Nature 2013

December 31, 2013

Children and juvenile Great white shark, Manhattan Beach, CA/June Emerson, CNN

Expert Examines Family Photo, Says Shape in Wave Looks Like Great White — See News Report (CNN, 12/31/13).

Bad Weather Hampers Helicopter Rescue of Passengers on Ship Trapped in Antarctic — See New News Report (Euronews, 12/31/13). See images from photographer aboard trapped ship here.

Bald eagle, now deceased, brought to Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah/AP, USA Today

Bald Eagles Dying in Utah from Eating Grebes Infected with West Nile (USA Today, 12/31/13).

December 30, 2013

Passengers and crew near trapped research vessel Akedemic Shokalskiy, Antarctica/still from video report,

Third Ice-Breaker Fails to Reach Ship Trapped in Antarctic Ice, U.S. Ice-Breaker Last Best Hope — See News Reports ( 12/30/13). See video of ice-breaker plowing through ice, shot from the bridge of the ship here.

Image from restored negative from Shackleton Antarctic expedition, circa 1914-17/Imaging Resources, Pop

Negatives from Shackleton Antarctic Expedition Survive 100 Years Frozen in Ice (, 12/30/13). Read more and see more images here.

Mangrove Forest, Everglades, FL, undated/Barbara P. Fernandez, The New York Times

As Planet Warms, Florida Mangroves Migrate North (The New York Times, 12/30/13).

December 29, 2013

 Chaparrastique volcano erupts, San Miguel, El Salvador, Dec 29 2013/Roberto Acevedo, AFP, Getty, NBC World News

El Salvador Volcano Erupts (NBC News, 12/29/13). Read more and see more images here. See news report here.

MV Akademik Shokalskiy trapped in ice off Antarctica/Andrew Peacock,, The Sydney Morning Herald

Two Ice-Breakers Fail to Reach Ship Trapped in Antarctic Ice, Third on Way, Rescue Could Cost Millions — See News Report from Rescue Ship (The Sydney Morning Herald, 12/30/13). Read more and see more video reports here.

Horse, carriage, driver, NYC, undated/Jeff Bachner, New York Daily News

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides to End Under New NYC Mayor De Blasio — See More Images & Video (New York Daily News, 12/29/13)

December 28, 2013

Unidentified elephant/Think Elephants International, Inc., National Geographic

Study: Smell May Outrank Hearing in Elephant Decision-Making Process (National Geographic, 12/28/13). Find the study here. Learn about Think Elephants Internationl, Inc., here.

Fireball Lights Up Night Sky Over Iowa — See News Report (CNN, 12/28/13). Read more here.

December 27, 2013

Saturn's northern polar region in natural color with hexagonal jet stream visible in yellow, July 22, 2013/Cassini Orbiter, NASA, PL-Caltech, Space Science Institute

NASA Releases New Cassini Images of Saturn & Moons — See Images (NASA, 12/27/13). See more images here.

Expedition leader Chris Turney talks to CNN from aboard research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy trapped in ice in Antarctica, Dec 27, 2013/still from CNN News report, CNN

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Ice-Breaker Sent to Free Research Vessel Trapped in Antarctic Ice Also Gets Trapped in Ice—See News Report (CNN, 12/27/13). Learn more and see more images here.

December 26, 2013

Tick, still image from Dec 26, 2013 news report/The Boston Globe

Health Officials ID New, Severe Tick-Borne Illness in Massachusetts, Main — See News Report (The Boston Globe, 12/26/13).

Head of palometa, relative of piranha, Parana River, Rosario, Argentina, Dec 25, 2013/Still image from news report, BBC News

Piranha-Like Fish Attack 70 Bathers in Argentina River — See News Report (BBC News, 12/26/13).

December 23, 2013

40-foot-long container lost from cargo ship Med Taipei on Feb 26, 2004, photographed approximately 4,200 feet down in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, CA, December 2013/NOAA, MBARI, National Geographic

Scientists Study Marine Impact of 1 of 10,000 Containers Lost at Sea Each Year — See More Photos (National Geographic, 12/13/13).

Researchers, drill rig and snowmobile on Greenland ice sheet/Evan Burgess, U. of Utah, Nature World News

Researchers Tap Liquid Water Reserve Size of West Virginia under Greenland Ice Sheet (Nature World News, 12/23/13). Learn more here. Find the study here.

13-foot-long Burmese python captured in Florida Everglades, January 2013/AP, Florida Today

Reptile Trade Wants Ban on Importing, Transporting Pythons, Anacondas Overturned (Florida Today, 12/23/13). Learn more here.

December 20, 2013

Broken panel bearing spider rock art, estimated to date to 4,000 B.C., North Kharga Oasis, Egypt/Photo by Salima Ikram, North Kharga Oasis Survey, cropped by Owen Jarus,

First Known Example of Spider Rock Art Found in Egypt (, 12/20/13). Read more and see more images here.

Brazilian leaf-cutting ants/Christopher Tranter,,

Study: Brazilian Leaf-Cutting Ants Clean Selves, Homes, Broods with Antimicrobials Squirted from Butts ( 12/20/13).

December 19, 2013

National Geographic 2013 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner, "The Ice Bear"/Paul Souders, National Geographic

National Geographic Names 2013 Photo Contest Winners (National Geographic, 12/19/13). See more photos here.

Magnified flower of Amborella trichopoda, closest living relative of earliest flowering plants, found only on New Caledonia /Santae Kim, Discovery News

Researchers Map Genome of Oldest Known Flowering Plant — See More Images (Discovery News, 12/19/13).

December 18, 2013

Neanderthal toe bone found in Denisova Cave, Siberia/Bence Viola, Los Angeles Times

DNA from Neanderthal Toe Bone Suggests Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens, Other Early Humans Interbred — See More Images (Los Angeles Times, 12/18/13). Learn more here.

Unidentified species of mosquito/Henrik Larsson, Getty, USA Today

• CDC: New Mosquito-Borne Illness Hits St. Martin (USA Today, 12/18/13). Learn more here and here.

December 17, 2013

Artist's rendering of Milky Way Galaxy/NASA, JPL-Cal Tech,

Study: Milky Way Has 4 Arms, Not 2 — See More Images (, 12/17/13). Learn more here. Read the whole study here.

December 16, 2013

Reconstruction of Neanderthal burial site in in La Chapelle-aux-Saints, France/A. Dea Daglia Orti, De Ogostini, Getty, National Geographic

Study: Neanderthals Cared for One Another, Buried Their Dead (National Geographic, 12/16/13). Learn more here and here. Find the study here.

American Burying Beetle, Monsanto Insectarium, St. Louis Zoo, MO/Joel Sartore, National Geographic

• Save the Endangered Flesh-Eating Beetle! (National Geographic, 12/16/13).

December 15, 2013

Thousands of Bonefish Congregate to Spawn — See More Video (Live Science, 12/15/13). Learn more about the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust here.

December 13, 2013

Snowy owl/Les Palenik, Shutterstock, LiveScience

Annual Audubon Winter Bird Count Starts Tomorrow (, 12/13/13).

December 12, 2013

Comb jelly/Franco Banfi, Solent News, Rex Features, AP National Geographic

Study: Comb Jelly May Be Mother of Us All (National Geographic, 12/12/13)

Europa rises over Jupiter/Spacecraft New Horizons, Reuters, Portland Press Herald

Jupiter’s Moon Europe Squirts Water Geysers (Los Angeles Times, 12/12/13). Read more here.

Artist's rendering based on fossil find of duck-billed dinosaur with fleshy comb/Design&Trend

Study: Remains Show Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Fleshy Comb (Design&Trend 12/12/13).

December 11, 2013

Monitor lizard/Cheryl L. Ertelt, NBC News

• Study: Monitor Lizard’s One-Way Breathing Older than Dinosaurs (NBC News 12/11/13).

Diagram of one possible mechanism of universe collapse/

Universe Could Collapse Any Second! Or Not! ( 12/12/13).

December 10, 2013

Hochstetter's butterfly orchid/Richard Bateman, Mother Nature News

Rare Orchid Discovered Atop Azores Volcano Could Soon Disappear (Mother Nature News, 12/10/13). Find the study and see many more images here.

Members of family group found alive in wilderness arrive at Pershing General Hospital, Lovelock, Nevada, Dec 10 2013/James Glover, Reuters, CBS News

Nature is Not Your Friend: 2 Adults, 4 Children Stranded for 2 Days in Sub-Zero Nevada Wilderness Found Alive — See News Report (CBS News, 12/10/13). See more news reports and learn more about how they survived here and here.

Serotene bat, undated/Nature Photographers LTD, Alamay, National Geographic

• Some Bats Will Benefit, Others Suffer from Climate Change (National Geographic, 12/10/13)

December 9, 2013

Sedimentary deposits, Gale Crater, Mars/Curiosity rover, NASA, JPL-CALTECH, MSSS, AFP, Getty, The Boston Globe

Scientists Find Strongest Evidence Yet of Past, Possibly Life-Supporting, Freshwater Lake on Mars (The Boston Globe, 12/9/13).

Antarctic landscape, undated/Keith Vanderblinde, NSF, BBC News

Study: New Record Cold Set in Antarctica in 2010 (BBC News, 12/9/13).

Male and female cold-tolerant Periplaneta japonica from Asia found in NYC/Lyle Buss, U of Florida, NBC News

Invasive Species of Cold-Tolerant Cockraoches Arrive in NYC (NBC News, 12/9/13).

December 8, 2013

Seabed, unknown area/Science Daily

Study: Major Reserves of Fresh Water Found Under Seabeds (Science Daily, 12/8/13).

December 6, 2013

Elephants Reunited after 20 Years — Watch Video (KPBS, Thank you to Sharon Gurwitz for passing this along. Learn about the elephant Shirley’s life before the reunion in an earlier segment from the Nature documentary The Urban Elephanhere.

Female lemon shark/PEW, BBC News

Study: Slow-Maturing Female Lemon Sharks Return to Birth Waters to Breed (BBC News, 12/6/13).

