Dolphins & Whales 2016

December 2016

Whale in East River on New Year’s Eve — See Photos (NBC4 New York, 12/31/16). Read more here. See more photos here.

Migrating Grays Thrill Whale Watchers Off Oregon — See Photos (NPR, 12/26/16).

Obama Nixes Oil, Gas Exploration in Arctic Gray, Humpback Feeding Areas (The Olympian, 12/24/16).

Researchers Videotape False Killer Whales Taking Baitfish from Hooks off Hawaii — See Photo (Science Daily, 12/24/16). See video here.

Study: New, Long-Lasting Tags Record Days, Weeks of Uninterrupted Information on Whale Behavior (See Photo & Chart, Phys.Org, 12/23/16).

Study: Learning to Take Food from Humans Ups Risk of Injury for Dolphins in Sarasota Bay (Marmam, 12/22/16). Read the study here.

18-Year-Old Male Southern Resident Orca Found Dead Suffered “Blunt Force Trauma” — See Photos (Vancouver Sun, 12/22/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, here, here, here and here.

Study: Morbillivirus Contributed to 2013 Dolphin Die-Off in Australia — Read Study (Royal Society Open Science, 12/21/16).

Charter Operator Worries for Humpback Mother, Calf Caught Inside Reef in Australia — See Photo & Video (, 12/21/16).

Transient Orcas Thrill Whale Watchers Off Catalina — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 12/20/16).

Groups Fight Pipeline Expansion Threatening BC’s Southern Resident Orcas — See Photos & Video (Seattle PI, 12/20/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here. Listen to radio interview here.

Orcas Ignore Swimming Buck off B.C. — See Photos (CBC News, 12/19/16). See video here.

Study: Strange “Boitwang” Recorded in Marianas Trench Probably Made by Baleen Whale, But Which One & Why? — Hear Recordings (Science Alert, 12/19/16). Read more here. See more photos and video here. Read the study here. Listen to recording loop here.

Study: Humpbacks May Disrupt Oca Seal Hunts Out of Instinct to Protect Own Offspring, Not Seals — See Photos (The Mercury News, 12/16/16).

• Newest Plan to Save Last 60 Vaquita: Hold Them Captive in Gulf, Hope They’ll Breed, Not Die — See Photo (Phys.Org, 12/15/16).

Drone Films Unstudied Offshore Orcas Catching, Sharing Shark Meal — See Video (Seeker, 12/15/16). Learn more here.

Researcher Thinks Right Whales May Stick Around Georgia This Year, Hopes for Bumper Baby Crop — See Photos (SavannahNow, 12/14/16).

Watching Bryde’s Whales Newest Tourist Offering in Thailand — See Photo (Phys.Org, 12/13/16).

Researcher Gets Photos of Orcas Hunting Beaked Whale off Western Australia — See Photos (, 12/12/16).

Go Whale Watching by  Ferry in Bay of Biscay, See Dolphins, Sharks, Too  — See Photos (The Herald, 12/9/16).

NOAA Feels Bad about Euthanizing Humpback Stranded in Moriches Bay — See Photo (West Hampton Patch, 12/6/16).

Feds: Keeping 500 Feet Away from Critically Endangered Right Whales Applies to Drones, Too — See Video (Florida Today, 12/9/16).

Researcher Finds Way to Decode Info on Whale Health, Reproduction, Stress Contained in Baleen — See Photo (Phys.Org, 12/9/16).

Gulf of Mexico’s Bryde’s Whales Proposed for Endangered Species List — See Photos (Tampa Bay Times, 12/9/16). Read more here.

U.S., Canada Developing Systems to Warn Ships of Whales, Reduce Ship-Strike Deaths — See Photos (CBC News, 12/8/16).

Finding: As Sea Ice Declines, Orcas Move North, Kill Bowheads, Carcasses Wash Up as Food for Polar Bears who Can’t Hunt Seals due to Declining Ice (CTV News, 12/8/16).

NOAA Lists Threats to Right Whales Returning to Calving Grounds Off FL, GA, SC (, 12/7/16).

Humpbacks Circle, Inspect Boat Off New Caledonia — See Photos & Video (Grind TV, 12/5/16).

Sea Shepherd Launches New, Faster Ship in Fight against Japanese Whaling — See Photo (, 12/5/16).

Photographer Captures Beautiful Underwater Images of Humpbacks in Tonga — See Photos (Wired, 12/5/16).

Finding: Less  Ice Opens Way for Orcas to Hunt Belugas in Hudson Bay — See Photo & Video (CBC News, 12/4/16).

Study: Migrating Humpbacks Breach, Slap Water to Communicate — See Photo & Video (New Scientist, 12/2/16).

SeaWorld Team Rescues Bottlenose Stranded on Sanibel Island FL — See Photo (, 12/2/16).

Endangered Population of False Killer Whales Makes Rare Appearance Off Northern Hawaiian Islands — See Photos & Map (The Garden Island, 12/1/16).

Offshore Killer Whales Thrill California Whale-Watchers — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 12/1/16).

November 2016

The Winding Road to Discovering a New Whale Species: One Researcher’s Story — See Photos (Phys.Org, 11/30/16).

Researchers Find New Group of Bottlenose Whales Off Nova Scotia, Worry about Effects of by Seismic Testing — See Photos (CBC News, 11/30/16).

Researchers Pose Theory of How Whales Became Filter Feeders — See Photos, Illos & Video (Phys.Org, 11/30/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Researchers Prepping for Right Whale Calving Season Off Northeast Florida (The St. Augustine Record, 11/29/16).

Sea Shepherd: Ruling against Us Could Help End Whale Slaughter  in Faroes — See Photo (The Copenhagen Post, 11/28/16).

Drone Captures Beautiful Footage of Humpbacks Off Cape Town SA — See Video (Times Live, 11/28/16). Also see video here and here.

Essay: Did the Humpback Stranded in Moriches Bay Have to Die? — See Photos (Greater Patchogue, 11/27/16). Read more here and here.

Finding: Bowheads Could Live More than 200 Years — See Photos (Alaska Dispatch News, 11/26/16).

Menhaden (Bunker) Boom from Fishing Quotas Draws Whales to NY, NJ Waters — See Photos & Video (, 11/25/16). See more photos here.

Humpback Stranded in Moriches Bay is Euthanized — See News Report (Pix 11, 11/23/16). See more video here.

Good News / Bad News: Humpbacks Returning to BC Waters / Fishing Nets, Gear Entangling, Killing Them  — See Photos (CBC News, 11/23/16). Read more, see more photos here. See news report here.

More Humpbacks — Now in Long Island Sound — See Photos (Ctpost, 11/22/16).

Humpback Still Exploring Hudson River — See Video (, 11/21/16). Read more here. See more photos and video here and here.

Humpback Stranded on Sandbar in NY’s Moriches Bay — See Video (Newsday, 11/21/16). Read more, see more video here and here.

Researchers ID New Beaked Whale Species in North Pacific — See Drawing (COSMOS, 11/21/16).

Humpback Spotted Off Staten Island — See Video (, 11/20/16).

New Zealand Town Dependent on Whale-Watching Tourism Thrilled that Whales Have Returned after Quake — See Photos & Video (, 11/20/16).

Japanese Set Out Whaling Again, Sea Shepherd Ready to Fight (, 11/20/16).

