehabbed Manatee — See News Report (, 1/13/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

SeaWorld Orlando Returns 3 Rehabbed Manatees to Banana River, FL — See Photos (Bay News 9, 1/13/16).

SeaWorld Orlando, Texas Aquarium Do a Dolphin Shuffle (CBS Miami, 1/12/16).

Marine Mammal Advocates, Captive Industry Argue Feasibility of Sea Pens for Captive Orcas (Los Angeles Times, 1/3/16).