December 5, 2013

Destruction caused by 2011 tsunami, Kensennuma Miyagi, Japan,2011/Senkei, Getting National Geographic

Studies: 2011 Japan Tsunami Caused by Largest Slip in Tectonic Plates Ever Recorded — See Photos (National Geographic, 12/5/13).

December 4, 2013

Human fossils from the Pit of Bones near Burgos, Spain/Science Photo Library, BBC News

400,000-Year-Old Thigh Bone Yields Oldest Human DNA Yet Sequenced — See Video (BBC News, 12/4/13).

December 3, 2013

Great white with tumor on lower jaw, near Neptune Islands, South Australia, undated/Andrew Fox, Sam Cahir,

Researchers Capture First Images of Tumor Growth in Sharks (, 12/3/13).

December 2, 2013

Male Koala, undated/Rennett Stowe, Flickr, Creative Commons, International Business Times

Mystery of Male Koala’s Giant-Sized Mating Call Solved — Hear Recording (International Business Times, 12/2/13).

Makena Landing, Maui, near location of December 2 fatal shark attack/Wendy Osher, Maui News

Fatal Shark Attack on Kayak Fisherman Off South Maui 2nd Attack in 3 Days (Maui Times, 12/2/13). Watch an experienced kayak fisherman discuss risks and safety procedures here. See a CNN report on circumstances of the attack and recent increase in attacks here.

December 1, 2013

One Man’s Encounter with a Baby Sea Lion — See Video (with thanks to Sharon Gurwitz).

November 29, 2013

Comet Ison, Kahler Asten, Germany, Nov 16, 2013/Waldemar Skorupa,

View Photos of Comet Ison (, 11/29/13). Learn more about ISON and see more videos and photos here and here.

Black-footed ferret, once thought extinct, now thriving/USFWS, AP, NBC News

• Endangered Species Act Turns 40 — See Slideshow (NBC News, 11/29/13).

November 27, 2013

NASA Tracks Comet ISON! (NASA, 11/26/13).See more NASA videos and images here. Read more and see more news reports and images here and here.

Artist's rendering: black hole emitting radiation/JPL-Caltech, NASA, Reuter, The Christian Science Monitors

Black Hole Emits Too Much Light for Size, Puzzles Scientists (The Christian Science Monitor, 11/27/13). Learn more and see more images here and here.

President Obama, daughters Sasha (left) and Malia with pardoned turkey, Popcorn, Nov 27, 2013/Carolyn Kaster, AP, NPR

President Obama Pardons Popcorn (NPR, 11/27/13).

November 20, 2013

4.4 billion-year-old meteor from Mars/Luc L'Abenne, BBC News

Study: 4.4-Billion-Year-Old Mars Meteorite, Oldest on Earth, Dates to Planet’s Infancy (BBC News, 11/20/13). Find the study here.

Cross-section of upper arm bone of 24,000-year-old skeleton called Mal'ta boy, found near Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia, undated/Thomas W Stafford, Jr., The New York Times

DNA from 24,000-Year-Old Siberian Skeleton Links Early Europeans to Native Americans (The New York Times, 11/21/13). Read more, see more images here.

November 19, 2013

Unidentified image of some part of our universe/The Daily Galaxy

Study: Largest Structure Yet Observed in Universe Casts Doubt on Big Bang Theory (The Daily Galaxy, 11/19/13).

November 18, 2013

Ison passing through Virgo, early November, 2013/Aaron Kingery, NASA, NW News Network

Here Comes Comet ISON! (NW News Network, 11/18/13). See more images here and here.

November 17, 2013

Tornado over Knox County, IN, photographed from Gibson County, IN, Nov 17, 2013/Bryce Matthews, ABC News

Unseasonable Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest, Destroy Homes, Kill at Least 5 (ABC News, 11/17/13). See more images here. Watch a news report here.

Researchers hauling seismic-GPS equipment to Mount Sidley, Antarctica, undated/Jeremy Miner, NBC News

Volcano Discovered Under Mile of Ice in Antarctic (NBC News, 11/17/13). Read more here.

November 15, 2013

Leonid Meteor, 2001, location unknown/NASA, AFP, USA Today

Full Moon Will Infringe on Leonid Meteor Viewing (USA Today, 11/15/13).

November 14, 2013

Forest change, 2000-2012 (red=loss)/Google Earth, U. of Maryland, BBC News

New Interactive Tool Charts Global Forest Change, 2000-2012 — See Images (BBC News, 11/14/13). Visit the site here.

Ice Age wolf skull/Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, PA, Mirror

Study: Human/Dog Relationship Started with Ice-Age Wolves in Europe (Register, 11/14/13).

November 11, 2013

• Thank You, GOCE! Satellite Disintegrates on Reentry, Advanced Knowledge of Earth’s Gravity, Oceans, Crust (BBC News, 11/11/13). Learn all about GOCE here.

November 8, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan approaching the Philippines/EUMETSAT, National Post

Typhoon Haiyan Hits Philippines with Record-Setting 195+ MPH Winds  — See Photos (National Post, 11/8/13). Read more and see more photos here and here.

Scalloped hammerhead shark, undated/,

Researchers ID New Hammerhead Species Off South Carolina (, 11/8/13). Read more and see more images here and here. See a video report here. Find the study here.

November 7, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) to Hit Central Philippines Today (The Washington Post, 11/7/13). Read more here.

Elk drinks from Bureau of Land Mangement watering station, Colorado/Bureau of Land Management, Discovery News

Toxic Algae in Drinking Water Kills 100 Elk on Ranch North of Las Vegas (Discovery News, 11/7/13).

NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of asteroid P/2013 P5 with multiple tails, undated/NASA, ESA, and D. Jewitt (UCLA), J. Agarwal (Max Planck Institute), H. Weaver (Johns Hopkins), M. Mutchler (STScI), and S. Larson (U. of Arizona), National Geographic

Asteroid with Six Tails Has Scientists Baffled (National Geographic, 11/7/13). Find a summary of the scientific report here. Find the full report here.

November 6, 2013

Chunk of meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on February 15, 2013, retrieved from Chebarkul Lake on October 16, 2013 /Alexander Firsov, AP, USA Today

Studies: Meteorites Size of Russian Fireball May Be More Common than Thought — See Photos and Video Reports (USA Today, 11/6/13). Watch video report about this meteorite and where it came from  here.

Fossil skull of Lythronax argestes (King of Gore)/Mark Loewen, BBC News

Study: Dinosaurs with T-Rex Traits Roamed Earth 10 Million Years Earlier than Thought — See More Images (BBC News, 11/5/13). Find the whole study and more images here.

November 5, 2013

Artist's depiction of ancient sharp-toothed platypus and tooth/Peter Schouten, Rebecca Pian, The Register

• Study: Fossil Tooth Belonged to Big, Flesh-Eating Platypus (The Register, 11/5/13).

November 2, 2013

Partial eclipse, Beijing, China, May 21, 2012/Ng Han Guan, AP, USA Today

Partial Eclipse Visible in Eastern U.S. Early A.M. Sunday (USA Today, 11/2/13)

October 31, 2013

Unidentified dog tail/Getty, BBC News

Study: Dog’s Left- or Right-Leaning Tail Wag Reveals Mood, Other Dogs Read Signal —Listen to Interview (BBC News, 10/31/13). Find the study here.

Fossil found in Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, AZ, thought to be part of beak of giant cephalopod, undated/Mark McMenamin,

Researcher Says New Fossil Finds Support Possibility of Ancient, Giant, Kraken-like Sea Creature (, 10/31/13). See photos here.

Redington Beach, FL, undated/Luke Johnson, The Tampa Tribune

Scientists Gather in FL to Tackle Puzzle of  Harmful Algae Blooms Like Dreaded Red Tide (The Tampa Tribune, 10/31/13).

October 30, 2013

9,000-year-old painting of exploding volcano found in excavation of Neolithic-era village of Çatalhöyük, Turkey/ Janet Harvey and Felix Wicke,

Oldest Known Painting of Volcanic Eruption Linked to Ancient Event in Turkey (, 10/30/13).

Reindeer in Arctic, undated/Kia Hansen,

Reindeer Eyes Gold in Summer, Blue in Winter (, 10/3013). See more photos here.

October 29, 2013

Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ, post-Sandy, Oct 31, 3012/Mario Tama, Getty Images, CNN

Recovering from Sandy, One Year Later — See Slideshow (CNN, 10/29/13). See slideshow of Sandy sinking of sailing ship HMS Bounty and read survivor’s story here, too.

Leaf-tailed gecko, one of three new species discovered in Cape Melville Range, Cape York Peninsula, northeast Australia/Tim Laman, National Geographic,

Scientists Discover 3 New Vertebrate Species in Australia’s Remote Northeast Cape Melville Range (, 10/30/13). See more photos here. Read more and see more images here.

October 28, 2013

Bird track left in moist sand along riverbank in Australia approximately 105 million years ago/Anthony Martin, Emory University, National News and Pictures, Mail Online

105-Million-Year-Old Track of Flying Birds Oldest Discovered in Australia — See Photos (Mail Online, 10/28/13). Read more here. See more images, listen to or read a transcript of a radio interview with Emery U. researcher Anthony Martin here. Find the full study with all images here.

Simulation of asteroid heading toward Earth's South Pole/NASA, JPL-Cal Tech, USA Today

U.N. to Create Asteroid Defense Plan (USA Today, 10/28/13). Read more here and here.

Sun Discharges Third Major Flare in Four Days (, 10/28/13).

October 27, 2013

Comet Ison, photographed with telescopic lens from U. of Arizona's Mt. Lemmon Sky Center, Summerhaven, AZ, Oct 8, 2013/Adam Block,

National Science Foundation, Two Magazines Announce Comet Ison Photo Contest (, 10/27/13). Learn more about fast-approaching Comet Ison here and here. Learn more about the contest and see photo submissions here.

