Captivity 2019

July 2019

Maya, National Aquarium / National Aquarium, The Baltimore Sun / Click for more.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Holidays Follows Thomas Cook Lead, Stops Selling Tickets to Captive Dolphin/Whale Experiences — See Photos (BBC News, 7/16/19).

New Documentary Explores History, Future of Orca Captivity — See Photos (Forbes, 7/10/19).

18-Year-Old Captive Born Bottlenose Maya Euthanized at Maryland’s National Aquarium — See Photo (The Baltimore Sun, 7/8/19).

Beluga Calf Born at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium — See Video (AP, YouTube, 7/5/19). Read more, see more photos and video here, here and here.

June 2019

New Report Documents Why Orcas Don’t Belong in Tanks — See Photos (Big Think, 6/29/19). Read more here.

5 Captive-Born Black Rhinos from European Zoos, Safari Parks Flown to Rwanda for Release into Akagera Park — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 6/24/19). See more video here.

Report: Raising, Releasing Captive Monarchs Not Good for Butterflies or Science — See Photo (NPR, 6/24/19). Read more here.

Two 12-Year-Old, Wild-Born Female Belugas Moved from Captive Facility in Shanghai to Sea-Pen Sanctuary in Iceland — See Photos (The Guardian, 6/19/19). Read more, see more photos and videos here.

Congress Scrutinizing FDA, NIH Research on Primates as Chimp Studies Decline, Use of Other Species Increases (STAT, 6/17/19).

Canada Bans Keeping Dolphins, Whales in Captivity — See Photos (CBC News, 6/10/19). Read more, see more photos here, here and here.

Researchers Breeding Cephalopods in Captivity for Lab Experiments — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 6/3/19).

• Raccoon Dogs of East Asia Escape Enclosure in U.K, Could Become Invasive Species if Any Escape Zoos in U.S. — See Photo (The Atlantic, 6/1/19).

May 2019

Tam, Malaysia's last male Sumatran Rhino / Borneo Rhino Alliance, Smithsonian / Click for more.

Tam, Malaysia’s Last Male Sumatran Rhino, Dies in Captivity at Age 30+ — See Photos (Smithsonian, 5/29/19). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Female Green Anaconda Gives Virgin Birth at New England Aquarium — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/24/19).

Critically Endangered Eastern Black Rhino Gives Birth at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Z0o  (5/21/19).

2 Captive Belugas Moving from Chinese Facility to Open-Water Sanctuary in Iceland — See Photo & Video (Travel & Leisure, 5/20/19). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

April 2019

Beluga in Harnass Approaches Norwegian Fishing Boats, Thought to Belong to Russian Navy — See Video (The Guardian, 4/29/19). Read more, see more photos here.

March 2019

Smithsonian Zoo Inseminates Female Panda with Sperm of Interested Male Panda in Neighboring Enclosure — See Photos & Video (NPR, 3/30/19).

Marine Mammal Advocates Publish 5th Edition of Case Against Captivity (Marmam, 3/29/19). Download report here.

Captive, Critically Endangered Lamur Leopard Pair Produce 2 Surviving Cubs at Connecticut Zoo — See Photos (Earther, 3/11/19).

February 2019

Kai, undated, Dolphinaris Arizona / Dolphinaris Arizona / Click for more.

Dolphinarus AZ Sends Last 4 Surviving Bottlenose to Facility in St. Thomas — See News Report (Fox News, 2/21/19).

SeaWorld Names Carnival Cruise Line Exec as New CEO (Orlando Weekly, 2/11/19).

Navy Defends Using Dolphins for Military Purposes, Advocates Urge Public to See Abuse for What It Is — See Photos & Video (Hakai, 5/5/19). Read more, see more photos here.

22-Year-Old Kai, Euthanized at Dolphinarus AZ, 4th Bottlenose to Die at Facility in 16 Months — See Photo (New York Post, 2/1/19). Read more here.

January 2019

Kayla, undated, location unknown / PETA / Click for more.

Captive-Born Orca Kayla Dies Suddenly at Age 30 at SeaWorld Orlando — See Video (Orlando Sentinel, 1/28/19). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, herehere and here.

Advocates Concerned Wild Orcas Being Kept in Russian Sea Pens Could Freeze in Winter Cold — See Photos & Video (Independent, 1/26/19).

Canada Moves 1 Step Closer to Banning Marine Mammal Captivity (Niagara Now, 1/11/19).

37-year-old captive Lowland Gorilla, Ndume, The Gorilla Foundation, Woodside, CA, undated / The Gorilla Foundation / Click for more.

PETA Supports Cincinnati Zoo Suit Demanding California Facility Return 37-Year-Old Male Gorilla Loaned Out in 1991 — See Photo (, 1/10/19).

3rd Dolphin Dies at Captive Facility in Arizona (The Daily Beast, 1/1/19). Read more, see photos and video here and here.