Melting Arctic Ice Forces Belugas to Change Migration Routes (Natural Science News, 11/19/16). Read more, see video here.

Obama Administration 5-Year Plan Bans Drilling in Arctic Waters — See Photos & Video (Fortune, 11/18/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Humpback Spotted Near Statue of Liberty — See Photo (Gothamist, 11/17/16). Read more here. See video herehere, here, here, here and here.

New Acoustic Buoy Picks Up Calls of Sei Whale, Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale in New York Bight (Phys.Org, 11/16/16). Read more, see more photos here

New Zealand Quake Isolates, Raises Seabed of Town Dependent on Fishing, Whale-Watching — See Photos & Videos (, 11/17/16). Read more here. See more photos and videos here.

Study: North Atlantic Long-Finned Pilot Whale Calves Spend Lots of Time with Adults Who Aren’t Mom — See Photo (New Scientist, 11/16/16).

Proposed Bitumen Pipeline Port would Be Final Blow for Vancouver’s Struggling Resident Orcas (The Guardian, 11/16/16).

Dwarf Sperm Whale Hangs Around Cape Town Harbor — See Photos (News 24, 11/15/16).

Death of Female Southern Resident Orca Bodes Ill for Population Recovery — See Photos (CBC News, 11/14/16).

U.S. Navy To Expand Sonar Testing in Home Waters to Endangered Orcas, Other Marine Mammals (, 11/14/16).

British Polar Swimmer Swims in Antarctic Waters to Support Creation of Marine Reserve — See Photos (Buzzfeed, 11/12/16).

West Coast Canadian Shipping Routes May Change to Protect Endangered Resident Orcas (News 1130, 11/12/16).

Study: Narwhals May Echolocate Better than Any Other Animal on Planet — See Photos (The New York Times, 11/9/16). Read the study here.

3 Fishman in Oman Find Floating Hunk of Ambergris Worth $3 Million — See Photo & Video Report (Seeker, 11/8/16).

Study: Ancient Greenlanders Hunted Bowhead Thousands of Years Earlier than Thought (International Business Times, 11/8/16).

Fed Agency Gets Heat for Ignoring Substandard Conditions in Orca Lolita’s Miami Seaquarium Tank — See Photo & Diagram (Broward Palm Beach New Times, 11/7/16).

Report Ties Death of 3 Bottlenose Dolphins in San Diego to Navy MFA Sonar Exercises — See News Report (NBC San Diego, 11/7/16).

Lunge-Feeding Whales Surface Next to Boat, Freak Out Sailor — See Photos & Videos (Daily Star, 11/7/16).

Finding: Migrating Whales May Use Sea Mounts as Navigation Aids — See Video (IBTimes, 11/6/16).

Solomon Island Officials Free 30 Dolphins Illegally Captured for Captive Trade (EcoWatch, 11/5/16).

Annual Sardine Run Off South Africa Attracts Dolphins, Sharks, Whales… See Video (National Geographic, 11/4/16). Thanks to Kalia Doner for this item.

2 Pygmy Sperm Whales Found Stranded in Mississippi Marsh Returned to Gulf — See Video (UPI, 11/4/16).

Mystery: Are Whales Making Pinging Sound that’s Scaring Off Marine Life in Nunavut? (Motherboard, 11/3/16). Read more, see photos here. See news report here.

Study: Whale Song Sends Vibrations through Water, Vibrations Travel Farther than Sound (Science News, 11/2/16). Read more here. See photos and video here.

Whale Expert Summarizes  IWC Reports: Great Whales Rebounding, Small Cetaceans in Big Trouble — See Photos & Hear Radio Report (CBC News, 11/2/16).

October 2016

Humpback Mother & Calf, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, undated / National Park Service Photo under NMFS Scientific Research Permit #945-1776-01 / Click to read more.

Australian Woman Finds Big Ball of Ambergris on Beach — See Photos (Geelong Advertiser, 10/29/16).

• International Commission Creates World’s Largest Marine Reserve in Antarctica — See Photos (EarthSky, 10/28/16). Read more, see more photos here. See news and video reports here, here and here.

Lack of Salmon Stressing Pacific Northwest’s Southern Resident Orcas, Breeding Female Dies, New Calf Will Follow — See Photo (Times Colonist, 10/28/16). Read more here. See photos and news reports here and here.

NMFS Declares Russian Beluga Population Depleted, Import Illegal (Animal Welfare Institute, 10/27/16).

Russia’s Chukchi Community Wants “Stinky” Gray Whales Deducted from Total Allowed Take — See Photos (Daily Mail, 10/26/16).

Underwater photographer Captures Images of Humpback Mothers & Calves Off Tonga — See Photos (The Guardian, 10/25/16).

Pro-Whaling Nations Block Creation of South Atlantic Sanctuary at IWC — See Photos (, 10/25/16). See video here.

Sperm Whale Sighted in Monterey Bay for 1st Time in 5 Years — See Photos (The Mercury News, 10/25/16).

Study: Weak Bright-Light Vision May Increase Entanglement Risk in Right Whales, Bowheads (Science Daily, 10/24/16).

Humpbacks Give Residents Rare Close-to-Shore Viewing in Digby, NS — See Photos (The Digby Courier, 10/23/16).

Video Roundup: 9 Close Encounters with Whales — See Videos (Popular Mechanics, 10/21/16).

Fin Whale, Species Seldom Seen in North Sea, Washes Up in Norfolk — See Photos (The Telegraph, 10/21/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Researcher Partners with Inuits, Uses Drones to Capture Never-Before-Seen Bowhead Behaviors — See Video (UBC Science, 10/20/16). See more video here and here. Special thanks to Bethany Augliere for this item.

Greenpeace Wants IWC to Create Whale Sanctuary in South Atlantic (Greenpeace, 10/20/16).

WWF to Push Reducing Whale Deaths from Bycatch at IWC (WWF, 10/20/16).

Doctor Predicts Concern over Mercury Levels in Whale Meat May Eventually End Faroe Island Hunt — See Photo (Atlas Obscura, 10/19/16).

Study: 2 Sperm Whale Clans Leave Galapagos, 2 Others Arrive — See Photo (Phys.Org, 10/19/16). Read more, see another photo here.

Proposed IWC Resolution: Living, Dead Whales &  Dung Essential to Healthy Oceans, Planet (New Scientist, 10/17/16).

Finding: Humpback Families Return to Preferred Feeding Grounds for Generations (EurekAlert!, 10/17/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Researchers to Monitor How International War Games Off Scotland Impact Dolphins & Whales (HeraldScotland, 10/17/16).

WWF Drones Capture Southern Right Whale Mother-Calf Interactions Off Australia — See Photos & Video (The Huffington Post, 10/13/16). See more photos & video here.

Report: Fishermen Still Killing River Dolphins for Catfish Bait in Brazil — See Grisly Photo (IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group, 10/13/16).

Bottlenose Kill Harbour Porpoise Off Cornwall, England — See Photos & Video (RT, 10/12/16).

Bryde’s Whales Dying in Thailand Just as Whale-Watching Takes Hold — See Photos & Video Report (ABC News, 10/11/16).

Expert Worries about Declining Sperm Whale Population in Dominica, Loss of Unique Culture — See Photos, Hear Recordings (The New York Times, 10/9/16). Find the study on population decline here.

