Dolphins & Whales 2015

December 2015

Humpbacks Slow to Return to Hawaiian Waters This Winter — See Photo (Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 12/30/15).Read more here and here.

Why Do Dolphins, Whales Strand? See Photos & Video (New Republic, 12/29/15).

Large Sei Whale Strands, Dies on Galveston Beach — See Slide Show (, 12/22/15). See video here. Read more, see another photo here.

State of Maine to Acquire Soft-Bottomed Boats to Reduce Risks to Whales, Humans in De-Entanglement Work — See Photo

Premiere Orca Researcher Recalls Birth of Photo ID’ing — See Photos (Marmam, 12/20/15, Hakai Magazine, 9/30/15).

NOAA Uses Unmanned Aircraft to Assess Stranded Cook Inlet Beluga Mother-Calf Pair — See Slide Show and Footage (NOAA, with thanks to Bethany Augliere for Facebook post).

Paddle-boarder Gets Close to Humpbacks Feeding in Glass-Calm Waters Off Jersey Shore — See Video (, 12/10/15).

Researchers ID Previously Unknown Species of Sperm Whale from Bone Fossils — See Photo & Illo (, 12/9/15).

Researchers Study Effects of Fishing-Gear Entanglement on Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales — See Photo & Illo (, 12/9/15)

More and More Whales Getting Entangled in Fishing Gear Off California — See News Report (USA Today, 12/9/15). Read more here and here. Listen to a radio broadcast here.

Mexico Ups Efforts to Save Near-Extinct Vaquitas — See Photo (Los Angeles Times, 12/8/15).

Endangered Pacific Northwest Southern Resident Orcas Welcome Another New Calf — See Photos (The Dodo, 12/7/15).

Humpbacks Recorded in Hawaii Making Heartbeat-Like Sound Never Recorded Before (, 12/7/15). Read more, see photos and watch video with audio here and here.

Study Proves the Obvious: BC’s Endangered Southern Resident Orcas are Bombarded with Ship Noise (Nature World News, 12/4/15). Read more herehere, here and here.

Fossil Find: Oldest-and-Smallest-Known Baleen Whale Had Teeth — See Photo (Scientific American, 12/4/15). Find the full study with fossil photos and diagrams here.

November 2015

Hong Kong Bridge Construction, Airport Expansion Could Be Last Blows for Few Remaining Pink Dolphins — See Photo (The Washington Post, 11/30/15).  See news report here.

Study: BC’s Northern Resident Orcas Share Food with Family Members (National Post, 11/30/15).

Japan Still Determined to Kill Whales — See Photos (Maclean’s, 11/30/15). Read more here. See more photos and news report here.

Sea Shepherd Releases Horrific Video of Taiji Fisherman Killing Pilot Whale — Watch Advisedly (The Maritime Executive, 11/28/15).

Study: For Some Whale Species, Big Size, Other Traits that Give Males Mating Edge Come at Cost — See Photos, Listen to Radio Segment, Read Study (89.3KPCC,, 11/27/15).

Drone Captures Footage of Belugas Living Free and Wild— See Video (CBC News, 11/25/15).

Study: Humpbacks Migrating from New Caledonia to Antarctic Take Long Breaks around  Underwater Mountains, Scientists Not Sure Why (New Scientist, 11/25/15)

2 Pilot Whales Suffocate on Fish Caught in Blowholes — See Graphic Photo (New Scientist, 11/24/15).

Smart Sperm Whales Stealing Catch Off Fisherman’s Lines in Alaska (Newsweek, 11/22/15).

337 Whales Found Dead in Southern Chile in Biggest Stranding on Record – See Photos (National Geographic, 11/20/15).

Attacking Gulls Now Targeting Right Whale Moms & Calves Off Argentina — See Photo (Discover, 11/20/15). Listen to a radio broadcast here.

Critically Endangered Right Whales Returning to Nursery Waters Off Georgia, SC, FL, Boaters Asked to Take Care (, 11/20/15).

Pilot Whales Rounded Up for Taiji Slaughter Huddle in Tight Group — See Photos & Video (The Dodo, 11/19/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Discovery of 3 Dead Fins on BC Coast Raises Large Whale Death Total  to 10 — See Photo (The Vancouver Sun, 11/19/15).

Divers Interact with Sperm Whales — See Photos (Daily Mail, 11/19/15).

Researchers Dissect Stranded 70-Foot Blue Whale on Oregon Beach — See Photos (Smithsonian, 11/18/15).