October 26, 2013

Solar Eruption Rips “Canyon of Fire” Across Sun (, 10/26/13). See footage of other powerful solar flares here.

October 23, 2013

Tufted puffin, Hawadax Island, formerly Rat Island, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, undated/Marc Romano, USFWS, Live Science

Invasive Rats Finally Gone, Birds Back, Alaska’s Rat Island is Renamed (Live Science, 10/23/13). See more photos here.

October 22, 2013

Planck telescope image of entire sky, released July 5, 2010/ESA, AFP

Evidence Suggests Existence of Other Universes Besides Ours (The Daily Galaxy, 10/22/13).

Fossil of baby duck-billed dinosaur, nicknamed "Joe," undated/Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, Discovery News

High School Student Spots “Joe,” Tiniest Duck-Billed Dinosaur Fossil Yet Found (Discovery News, 10/22/13). See video of the fossil airlift here. Read more here and here. See more photos of the discoverer and discovery here. Visit Joe’s website to see more images and learn more about his significance here.

October 21, 2013

Northeast China Choked by Smog — See Photos (Baltimore Sun, 10/31/13). Read more here.

October 20, 2013

Brush fires near Sydney, Australia, Oct 17, 2013/NASA, BBC News

Worst Bush Fires in Decade Threaten Sydney, Australia after Hottest Year on Record — See Photos & Video (BBC, 10/20/13).

George Reynolds and Fred Schaeffer after rescue from 14 hours at sea in Salem Sound, Oct 19, 2013/ABC News

Nature Is Not Your Friend: Two Men Out for Day Sail Spend Night Clinging to Flipped Boat — See News Report (ABC News, 10/20/13). Read more here.

October 19, 3013

14-foot long Oarfish, Oceanside Harbor, CA, Oct 18, 2013/Mark Bussey, AP, ABC News

Second Oarfish Washes Up on California Beach in One Week (ABC News, 10/19/13). Read more here.

October 17, 2013

Alleged Yeti Footprint, Nepal, undated/Captain Guy Norton, BBC News

Researcher: Yeti May Be Real, Descendant of Ancient Bear — See News Report (BBC News, 10/17/13). Watch another news report here.

October 16, 2013

Chunk of Meteor that Exploded Over Chelyabinsk, Russa Retrieved from Lake (BBC News, 10/16/13).

Reconstructed image of Ötzi, the Iceman, found mummified in Italian Alps in 1991/Kennis. South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, Foto Ochsenreiter. LiveScience

Study: 5,300-Year-Old Mummified Iceman, Found in Alps, Has Living Relatives (LiveScience, 10/16/13).

Aedes aegypti mosquito/wikicommons, University Herald

Mosquito Linked to Dengue, Yellow Fever Showing Up in California (SFGate, 10/16/13). Read more here and here.

October 14, 2013

Research biologist Mark Keech and veterinarian Tiffany Wolf fit moose with radio collar, Minnesota, undated/Brian Peterson, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The New York Times

Moose Populations Dwindling, Scientists Suspect Climate Change — See Sad Video (The New York Times, 10/14/13).

Magellanic woodpecker, location and date unknown/Jaime Jimenez, LiveScience

Invasive American Minks Threaten South American Woodpecker Relative of  Extinct Ivory-Billed (LiveScience, 10/14/13).

October 13, 2013

18-Foot-Long Oarfish, Catalina Island, CA, Oct 13, 2013/

Snorkelers Find Deep-Dwelling, Deceased Oarfish Off Catalina — See News Report (, 10/13/13).

October 10, 2013

Study: Elephants Understand Meaning of Human Pointing (Wired, 10/10/13). Find the study here.

October 9, 2013

Illustration of robot mining diamonds on Saturn/Michael Carroll, CNN

Study: Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus May Be Rich in Diamonds (CNN, 10/9/13).

October 7, 2013

Illustration of survey plane measuring depth and height of channel under Flichner-Ronne Ice Shelf/Anne Le Brocq, Popular Science

Researchers Discover Huge Channels Under Antarctic Ice (Popular Science, 10/7/13). Find the study and see more images here.

October 4, 2013

30-Foot-Long Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux), Cantabria, Spain, Oct 1, 2013/Enrique Talledo,,

Giant Squid Washes Up in Spain (LiveScience, 10/4/13).

October 1, 2013

Pacific walruses near Port Lay, Alaska, undated/Stan Churches, NOAA Fisheries, AP, New York Daily News

Estimated 10,000 Walruses Bunch on Alaska Beach for Lack of Sea Ice (New York Daily News, 10/1/13).

September 21, 2013

Stray dog, Detroit, undated/Todd McInturf, The Detroit News

50,000 Strays in Detroit? Project Doubts It, Launches Count (The Detroit News, 9/21/13).

September 20, 2013

Adult male saiga, Torgay region, Kazakhstan, undated/Klaus Nigge, National Geographic

Odd-Looking, Endangered Antelope Makes Comeback in Kazakhstan — See Photos (National Geographic, 9/20/13).

Bakersfield Legless Lizard, undated/James Parham, CSU-Fullerton, Reuters, GMA News

Four New Species of Legless Lizards (Not Snakes) ID’d in California (GMA News Online, 9/20/13).

September 19, 2013

Tropical Storm Manuel in the Pacific and Hurricane Ingrid in the Gulf of Mexico converge on Mexico, Sept 15, 2013/NOAA, AP, Winnipeg Free Press

Twin Storms Cause Flooding, Landslides, Loss of Life in Mexico — See Photos (Winnepeg Free Press, 9/19/20). Trilobite fossil from Cambrian "Big Bang" of Life period/Tim Evanson, Flickr, Creative Commons, Voice of America Study Explains Ancient “Big Bang” of Life Nonbelievers Say Disproves Evolution (Voice of America, 9/19/13). Read more here and hereFind the study here.

September 18, 2013

Antarctica, undated/Alan Homer, British Antarctic Survey, Science Daily

Study: Currents Around Undersea Antarctic Mountains Help Regulate Climate (Science Daily, 9/18/13). Learn more, see more photos here. Find the study here. NASA Orbiter Creates First Images of Rotating Moon (NASA, Youtube, 9/18/13).

September 16, 2013

Soar Like an Eagle! — with Special Thanks to Linda Lee. See More footage here.

September 13, 2013

Workers collect dead marine life after massive molasses spill, Keehi Lagoon, Hawaii, Sept 12, 2013/Hugh Gentry, Reuters, National Geographic

Massive Molasses Spill Kills Reefs, Marine Life in Hawaii — See Video (National Geographic, 9/12/13). See news report here.

Finn Jordan and family dog, Killian, undated/WCSC

Family Dog Alerts Parents to Abusive Babysitter — See News Report (WCSC, 9/13/13).

Sea monsters called pristers (probably baleen whales) from Olaus Magn16th Century Carta Marina/ from Sea Monsters: A Voyage Around the World's Most Beguiling Map by Joseph Nigg, University of Chicago Press,

New Book Celebrates Old, Illustrated Map of the Sea and its Monsters — See More Images (, 9/13/13). Learn more about the book and order a copy here and here.

Three generations of yeast cells /Max Planck Institute, Science World Report

Yeast Cell Reproduction May Hold Clues on Slowing Aging of Human Cells (Science World Report, 9/13/13).

September 12, 2013

Voyager 1 Exits Solar System after 36 Years in Flight — See Photos & Video (CNN, 9/12/13). Read more and see more photos and video here and here.

Blobfish, found in deep waters off Australia, undated/National Marine Fisheries Service, USA Today

Australian Blobfish Voted Mascot of Ugly Animal Preservation Society (USA Today, 9/13/13). Learn more about the blobfish and see more photos here. See video of another ugly-nosed critter here. Royals William, Kate, Harry Throw Weight Behind Saving Endangered Species (BBC, 9/12/13).

September 11, 2013

Mosasaur fossil with impression of sharklike tail fin, undated/John Lindgren (photo & sketch), Stefan Sølberg, Prognathodon sp (reconstruction), Fossil Find Proves Giant Marine Lizard Was Swift Hunter with Sharklike Tail (, 9/11/13). Locate the study here.

September 10, 2013

Sediment, Whillhans Lake, Antarctica, undated/Alberto Behar, JPL-ASU, NSF-NASA, National Geographic

Scientists Find Ancient Microbes in Sediment of Lake Sealed under Antarctic Ice (International Business Times, 9/10/13). Read more here. Family Dog Turns Aggressive with Babysitter, Parents Take Note, Discover Son Being Abused (WTVM 9, 9/10/13).

September 5, 2013

3D image of Tamu Massif underwater volcano/Will Sager, Nature World News

Earth’s Largest Volcano, One of Biggest Found in Solar System So Far, Discovered in Pacific Ocean (Nature World News, 9/5/13). Read more and see map of location here. Locate the study here.

September 4, 2013

Nine ocellate mountain vipers, St. Louis Zoo, undated/St. Louis Zoo, International Business Times

Highly Venomous, Near-Extinct Viper Has 9 Babies at St. Louis Zoo (International Business Times, 9/4/13).

Cassini image of Saturn with infrared of water ice and ammonia ice in storm trail, undated/NASA, JPL-Caltech, SSI, U. of Arizona, U. of Wisconsin,

Huge Storm Churns Saturn’s Atmosphere, Yields First Proof of Water Ice on Planet — See Video (, 9/4/13). Learn more here. See more photos of Saturn’s storm here.

September 3, 2013

Male gardiner's frog, Seyschelles Islands, undated/R. Boistel, CNRS, Live Science

Tiny Frog with No Ears Hears Through Its Mouth (Design&Trend, 9/3/13)

September 2, 2013

Indian flying fox, location & date unknown/Science Photo Library, BBC News

Study: Mammals Host Estimated 320,000+ Unidentified Viruses (BBC News, 9/2/13). Learn more here.

September 1, 2013

Colorado potato beetle, location & date unknown/Science Photo Library, BBC News

Study: Crop Pests Invading Once Pest-Free Cold Regions as Planet Warms (BBC News, 9/2/13). Locate the study here.