Report: The Real Reason Japan Keeps Whaling? Jobs — See Photos & Video Report (Seeker, 10/8/16).

Baby Humpback Tries to Help Mom Stuck on Sandbar in Australia —See Video (International Business Times, 10/8/16). See more video here.

Researchers, Lobstermen Look for Ways to Reduce Whale Entanglement — See Photos & Video (WBUR, 10/7/16).

Finding: Endangered Southern Resident Orca Died of Infection from Unsterilized  Tag (, 10/7/16). Read more here and here. See a news report here.

Book Review: The Orca Who Changed the World Tells Story of First Captive (The Bellingham Herald, 10/6/16).

Some of the Evidence that Dolphins, Whales Mourn their Dead — See Photos & Video (, 10/5/16).

Resort Owner Records 3 Humpbacks Singing Near Yacht  Off Great Barrier Reef — Hear Recording (The Cairns Post, 10/4/16).

Drone Captures Humpback Behavior Off Australia — See Photo & Video (, 10/4/16).

8 Orca Calves Born to Pacific NW’s Southern Resident Community Still Doing Well — See Photos (San Juan Islander, 10/4/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Researcher: Lots of Right Whales in Bay of Fundy This Summer, Much Still Unknown about Their Lives  — See Photos & Video, Listen to Radio Report (CBC News, 10/3/16).

Humpback Breaches Near Snorkelers in Tonga — See Photos & Video (The Huffington Post, 10/1/16).

September 2016

Orca Researcher Recalls Birth, Development of Photo-ID — See Photos & Video (Hakai Magazine, 9/30/16).

Humpbacks, Orcas, Seals: Bertie Gregory Visits Pacific Northwest for Nat Geo Digital Series — See Video (Nat Geo WILD, YouTube, 9/28/16).

Canadian Researchers Use Underwater Drones to Track Right Whales — See Photo & Map (CTV News, 9/28/16). View and explore the map here.

Iceland Tests Using Sound to Warn Minkes Away from Dangerous Construction Noise — See Photo (New Scientist, 9/28/16).

Climate Change May be Driving Whale Beachings in Chile — See Photo (, 9/28/16). Read more, see another photo here.

Second Right Whale Dead in Maine, Third Freed from Entanglement (Portland Press Herald, 9/27/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Humpback Population Exploding in SE Alaska — See News Report (KTVA, 9/26/16).

Drones Capture Footage of Orcas Hunting, Sharing Seal in Norway — See Photos & Video (ZME Science, 9/26/16).

NOAA Using Buoys to Listen for Cuvier’s Beaked Whales Off California — See Photo (treehugger, 9/26/16).

Pregnant Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Washes Up in Nags Head, NC (Daily Tarheel, 9/26/16).

Young Adult Female Right Whale, Dead of Fishing-Gear Entanglement, Trucked through Portland, Maine — See Photos (Portland Press Herald, 9/25/16). Read more, see photo of her live here.

California Governor Signs Bill Paying Crab Fisherman to Retrieve Lost, Abandoned Traps that Could Entangle Whales (CBS SF Bay Area, 9/24/16).

New Report Makes Last-Ditch Plea to Save Vaquita — See Photos (The Huffington Post, 9/23/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Australian Expert Surprised, Concerned by Humpback Boom — See Photos (, 9/23/16).

Golden Retriever Almost Becomes Orca Snack in British Columbia — See Video (, 9/23/16).

Suction-Cup Camera Lets Researchers Dive, Feed with Foraging Humpbacks — See Video (Phys.Org, 9/22/16). Read more here.

Drone Films Speedboats Driving into Dolphins off New Zealand — See Video (GrindTV, 9/22/16).

Rare Grey Morph Southern Right Whale Spotted off Tasmania — See Photos (the, 9/22/16).

Study: Baby Belugas Develop Adult Dive Capacity by Age 1 (New Scientist, 9/21/16).

Russian Researchers Claim Evidence that Dolphins Use Words, Sentences (The Christian Science Monitor, 9/12/16). Read more, see spectrogram here.

• New PBS Series Offers Glimpse of Humpback Whale Nursery in D. R. — See Video (Mashable, 9/11/16).

Canoeist Films Dolphins Herding Mullet in Mud-Bubble Nets in Weeki-Wachee FL — See Video (Fox 13, 9/9/16).

Study: Southern Right Whales Approach Boats that Show Respect, Dive and Evade Those that Don’t (Marmam, 9/7/16). Find the study here.

Diver Films False Killer Whales Hunting Mahi-Mahi off Hawaii — See Video (Khon 2, 9/7/16)

Taiji Begins Annual Dolphin Slaughter (Collective Evolution, 9/7/16).

Paper: Disappearing Arctic Ice Bad for Polar Bears, Good for Whales — See Photos & Video (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9/6/16).

9 of 14 Humpback Populations Taken Off Endangered List (Phys.Org, 9/6/16). Read more, see more photos and video here. See news report here.

Sailing Group Capture Drone Footage of Humpbacks Circling Boat Off New Caledonia — See Video (, 9/6/16).

Sailor-Carpenter Has Rare In-Water Encounter with Humpbacks in Tonga — See Photos (, 9/6/16).

Man Jumps Out of Kayak to Swim with Wild Orca in New Zealand — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 9/5/16).

Researchers Get Drone Footage of Rare White Right Whale Calf off SW Australia — See Video (, 9/5/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here. See best video here.

Orcas Give Fisherman Thrilling Close Pass Off Australia — See Video (Perth Now Sunday Times, 9/4/16).

Faroe Island Singer-Musician Defends Whale Hunt — See Video (The Spectator, 9/3/16).

Fisherman Thrilled, Little Frightened by Lengthy Close Encounter with Curious Humpbacks Off Australia — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 9/3/16).

Researchers Track Wild Dolphin that Breathes through Mouth instead of Blowhole  — See Photos & Video (Earth Touch News Network, 9/2/16). Read more, see diagram here.

Researchers Spot 5-8 White Orcas in 1 Group in Russian Northwest Pacific — See Photo (Independent, 9/1/16). See more photos here. See video here.

•  Study: Last Surviving North Atlantic Right Whales Threatened by Fishing-Gear Entanglement, Drop in Birthrate — See Photo (Science Daily, 9/1/16). Read more here.

Drone Films Orcas Killing, Sharing Seal — See Video (Breaking News, 9/1/16).

NMFS: Army Corps Plan to Divert Mississippi River Sediment into Gulf Poses Unacceptable Threat to Resident Bottlenose — See Photos (The Times-Picayune, 9/1/16).

August 2016

Vaquita, Gulf of Mexico, undated / Paula Olson, NOAA, PRI / Click to learn more.

100,000 Icelanders Sign Petition to End Whaling — See Photos (Iceland Monitor, 8/31/16).

Rare Beaked Whale Carcass Washes Up in California — See Photos (The Mercury News, 8/31/16).

Drone Captures Right Whale Mother-Calf Interaction in New Zealand — See Photo & Video (, 8/31/16).

New Sea Shepherd Ship Fast Enough to Catch Japanese Whalers — See Photos & Video (CNN, 8/31/16).

Writer Laments Irony of “Dolphin Day” in Japan, Mourns Inhumanity to Dolphins & Whales (The Guardian, 8/30/16).