Australian Court Fines Japanese Company for Illegal Whaling in Antarctic Sanctuary (The Japan Times, 11/18/15). Read more here. See photos here and here.

Tampa FL Dolphin Tour Boat Captain: Dolphins Respond to Yanni Music (Discovery News, 11/16/15).

Group says Russian Waters New Home to Orca, Beluga Capture Trade (Aljazeera America, 11/14/15).

Researchers Try 2 Approaches to Studying Beaked Whales Off California — See Photo & Illustration (Wired, 11/13/15).

NMFS Sets Limits on Navy Exercises in Gulf of Alaska (Juneau Empire, 11/13/15).

NMFS Gives Navy OK on Exercises in Pacific Northwest, Says Impact on Endangered Orcas Not That Bad (U.S. News & World Report, 11/12/15).

Ruling Forces Navy to Reassess How California-Hawaii Exercises will Affect Marine Mammals, Turtles (Animal Welfare Institute, 11/12/15). Read more here.

Migrating Humpbacks Thrill, Scare Boaters Off New Jersey — See Videos (, 11/12/15).

Researchers I.D. False Killer Whale Stranded on Big Island as Female Member of Endangered Population — See Photos (, 11/11/15).

Puget Sound Southern Resident Orcas Visit Inner Harbor for First Time Since Capture Operations 50 Years Ago — See Photos (Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, 11/11/15).

Nala the Humpback Seen with 12th Calf off Western Australia — See Photos (,  11/9/15).

Researchers Record Song of Endangered, Elusive Antarctic Blue Whale for First Time Ever — See Photo, Hear Recordings (RN,, 11/9/15). Hear the half-hour radio program here.

Southern Right Whale Study Links Shared Migratory Routes, Feeding Grounds to Genetic Relatedness, Maternal Learning (, 11/9/15). Read more here.

Freediving Photographers Share Images of Interacting with Sperm Whales — See Images (, 11/8/15).

Emaciated Blue Whale Washes Up in Oregon — See Photos & Video (The Register Guard, 11/8/15).

NRDC Screens Sonic Sea, New Film about Ocean Noise Pollution in NYC on 10/6 — See Trailer (Vimeo). Learn more about the film here.

Why So Many Minkes in Scottish Waters? — See Photo (The Scotsman, 11/6/15).

NMFS Investigating if Navy Sonar Killed 2 Bottlenose Dolphins in Dan Diego (Breitbart, 11/4/15).

Study: Dolphins in Gulf Spill-Affected Waters Die Sooner, Babies Don’t Survive (LiveScience, 11/4/15). Read more here.

Study: Female Dolphins in Brazil Pass Toxins in Sunscreens, Insecticides to Fetus (Marmam, 11/3/15). Find the study here.

10 Pilot Whales Strand in Calais, 7 Die, 3 Returned to Sea — See News Report (BBC News, 11/3/15). Read more, see more photos here.

Australian Authorities to Test Letting Tourists Swim with Humpbacks in Ningaloo Marine Park (The Guardian, 11/1/15). Read more here and here.

October 2015

Baja Whale-Watchers Get to Pet Grays and More — See Video (WhaleofaTime, YouTube, 11/31/15).

Crews Free Humpback Entangled in Lobster Nets Off La Jolla — See Video (La Jolla Patch, 10/31/15). See more video here.

Experts Suspect Bottlenose Dolphins Attacked Pilot Whale Calf Found Stranded, Injured in Scotland — See Photo (BBC News, 10/30/15).

Filmmakers Get First Footage of Male Humpbacks Defending Mom & Calf from Attack by Orcas — See Video (BBC Earth, 10/30/15).

Researchers Share Underwater Footage of Mysterious Omura’s Whale — See Videos, Maps, Photos (Gizmodo, 10/29/15).

Humane Society International Australia Wants Japanese Whaling Company Held in Contempt of Court (The Guardian, 10/28/15).

Surfer Magazine: Use SeaWorld Orcas for Surfer Shark Patrol — See 2014 Footage of Orcas Hunting Shark (Surfer Magazine, 10/28/15).

Right Whales Abandoning Bay of Fundy? See Photo, Hear Radio Report (CBC News, 10/28/15).

Marine Biologist who Works with U.S. Navy Argues Benefits of Exposing Whales, Dolphins to  Sonar — See Photos (Aljazeera America, 10/26/15).

Whale-Watching Boat Sinks Off B.C., 5 Die — See News Report (CBC News, 10/26/15). Read more, see more photos and news reports here and here.