August 30, 2013

New (Third) Species of Walking Shark Discovered in Indonesia  — See Video (Los Angeles Times, 8/30/13).

Whooping crane, location & date unknown/Klaus Nigge, National Geographic

Cranes Learn Migration Routes with Age, Fly Truest with Oldster in Group (National Geographic, 8/30/13).

August 29, 2013

New heavy element Ununpentium (UUP), with 115 protons at center/CNN

Scientists Confirm Discovery-Creation of New Element — See News Report (CNN, 8/29/13) Scientists Discover World’s Longest Canyon Under Greenland Ice Sheet (NASA 8/29/13). Learn more and see  images of the canyon here. See a brief animated video of these images here.

August 28, 2013

Unidentified species of mosquito/Shutterstock, CNN

Dengue Fever Hits U.S., Eight Confirmed Cases in Florida (CNN, 8/28/13).

August 27, 2013

Bentheim Black Pied pigs, location & date unknown/Sascha Schuermann, Getty, AFP, National Geographic

Study: Early North European Hunter-Gatherers Had Domesticated Pigs Early than Thought (National Georgraphic, 8/27/13).

August 25, 2013

• Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Healthy Cub, Stillborn Twin at National Zoo (AFP, 8/25/13). Read more and see another news report here. See more video here and here.

Saltwater crocodile, Australia, undated/The Independent

Croc Grabs Man Who Ignored “Don’t Swim” Signs in River in North Australia (The Independent, 8/25/13). Read more here.

Section of the Greenland ice sheet meets a fjord fed by melt-water, August 1, 2013/John Ferro, Poughkeepsie NY Journal , USA Today

Greenland Ice Melt Poses Threat to Hudson River Shoreline — Watch News Report (Poughkeepsie NY Journal, 8/25/13) August 24, 2013

Arctic sea ice, undated/NOAA, Nature World News

Study: Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice Changing Plant Life, Food Chains, Migratory Routes (Nature World News, 8/24/13).

August 22, 2013

Asian weevil/

NYC Parks Dept. Will Release 5,000 Asian Weevils to Combat Invasive Asian Vine — See News Report (NBC New York, 8/22/13). Read more & see more photos here.

August 20, 2013

Three beads (center) hammered from meteorite metal/Rob Eagle, UCL Petri

Study: Beads Found in Egypt Hammered from Meteorite More Than 5,000 Years Ago  (Science News, 8/22/13).

August 19, 2013

Scientists Attach Crittercam to Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals to Study Habits, Help Seals & Fishermen Coexist — See Video Report  (National Geographic, 8/19/13).

August 15, 2013

Bassaricyon neblina, aka the olinguito, undated/Smithsonian Institute,

Raccoon-Like Olinguito First New Carnivore Identified in 35 Years (, 8/15/13).

August 13, 2013

• Sinkhole Swallows Part of Florida Resort — See Videos (CNN, 8/13/13).

Osedax antarcticus, newly identified species of bone-eating worm, undated/Thomas Dahlgren , National Geographic

Researchers ID New Species of Whale Bone-Eating Worm in Arctic — See Slideshow (National Geographic, 8/13/13).

August 12, 2013

Cover of American Meteorological Society's 2012 Climate Change Report/NOAA News

Media Pays Minor Attention to Major Climate Report (Columbia Journalism Review,  8/12/13). Learn more about the report here. Download the full report here.

July 28 – August 10, 2013

Close up w:Little Gash

GNN is away.

July 26, 2013

Seahorse, location and date unknown/Matt Chan, Flickr,

All Species of Seahorses Endangered by Climate Change — See Amazing Slideshow  (, 7/26/13).

July 25, 2013

Full moon, still from video/BBC News More Awake on Nights of Full Moon? Study Shows It Does Seem to Affect Sleep — See Video Report (BBC News, 7/25/13). Read more here and here.

July 24, 2013

Arctic ice, undated/Brenan Linsley, AP, The Christian Science Monitor

Methane Released by Melting Arctic Ice Could Speed Global Warming (The Christian Science Monitor, 7/24/13). Read more here and here.

Barataria Bay, LA, 2011/Mario Tama, Getty, The New York Times

Louisiana Sues Energy Companies for Destroying Wetlands (The New York Times 7/24/13).

Swimmer in summer swimming hole, 2013/Still from video, The New York Times

Watch the Video: Sweet Summer Swimming Holes in Upstate New York (The New York Times, 7/24/13)

July 23, 2013

Western North Atlantic, April 3, 2003/SeaWiFS Project, NASA, GSFC ORBIMAGE

Ocean-Color Satellites Help Scientists Study Ocean Composition — See More Photos (, 7/23/13).

July 22, 2013

Great Barrier Reef, undated/Brisbane Times

Unable to Reach Target in Joint Exercise, U.S. Navy Dumps Bombs on Great Barrier Reef (Brisbane Times, 7/22/13). See military exercise news report here. Read more here, here and here.

July 21, 2013

Suci, female Sumatran rhino, Cincinnati Zoo, July 17, 2013/Al Behrman, AP, Houston Chronicle

Cincinnati Zoo Tries to Mate Brother-Sister Pair of Disappearing Sumatran Rhino (Houston Chronicle, 7/21/13).

Iberian Lynx, location and date unspecified/Discovery News

Already Declining Due to Loss of Prey, Iberian Lynx May be Doomed by Climate Change (Discovery News, 7/21/13).

July 19, 2013

Curiosity Rover turntable spectrometer, tool for analyzing atmosphere on Mars/The Register

New Data Syncs with Theory: Once-Lush Mars Lost Thick Atmosphere when Pluto-Sized Object Hit Planet (The Register, 7/19/13). Read more here.

July 13, 2013

Lionfish near door of sunken ship Bill Boyd, 300 feet below surface, off Fort Lauderdale, FL, undated/Oregon State U.,

Invasive Lionfish Found Thriving at Surprising Depths Off Fort Lauderdale (, 7/13/13).

July 12, 2013

Earthquakes of Magnitude 3 or stronger, 1967-2012/"Injection-Induced Earthquakes," William L. Ellsworth, Science Magazine, July 12, 2013

Study: Fracking, Waste-Water Disposal Linked to Increase in Earthquakes Large & Small (Science, 7/12/13).

July 11, 2013

Astronomers Confirm Color of Planet Bluer than Ours (USA Today, 7/11/13). Learn more here.

July 10, 2013

Scientists Discover Solar System Has a Tail — Shaped Like 4-Leaf Clover (International Business Times, 7/10/13).

Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica, July 8, 2013/Terra SAR-X, DLR 2013, NBC News

Iceberg Bigger than Chicago Cracks Off Antarctic Glacier — See Photos (NBC News, 7/10/13). Learn more and see more photos and video here and here.

July 9, 2013

Cypress Forest, location and date unspecified/Fox News LatinoDivers Discover Ancient Underwater Cypress Forest Off Alabama Coast (Fox News Latino, 7/9/13). Learn more and see photos and video here.

July 5, 2013

Copper River, Alaska/Flickr, Alaska Dispatch

Salmon Fisherman Survives 4-Mile Float Down Frigid Alaska River (Alaska Dispatch, 7/5/13).

July 4, 2013

Shark off beach in French Polynesia, undated/David Doubilet, National Geographic

Researcher Educates Beach-Going Humans on Shark Behavior, How to Avoid Bites (National Geographic, 7/4/13).

July 2, 2013

Crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva)/Tom Rasberry, USA Today

Crazy Ants Invade Southern U.S, Do Major Damage, No Deterrent In Sight (USA Today, 7/2/13). See video here.

July 1, 2013

Divers Free Sea Turtle Snared in Fishing Line (, 7/1/13).

Wild-born orphan Kali (left) and zoo-born Luna, Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo NY, undated/Douglas Levere, Alaska Dispatch

Researcher Studies Sameness, Difference between Zoo-Born & Orphaned Wild-Born Polar Bear Cubs — See Photos (Alaska Dispatch, 7/1/13).

Thylacosmilus atrox, extinct masupial-like saber-toothed carnivore/UCL,

Ancient Marsupial Had Weak Bite, Big Incisors that Never Stopped Growing (, 7/1/13). Read more here.

June 30, 2013

Do Chimps and Our Other Primate Relatives Grieve their Dead? (NYTimes Sunday Magazine, 6/30/13).

Baby zebra finch with model that helps it learn to sing, undated/Eva Ljubicic, The New York Times

Study of How Birds Learn to Sing Sheds Light on How Human Babies Learn Speech (The New York Times, 6/30/13).

Female mosquito/Ned Rozell, Anchorage Daily News

Warm, Wet Weather Brings Mosquito Misery to Alaska (Alaska Dispatch, 6/30/13) . Read more here.

June 28, 2013

Storm-Chaser Shares Video of June 2012 Derecho Hitting Jefferson Memorial (The Washington Post, 6/28/13).

Valley Meat Company, Roswell, NM, undated/Jeri Clausing, AP, The New York Times

Company’s Plan to Slaughter Horses for Human Consumption Moves Closer to Operation (The New York Times, 6/28/13). Read more here and here.

Child in unidentified desert area, undated/John Burchman, National Geographic

Author Argues Kids, Adults Need Contact with Nature, Suffer when Deprived (National Geographic, 6/28/13).

June 26, 2013

Cambodian tailorbird, undated/BBC News

New Bird Species Identified in Urban Phnom Penh (BBC News, 6/26/13). Unidentified chimpanzees, Chimp Haven retirement home for research animals, Keithville, LA, undated/Gerald Herbert, AP • NIH to Retire 310 of 360 Research Chimps (NPR, 6/26/13).

June 24, 2013

Puya chilensis, a.k.a. "sheep-eating plant," Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley, Surrey, England, June 2013/RHS, Business Insider

Giant Plant from Andes that Kills, Eats Sheep Blooms in RHS Garden after 15 Years (Business Insider, 6/24/13). Read more here and here.