Lucky Whale Watchers Get Up-Close Visit from Humpback in Bay of Fundy —  See Video (Yahoo News, 8/30/16). Read more here.

Boaters Flip Out over Orca Sighting off Cape Cod — See Video (Boston, 8/26/16).

Crew Cleaning Sailboat Hull Visited by Humpback in Australia — See Video (7, 8/25/16).

Sperm Whale Researcher: Whales, Primates Both Live Complex Social Lives (Motherboard 8/24/16).

•  Conservationists Protest Fed Auction of Drilling Leases in Gulf,  Impact on Climate, Underprivileged, Marine Mammals (The Guardian, 8/24/16).

NOAA Want Swim-with-Dolphin Tour Boats to Stay Away from Spinners in Hawaii — See Video (The Washington Post, 8/24/16). Read more here. See photos here. See news report and more video here.

Lots of Southern Right Whale Mom/Calf Pairs This Year Off Australia — See Photo (, 8/24/16). Read more, see video here.

Seal Escapes, Frustrates Orcas by Clambering on Boat in BC — See Video (Kirk Fraser, YouTube, 8/23/16). See more footage here.

Diver/Photographer Captures Rare Video of Melon-Headed Whales, Pygmy Killer Whales in Hawaii — See Video (Maui News 8/22/16).

Kayakers, Breaching Humpbacks Almost Collide in BC — See Video (Nature World News, 8/22/16).

Researchers: Can Captivity in Sea Pens Save Vanishing Vaquita? — See Photo & Listen to Radio Report (PRI, 8/22/16).

Orca Hurls Sea Turtle into Air Off Ecuador — See Video (RT, 8/20/16).

Report: Japanese Tourists Swim with Dolphins in Cove Used to Slaughter Them — See Photos & Video (The Dodo, 8/19/16).

Analysis: NMFS Ignores Court Ruling to Protect Marine Mammals from Navy Sonar (The Huffington Post, 8/18/16). Read more here.

Study: Skull, Bones Found in Arctic Belonged to Unknown Species of River Dolphin — See Photo & Rendering (The Washington Post, 8/17/16).

Dolphins Seen More Often Off New Jersey, Paddle Boarder Has Serene Encounter — See Video (, 8/16/16). Read more, see video of dolphin rescue here.

Investigation: Whales Still Dying from Ship Strikes, Statistics Under-Reported— See Chart & Videos (NBC News, 8/16/16).

Severely Entangled Young Right Whale Freed in Bay of Fundy — See Photos & Listen to Radio Broadcast (CBC News, 8/15/16). Read more here.

NOAA Using Drones to Monitor Right Whales in Cape Cod Bay— See Photo (Wicked Local Yarmouth, 8/15/16).

Learn a Little about the Amazon River Dolphin — See Video Report (Wired, 8/15/16). Introduces Beluga Cam! — See Photos (The Witchita Eagle, 8/15/16). Read more, see more photos and video here. See live beluga cam here.

Researcher Lou Herman, Famed for Studies of Dolphin Language Comprehension, Dies at Age 86 (The New York Times, 8/12/16). See a short video of Dr. Herman’s advice to aspiring dolphin researchers here.

NOAA/NMFS Publishes Rule Giving International Fisheries 5 Years to Reduce Marine Mammal Bycatch (Marmam, 8/12/16). Read the entire rule in the Federal Register here.

New Zealand Surfers Criticized for Getting to Close to, Touching Right Whales — See Photos & Video (Stuff, 8/12/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Orcas, Humans, Pilot Whales Only Mammals to Experience Menopause, Scientists Probe Benefits — See Photos & Videos (BBC News, 8/11/16). Listen to the full radio segment here. Listen to a shorter radio report here.

Study: Shipping Noise Disrupts Humpback Foraging in North Atlantic (The Guardian, 8/10/16).

Western Australia’s Swim-with-Humpbacks Experiment Deemed Success — See Photos & Video (The Huffington Post, 8/8/16).

Southern Resident Orca “Granny,” Age 100 +, Spotted Off San Juan Islands — See Photos (The Dodo, 8/4/16).

Fossil Suggest Dolphins Developed Ultrasonic Hearing before Echolocation (COSMOS, 8/1/16). Read more here.

July 2016

Young Wild Beluga Gets Friendly with Villagers in Newfoundland (CTVNews, 7/29/16).

Whale Carcass in Alaska ID’d as Unknown Species of Beaked Whale — See Photos (National Geographic, 7/26/16).

White Humpback Believed to be 30-Year-Old Migaloo Sighted Off Australia — See Photo (Phys.Org, 7/26/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Buck Island’s Bottlenose Dolphins Get Friendly with 1 Lucky Boy — See Photo (EcoWatch, 7/24/16).

Study: Humpbacks Often Rush to Save Other Species from Orca Attack — See Photos & Video (Science, 7/22/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

70 Whales Dead for 2 Months Discovered on Remote Beach in Southern Chile — See Photo (Channel NewsAsia, 7/21/16).

Drone Films Humpback Just Being a Humpback Off Newfoundland — See Video (CBC News, 7/19/16).

2 Rehabilitated Pygmy Killer Whales Released Back into Gulf — See Video (SunHerald, 7/19/16).

Trained Rescuers Advise Public: Don’t Push Stranded Dolphins Back in Water (, 7/19/16).

Court Rules NMFS was Wrong to Let Navy Use Sonar that Harms Marine Mammals (The Christian Science Monitor, 7/16/16). Read more here, here, here and here. Learn more about how ocean noise affects marine mammals here. Learn more about efforts to reduce ocean noise here.

Hector’s Dolphins Get in Some Early Morning Surfing off New Zealand — See Video (the inertia, 5/15/16).

Friendly Dolphins Invite Paddleboarder to Play Seaweed Game Off New Jersey — See Video (UPI, 7/14/16).

Photo-Naturalist Tony Wu Documents Giant Gathering of Sperms in Indian Ocean — See Photos (bioGraphic, 7/12/16). Learn more about Tony Wu here.

• Orcas Repeatedly Bump Fisherman’s Boat Off Newfoundland — See Photos (VOCM, 7/11/16). Read more, see another photo here.

Humpback without Flukes Washes Up Dead in New Zealand — See Photos (, 7/11/16) See more photos and video here.

Researchers Document Apparent Grieving Behavior in Striped Dolphin Off Greece — See Video (Marmam, 7/7/16).

Faroe Islanders Butcher Some 50 Pilot Whales in Annual Slaughter — See Graphic Photos & Video (RT, 7/7/16). Read more here and here.

Footage Seems to Show Humpbacks & Dolphins Playing Together Off Hawaii — See News Report (khon 2, 7/5/16). Read more, see more video here and here.

Snorkelers Get Too Close to Lunge-Feeding Humpbacks Off California — See Video (Express, 7/5/16).

Dolphins, Surfers Share Waves Off Cornwall — See Photos (The Telegraph, 7/4/16).

Western Australia Approves Trial Swim-with-Humpbacks Program (Marmam, 7/3/16). Read more, see photos and video here.

June 2016

NOAA scientists try to free entangled right whale off Cape Canaveral, FL, Jan 15, 2013 / NOAA News Archive, Flickr, take part / Click to learn more.