Study Links Rise in Right Whale Calf Deaths off Argentina to  Toxic Algae Blooms — See Photos (, 10/26/15). Read more here. Find the study here.

B.C. Whale-Watching Company, Video Crew Catch Orcas on the Hunt — See Video (CBC News, 10/25/15).

Endangered Puget Sound Southern Resident Orca Community’s J Pod has a New Baby — See Photos (, 10/25/15). See more photos here.

Diver Immersed in Humpback Whale Call Off Queensland — See Video, Listen to Call (The Telegraph, 10/25/15).

NOAA Drones Capture Footage of Wild Orca Mom Nursing Calf and More — See Images (Discover News, 10/23/15). Learn more, see more images herehere and here.

• Researchers Report on First Field Observations of Little-Known Omura’s Whales — See Photos (, 10/22/15).

Young Female Humpback Found Dead in Long Island Sound May Have Died from Ship Strike — See Photos (Greenwich Time, 20/22/15).

Stranding Pygmy Killer Whales Receiving Treatment at Gulfport Facility — See Photos & Video (MS News Now, 10/21/15).

2 Older, Well-Known, Male Members of Long-Studied  Sarasota Resident Bottlenose Population Found Dead — See Photo (Sarasota Patch, 10/20/15). Read more, see another photo here.

Dead Orca in Southeast Alaska ID’d as Female from Offshore Population — See Photos (KFSK, 10/20/15).

Mother and Calf Humpback Swim with Mother and Calf Dolphin Off Eastern Australia — See Drone Footage (The Telegraph, 10/19/15).

Climate Change Could Starve Whales by Killing Krill (Popular Mechanics, 10/19/15).

Enjoy the Orca Animation—Set to Recording of Real Call (, 10/19/15). Thanks to Kalia Doner for this item.

Is Gulf Spill-Triggered Dolphin Die-Off Finally Ending? (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/18/15).

NOAA Investigates Deaths of 33 Whales in Western Gulf of Alaska (Republican Herald, 10/18/15).

Japan Rejects Whaling Limits (The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/19/15).

Drone Captures Footage of White Right Whale Calf Off Western Australia— See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 10/14/15).

West Bengal Plans Reserve to Save River Dolphins (India Today in Education, 10/10/15).

Study: Evidence that Right Whales Inhabit Georgia, SC Waters Almost Year Round Should Prod Evaluation of Off-Shore Activities (Marmam, 10/8/15). Find the study here.

Sightings Suggest Long-Gone Grey Whales May be Southeastern Atlantic — Listen to Radio Report (WNYC, 10/8/15).

Humpbacks Swim under Northern Lights in Norway — See Footage (WPTV5, 10/7/15).

First Humpbacks Arrive in Hawaii — See Photo (U.S. News & World Report, 10/7/15). See video here.

Sperm Whale Clicks Add to Evidence that Whales Have Cultures — Hear Recording (Student Science, 10/6/15).

More Evidence that Dolphins, Whales Mourn Dead — See Video (Huffington Post, 10/5/15).

Suit says Government Approval of Northern Gateway Pipeline Violates Legal Obligation to Protect Humpbacks (CTV News, 10/5/15). Read more here.

Australian Kayakers Filming Dolphins, Rays Feeding on Bait Ball almost Swamped by Lunge-Feeding Whales — See Video (, 10/4/15).

Study: Feeding Blues Adjust Energy Expenditure to Match Abundance of Prey (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/3/15). Read more, see photos here and here.

After Agreeing to Limit Exercises Harmful to Marine Mammals off California, Navy Pushes to Continue Exercises off Pacific Northwest — Listen to News Report (, 10/2/15). Read more here.

Man Says Wave from Unidentified Passing Whales Capsized his Fishing Boat Off Queensland — See Photo (Brisbane Times, 10/1/15).

Iceland Tallies 184 Whales Killed This Year (The Straits Times, 10/1/15). Read more here.

September 2015

False Killer Whale Shows Tour Boat Crew Member her Teeth Off Oahu — See Video (, 9/27/15).

Drone Films Paddle Boarder Getting too Close to Right Whales in SW Australia — See Video (ABC Esperance, 9/25/15).

Slower Ship Speeds in Port of Auckland Seem to be Reducing Whale Deaths (, 9/25/15).

Orca Expert Erich Hoyt on Speaking Tour in British Columbia/Puget Sound (Marmam, 9/24/15).