Supermoon over Coverack, Cornwall, England, June 23, 2013/Tim Robinson, National Geographic

Supermoon Shots! NatGeo Shares Some of the Best — See Photos (National Geographic). See more photos herehere and here, and almost 300 more here.

June 22, 2013

 Walle, 4-year-old Beagle-Bassett-Boxer mix, winner of 2013 World's Ugliest Dog Contest, Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, CA, June 21, 2013/Noah Berger, AP, Huffington Post

4-Year-Old Beagle-Bassett-Boxer Named Upset Winner of 25th Annual Ugliest Dog Contest — See Photos & Video of the Contenders! (Huffington Post, 6/22/13).

June 21, 2013

Member of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) at Chactun, ancient Maya city just discovered in Yucatan peninsula, May 31, 2013/IINAH, Reuters, Mercury News

Ancient Maya City Discovered in Yucatan Jungle  — See Photos (Reuters, Mercury News, 6/21/13).

June 20, 2013

Marina Bay, Singapore, February 2012 (top) and June 2013 (bottom)/Google Streetview (top), Reuters (bottom), BBC News

• Smoke from Farmers’ Land-Clearing Fires in Sumatra Causes Record-Breaking Pollution in Singapore — See Photos & News Report (BBC News, 6/20/13). Read more and see more photos here.

June 19, 2013

Earth, undated/ NASA,

NASA to Photograph Earth from Saturn on July 19 (, 6/19/13).

June 16, 2013

Lake Nicaragua, Granada, Nicaragua, June 7, 2013/Esteban Felix, Greenwich Citizen

Nicaraguan Government Approves Chinese-Backed Plan to Build Rival to Panama Canal in Nicaragua — See Photos (Greenwich Citizen, 6/16/13). Read more here and here. Review early canal plan here.

June 14, 2013

Cape parrot, undated/Cyril Laubscher, Dorling Kindersley, Getty, National Geographic

Researcher Hopes to Save Rare South African Parrot by Restoring Crucial Food-Source Tree with Help of Local Communities (National Geographic, 6/14/13).

June 13, 2013

Sheldon Glacier, Ryder Bay, Adelaide Island, Antarctica, 2011/British Antarctic Survey, Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor

Study: Warm Ocean Currents Melting Antarctic Ice Shelves from Below (The Christian Science Monitor, 6/13/13). Read more here.  Access the study here. See Antarctic Ice slideshow here. Great white circling boat off Atlantic City, NJ, June 9, 2013/NBC Philadelphia Shark-Fishing Duo Encounter Great White Off Atlantic City — See Video (, 6/13/13).

June 12, 2013

Male cheetah named Moyo chases lure, Animal Ark, Reno, NV, undated/Kevin Clifford, AP,

Study: Cheetahs Use Claws, Strength to Accelerate, Stop, Turn at Stunning Speeds — See Video (BBC News, 6/12/13). Listen to NPR news report here. Access study here.

Sumatran tiger, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, undated/Steve Winter, National Geographic

Dog Distemper Virus Infecting Tigers in Siberia, Sumatra (National Geographic, 6/12/13).

June 10, 2013

International Agency Issues Report on Rise in CO2, Failure of Nations to Care, Ways to Slow Global Warming Before It’s Too Late (IEEE Spectrum, 6/10/13).  Read more here and here. Learn more here. See a longer press-conference discussion here.

June 7, 2013

Fast-Moving Andrea, First Tropical Storm of Season, Grounds Flights, Poses Flood Threat All Along East Coast (, 6/7/13). See ABC News report here.

June 5, 2013

Pui, the dog that rescued an infant from a trash heap in Thailand, undated/Khaosod Online, People

Dog Rescues Infant from Trash Heap in Thailand (People, 6/5/13).

Artist's rendering of Archicebus achilles, based on discovery of near-complete, 55-million-year-old Chinese fossil/Xijun Ni, Nature

Oldest Primate Fossil Found to Date Shows Split the Led to Humans Came Millions of Years Earlier than Thought — See Photos & Video (, 6/5/13).

June 4, 2013

Second OK Tornado Also EF5, Sets U.S. Record for Size, State Record for Shortest Gap between Monster Twisters (USA Today, 5/4/13).

Ken Nedimyer, of Coral Restoration Foundation, inspects dying coral in Florida Keys, undated/

Higher Ocean Temps, CO2 Levels Killing Florida Keys Corals as Scientists Struggle to Save Them (PBS, 6/4/13). Learn more, see more video here.

Israel's Hula painted frog, undated/ Frank Glaw, BBC News

Frog Thought Extinct in Israel Rediscovered, Reclassified as Member of Species that Disappeared 15,000 Years Ago (BBC News, 6/4/13).

June 2, 2013

Nevada Fall, Yosemite, National Park, CA, undated/Gerald French, Corbis, Mail Online

• 19-Year-Old Swept Over Falls in Yosemite Presumed Dead (Daily Mail, 6/2/13). Read more and see video report here.

May 31, 2013

Tornado touches down near El Reno, OK, May 31, 2013/AP, New York Daily News

More Tornadoes in Oklahoma — See Photos (New York Daily News, 5/31/13). Read more, see video here. See additional video here.

Asteroid 1998 QE2 with moonlike orbiting object (bright spot, lower right), photographed during closest approach to Earth, May 31, 2013/NASA, CNN

Asteroid 1998 QE2 & Moonlike Object Zip Past Earth — See Video Report (, 5/31/13).

May 30, 2013

1.7-Mile Wide Asteroid Giving Earth Close Pass Tomorrow Has Own Moon — See Images & Video (, 5/30/13).

Surfer Scott Chandler & identified dog at the Purina Incredible Surf Dog Challenge, undated/Robert Ochoa,

Pro Surfer Offers Tips on Teaching Your Dog to Surf (, 5/30/13). See video of last year’s dog-surfing contest here.

Fossilized skeleton of Eunotosaurus africanus, of the South African reptile ancestor of turtles, undated/Tyler Lyson,

Study: Fossil Find Helps Explain Evolution of Turtle Shell — See Photos (, 5/30/13). See video recreation of shell evolution here. Access the study here.

Electron microscope image of oronavirus, undated/British Health Protection Agency, CTV News,

New Coronavirus Has Longer Incubation/Silent Contagion Period than Thought (The Times of India, 5/30/12).

May 29, 2013

Russian Base Jumper Marks 60th Anniversary of Hillary/Norgay Ascent by Jumping Off North Face at Record 23,688 Feet (USA Today, 5/29/13). See more video here.

Frozen female mammoth found on remote Arctic Island, undated/Semyon Grigoryev, The Times of London

Russian Scientists Take Cloning-Grade Blood, Tissue from Frozen Mammoth (The Times of London, 5/29/13). Read more here. Black Rat Snake, undated/AP, News Channel 8 Shy, Harmless Rat Snakes Fall from Trees in DC Playground, Spook Kids (, 5/29/13). Read more here. May 28, 2013

Sir Edmond Hillary & Tensing Norgay ascending Everest, 1953/Alfred Gregory, ABC News Australia

Three Climbers, One Guide Die on Everest (ABC Australia, 5/28/13). Read more here.

Island fox, Santa Cruz Island, CA, undated/Rich Reid, National Geographic

Ridding Santa Cruz Island of Feral Pigs, Restoring Bald Eagles, Removing Goldens Leads to Swift Recovery of Island Fox (National Geographic, 5/28/13)

May 27, 2013

Moss grown from 400-year-old sample exposed by Arctic glacier melt/Shaughn Butts, Edmonton Journal

Moss Frozen in Glacier for 400 Years Confounds Scientists by Kicking Back into Life (Edmonton Journal, 5/27/13). Read more and see more photos here. May 26, 2013 Jupiter, Mercury, Venus Form Triangle in Low Western Sky Tonight (, 5/26/13). Read more here.

Buzz Aldrin on Moon, Apollo 11 Mission, July 1969/NASA, NDTV

Missing Moon Dust Collected by Armstrong during ’69 Apollo 11 Mission Found in Storage (NDTV, 5/26/13).

May 25, 2013

Pavlof Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, May 18, 2013/NASA Earth Observatory

Astronauts aboard Space Station Snap Erupting Alaska Volcano — See Photos (NASA Earth Observatory, 5/18/13). Read more hereLocal Airlines Say, No Worries, We’re Still Flying (USA Today, 5/21/13).

May 24, 2013Carnivorous Lyre Sponge (Chondrocladia lyra, Northeast Pacific, undated/ MBARI, ASU, The Guardian

Institute Picks 10 Top New Species from 18,000 Discovered in One Year (The Guardian, 5/24/13). See slideshow of all 10 here. Massive 8.3 Earthquake in Eastern Russia Felt in Moscow, First Moscow Tremors in 36 Years (The Siberian Times, 5/24/13). Read more here and here. See more video here.

Man walking in rocky terrain, Afghanistan, Oct 5, 2011/ Tauseef Mustafa, AFP Google

New Theory: Negotiating Rocky Terrain May Have Pushed Human Ancestors into Walking Upright (AFP,, 5/24/13). Read more here and here. (york) Find the study here.

Wildfire, Perth, Australia, 2011/Evan Collis, National Geographic

Australia — Ground Zero for Climate Change? (National Geographic, 5/24/13).

May 23, 2013

80-Year-Old Japanese Man Becomes Oldest to Summit Everest — See Photos (The Telegraph, 5/23/13).

May 22, 2013

Excavated remains of buried dog, location & date unknown/Robert Losey, Discovery News

Ancient Dog Burials Reveal Nature of Early Relationship Between Dogs & Humans — See Photos (Discovery News, 5/22/13). Read the study and see more photos and diagrams here.

May 21, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma, May 21, 2013/Brett Deering,Getty Images, Chicago Tribune

Oklahoma Twister Upgraded to 200 MPH EF-5 — See Photos (Chicago Tribune, 5/21/13).

Florida Couple See Snake by Road, Wrestle, Kill Record-Setting 18′ 8″ Burmese Python (, 5/21/13).