Attempt to Free Entangled Blue Whale Ends in Failure — See Video (The Washington Post, 6/30/16). Read more, see photos and video here, here and here.

Finding: Sperms in the Azores Speak Their Own Minds — See Photo (EurekaAlert 6/0/16).

Well-Known Orca “John Coe,” Age 40-Plus, Spotted Off Irish Coast — See Photos (The Irish Times, 6/30/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Please Don’t Feed Wild Dolphins: Here’s Why — See Video (The Island Packet, 6/30/16).

Anglers to Release Hatchery Salmon in BC River to Boost Southern Resident Orcas’ Diet (takepart, 6/27/16). Read about a U.S.-Canadian proposal to save endangered Northern and  Southern Resident orcas here. Read about  U.S. restrictions on whale-watching boats here.

New Buoy Will Record Whales in New York-Area Waters — See Photo (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 6/27/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Whale Fossils Found in Landfill in Irvine, CA — See Photos & News Report (The Orange County Register, 6/22/16). See more photos here.

New England Lobster Industry, Scientists Team Up to Save Right Whales from Entanglement (takepart, 6/20/16).

BC Conservationists Sue to Protect Resident Orcas from Increased Tanker Traffic, Noise (News 1130, 6/19/16).

Tropical Short-Beaked Dolphins Make Unusual Appearance Off Northwest Coast— See Photos (The Seattle Times, 6/17/16). See more photos here.

Dolphin Researcher, Computer Scientist Try to Decipher Dolphin Sounds — See Video Report (PBS News Hour, 6/15/16).

• Surfers Share Shore with Humpbacks near San Francisco— See Video (CBS SF Bay Area, 6/15/16).

Report: Norway Now World’s Number 1 Whale-Killer (Mint Press News, 6/14/16). Read more here.

Study: All Living Sperm Whales Descended from Single Female (Hakai, 6/14/16).

Opinion: U.S. Should Ban Seismic Testing Off Atlantic Coast (The Post and Courier, 6/13/16).

Kayaking Guide Saves Dolphin Stranded on Beach in Namibia — See Video (One Green Planet, 6/11/16). Learn more here.

Paddleboarders Have Lovely Encounter with 2 Gray Whale Mom-Calf Pairs Off Laguna Beach — See Video (UPI, 6/10/16)

Study: Individual Right Whales Have Distinct Voices — Hear Recordings (, 6/8/16).

Study: Sperm Whales Off Dominica Divide into 2 Families with 2 Dialects, Families Don’t Mix — See Photos & Video Report (, 6/8/16). Read the study here.

Officials say Chinese White Dolphin Population up from 1,500 to 2,060 in 5 Years (The Hindu, 6/8/16).

Activists Suspect Dead Fish, Whales Washing Up in Vietnam Linked to Steel Plant Wastewater Emissions — See Photos & Video (Global Voices 6/7/16).

Drone Captures Rare Footage of Threatened Bryde’s Whales Foraging off Auckland — See Video (The Aucklander, 6/6/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Monterey Bay a Whale-Watching Hot Spot Right Now — See Photos (East Bay Times, 6/4/16).

Critic Gives Thumbs Up to New Documentary on Humpback Whales (Quad City Times, 6/2/16).

• Solomon Islanders Stopped from Selling Wild Dolphins to Captive Facilities (RNZ, 6/2/16).

Humpback Caught on N.C. Sandbar Frees Itself — See Video (CBS 6, 6/1/16).

Study: Killer Whales Spread through World’s Oceans as Humans did on Land — See Photos (Cosmos, 6/1/16).

May 2016

Right whale and calf, Cape Cod Bay, 2016 / Center for Coastal Studies, NOAA Permit # 14603-1, Wicked Local Provincetown / Click to learn more.

Wrong SatNav Directions Lead Couple to Stranded Dolphin in Scotland — See Photos (STV News, 5/31/16)

New Mekong River Dam Threatens Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, Villagers’ Way of Life (The Jakarta Post, 5/30/16).

Cruise Ship Docks in Alaska with Dead Endangered Fin Whale on Bow — See Photo (Alaska Dispatch News, 5/30/16).

Report: Dolphins in Indian River Lagoon, FL Survived Brown Tide (TCPalm, 5/23/16). Learn more about the Indian River Lagoon dolphins here.

Seldom-Seen Hector’s Beaked Whale Strands in South Australia — See Photo (Discovery News, 5/23/16).

Military, Marine-Mammal Experts Agree: Oceans Are Too Noisy (Richmond-Times Dispatch, 5/21/16).

Phuket Officials Tell Tour Boats to Keep Distance from Resident Dolphins — See Photo (Phuket Gazette, 5/21/16).

Tiny Maui Dolphin, Found Off New Zealand, More Endangered than Vaquita — See Photos, Diagrams, Video Report (HuffPost, 5/20/16).

Researchers Probe Information Contained in Sperm Whale Coda Clicks (Marmam, 5/20/16). Find the study here.

Orcas Get Up Close to GoPro Towed Behind Boat — See Video (, 5/18/16). See strong footage of orcas hunting dolphins here.

• Fishermen Film Orcas Attacking Grey Whales Off California — See Videos (sfist, 5/18/16). See larger format videos here.

Researcher Watches Transient Orca Mom Hunt Dolphin as Offspring Observe Off California — See Photos (National Geographic, 5/17/16). Read more, see more photos of the transients here.

So Beautiful: Paddleboarder, Dolphins Keep Quiet Company Off Avalon, NJ — See Video (, 5/17/16).

American, Canadian Scientists to Track Northern Right Whales’ Shifting Migration (CBC News, 5/17/16).

Threatened St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga Population Get Heightened Legal Protection — See Photos (CBC News, 5/17/16).

27 Pilot Whales Beach in Baja, 24 Die — See Photo (The Sydney Morning Herald, 5/16/16). See video here.

Study: Vaquitas Close to Extinction, Down from 100 to 60 in 2 Years — See Photo (Phys.Org, 5/14/16). Read more here. See a short documentary about efforts to save the Vaquita here.

Report: Navy Sonar May Have Killed Dolphins Found Dead on S. California Beaches in October (Hawaii Tribune Herald, 5/13/16).

Documentary Sonic Sea on Ocean Noise Pollution Premieres on Discovery 5/19 — Watch Trailer (, 5/12/16). Learn more about the film here.

Taiwan’s Pink Dolphin May Win Protection (Courthouse News Service, 5/12/16).

Humpbacks Visit San Francisco Bay, Experts Worry for Their Safety — See Video (SFGate, 5/12/16). See news report here.

Taiji  Still Selling Dolphins Caught in Drive Hunt Documented in The Cove (Japan Today, 5/12/16).

Drone Records False Killer Whales Hunting Shark Off Sydney — See Video (The Australian, 5/10/16).

Advocates Want Old Arctic Drilling Permits Cancelled to Protected Waters Used by Narwhals — See Photo (TakePart, 5/9/16).

Tour Operators Worry Recreational Drones Harass B.C.’s Killer Whales — See Photos (Vancouver Sun, 5/6/16).

Drone Captures Video of Grey Whale Mothers & Calves Off California — See Video (The Orange County Register, 5/6/16).

Report:  Sperms Found Dead on German Beaches Died of Heart Failure, Ate Lots of Plastic  — See Photos & Video (, 5/6/16).