Leaping Dolphin Soars through Air off Laguna Beach — See Photo (The Orange County Register, 9/23/15)

Belugas Off Connecticut? Humpbacks in Long Island Sound? What’s Going On? See Video (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/23/15). Read more here.

El Niño Conditions Drive Humpbacks Up Oregon’s Columbia River to Feed — See Video (, 9/23/15). Read more, see more video here.

U.S Ambassador to New Zealand Gets Close to Humpbacks — See Video (Stuff., 9/23/15).

Changing Right Whale Migration Patterns Hold Up Whelk-Fishing Season off Cape Breton (Herald News, 9/22/2015). Read more here.

Kayaker Almost Crushed by Breaching Whale Tells the Story — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 9/21/15).

Whale-Watcher Snaps Pic of Seal atop Humpback off Australia — See Photos (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/18/15).

Who Needs Captivity when We Have Orca Cam? See Live, Archived Video of Orcas in Wild (Mashable, 9/16/15). See more video, other live cams, videos and photos here.

2 Humpbacks Spotted in Shallow Long Island Sound — See Photo (, 9/16/15).

 Hong Kong Population of Pink Dolphins Facing Extinction — See Photo (Newsweek, 9/16/15).

U.S. Fisheries to Swordfish Gillnet Fleet: Kill More than 2 Turtles, Marine Mammals in 2 Years, We’ll Shut You Down (Reuters, 9/15/15). Read more here.

Vancouver Port Installs Hydrophones to Monitor Shipping-Noise Impact on Marine Mammals — See Photo (The Vancouver Sun, 9/15/15). Read more here.

San Diego Fisherman Video Orcas Following, Chasing Boat  — See Beautiful Footage, Watch to the End! (Mashable, 9/15/15). Also see video here.

Researchers Report First-Ever Observation of Orcas Harassing Sperm Whales in Gulf of Mexico (Marmam, 9/13/15). Find the report here.

To Settle Suit, Navy Agrees to Limit Sonar, Training Exercises Harmful to Dolphins, Whales Off Hawaii, Southern California (U.S. News & World Report, 9/14/15). Read more herehere, here and here.

Breaching Humpback Knocks Sense into Kayakers Too Close to Feeding Action — See Video (, 9/13/15).

Roger Payne, Co-Discoverer of Humpback Whale Song, Receives Sierra Club Award (Valley News, 9/13/15).

• Did Warm-Water Algae Bloom Kill 36 Whales Off Alaska and BC? (Canada News, 9/12/15). Read more, see news report here.

Underwater Observation of Right Whales off Argentia Disproves Theory on Mating Habits — See Video (, 9/11/15).

Drone Films Dolphins Surfing in One Beautiful Line — See Video (The Dodo, 9/10/15).

Beautiful Orcas from Mexican Waters Appear Off San Clemente — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 9/10/15).

Paddle Boarder Gets Too Close to Hunting Orcas or Vice Versa — See Video (CBC News, 9/10/15).

Writer Describes First Experience in Water with a Sperm Whale — See Photos (The Guardian, 9/10/15).

Tug Hits Humpback Calf, Dead Already or Killed by Strike, on Great Barrier Reef (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/10/15).

• Shark Flings Self onto Rocks to Escape Orcas in New Zealand — See Photos (Daily Mail, 9/9/15).

• 2-lb Chunk of Ambergris, a.k.a Whale Vomit, Goes to Auction in England — See Photo (Newsweek, 9/8/15).

Good News: British Columbia’s Endangered Southern Resident Orcas Produce Another Calf — See Photo (CTV News, 9/8/15). Read more here.

Study: Sperm Whale Vocalization Show Evidence of Culture (National Geographic, 9/8/15). Read more, listen to recordings here.

Observers Report Humpbacks Trying to Foil Orca Attacks on Other Species — See Photos (Huffington Post, 9/815).

Rescuers Search for Blue Whale Tangled in Fishing Line Off L.A. — See News Report (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/6/15). Read more, see an earlier news report here.

Seal Hides Near Whale-Watching Boat in Futile Attempt to Evade Orcas — See Photos & Related Video (Daily Mail, 9/4/15).

A Primer on How Oil-Exploration in Arctic will Hurt Whales (, 9/4/15).

Photographer Gets Great Shot of Spy-Hopping Humpback in Tonga — See Photo (Wired, 9/4/15). See more photos here.

Woman Knocked Off Paddle Board by Breaching Whale in Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, 9/4/15).

