Nature News Digest: May 1-3, 2016

Right whale and calf, Cape Cod Bay, 2016 / Center for Coastal Studies, NOAA Permit # 14603-1, Wicked Local Provincetown / Click to learn more.

In this new, periodic feature, GNN catches you up on recent stories and headlines.

Climate News

• Spokesperson Says Charles Koch Accepts Climate Change is Real — See Photo & Video Report (The Washington Post, 5/3/16).

• U.S. Government Attempts First Resettlement of Community Losing Land to Climate Change — See Photos (The New York Times, 5/3/16).

• What We Lose when We Lose the Great Barrier Reef — See Photos & Diagrams (DW, 5/2/16).

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Nature News

• Study: Photo Analysis Suggests Possible Liquid Water on Mars — See Photos & Video (The Washington Post, 5/3/16).

• Expert: No Easy Way to Control Zika-Carrying Mosquito — See Photos & Video (USA Today, 5/3/16).

• Study: Earth Could Host Trillion Species, Almost All Still Undiscovered (ScienceDaily, 5/2/16). Read more here.

• Ringling Bros. Circus Elephants Retired — See Photos & Video Report (The Washington Post, 5/2/16). See another video report here.

• Fishermen Catch, Free Endangered Sawfish in Naples, FL — See Video (Huffpost Weird News, 5/1/16).

• Scientists Teach Octopus to Snap Photos — See Video Report (Upworthy, 5/1/16).

• Mercury Crosses Sun on May 9 — See Photos, Diagram & Video (EarthSky, 5/1/16).

• Report: Dredging Port of Miami Did Major Damage to Coral Reef — See Photo (The New York Times, 5/1/16).

• Justin Bieber Criticized for Photo with Captive Tiger at Dad’s Engagement Party — See Photo (The Hollywood Reporter, 5/2/16). Read more, see more photos here.

• Buddhist Monastery in Thailand Accused of Exploiting, Trafficking in Tigers — See Slide Show (The New York Times, 5/1/16).

• New Findings Increase Odds of Other Intelligent Life in Universe (The Christian Science Monitor, 5/1/16).

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Dolphin & Whale News

• Estimate: Number of Humpbacks Seen in Hawaii This Season May be Lowest in 5 Years (Bristol Herald Courier, 5/3/16).

• Right Whales Coming Closer to Shore, Upping Risk of Boat Strike in Cape Cod — See News Report (22News,, 5/2/16). Read more here.

• Mother Humpback Returns to San Juan Islands with 6th Calf — See Photos (San Juan Islander, 5/2/16).

• Small Whale Found Dead on S. Australia Beach May be Rare Dwarf Sperm — See Photos (, 5/2/16).

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SeaWorld/Captivity News

• SeaWorld CEO: No More Circus Tricks for Captive Orcas (Bloomberg, 5/2/16).

• The Life of an Orca, Captive v. Free — See Photos (One Green Planet, 5/1/16).

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Close up w:Little Gash

More soon!

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