Right Whale Calf Found Dead Off Chatham, Cape Cod — See Photo (Cape Cod Times, 5/5/16). Read more, see photos and video here and here.

Humpback Bubble Feeds Feet from Dock in Alaska Marina — See Video (, 5/5/16). See more video here.

Tour Smithsonian Museum’s Vast Collection of Whale Bones — See Video (Smithsonian Insider, 5/3/16).

Estimate: Number of Humpbacks Seen in Hawaii This Season May be Lowest in 5 Years (Bristol Herald Courier, 5/3/16). Read more here.

Right Whales Coming Closer to Shore, Upping Risk of Boat Strike in Cape Cod — See News Report (22News,, 5/2/16). Read more here.

Mother Humpback Returns to San Juan Islands with 6th Calf — See Photos (San Juan Islander, 5/2/16).

Small Whale Found Dead on S. Australia Beach May be Rare Dwarf Sperm — See Photos (, 5/2/16).

April 2016

Bottlenose dolphin mother and calf, Gulf of Mexico, undated / NOAA, Wisconsin Gazette / Click to learn more.

California Whale-Watching Operation to be Featured on Nat Geo Wild’s United States of Animals — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 4/29/16).

Report: NOAA’s Whale SENSE Program Making Life Easier For Whale-Watching Boat Captains and Whales (, 4/29/16).

Researchers Use Drones to Count Migrating Gray Whales — See Photos & Video (The Tribune, 4/27/16).

Former Captive Dolphin Becomes Mother after Release Back into Wild — See Photo (National Geographic, 4/26/19). Read more, see more photos here.

Rescuers Cut Fishing Line Off Entangled Humpback in Monterey Bay — See Video (The Mercury News, 4/25/16).

Dead Whale Washes Ashore in California Surf Spot — See Slide Show (The Orange County Register, 4/25/16). Read more, see news report here. See video here.

Whale-Watchers See Orcas Attack Gray Whale Mother-Calf Pair in Monterey Bay — See Video (SFGate, 4/25/16). See more video here.

Experts Debate Pros, Cons of Getting in Water with Whale Research Subjects (Jefferson Public Radio, 4/22/16).

5 Right Whale Mother-Calf Pairs Spotted in Cape Cod Bay — See Photo (Martha’s Vineyard Patch, 4/22/16).

Expert: Kimmy Schmidt Claim that Dolphins are Rapists Untrue — See Photos (Politifact, 4/22/16).

Paddle Boarders Follow 2 Gray Whale Mom-Calf Pairs Off S. California Beach — See GoPro & Drone Video (The Orange County Register, 4/23/16).

Tale of the Tail-Slapping Dolphins: How a Fisherman’s Video Became a Research Topic — See Photos & Video (Hakai Magazine, 4/21/16).

Fossil  Tooth Find Proves Giant Sperms Once Roamed Waters Off Australia — See Photos (Herald Sun, 4/21/16). Read more here and here and here.

Study: 6 Years after Gulf Spill, Dolphins, Other Marine Life Still Hurting (takepart, 4/20/16).

NOAA Halts Satellite Tagging after Tagged Male Member of Endangered Southern Resident Orcas Found Dead (takepart, 4/19/16).

Emergency Workers Rescue Orcas Trapped in Ice Off Eastern Russia — See Video (The Telegraph, 4/19/16). See more video here, here and here.

Study: Prey-Sharing Among Northeast Pacific Orcas — Who Shares, When & Why (Marmam, 4/19/16). Read the whole study, see photos here.

Researchers Plan First Circumnavigation of Antarctic to Survey Whales, Study Climate Change, Pollution — See Planned Route (Business Insider Australia, 4/19/16).

Monterey Encounter: Orcas as They Should Be Seen — See Video (sfist, 4/18/16).

Orca Attack Sparks Dolphin Stampede Off Monterey — See Video (ABC7 News, 4/17/16)/

Whale-Watchers See False Killer Whales Feeding off California Coast — See Video (The Orange County Register, 4/17/16).

Free-diving Researchers Record, Ponder Meaning of Sperm Whale Sounds — See Photo & Hear Recording (The New York Times, 4/16/16).

Captive Study: Dolphin “Chatter” Linked to Problem-Solving — See Photos (New Scientist, 4/15/16). Read more here. See more photos and video here.

Study: Cookie Cutter Shark Wounds Hold Clues to Whale Migration — See Photo (New Scientist, 4/15/16).

Researchers, Conservationists Beg Obama to Protect Right Whales from Seismic Prospecting Off Atlantic Coast — See Photos (Huffpost Science, 4/14/16). Read more herehere and here. Sign a petition here.

Visiting the Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon: A Report (The Malibu Times, 4/13/16). 

Researcher Lists Threats to Survival of Southern Resident Orcas — See Slide Show (Seattle PI, 4/12/16).

Vancouver Kayaker Gets Too Close to Feeding Humpback — See Video (, 4/12/16).

Mississippi Gulf Experiencing New Spike in Dolphin Deaths — See Video (, 4/12/16).

Report Links Deaths of Baby Dolphins along Gulf Coast to 2010 Spill — See Photos (The Times-Picayune, 4/12/16). Read more here.

Rare Mekong River Dolphins Survive Dangerous Dry Season with No Deaths, 3 Births — See Photo (Earth Times, 4/11/16).

2 Young False Killer Whales Stranded on Mississippi Coast Still Alive at Gulfport Facility — See News Report (WWLTV, 4/8/16).

British Columbia Researchers Devote Lives to Studying Dolphins, Whales off North Pacific Coast — See Photos (National Observer, 4/8/16).

New Zealand Researcher-Couple Devote Lives to Studying Diminutive Hector’s Dolphins — See Photos and Video, Listen to Radio Broadcast (Radio New Zealand, 4/6/16).

California Gets Serious about Reducing Whale Entanglement in Crabbing Gear — See Photos (The Press Democrat, 4/5/16).

Japanese Court Rules Taiji Facility Can’t Bar Activists from Visiting Dolphins Captured during Annual Slaughter (Huffpost Green, 4/5/16).

Study: Caribbean Sperm Whales Speak with Unique Accent — See Photo (Geographical, 4/5/16). Read more here.

Study: Sperm Whales Do Ram, Ramming Could Have Sunk Whale Ship Essex — See Photo (Discovery News 4/5/16). Read more here. See diagram of sperm whale head here. See more photos, amazing underwater footage of sperm whale encounter here.

• NMFS Proposes Rule to Ensure Captive Industry Never Imports Russian Belugas (takepart, 4/4/16). Read more here.

It’s a Spectacular Whale-Watching Season in Cape Cod (Cape Cod Today, 4/4/16).

Dolphins Surf with Surfers off Australia — See Video (Daily Mail, 4/2/16).

Right Whales Have Fewer Calves This Birthing Season (Savannah Morning News, 4/2/16).

Why Are Dolphins Dying along Mississippi Gulf Coast? — See News Report (WWLTV, 4/1/16).

Orca who Swam Up Irish River in ’77 ID’d Off Isle of Skype — See Photo (The Guardian, 4/1/16).

March 2016

Human, Orca, Pilot Whale Females Only Species Known to Go Through Menopause (Chicago Tribune, 3/31/16).

Japanese Whalers Kill 333 Minkes, including 207 Pregnant Females, in Antarctic — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 3/27/16).