May 20, 2013

Tornado funnel, Oklahoma City, May 20, 2013/KFOR, Detroit Free Press

Massive, EF-4 Tornado Hits Oklahoma City — See Video & Live Coverage (Detroit Free Press, 5/20/13).

Effects of water shortage, Garden City, Kansas, undated/Matthew Staver, The New York Times

Water Disappearing, Forcing Changes in Farming in Plains — See Images & Graphics (The New York Times, 5/20/13).

May 18, 2013

Gunky, Extinction-Sized Asteroid Will Give Earth Close Pass on May 31 (The Seattle Times, 5/18/13). Learn more here and here.

Raha Moharrak on Everest, undated/BBC News

First Saudi Woman to Attempt Everest Becomes Youngest Arab to Reach Summit (BBC News, 5/18/13). Read more here.

May 17, 2013

Meteor Hits Moon, Explosion Visible from Earth, Biggest Ever Recorded (National Geographic, 5/17/13).

Nylanderia fulva, a.k.a. Crazy ant/Joe MacGown, Mississippi Entomological Museum, Design&Trend

Here Come the Crazy Ants, There Go the Fire Ants — and Your Electronics (Design&, 5/17/13). Learn more here. Read the study abstract here.

Pavlof volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, May 16, 2013/Theo Chesley, Alaskan Volcano Observatory, AP, USA Today

Second Active Alaskan Volcano Really Acting Up (USA Today, 5/17/13). Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana Bayou, undated/Bill Haber, AP, National Geographic Louisiana Bayou Sinking as Seas Rise, Agency Hopes to Stem, Reverse Land Loss (National Geographic, 5/17/13) May 16, 2013

Melting Khumbu Glacier, Nepal, undated/Alex Treadway, National Geographic

• Snowlines in Everest Region Melting, Receding (National Geographic, 5/16/13).

Pavlof Volcano erupting, Alaska, May 14, 2013/Gina Stafford, KTOO

Two Volcanos Erupting on Alaskan Peninsula (CNN, 5/16/13). Read about recent volcanic activity in Mexico here. See stunning photos of volcanic eruptions in Hawaii here.

May 15, 2013

Sun Lets Loose with 4 X-Class Flares in 48 Hours (BBC News, 5/15/13)

Computer-generated images of Mars/NASA, JPL-Caltech, Science World Report

NASA Looking at How to Grow Food on Mars in Advance of Planned Human Visit (, 5/15/13). Meanwhile…

Fresh crater from meteor impact on Mars, undated/NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS, UA, UPI

Orbiter Images Show Mars Gets Hit by Hundreds of Meteors, Comet Fragments Each Year (UPI, 5/15/13).

Road Crew in Belize Destroys Ancient Maya Pyramid for Road Gravel (National Geographic, 5/15/13).

May 14, 2013

Blind Nature Lovers Learn to ID Birds by their Calls (CBS News, 5/14/13). Test your auditory ID skills here.

Double rainbow, Niagara Falls, Oct 8, 2006/Don Emmert, AFP, Getty,

Rainbow Optics: Double, Yes, Identical, No — Can You Spot the Difference?  See Images (, 5/14/13).

May 13, 2013

Sun emits X1.7-class solar flare, 10 a.m., May 12, 2013/NASA, SDO, AIA

Sun Emits 2 X-Class Flares as it Nears Peak Activity in 11-Year Cycle — See Photos and Video (NASA, 5/13/13).

Ted Turner with bison at his Flying D Ranch, 1991/Linda Best, AP, Los Angeles Times

Ted Turner Gets to Keep Wild Bison Calves Over Objections of Wildlife Orgs (AP, ABC News, 5/13/13).

May 11, 2013

Robin & Scott Spivey in front of their sunken home, Lakeport, CA, undated/Rich Pedroncelli, AP, USA Today

Homes Sinking in Dormant-Volcanic Hilltop Community in California (USA Today 5/11/13).

May 10, 2013

Mauna Loa Observatory, Big Island of Hawaii, undated/Jonathan Kingston, Aurora Select, The New York times

CO2 Levels Pass 400 PPM, Highest in Human History, Scientists Predict Climate Disaster (The New York Times, 5/10/13). Watch Glaciers Shrink, Lakes Dry Up,  28 Years of  Planetary Change in Seconds in New NASA/USGS/Time/Google Timelapse Project (Time Timelapse, 5/10/13).

May 9, 2013

Unidentified jogger and dog/Pro 777, Dreamstime, MyHealthNewsDaily

American Heart Association: Owning a Pet, Especially a Dog, Can Lower Risk of Heart Disease (, 5/9/13). Read AHA statement here.

Manned research submersible with rock sample from seafloor near Brazil, undated/CPRM, National Geographic

Granite on Seafloor Off Brazil May, or May Not, Come from Lost Continent (National Geographic, 5/9/13).

May 7, 2013

Mayon Volcano spews ash, Legazpi City, Central Philippines, May 7, 2013/Rhaydz Barcia, Reuters, Sky News

Five Climbers Killed, Others Injured, in Sudden Eruption of Near-Perfect-Cone Mayon Volcano in Philippines (Sky News, 5/7/13). See video here.

Approximate regions where 7 Eurasiatic language families are spoken/Pegal, et. al, PNAS, Wired

Certain Words Like “Thou,” Common to All Language Families, Go Back to Ice Age (Wired, 5/7/13). Read more here. See the list of 23 “ultraconserved words” and hear them pronounced in different languages here.

May 5, 2013

Red-eyed Brood X Cicadas, Annandale, Va, 2004/Ron Edmonds, AP, NBC News Cosmic Log

Here Come the Cicadas! Brood II to Hatch by the Billions for First Time in 17 Years – See Slideshow (NBC News Cosmic Log, 5/5/13). Read more here.

May 2, 2013

NASA Time-Lapse Video Shows 60 Years of Global Warming in 13 Seconds (, 5/2/13). New Zealand Fishermen Fight Big Mako for Swordfish Catch (New Zealand 3 News, 5/5/23)

May 1, 2013

Antarctic Sea Ice, June 21, 2012/NOAA, PBSAntarctic Ice Shrinking and Growing Due to Climate Change (PBS NewsHour, 5/1/13).

Size difference, Sand Tiger Shark hatchling (front) and embryo (rear, left)/Damian D. Chapman, et al, Biology Letters, The Washington Post

Sand Tiger Shark Embryos Battle It Out, Eat Each Other in Womb (The Washington Post, 5/1/13). Read the study here.

April 29, 2013

Cassini Spacecraft Relays Images of Giant Hurricane at Saturn’s North Pole – See Photos & Video (NASA, 4/29/13). Read more and see a news report here.

Nature Lover Videos Rare Ice-Needle Cascade on Medicine Lake, MN (DEMIgirlie, 4/29/13). See another, longer video here.

April 26, 2013

Brazilian Forcepfly (left), Costa Rican Fairyfly (right)/Renata Machado et. al. (let), John T. Huber et. al (right), Scientific American

Scientists Find Fly with Big Genital Forceps in Brazil, Invisibly Tiny Fly in Costa Rica – See Photos (Scientific American, 4/26/13). Read the studies and see more images here (Forcepsfly) and here (Fairyfly). Rare Blue Diamond Sells for Record Price, Rare Pink Diamond Unearthed (GeoBeatsNews, 4/26/13). Read more here. See images of blue diamond and other rare gems here.

Unidentified puppy, undated/

San Diego Weighs Ban on Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits (

April 25, 2013

Regions of Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, South to North: MId-Atlantic Bight (MAB), Southern New England (SNE), Georges Bank (GB), Gulf of Maine (GOM)/NOAA, Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Ocean Temps Off Northeast Coast Highest in 150 Years (Northeast Fisheries Science Center, 4/25/13). Read more here.

April 24, 2013

• Lily Tomlin HBO Doc Wants Use of Elephants in Zoos, Circuses to End (AP, 4/24/13). Learn more here.

Lily Tomlin & unidentified elephant, location & date unspecified/Lisa Jeffries, pawsweborg, HBO, AP

April 23, 2013

Alex Luger climbs icefall in Avers Valley, Switzerland, winter 2012-13/Ray Demski,

Photographer Stages Night Shoot of Climber on Icefall to Capture Beauty of Ice – See Photos (Wired, 4/23/13).

April 22, 2013

Earth Day Gift from WCS: Camera Trap Video of Wild Elephants in Cambodia (Wildlife Conservation Society, 4/22/13). Learn more and see more photos and video here.

April 19, 2013

U of Calgary dinosaur researcher Darla Zelenitsky with clutch of dinosaur eggs/Jay Im, U of Calgary/

Study: At Least One Dinosaur Sat on Eggs — Like Birds Do (, 4/19/13).

April 18, 2013

Microseisms from Hurricane Sandy, 5 p.m., Oct 29, 2012, showing seismographs recording ground shaking from ocean waves as Sandy headed toward land /Keith Koper, U. of Utah Seismograph Stations

Seismograph Records Reveal: Hurricane Sandy Shook the Earth (U of Utah News, 4/18/13). See animation of Sandy’s earthshaking effects here.

April 17, 2013

Researchers at National Museum of Kenya examine coelacanth captured by Kenyan fishermen in 2001, undated/Simon Maina/AFP, Getty, The New York Times

Genome of Fleshy-Finned, Living-Fossil Fish May Reveal How Fish Came to Land, Developed Limbs (The New York Times, 4/17/13).

Zooids colony, a.k.a.Portuguese Man o' War, undated/Aaron Ansarov,

Photographer Captures Stunning Beauty of Portuguese Man o’ War — See Images (, 4/17/13). Learn more about the photographer and his subjects and see more images here.

April 15, 2013

Young leatherback, location & date unknown/IrinaK, Shutterstock,

New Law in Puerto Rico Keeps Developers Away from Leatherback Nesting Area (, 4/15/13). Read more and view slideshow here.