Japan Announces Plans to Kill Whales Off Northern Japan (South China Morning Post, 9/3/15). Read more here.

2 Deep Water-Dwelling Pygmy Killer Whales Strand in Mississippi— See News Report (CNN, 9/4/15). Read more here. See another news report here.

A Close-Up Look at Iceland’s Fin-Whaling Industry and the Man Behind It — See Graphic Photos & Video Report (Bloomberg, 9/2/15).

Fossil of Ocean Ancestor to Modern River Dolphin Found Off Panama (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/1/15). Read the study here.

Woman Intent on Giving Birth in Ocean near Dolphins (and Who Knows What Else) —See Photos (, 9/1/15).

August 2015

Study: In Right Circumstances, Lone Stranded Dolphins Can Be Released and Survive (, 8/31/15).

Boaters Get Rare Visit from Pilot Whales Off Cornwall — See Photos (Western Morning News, 8/30/15).

Young Male Fin Whale Killed by Container Ship Washes Up in Alameda, CA — See Photos (, 8/28/15).

Photographer Films Brydes Whales Feeding Off Australia — See Video (, 8/27/15).

Humpbacks Check Out Boat in Shallow, Clear Water Off Australia — See Photos (Herald Sun, 8/27/15).

Drone Operators Fined for Flying Too Close to Orcas Off San Juan Islands (Q13Fox, 8/26/15). See footage here.

Humpbacks Feed Right Next to Whale-watching Boat Off Cape Cod — See Video (, 8/26/15). Also see video here.

NOAA Conducts First-Ever Survey of Endangered North Pacific Right Whales in Gulf of Alaska (USA Today, 8/25/15).

Orcas Give Boaters a Close Look Off Vancouver — See Video (, 8/25/15).

Anti-Whaling Sea Shepherd Ship Bob Barker Refused Entry into Whale-Killing Faroes  (The Guardian, 8/24/15).

Humpback Does Backward Breach Off Brier Island, Nova Scotia — See Photos & Video (CBC News, 8/24/15). Also see video here.

Organization Proposes “Heritage Site” Designation for Best Dolphin/Whale-Watching Destinations (Marmam, 8/24/15). Learn more here.

NOAA to Investigate Whale Die-Off in Alaska — See News Report (Time, 8/23/15).

Drone Captures Footage of Humpbacks, Dolphins, Seals Off Australia — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 8/22/15).

Whale Deaths in BC, Alaska Declared “Unusual Mortality Event” — See News Report (CBC News, 8/21/15). Read more here, here and here.

Sea Shepherd Gears Up for Sixth Year of Monitoring Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji (, 8/21/15).

Scottish Town Cuts Links with Faroes over Whale Slaughter (The Guardian, 8/21/15).

Filmmaker Captures Drone Footage, Underwater Images of Blue Whales — See Video & Photos (, 8/20/15).

White Sperm Whales Spotted off Southern France and Sardinia (Marmam, 8/20/15). Read more, see photos here.

Bottlenose Dolphins Follow Food to Long Island Sound (The Suffolk Times, 8/20/15).

Cruise Lines to Drop Faroe Islands over Whale Slaughter (Express, 8/20/15).

Hamas Captures Alleged Israeli Spy Dolphin (RT, 8/19/15).

Report: Proposed W. Canada-to-St. John Pipeline Threat to Bay of Fundy Marine Mammals, Fishing Industry (CBC News, 8/19/15).

Swimming with Whales: Good Idea or Bad? See Photos (The Guardian, 8/18/15).

Faroe Island Authorities Defend Whale Slaughter (Express, 8/18/15). Read more here.

Pilot Whales Check Out Fishing Tournament off Jersey Coast — See Video (Asbury Park Press, 8/18/15).

• Beluga Whales Swim 550 Miles Up Yukon River (Alaska Dispatch News, 8/17/15).

Right Whale Approaches Australian Boaters for Help with Bag, Line Caught in Mouth, They Respond — See Video (, 8/17/15).

Author Susan Casey Discusses New Book on Dolphins (National Geographic, 8/16/15).

Researchers ID 50-Year-Old Humpback in Alaska — See Photo (The New York Times, 8/14/15, 8/3/15).

Whale-Fossil Graveyard in Saharan Desert was once Bottom of Ancient Sea — See Photos (Daily Mail, 8/14/15).

More Pilot Whales Slaughtered in Faroes (, 8/14/15).