Stomachs of Sperm Whales Washed Up Dead on German Beach Filled with Junk — See Photos (Daily Mail, 3/25/16). Read more, see video report here.

Drone Captures Fascinating Footage of Humpbacks Off Hawaii — See  Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 3/25/16).

Australian Whale-Watching Guides Capture Pole-Cam Footage of Long-Finned Pilot Whales — See Video (UPI, 3/23/16).

False Killer Whale Gives Birth Next to Whale-Watching Boat Off California — See Photos & Video (The Orange County Register, 3/23/16).

Why Did 337 Endangered Sei Whales Wash Up Dead Off Southern Chile? (Collective-Evolution, 3/22/16).

Proposal to Remove Humpbacks from Endangered List Ignores Threat of Fishing-Gear Entanglement (Center for Biological Diversity, 3/21/16).

Beautiful, Beautiful Humpbacks — See Photos (Daily Mail, 3/20/16).

Dolphins Briefly Join Bodyboarders Off Australia — See Drone Video (UPI, 3/18/16).

Study: Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins Do Multistep Prepping of Cuttlefish Meals — See Photo (, 3/18/16). Read more, see more photos and diagrams here.

Study: Southern Right Whales Still Struggling to Survive — See Photo (TakePart, 3/16/16). Read more here.

Critically Endangered Right Whales Returning to Cape Cod Bay — See Photos (The Guardian, 3/14/16). Read more here, here and here.

New Commercial Swordfish Fishing Gear Could Reduce, Marine Mammal, Turtle Entanglement, Death — See Photos (The Sacramento Bee, 3/12/16).

NOAA Preparing Rules to Protect Hawaii’s Spinner Dolphins from Humans Hungry to Swim with Them — See News Report (AP, 3/11/16). Read more here, here and here.

Hundreds of Dolphins Head Somewhere in a Hurry Off Dana Point, CA — See Video (Eyewitness News ABC 7, 3/11/16). Read more, see more video here.

Critically Endangered Right Whales Seem to be Heading to New, Unknown Feeding Grounds after Breeding Off Southeastern U.S. — See Photos (Fox 13 News 3/11/16).

Researcher Develops Way to Passively Locate, ID Whales in Vast Swathes of Ocean (Digital Trends, 11/9/16).

Drone Captures Humpback Tail-Sailing Off Maui as Calf Observes — See Video (Honolulu Star Advertiser, 3/9/16). Read more here.

Dolphins, Gray Whale Join Surfers Off Southern California — See Photos (The Inertia, 3/9/16).

Study: 3 Distinct Populations of Blue Whales ID’d Off Antarctica — See Photo and Diagram (The Conversation, 3/8/16).

Dwarf Minkes, Once Thought Silent, Make Cool “Star Wars” Sounds — See Videos (Earth Touch News Network, 3/8/16).

Snorkelers Encounter Pygmy Blue, Sperm Whales Off Sri Lanka — See Photos (, 3/8/16).

Study: Different Groups of Long-Finned Pilot Whales Have Distinct Calls — See Photos (Daily Mail, 3/7/16).

Researcher Will Use Culled Bowheads to Study Risks to Marine Mammals of Biotoxins Linked to Warming Oceans (Arctic Newswire, 3/6/16).

Humpback Frees Self from Fishing-Line Entanglement Off California  — See Photo & Video (The Orange County Register, 3/5/16).

Albino Gray Whale Not Seen in 7 Years Reappears Off Mexico with Calf — See Photo & Video (Discovery News, 3/4/16). See more video here and  here

Conservationists Beg, Pressure Hong Kong to Protect Disappearing White Dolphins (South China Morning Post, 3/4/16).

Pacific White-sides Hang Out with Paddleboarder — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 3/6/16).

New Zealand Kayakers Watch, Film Dusky Dolphin Acrobatics — See Video (, 3/4/16).

Researchers Capture First Film of Rare Omura’s Whale Off Madagascar — See Photo & Video (USA Today, 3/3/16). See more photos & video here.

Did Off-Shore Wind Turbines Cause Strandings, Deaths of 29 Sperm Whales in North Sea? See Photo (, 3/2/16).

Group Blames Super-Trawler Fishing Nets for 28 Common Dolphin Strandings on Ireland’s West Coast — See Photo (Irish Mirror 3/2/16).

Why Have 23 Endangered Franciscana Dolphins Washed Up Dead in Argentina? See Photos (Yahoo News, 3/2/16).

Study: Whales Species Take Separate Tables at Annual Herring Banquet (Phys.Org, 3/2/16). Read more here.

Can the Almost-Extinct Vaquitas Be Saved? See Photos (The Guardian, 3/1/16).

San Diego Lifeguards want Freedom to Help Entangled Whales — See News Report (Fox 5, 3/1/16).

February 2016

Female Southern Resident orca nursing calf, undated / NOAA, The Bellingham Herald / Click to learn more.

Study: Snake River Dams Deplete Salmon Southern Resident Orcas Need to Survive — See Photos (Pacific Standard, 2/29/16).

Iceland Won’t Hunt Fin Whales, Will Hunt Minkes (, 2/29/16).

Researchers Struggle to Make Sense of Global Marine Mammal Strandings (DNA India, 2/28/16).

Sad News: 1 of Puget Sound Southern Resident Orca Population Babies Goes Missing (West Seattle Blog, 2/26/16). See more photos and news report here.

Researchers Conduct Aerial Survey of Critically Endangered Right Whales Off Georgia — See Photos & Video (, 2/26/16).

Fishermen Try to Help 2 Stranded Irrawaddy Dolphins, Outcome Unclear — See Photos & Video (The Daily Star, 2/26/16).

 Iceland Company Blames Japan Policies for Calling Off Fin Whale Hunt (Vice, 2/25/16).

Iceland Will Not Hunt Fin Whales This Summer (The Guardian, 2/25/16). Read more here.

NOAA Outlines Plan to Study, Protect Pacific Northwest’s Critically Endangered Southern Resident Orcas —See Photos (The Bellingham Herald, 2/25/16). Learn more, see video here.

Researchers Track Critically Endangered Right Whales at Night — See Photos (Scientific American, 2/24/16).

Kayakers Have Really Close Encounter with Feeding Humpbacks — See Video (One Green Planet, 2/24/16).

Sea Shepherd Team Frees Humpback Entangled in Fishing Net — See Video (One Green Planet, 2/24/16).

Study: North Atlantic Orcas Like to Eat Minke Whales (Mother Nature News, 2/23/16).

• Why So Many Sperm Whale Deaths in the North Sea? (global, 2/19/16).

Tragedy: Baby Franciscana Dolphin Strands on Argentina Beach, Dies after being Passed around for Selfies — See Photo (The Washington Post, 2/18/16). See graphic video here and here. See news report here.

Photographer Takes Selfie with Humpbacks – See Photos (The Telegraph, 2/17/16). See video here.

2 Sperm Whales Wash Up Dead in Eastern China — See Photos & Video (Daily Mail, 2/16/16). See more photos and video here and here.

Scientists Trying to Figure Out Why Sperms Beached in North Sea — See Photos (The Guardian, 2/15/16).

Whales Woven in Willow for Park Exhibit — See Photos (BBC, 2/12/16).