April 14, 2013

Lobster fisherman Scott Beede discards undersized catch, Mount Desert, Maine, May 21, 2012/Robert F. Bukaty, AP

Maine Lobster Industry Worried Warm Ocean Temps Will Cause Another Early Glut, Falling Prices (Portland Press Herald, 4/14/13). Read more here.

April 12, 2013

NOAA Scientists in Arctic, 2005/ NOAA

Ice-Free Summers Coming to the Arctic . . . Soon (NOAA, 4/12/13)

Cherry blossom, Washington, D.C., undated/Rebecca Jacobson, PBS

Cherry Blossoms Mean More than Just Beauty in Japan — See Photos & Videos (PBS Newshour, 4/12/13).

April 10, 2013

Rescued sea lion pups, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Laguna Beach, CA, March 13, 2013/Mike Blake, Reuters, Christian Science Monitor

Sea Lion Pups Starving, Dying in California, Scientists Don’t Know Why (The Christian Science Monitor, 4/10/13). See slideshow of other marine-mammal rescues here.

Chinese Fishing Vessel aground on Tubbataha Reef, Palawan Province, west of Manila, Philippines, April 10, 2013/Reuters, VOA

Chinese Fishing Vessel Goes Aground on Protected Reef in Philippines (Voice of America, 4/10/13).

Great whites feeding on dead whale, South Africa, undated/U of MIami,

Study: Watching Great Whites Munch on Dead Whales Offers Glimpse of Great White Social Structure, Feeding Behavior (Science Daily, 4/10/13). Read the study, see more images here.

Artist's rendering of sauropod embryo/D. Mazierski, Discovery News

Dinosaur Eggshell, Embryo Remains Found in China Among Oldest Ever Discovered, Date Back 190 Million Years (Discovery News, 4/10/13). April 6, 2013

Manatee off Peanut Island, FL/Julio Cortez, AP, The New York Times

Red Tide Killing Florida’s Endangered Manatees (NYTimes, 4/6/13).

April 4, 2013

Duck covered in crude oil from Pegasus pipeline leak, Mayflower, AR, March 29, 2013/Courtney Spradin, Log Cabin Democrat/AP, NatGeo

Pegasus Pipeline Rupture Raises Concerns: Keystone Rupture Would Be How Much Worse? (National Geographic, 4/4/13).

Hikers Nicholas Cendoya and Kyndall Jack, lost, then found in California's Cleveland National Forest/ KCBS, CBS News

Very Lucky Lost Hikers Found Separately in Southern California (CBS News, 4/4/13).

April 2, 2013

NASA scientist James Hansen speaks to the press prior to arrest for protesting, Feb 13, 2013/Alice Ollstein, Free Speech Radio News, Fox News

NASA Scientist Resigns to Sue Fed, States for Not Acting to Slow Global Warming (Fox News, 4/2/13). Read more here.

Air pollution, China, undated/

Study: Air Pollution in China Contributed to 1.2 Million Deaths Since 2010 (, 4/1/13). Very Large Tarantula, Possibly New Species, Discovered in Sri Lanka (Wired, 4/2/13).

April 1, 2013

Pattycake, Bronx Zoo, undated/Julie Larsen Maher, Wildlife Conservation Society, Daily News

Pattycake, First Gorilla Born in NYC, Dies at Bronx Zoo at Age 40 – See Baby Photo (NY Daily News, 4/1/13).

Polar Ice/SPL, BBC News

Global Warming Leading to More Ice in Antarctic? – See Images (BBC News, 4/1/13). Read more and see more images here.

March 31, 2013

Underground crude oil pipeline rupture, Mayflower, AR, March 30, 2013/Rick McFarland, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Reuters, Washington Post

Exxon Pipeline Bursts, Sends Crude Gushing through Arkansas Streets – See Photos (Washington Post, 3/31/13).

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, undated/ANWR, Smithsonian Magazine

• Global Warming Means Greener Arctic Means More Global Warming (Smithsonian, 3/31/13). Read more here.

March 29, 2013

Damage done by earthquake in central Oklahoma, Nov 6, 2011/Sue Ogrocki, AP, National Geographic

Study Says Fracking Caused Worst Earthquake Ever to Hit Oklahoma (NatGeo, 3/29/13).

Fairy Circles, Marienfluss Valey, Namibia, undated/N. Juergens, Los Angeles Times

Scientist Solves Mystery of Fairy Circles in SW Africa: It’s Termites! (Los Angeles Times, 3/29/13). See more Fair Circles here. Read more here.

Cyro, the robotic jellyfish, is 5'7" long/Facebook, Nature World News

Cyro, the Robojelly, Can Patrol Oceans Under Own Power (Nature World News, 3/29/13). See video report here.

March 28, 2013

Winter storm spans Atlantic, 3/28/13/NASA, Washington Post

Giant Storm Spans Atlantic, West to East, South to North – See More Images (Washington Post, 3/28/13).

Bees & beekeepers, Big Sky Honey, Bakersfield, CA, undated/ Jim Wilson, The New York Times

Beekeepers Blame New Pesticide for Worst Bee Die-Off  Yet  – See More Images & Video (NYTimes, 3/28/13).

Meteorite NWA 7325 believed to be from Mercury/Stefan Ralew,,

• Green Meteorite Found in Morocco May Be First Ever from Mercury (, 3/28/13).

March 27, 2013

Park-like settings soothe the mid-brain/Park House Pictures, Getty, The New York Times

Study Shows Humans Shift into Calm, Attentive Mental States in Nature (NYTimes, 3/27/13).

Artist's rendering of Neaderthal-Homo Sapien hybrid/Discovery News

Researchers Find Evidence Neaderthals, Homo Sapiens Interbred (Discovery News, 3/27/13).

Sea hare in self-defense mode, undated/ Colin Brown, Flickr, Discovery News

Sea Slug Survival Strategy: Block Sight and Smell! (Discovery News, 3/27/13).

Early crocodiles/Wikimedia Commons, Discovery News

Extinction of Giant, Dinosaur-Eating Crocs Allowed Dinosaurs to Thrive (Discovery News, 3/26/13). March 26, 2013

Two-headed bull shark fetus taken from female in Gulf of Mexico, undated/C. M. Wagner, et. al, Nat Geo

Two-Headed Fetus Taken from Female Bull Shark in Gulf of Mexico (Nat Geo, 3/26/13).

Orphaned male polar bear cub Kali, Alaska Zoo, undated/John Gomez, Alaska Zoo, Discovery News

Hunters Shoot Mother Polar Bear, Cub to Move from Alaska to NY (Discovery News, 3/26/13).

Mole, the lifesaving dog, and owner Ramon Llamas/KABC, New York Daily News

Hiking with Owner, Alert Dog Finds Man Trapped in Rocks for Days (New York Daily News, 3/26/13).

Dodo/Wikimedia Commons, Science World Report

Hundreds to Thousands of Bird Species Wiped Out by Humans in Pacific (Science World Report, 3/26/13).

March 25, 2013

Diagram of edge of solar system/Discovery News

Where’s Edge of Solar System & Has Voyager Reached It? Scientists Debate (Discovery News 3/25/13).

March 23, 2013

African elephants, Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa, undated/AP, The Wall Street Journal

New Studies Show Many Animals Smarter Than Humans Think (The Wall Street Journal, 3/22/13).

Baby Rothschild Giraffe, Endangered Species, Born in CT, Stands for First Time (LEO Zoological Conservation Center, 3/23/13). Read more here. See more photos and read more here.

March 22, 2013

Radar image of Yucatan crater/NASA, CNET

Experts Say Rock that Hit Earth, Killed Dinosaurs, Was Comet, Not Asteroid (CNET, 3/22/13). Read more here.

Molton lava repture near Eyjafjallajokull Gracier, Iceland, March 21, 2010/Ragnar Axellson, AP, CBC News

Basalt cliffs formed by volcanic magma, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, undated/Greg McHone, CBC News Study: Huge Volcanic Eruptions Wiped Out Species, Paved Way for Dinosaurs (CBC News, 3/22/13).

March 21, 2013

New map of early Universe/ESA and the Planck Collatoration,

Analysis Pushes Big Bang Back 100 Million Years, Measures Size of Explosion – See Maps & Diagrams (Wired, 3/21/13).

Bob Zimbal with mink, cages in background, Sheboygan Falls, WI, Feb 12, 2013/Carrie Antlfinger, AP

Demand from Rich Chinese Supports American Mink Farming (AP, 3/21/13).

March 19, 2013

Pope Francis arrives for inauguration Mass, St. Peter's Square, the Vatican, March 19, 2013/Michael Sohn, AP

New Pope Francis Urges Humans to Protect Nature (AP, 3/19/13).

Young Chimpanzee, undated/Kitch Bin, Shutterstock, Live Science

Chimps Figure Out Who Needs What Tool, Share as Needed to Get Job Done (Live Science, 3/19/13). Read more here. New York Times Doing Less Environmental Reporting (Columbia Journalism Review, 3/19/13).

March 16, 2013

Cover of NRDC report, "Bringing Back the Fish," Feb 2013/NRDC

Conservation Can Work: NRDC Finds Protected Fish Stocks Rebounding (NYTimes, 3/15/13). Read the full NRDC report here.

Capsized catamaran Queequeg, off Madagascar, Jan 2009/U.S. Coast Guard, CNN

Sole Survivor of Sailing Disaster Tells Story Three Years Later  – See Images (CNN, 3/16/13).

March 15, 3013

Artist rendering of unseen red dwarf stars, possibly orbited by habitable-zone planets/D. Aguilar, C. Pulliam, CfA, University Today

New Study Counts Billions of Habitable-Zone Planets Near Earth (University Today, 3/15/13).

March 14, 2013

Fossil of basal avialon Sapeornis with winged legs, undated/Science, AAAS, Nature

Ancient Birds Had Four Wings (Nature, 3/14/13). Read more here. See more images here and here.

March 12, 2013

Giant African Snail, found in Maimi, Sept 2011/USDA, Christian Science Monitor

Australia Acts to Prevent Invasion of Giant African Snail Already in Florida (Christian Science Monitor, 3/12/13). Read more here.