Orcas Check Out Happy Human and Dog in Dinghy — See Video (, 8/13/15).

Wild Belugas Seem Drawn to Cello Music — See Video (UPI, 8/12/15). Learn more here.

Four Dead Humpbacks Wash Up in 1 Week of Central BC—See News Report & Photos (CTV News, 8/12/15). Read more, see more photos here.

New Zealand Diver Gets Surprise Close Pass by Orca — See Video (Huffington Post, 8/12/15).

Researchers Encounter Elusive Transient Orcas Off Canada’s West Coast — See Photo (The Vancouver Sun, 8/11/15).

Researchers Search, Listen for Last 30 Surviving North Pacific Right Whales — See Photos, Listen to Radio Report, Whale Calls (Alaska Public Media, 8/11/15).

Study: Small Change in Fishing Lines Could Help Entangled Whales Break Free (Live Science, 8/10/15).

Migaloo, the White Humpback Returns to Australia, or is it Migaloo, Jr.? See Photos & Videos (, 8/10/15). Read more, see more photos and video herehere, here and here.

Large Group of Socializing Orcas Thrills Whale-watchers Off Galiano Island, BC —See Video (Gary Cullen, YouTube, 8/9/15). Read more, see video and more photos here.

Dog Tries to Swim Away with Pod of Dolphins — See Video (TMZ, 8/9/15).

Whale Researchers Seek Funding for Mini-Copter Photo/Whale Blow Technology — See Photos (, 8/7/15).

Researcher Katy Payne Recalls Discovering that Humpbacks Sing — See Photos, Listen to Interview, Whale Songs (NPR, 8/6/15).

Survival Prospects Dim for Near-Extinct Vaquita — See Photos (, 8/4/15).

July 2015

Study: Different Dolphin Species Fight, Associate, Coexist in Bahamas (IFL Science, 7/26/15). Find the study here.

Kayakers Celebrate Whales on National Whale Day in Australia — See News Report (BBC, 7/26/15).

Icelandic Whaling Honcho thinks Australia Should Kill Humpbacks — See Photos (The Sydney Morning Herald, 7/26/15).

Rarely-Seen Sowerby’s Beaked Whale Washes Up in Plymouth, MA — See Photo (The Boston Globe, 7/25/15). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research, Share Beautiful Footage of Orca Family in San Juan Islands — See Video (One Green Planet, 7/25/15).

Humans Care for Female Orca Trapped on Rocks in British Columbia until Tides Rise — See Photos (One Green Planet, 7/24/15). Learn more, see more photos here.

Florida Wildlife Managers Monitoring Dolphin Horribly Sliced by Boat Propeller off Madiera Beach, FL — See Graphic Photo (The St. Petersburg Tribune, 7/22/15).

Study: Male Dolphins Try to Kill Newborn Calf off Savannah — See Video (The Island Packet, 7/23/15). Read more, see more photos and video here. Read the full study, see photos, video and diagrams here.

Southern Right Whale Off Sydney Beach Looks Pregnant — See Video (, 7/23/15).

Researchers Document Cooperative Behavior between Wild Spotted & Bottlenose Dolphins — See Photo (New Scientist, 7/22/15). Find the study here.

Report: Researchers Concerned about High Toxin Levels in Meterranean Whales — See Photos (PBS News Hour, 7/22/15).

New Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale Count: 81, including 4 Babies — See Photos & Video (Komo News Network, 7/22/15). Read more here.

Study: Dolphin’s Can Dive Deep Because of Collapsible Lungs (Discovery News, 7/20/15).

Dolphins Distract British Rowing Team — See Video (9MSN, 7/2015).

Researcher says Tired, Migrating, Half-Asleep Whales Getting Caught in Shark Nets off Australian Beaches — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 7/19/15).

Member of Emergency Whale-Detangling Team Talks about Work — See Video (The Province, 7/17/15).

Pacific Northwest Southern Resident Orcas’ 4 New Babies All Thriving — See Photos (San Juan Islander, 7/17/15). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Pygmy Sperm Mom, Calf Strand, Die Near Myrtle Beach — See Photos & News Report (, 7/16/15).

Study: Japanese Falsified Sperm Whale-Kill Numbers in ’60s, Throwing Off Population Estimates, Recovery Efforts (The Guardian, 7/15/15). Read the full study here.

Research Question: Dolphin atop Humpback — Just Play? — See Photo & Video (Mother Nature News, 7/14/15).