Underwater Photographer Captures, (Mis?)Interprets Humpback Mother-Calf Interaction — See Photo & Listen to Humpback Song (HNGN, 2/12/16).

Researchers Learn More about Diving, Foraging Behaviors of Belugas in Bering Sea — See Photos (University of Washington, 2/12/16).

Gray Whale Calf Comes Really Close to Shore in Newport Beach CA — See Photos (The Orange County Register, 2/11/16).

Right Whale Mom, Calf Visit Florida Inlet — See News Report (, 2/8/16). Read more, see more video and photos here, herehere and here.

Why Japanese Whaling Continues — See Photos (BBC News, 2/8/16).

Another Sperm Washes Up on England’s East Coast — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 2/4/16). See more photos and video here, here and here.

Warmer Waters Bring False Killer Whales to California Coast — See Photos (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2/4/16).

Researchers Film Pygmy Blues Swimming Really Fast Off New Zealand — See Video (Radio New Zealand News, 2/4/16). Read more, see photos here.

Gray Whales Surf Off San Diego — See Photo & Video (Fox 5, 2/3/16).

Sea Shepherd Drone Films Blue Whale Mother & Calf — See Video (, 2/3/16). Read more here and here.

Study: Ship Noise Harmful to Orcas, Dolphins and Whales (The Washington Post, 2/3/16). Read more here.

Humpback, Dolphins, Porpoise Strand in Oregon — See News Report (, 2/2/16).

More Sperm Whales Wash Up Dead in North Sea — See Graphic Photos & Videos (Daily Mail, 2/1/16). Read more here.

 Once  True : Orcas & Men Hunted Whales Together in Australia (, 2/1/16).

Study: Pollutants, Toxins Impair Marine Mammal Reproduction (The Irish Times, 2/1/16). Read more here.

January 2016

North American Right Whale mother and calf off Ponte Vedra Beach, FL , December 22, 2015 / Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, The Daytona Beach News-Journal / Click to learn more.

Why are Sperm Whales Dying in the North Sea? (Smithsonian, 1/29/16). Read more, see more photos here and here.

Researchers Study, Film Annual Gathering of Orcas in Hot Spot off Western Australia — See Photo & Video (The West Australian, 1/29/16).

Researchers Studying Pygmy Blues Off New Zealand (, 1/29/16).

Documentary on Stranded Baby Beluga Airs on CBC-TV — See Photo (Times Colonist, 1/28/16). See video here.

NMFS Decides to Keep Hawaii’s Humpback Whale Sanctuary Focused on Humpbacks (Maui News, 1/27/16). Read more, see more photos here.

Feds Expand Protected Waters for Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales (The Humane Society of the United States, 1/26/16). Read more here and here.

Navy, Marine Scientists Teach Each Other How to I.D. Underwater Sounds (The Globe and Mail, 1/25/16).

A 5th Sperm Whale Found Dead on England’s East Coast — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 1/25/16). Read more, see more photos and video here, herehere, here and here.

3 More Sperm Whales Wash Up Dead on England’s East Coast — See Photos & Video (The Telegraph, 1/24/16). Read more, see more photos and video here and here.

Huge Sperm Whale Beaches, Dies in Norfolk, England, 2 Others Return to Sea — See Photos (The Telegraph, 1/23/16). Read more, see more photos here. See video here.

South African Team Frees 2 Entangled Humpbacks — See Video (, 1/22/16).

Study: Humpbacks Ignore Sounds Meant to Warn Them Away from Fishing Gear (, 1/22/16). Read more here.

B.C. Researcher Proposes Preserving Quiet Zones for Sound-Sensitive Whales, Dolphins (Outside, 1/21/16).

Fisherman Films Orcas on the Move Off Scotland — See Beautiful Footage (The Press and Journal, 1/21/16).

Study: Young Whales Seem to Need, Benefit from Physical Exertion (Discovery News, 1/20/16).

Researcher Beginning to Decode Sperm Whale Language — See Photos, Listen to Recording (Maclean’s, 1/20/16).

9th Baby Born into BC’s Endangered Southern Resident Orca Community since 12/14 — See Photo (King 5, 1/19/16). See video footage here.

Researchers Spot Single Right Whale off South Carolina, Hope for More — See Photo (The Post and Courier, 1/17/16). Read more, see more photos and video here.

Photographer Films Humpback Moments after Loss of Calf — See Photos & Video (Mirror, 1/17/16).

More Sperm Whales Beach, Die on Dutch, German North Sea Islands — See Photos & Video (RT, 1/17/16). See more video here. Read more here.

Researchers Learning More about Baja’s Blue Whales — See Photos (National Geographic, 1/14/16).

Fishermen Catch Rare Glimpse of Beaked Whales Off Southern Australia — See Photo (Nature World News, 1/14/16).

Researcher, Techies Developing New Way to I.D. Endangered Right Whales in Real Time — See Photos (The Atlantic, 1/14/16).

Study: Decades after European PCB Ban, Levels in Porpoises, Dolphins, Orcas Still Too High — See Photo, Chart (Science News, 1/14/16). Read more here.

5 Sperms Strand, Die on Dutch Island — See Photos (, 1/13/16). Read more here.

Humans Checked Out by Curious Dusky Dolphins in New Zealand — See Video (One Green Planet, 1/12/16).

Western Australia Wildlife Officials Use Explosives to Euthanize Beached Whales — See Photos, Video, Hear Radio Report (, 1/12/16).

Chinese Demand for Fish Bladder Endangers Big Fish, Small Dolphin in Gulf of Mexico — See Photos & Video (The Guardian, 1/11/16).

First Right Whale of Season Spotted in Cape Cod Bay (, 1/11/16).

Missing Humpbacks Finally Showing Up in Hawaii (LiveScience, 1/11/16).

Study: Fate of Pacific Northwest’s Endangered Southern Resident Orcas Tied to Health of Chinook Salmon Stock (CBC News, 1/11/16).

Study: Belugas Learn to Dampen Hearing against Loud Sound (Marmam, 1/8/16).

Entanglement in Fishing Line Could Doom Right Whales in Gulf of Maine — Listen to Radio Report (CBC News, 1/8/16).

Manitoba Wants Canada to Protect Hudson Bay Estuary for Belugas, Other Species — See Photos, Video, Listen to Radio Report (Radio Canada International, 1/8/16). Read more here.

Photographer Captures Stunning Underwater Images of Belugas in Hudson Bay— See Photos (Earth Touch News Network, 1/7/16).

Sunken Ships from 1871 Whaling Disaster Found in Arctic — See Video  (The Washington Post, 1/6/16). Learn more, see more video here.

Lulu, Well-Known Female Member of Near Extinct Orca Population off Scotland, Found Dead on Isle of Tiree — See Photos (Earth Touch News Network, 1/5/16). Learn more, see more photos here and here.

Bowheads May Benefit in Short Term from Warming Arctic (Discovery News, 1/5/16).

2 Sailing Friends Jump in Sea to Free Entangled Bryde’s Whale off Moro Jable, Spain— See Video (One Green Planet, 1/4/16). Read more here. See video and stills here.

Warm Weather Delays North American Right Whales’ Arrival in Florida — See Photo (The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 1/2/16).

B.C. Boaters Treated to Close Encounter with 2 Humpbacks — See Video (Global News, 1/2/16).