March 11, 2013

Thousands of Dead Pigs Float Down River in China — See Video (BBC, 3/11/13). Read more here, herehere, and here.

March 10, 2013

Comet Pan-STARRS, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2, 2013/Luis Argerich, Nightscape Photography,

• Comet This Week! Look West after Sunset to See Comet Pan-STARRS — See Photos, Graphics  & Video (, 3/10/13). See more photos here.

March 7, 2013

U. of Florida entomologist Phil Kaufman with Asian tiger mosquito, right, and Psorophora ciliata, a.k.a. gallinipper, left/Marisol Amador, U. of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, orlando Sentinel

Summer Rains Could Cause Giant Mosquito Problem in S. Florida (Orlando Sentinel, 3/5/13). Read more here.

• Thousands of Sharks Swarm off Palm Beach in Annual Spring Migration — See Video (NewsAroundU, YouTube, 3/7/13). See more video here, here and here.

March 5, 2013

Illustration of large camel that once lived in Arctic regions/Julius Csotonyi, Discovery News

Scientists Find Fossil Evidence that Giant Camel Once Roamed Arctic (Discovery News, 3/5/13). Read the journal article and view map and fossils here.

March 3, 2013

Carved elephant tusk, place and date unknown/Getty, BBC News

Prime Minister of Thailand Promises to End Legal Ivory Trade (BBC News, 3/3/13)

Feb 27, 2013

Snow rollers from Winter Storm Rocky, Anthony, Kansas, Feb 26, 2013/Luncinda Gates, NWS Witchita, NOAA,

Nature’s Beautiful Surprises: Snow Rollers & Punch-Hole Clouds — See Photos (, 2/27/13).

Feb 25, 2013

Tumbleweeds piled up against Josh Pitman's house, Midland, TX, Feb 25, 2013/News West 9

Tumbleweeds Smother Home in Midland, Texas — See Video Report (NewsWest9, 2/25/13).

Feb 21, 2013

Researcher Christine Ngai with giant goldfish taken from Lake Tahoe, undated/U. of Nevada, Reno,

Giant Goldfish Becoming Big Problem in Lake Tahoe — See Photos & Video (, 2/21/13).  See more video here. Feb 9, 2013

Man shovels snow, Winthrop, MA, Feb 9, 2013/Darren McCollester, Getty, Time

Winter Storm Nemo Dumps Snow, Knocks Out Power in N.E. — See Photos (Time, 2/8/13). See more photos here and here.

Feb 8, 2013

Winter storm Nemo, Feb 8, 2013/NOAA, AFP, Getty, USA Today

Here Comes Winter Storm Nemo! See Photos & Videos (USA Today, 2/8/13). Read more and see more photos here.


And Here Comes Asteroid 2012 DA14 on Feb 15!  See Video (CNN, 2/7/13).

Feb 7, 2013

Map of predicted wind speeds for 7 a.m., Saturday, February 9, 2013/ECMWF, Dr. Jeff Master's Wunderblog,

 Again? N.E. Could Get Hit by “Historic Nor’easter”/Winter Hurricane (, 2/7/13). Read more here.

Northern Lights, Denali National Park, Jan 26, 2013/DenaliNPS,

Northern Lights Put on Show Over Alaska’s Denali National Park (Our Amazing Planet, 2/4/13). Watch a 5-minute, time-lapse movie with music of 2012 images here, or watch it on full screen (slower loading but more impressive) here. Starlings Return to Israel, Put on Aerial Show Called Murmuration (NTDTV, 1/28/13). See photo here.

Feb 6, 2013

8.0 quake triggers tsunamis, warnings in Solomon Islands, Feb 6, 2013/USGS, The Australian

8.0 Quake Hits Solomons, Triggers Tsunamis, Aftershocks, Six Die — See Video (The Australian, 2/6/13). Read more, see photos and video and listen to audio reports here. Northeast May/May Not Get Hit by “Potential Historic Winter Storm” (The Washington Post, 2/6/13). Read more here and here.

Komodo Dragons, Komodo National Park, Indonesia, Dec 3, 2010/Romeo Gacad, AFP, Getty, CBS News

Komodo Dragon Enters National Park Office, Attacks Two People (CBS News, 2/6/13). Roaches Like to Keep Their Antennae Clean — See Video! (Science Now, 2/4/13). Wild Albatross Hatches Chick at Age 62 — See Photo (The Washington Post, 2/5/13). U. of Delaware Program Studies Impact of Invasive Lionfish in Caymans  (University of Delaware).

Jan 26, 2013

Thousands of Crocs, Bred for Fashion, Escape during South African Floods — See Video (, 1/25/13). Watch a follow-up report here. See recapture video here. Brits Stage Poison Attack on Rats Overrunning Antarctic Island — See Video (The Wall Street Journal, 1/23/13). Poop-Ball-Rolling Dung Beetles Use Stars to Navigate, a First for Bugs  (National Geographic, 1/24/12). Coyotes Chase Man & Dogs into House, Keep Coming, Crash Door — See News Report (NBC News, 1/26/13). Differences in Genes Linked to Brain, Digestive Functions Hint at How Wolves Became Dogs (Sky News, 1/24/13). New Dog-Owner Trend: Swim Lessons for Fido — See News Report (The Wall Street Journal, 1/25/13).

Jan 23, 2013

Crystal, 25-year-old retired research chimp infected with HIV for medical research, Chimp Haven Sanctuary, undated/Chimp Haven,

• NIH Recommends Almost All Research Chimps Go to Sanctuaries (The New York Times, 1/23/13). Read the NIH report here. Read more here and here. read related stories and view portraits with bios of retired research chimps here.  140 Nations, Including U.S., Adopt Treaty to Cut Mercury Pollution (AP, 1/19/13). Captured Baby Elephants Bound for China Zoo Returned to Wild (AP, The Washington Post, 1/21/13). Swimmer Pushes Shark to Sea — Watch Video Below (ITN News, 1/20/13).

Jan 20, 2013

Unidentified chimpanzee, undated/Emory University,

• Chimps, Like Humans, Know How to Share — When They Must (NBC, 1/14/13). See video here.

Researcher Names New Spider Species after Celebs  (, 1/19/13). Read more here.

Ancient Marine Creature Looked Like a Flower — See Image  (CBS News 1/17/13).

For the Birds

Pine Grosbeak, Bohemian Waxwing, Timber Jay/Paul Bannick, The New York Times

Big Winter Birding Festival Coming Up in Minnesota (The New York Times, 1/20/13).

• Documentary By, About Central Park Bird-Watchers in NYC Theater, on HBO (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/18/13). Learn more and see a clip here.

Nature Is Not Your Friend

Elisabeth Malloy & Adam Morrey recount her close call with death by avalanche, U of Utah, Jan 16, 2013/Rick Bowmer, AP, Yahoo News Woman Buried in Avalanche while Skiing, Boyfriend Saves Her (AP, 1/17/13). Read more here.

Ship Carrying High School Students to Antarctic Hit by Storm, 30-Foot Wave (The New York Times, 1/17/13).

Unprepared for Rain, Dark, Father and Two Sons Perish on Hiking Trail (Fox News, 1/14/13).

Climate News 

Areas of most severe drought in Amazon rain forest (yellow and brown), June-Aug, 2005/NASA, JPL-CalTech, GSFC,

Severe Droughts Doing Lasting Damage to Amazon Rainforest (CBS News, 1/18/13).

 2013 Could be Worse Drought Year for U.S. Farmers than 2012, and 2012 was Bad (Discovery News, 1/15/13).

Water Levels in Two Great Lakes Hit Record Lows, Still Falling (CNN, 1/17/13).

Warmer U.S. Springs Bringing Earlier Spring Flowers (GlobalPost, 1/17/13).

Sierra Club Presses Obama to Keep 2nd Term Promise to Act on Climate Change (The Hill, 1/14/13).

Our Poor Planet 

Extreme air pollution over China, Jan 13, 2013/NASA, NOAA

Severe China Smog Visible from Space — See Images (NOAA, 1/14/13), and New York City Used to Be Just as Bad — See Photo (Business Insider, 1/17/13).

EPA Tells Industry to Cut Emissions Causing Wilderness Haze, Health Risks (San Francisco Chronicle, 1/17/13). Read more here.

EPA Dropped Reports on Fracking, Poisoned Groundwater under Industry, GOP Pressure (USA Today, 1/16/13).

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Destroys Wetland, Wildlife Preserve without Permission (Los Angeles Times, 1/17/13).

Endangered Species

Female Loggerhead turtle heads into Atlantic waters after release, Key Biscayne, FL, 2004/U.S. News & World Report

NOAA Report Says Mexican Fishing Nets Kill Too Many Loggerheads, Cites Other Countries for Other Crimes (U.S. News & World Report, 1/14/13). Thousands of Fish Wash Up Dead on North Carolina Beach — See Photos & Video (NBC News, 1/17/13)  Higher Temps, Less Rain Wiping Out Hawaii’s Majestic Silversword Plant (Scientific American, 1/17/13). Bat-Killing Fungus Spreads from Canada, Northern U.S. to Kentucky  (Los Angeles Times, 1/16/13).

The Cosmos

Cassini orbiter image of giant storm circling entire planet of Saturn, head of storm (thick white streak) overlapping tail (fainter streak below), Feb 2011/NASA, JPL-Caltech, SSI, Scientific American

Cassini Orbiter Tracks Biggest Storm Ever Seen on Saturn (Scientific American, 1/17/13).

New Images from Mars Add to Evidence Planet was Once Wet — See Photo (The Christian Science Monitor, 1/15/13). Read more and see more images here.

NASA Getting Better at Tracking Asteroids that Could Hit Us (CBS News, 1/16/13).

 People & Animals

Some See Cruelty in Spanish Custom of Riding Horses through Fire (AlJazeeraEnglish, 1/17/13).  Ferret-Lover Wants Pet-Owning Legalized in California (Los Angeles Times 1/14/1

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