Young Transient Orca Rescued in 2013 Spotted with Family — See Photos (CBC News, 7/13/15).

Researchers Think, Hope Dolphin Die-Off along U.S. East Coast is Over (The Post and Courier, 7/1415).

Dolphins Surf with Surfers in South Africa — See Photos  (New York Post, 7/13/15).

Researchs Lose 2 Entangled Humpbacks Spotted in Cook Strait, NZ — See Photos (, 7/13/15).

2 Entangled Humpbacks Evade Human Help in Nova Scotia Waters — See Photos (CBC News, 7/13/15).

Researchers Free Entangled Humpback Bitten by Great White — See Photo & Videos (The Boston Globe, 7/12/15).

Humpbacks, Blues and Fins All Feeding off Farallons — See Photos (SF Gate, 7/13/15). Read more here.

Researchers Concerned by Deaths of 9 Fin Whales in Alaskan Waters in 2 Months (Alaska Dispatch News 7/10/15).

Kayaking Couple Expect Feeding Humpbacks to Watch Out for Them? Not! — See Video (The Telegraph, 7/10/15).

12-Foot Minke Makes 6th Dead Whale to Wash Up in Long Island This Year — See News Report (Eyewitness News, 7/9/15).

Researcher Lori Marino & Colleagues Discover Whole New Level of Dolphin Brain Complexity (Marmam, 7/8/15). Read the entire study here.

Rare Whale, Possible Antarctic Minke, Trapped in Lagoon off Great Barrier Reef — See Photo (The Guardian, 7/7/15).

Lots of Whales of All Kinds off Ireland — See Photos & Videos (Irish Central, 7/7/15).

Migaloo, the White Humpback, is Back off New Zealand!— See Photos (Radio New Zealand, 7/6/15). Learn more, see news report here.

Drone Camera Captures Beautiful Footage of Humpbacks Fishing and Their Calls —See Video (One Green Planet, 7/6/15). See More feeding humpback footage here.

Denver Photographer Runs “Swim with Sperm Whales” Tours off Dominica — See Photos (Mirror, 7/6/15).

“Swim with the Humpbacks” Tours Offered off Queensland, AU for 2nd Year — See Photos & Video (

June 2015

Sea Shepherd Documents Annual Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter — See Graphic Photos & Video (IB Times, 6/30/15). Read more, see more graphic photos and video here and here. Read more, see more photos and video here.

Dolphin Lands in Boat off California, Injures Woman, Self — See Photo, Video (The Orange County Register, 6/30/15).

Migrating Humpbacks Thrill Whalewatchers Off Australia — See Photos & Video (Daily Telegraph, Manly Daily, 6/30/15). Read more here.

Dead Whales Wash Up in Hamptons, Fire Island — See Photo (Long Island Press, 6/30/15).

Third Entangled Humpback in 1 Week Freed off BC Coast— See News Report (CTV Vancouver, 6/29/15).

New IMAX Humpback Whales 3D Opens at California Science Center (NBC Los Angeles, 6/29/15).

Iceland Begins Another Whaling Season despite Protests, 1986 Ban — See Photo (The Guardian, 6/29/15).

Faroe Islands Tourist Law: Report Dolphin, Whale Sightings so We Can Hunt Them or Face Fines, Jail Term — See Photo (Takepart, 6/29/15).

Underwater Photographer Gets Gorgeous Pics of Dolphins, Birds, Seals Feasting on Sardines off South Africa — See Photos (Daily Mail, 6/28/15).

Antarctic Orcas Don’t Stay Put as Thought, Some Travel to New Zealand—See Photos (, 6/27/15).

Of Orcas and Men excerpt: Should Orcas be Considered Persons? (Salon, 6/27/15).

Canadian Expert Discusses International Problem of Humpback Whale Entanglement —Listen to Interview (CBC News, 6/27/15).

Sea Shepherd Pays Japan $2.5 Million in Court Settlement (One Green Planet, 6/22/15).

Researchers Document First Known Incident of Polar Bears Eating Dolphins — See Photos (Huffington Post, 6/12/15). Read the fully study here.

New Documentary Joins Effort to Save Endangered Vaquita (Marmam, 6/4/15). See a film clip here. Learn more here.

May 2015

TEDx Talk: Naomi Rose on Orca Family Bonds and Why Captivity Must End Now — See Video (TEDx, YouTube, 5/25/15).

Curious Orca Takes Taste of Paddle Boarders Board — See Video (NBC News, 5/20/15).

Study: Increase in Dolphin Deaths Caused by Gulf Spill (Huffington Post, 5/20/15). Read the full study here.

Study Confirms: Orcas Die Young in Captivity (Hakai Magazine, 5/12/15).

Last Remaining Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s Whales May Get Protection (Star Tribune, 5/10/15). Read more here.

April 2015

Right whale, undated / Virginia Chapter Sierra Club, NOAA NMFS / Click to learn more.

Pressure Building for Japan to End Annual Dolphin Slaughter (Fox News, 4/30/15).

Sperm Whale and Human Friend, Andrew Armour, Twirl Together in Dominica — See Beautiful Video (Caters TV, 4/27/15).

Do Dolphins Talk? Can We Converse? Denise Herzing, Other Researchers Discuss Goals, Progress  (National Geographic, May Issue, available online 4/15/15).

Western (or Eastern) North Pacific Gray Whale Makes Record-Breaking Journey from Russia to Mexico (USA Today, 4/15/15). Read more, see map of swimming route here. Find the study here. Read more, see more images here.

Sperm Whale Investigates Deep Sea Rover 1,962′ Below Surface at Site of BP Spill —See Video (E/VNautilus, YouTube, 4/14/15). See more E/V Nautilus expedition videos here.

Virginia Chapter Sierra Club Campaign: Stop Oil Exploration in Endangered Right Whale Waters (Sierra Club, 4/1/15).

Marine Mammal Advocates Win Suit against NMFS for Approving Naval Sonar, Explosives in Hawaiian, Southern California Waters (NRDC via Marmam, 4/1/15). Read more here.

March 2015

Old but Noteworthy: Underwater Photographer Captures First Moments of Newborn Sperm Whale’s Life — See Video (, 9/2014). See edited YouTube version here.

Study: Older Female Killer Whales Function as Repositories of Knowledge (The Register 3/7/15). Read the full study, see images and film footage here.

February 2015

Almost 200 Pilot Whales Strand in New Zealand (National Geographic, 2/13/15).

Orcas Enjoy Rubbing Beach as Humans Watch from Close By — See Amazing Video (, 2/4/15). You can also find the video here.

Study: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Mourn their Dead (, 2/2/15). Read more here. Find the study here.Thanks to the Wild Dolphin Project for this item.

January 2015

Obama to Allow Oil, Gas Drilling off  S.E. Coast — at What Cost to Whales, Other Marine Life? (National Geographic, 1/29/15).

Study: Deep-Diving Marine Mammals Endure Irregular Heartbeat (Science Times, 1/19/15). Learn more here.

• Beneath the Waves Film Festival Issues Calls for Submissions (Marmam, 1/16/15). Learn more about the festival here. Find a list of previous festival film archives here. View the beautiful 2014 short film In Harmony with Whales here.

How Champion-Diver Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, Other Deep-Diving Sea Creatures Do What They Do —See Photos & Diagram (BBC Earth, 1/15/15).

Orcas Take Very Close Look at Inflatable Boat, Human Occupants — See Video (1/14/15

Bowheads Beat Humpbacks for Diversity of Song — Hear Recordings (BBC Earth, 1/13/15).

Activist Ric O’Barry Sees Public Turning Against Captivity (AP, SFGate, 1/12/15).

60-Foot-Long Fin Whale Found Dead on Beach in Cornwall — See Photo (The Independent, 1/12/15).

Pygmy Sperm Whale Strands in Port Reyes (Perfect Science, 1/9/15). Read more here.

Familiar Orca Family Returns to California Coast — See Slide Show (Orange County Register, 1/9/15).

Foundation Filming, Raising Funds for Doc on Saving Ganges River Dolphin (Marmam 1/8/15). See trailer here.

Navy Holds Public Hearings on Assessed Impact (Draft 2) of Proposed Northwest Training and Testing (Marmam, 1/6/15).

Birth of Baby  Orca Gives Researcher Some Hope for Endangered Pod’s Survival (Discovery News, 1/6/15).

Long-Lived Bowhead’s Genome May Offer Clues to Extending Human Lifespan  (IBTimes, 1/4/15). Read more here.

Researcher Thinks Orca Grandma May Have Helped with New Baby’s Birth — Listen to Radio Segment (NPR, 1/3/15).

White Bottlenose Dolphin Spotted in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon — See Photo (Florida Today, 1/2/15). See video footage here.

Whale, Dolphin Sightings Off California Coast Breaking Records (The Daily Breeze, 1/2/15).

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